Cain sat in his throne inside of his guilds throne room/conference room thinking about what to do next. Every since the announcement that Yggdrasil was shutting down people had been logging in less and less, sadly some of those people included those of my guild Olympus.

As I sat and thought of just how full it had been just a month ago I began to think about how I had decided to join this game.

It wasn't that complicated, it was very simple, my mom was the CEO of the American branch of the company which I guess made sense seeing as my grandfather was partial owner of the company. I had never really been into gaming as a kid I was more of a hands on type of person, which infuriated my mom sense she said I had clearly inherited her intellect. I also knew that she loved me for being more into sports than I was into science and maths, she said that I had reminded her of my dad. My dad was a world renown ufc fighter and fencer as well as any other sports that involved combat. He said it was because he liked reading about the days when people had honor and respected each other and had to actually work hard at something and not just pull a trigger.

My parents met at a kendo tournament my father entered in, apparently my grandad had sent her to get my father as a client and endorser for their company while he was in Japan, everything after that was the same as a fairy tail happy ending. My family was happy and everything was great until the day we lost my dad in a plan crash. They say that it was a freak storm that came out of nowhere, one minute it was clear sky's the next 200 people were mourning the lost of loved ones.

After losing my dad I guess people would that I kind of shutdown, since I stopped going out and while I still did the training my dad taught me while at home I stopped doing sports. In my defense I just decided that I needed to focus more on studying and learning more so that I could join my mom in the company and make sure I never let her down, she was all I had left.

My mom didn't see it that way though so on my next birthday she gave me yggdrasil. She believed that it was good combination of my dad and her, just like me so maybe I would like it, as always she was right. Apparently all the people at the company had heard about my depression and had each given me presents including one they had all made together. Most just gave me in game currency which added up to me starting off as one of the richest players already, but the ones that stood out the most were the ones given to me by my grandpa and the main designers.

The designs all made a new race just so I could have a my own. The race was called the dracion race, as the name suggests the race was a species of dragons, only they had gained enough power that they could take on a more humanoid form. In order form me to not be seen as getting special attention, (which would eventually lead to people possibly discovering who I was which my mom didn't want so I could still have a normalized gaming experience) the race as well as the weaker dragonoid race were made public but was made to look undesirable to most. While at first the dracion race looked impressive due to there already high offense, defensive and magic abilities the things that turned people away was the fact that the race itself was highly priced that most mid-sized guilds wouldn't have been able to purchase it also the fact that in order to level up you need far more experience points than the other races in the game which ment that you would have to do triple the amount of missions as others just to level up once. All of these added up to just me and a couple of people having this race, although I proudly say none other than myself completed the evolutionary tree.

That was a secret I believed the designers made for me seeing as no one else would be as dedicated to mastering this race. Once the completed the evolutionary tree you became a dragonlord this came with a lot of perks. One of these perks was full transformation, this allowed the player to turn into a human form ,in oppose to the races half Dragon half human form, or you could turn into a fully transformed Dragon. Another of the perks was the survival of the fittest perk, this perk allowed all of the players base stats to raise threw time past. Which basically ment that my stats would raise the longer I went without dying. As you can see this race was seriously op, but what do you expect from game designers. The moment I unlocked this mode I also received my gift from my grandfather. To this day I haven't opened it due to the fact that knowing him it could be anything I had enough help from everyone else already.

As I sat reminiscing I began to get multiple alerts signaling others from my guild logging in. I couldn't help but be shocked as member after member began logging in until eventual all of the other 40 members were standing in front of me. As sat with a smile on my face my mouth began to hang open as every member began to bow until eventual everybody was on a knee.

"Come on guys stand up you know there's no need for this as far as I'm concerned were all family. And you all have no idea how happy I am that your all here." I spoke.

"That maybe so but this is the last time we may see each other for some time and we all thought it would be nice to finally show you the respect you deserve, All Father." He said with a smirk using the title the guild had voted for me to have.

"We also wanted to show our gratitude. All of the demis donated all there gold to both you and the guild while us pantheon's of which we each were given the titles we have from you decided to each give you a special gift. I as the gifted title Poseidon thought a change of scenery would be nice seeing as you always said you wanted a better view." As he spoke he raised his hands and began shifting threw his inventory before settling on a spell after which he began to chant. It was then that I noticed that the guild hall had begun to shake the longer the spell went, until finally with a loud bang it came to an end.

With a smile on his face he pointed behind me. Turning around I have to say I was more than impressed as I was meet with a large window like cut had been made into the wall behind the thrones. Out of which you could see the the guild was now above the clouds inside of some kind of mountain. As I turned to thank him I noticed that he had went back to kneeling and the the next person had stepped up.

