The King Of The God's / All Father

Alignment- 0 – Neutral

Job - Guildmaster of Olympus

Residence - Asgard

Racial Level - 100

Race - Dracion (The rarest of races brought in six years into the game. Due to both it's price and difficulty level in leveling up he is the only player using this race)

True Dragonlord Lv.95

Elder Dragon Lv.50

Alpha Dragon Lv.90

Dragon Master Lv.89

King Of The Sky Lv.90


Job Class Level- 99

Master Assassin Lv.15

Beastlord Lv.15

Champion Lv.15

Paladin Lv.10

Weapon Master Lv.10

Unholy Knight Lv.10

Holy Knight Lv.10

Striker Lv.15

War Wizard Lv.10

Word Of Disaster Lv.5

World Of Disaster Lv.5

World Guardian Lv.5

World Champion Lv.5


HP: Exceeds limit

MP: Exceeds Limit

Phys. Atk: Exceeds Limit

Phys. Def: Exceeds Limit

Agility: Exceeds Limit

Mag. Atk: 96

Mag. Def: 96

Resistance: Exceeds limit

Special Ability: 100

Total: 800+