sudden inspiration

i do not own. i apologize for the massive delay. Worked out who the bad guys are yet?

It truly is amazing how life springs moments of inspiration on us.

how one glimpse of my star strutting down a hallway in all her glory lead to a collaboration with people of a like mind.

I will never regret disposing of my parents. After all collateral damage is to be expected on the road to greatness.

who knew that the simple quintessential American stereotype would one day be a partner in crime.

who knew that a man of means would have so much to teach, after all hearing our star sing is truly inspirational.

Almost as titillating as the screams of her understudies.

It won't be long now until we have her back in our grasp.

My partner and i have certainly made things interesting in this sleepy mom and pop infested area.

Now the teacher is on the way with a beautiful lesson to teach. I know my partner can't wait for our friend to arrive after all he always gives such good Direction.

but until then i guess we'll just have to make do with our current toy even though she has nothing on our star.

twinkle twinkle little star.

soon Ms Berry,verysoon.