"I as the gifted title Hephaestus will now give you your next gift if you will stand." As I stood he looked to the other pantheon's and after they all nodded stepped forward and began a spell. As he said the spell I noticed the each the other four thrones began to shake before suddenly flying towards my throne. As the hit they started to morph and mold together until all that was left was my throne only now it was solid gold were before it was only spotted with gold. Now it also had the weapons floating above it that were before over Ares throne, it also had the gemstones of the pantheon thrones in both the arm rest.

I noticed as I sat down that a screen showed up that allowed me into the settings of the entire guild something that before each of us would have needed the acceptance of at least two other members before accessing. Remembering what happened last time I what for the next person who stood up next to begin.

"I as the gifted title Ares have these to give to you." As he said this he took four items and handed them to me. Two bracers, a necklace, and a ring, all of which were also gold in color excluding the multicolored diamond in the ring, that upon putting them on expanded and shrieked to my size.

"Each of these items were made by all of us. The necklace when activated is a suit of armor that's defense and durability quality were greatly raised after we all destroyed and combined all our top tier armoured to make the. The bracers allow you access to four now world class weapons after using the previous method either our weapons. The ring allows you to uses every spell any of us had due to it larger storage space due to our combined efforts."

I couldn't help be amazed looking down what seemed like nothing more that jewelry at first glance. But now that I really looked at them I noticed the activation menus that hovered beside them. Looking up I saw as everyone stood up and began accessing the menus and scrolling to the log out button. I noticed the last of my pantheon step up then.

"My gift to you as the pantheon aphrodite is something you can see for yourself latter maybe after taking a look at some of my

projects." Knowing that she not only made all of the NPC's and helped the others make there's I can't say I wasn't intrigued as to what she did.

"Guys I don't know what to say except that you guys are the greatest group of friends I could have ever hopped to meet I swear that this isn't the end for us I believe well meet again weather it's in another game or in real life. Although I am wondering why give me all these gift on the day the games shutting down." I finished with a chuckle as I looked at the smiles of my guild mates, especially aphrodite's who's smile was the largest as she stepped up.

"We figured that since we were already the top guild in the game we should use this day to make our king an open players. And I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say it's been an honor adventuring with Cain, and don't forget to check out my gifts." She replied with a smile that quite frankly scared me a bit. After saying this she as well as all the others logged out, one after the other until once again in was alone only this time I was as sad knowing my guild had cared enough to give me a farewell.

Now I believe she said her projects she must have ment the NPC's, so I opened the screen and quickly went the guild NPC's settings and began looking threw them. At first I didn't notice anything other than the fact that all of the loyalties had been switched to me and all stats had been raised, but then while going three Talia's I noticed the pink writing.

New setting

Is now madly in love with Cain and lives only to please him in any way possible

Staring at the message I couldn't help the look of horrifically that came across my face I reread it again what if someone else had seen it, who am I kidding she probably showed everyone and got a big laugh out of it. It was then that i remembered that she had said said projects, quickly searching through them I noticed that the same message had been put on all the female NPC's and that no matter what I tried I couldn't change it.

Looking at the counter I decided why not have a little fun and ordered my now personal guard to me. Suddenly Bel the leader of the guild maids and my guard appeared from the doorway to my left wearing a traditional maids out fit only instead of a skirt she wore leggings. Her long golden hair flowing behind her as she entered closely followed by the other six maid thoughts of which wore the maids outfit skirt and all. It wasn't until they were all standing in front of me that they were all beautiful women who thanks to my guild mate were all madly in love with me. But looking into there blank faces I realized that that didn't really matter as they were just NPC's and as such there was nothing to be embarrassed it was at that moment that talia showed up as was he setting set, that if ever the guards were calling she was to come.

As she entered followed back her long ice blue hair, in her very tight and revealing short all black dress I suddenly felt a little nervous as her normally blank face had a large smile covering it.

"Ummm... ok all of you presume ceremonial positions." I said, voice shaking a little as I wasn't sure if they would follow the order due to some aphrodite had did. But as bel and the maids quickly walked the side of me and talia keeled in front of me I realized I had nothing to worry about so instead sat back and closed my eyes and waited for the end.






Here goes




Uh what?

hhello guys I hope you guys liked my story, as you could see I'm not that good with describing clothes lol but I promise I'm working on it. But if you were wondering talia looks like esdese from kill la kill and bel looks like harribel from bleach