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"So Tamrin what news do you have?"

"From my observations we are no longer in the same mountains as before the event. I don't recognize any of the surroundings."

"What about our position are we still secure or should we move Asgard." I said sitting down in my throne.

"Our position for the time being is secure, we are among many mountains that should hide our position."

"Ok, did you see any signs of life while out, we need to know what kind of beings we'll be dealing with." What I really needed to know is if there was anyone else from yggdrasil here and who, considering because of my guilds strength we had quite the number of enemies who even in a different world would more than likely still hold a grudge. Knowing what the people of this world are capable of would be nice too.

"Yes, in fact I noticed two signs of life the first is actually further into the mountain range we are in, the other more inland at the edge of the forest that starts at our base. From the mountain I was able to sense the magic of multiple beings. From inland there seems to be quite the commotion, I could smell the scent of blood and could see what seemed to be smoke from a fire."

Since I don't know what kind of magic is in this world, I should first gather some information, so I'll save the beings in the mountains for later. Smoke and blood means people, which means information.

Lifting my hand up I summoned the mirror on the other side of the room to me. Causing it to float up and towards me. "How far away would you say both where."

"The source from the mountains was at least eight miles away while those of the inland I would say is five." She said before a confused look crossed her face. "Sire, are you thinking of venturing out yourself, if so please allow me to accompany you. Seeing as we know nothing about this place I think it would be wise..." She didn't get to finish that sentence, as Talia then entered the room interrupting her.

"I doubt Lord Cain needs your input on such matters or have you forgotten that he is the king of the gods of Asgard." She said walking up the stairs to stand at my side before turning and laying or hand on my shoulder while giving Tamrin what appeared to be a snide look.

"I fully understand that, in fact that is all the more reason I should be with him to insure no harm comes to his precious body." Tamrin said as she too walked up the stairs to my left, where she then put her hand on my shoulder before meeting Talia's hard gaze with one of her own.

"I highly doubt that if there is anything out there that could hurt this body that you would be of any help, it would make more sense if I were to accompany him."

"If I am not mistaken it is your duty to oversee the guardians and mine to protect Lord Cain."

"It is all of our duty to protect Lord cain, and sense we can't seem to come to an agreement why don't we take this discussion to the arena and finish it there."


At this point I was fairly certain that the only danger I was in was from them. The longer the argument went the closer there heads became until they began to butt heads at which point I'm almost one hundred percent sure I saw lighting flashing between them. All the while there hands had gotten tighter and tighter on my shoulders till I was pretty sure they were going to dent my armor.

"Ladies, I'm going to need you both to stop acting like two school girls for one moment." I said and there it was again that sense of calm that washed threw me earlier when I was in the arena. At my words both women blushed as they leaned away from each other. "On the matter of my leaving it hasn't even been decided yet, in fact that is why I called the mirror over here. I wanted to see exactly what was going on there before going. At which point both of you may come with me." At least this way I don't have to worry about pissing either of them off.

"Of course Lord Cain." They both said in unison.

"No more Lord Cain, just call me Cain." I said waiting to get there nods of acceptance before going on. "Good now let's continue."

As I turned to the mirror it still amazed me at what I saw, now that the shock wore off I could get a better look at myself. My hair was a ice blue color and was about medium length with a sort of wild styling. A large scar ran across my right eye, and my eyes were a bright and illuminating whiteish silver.

Remembering why I called it I grabbed the mirror. "I'm going to need you to show in your mind where the area the smoke was coming from Tamrin ."

"Of course cain." She said looking at the mirror. Seconds later the mirror began to change no longer showing my reflection but now showing a bird's eye view of what looked to be a village. Zooming in, I could see men in what looked like worn and rugged armor. These men were herding all the villagers to the center of the village and making them watch as they burned certain members alive or chopped off there head all the while burning down there homes around them.

Something strange I noticed was my outlook on what was happening to these people in front of my eyes. While the disgust and anger that I would normally have towards these kinds of acts against the innocent are still there, the queasy feeling I expected to feel wasn't there as if I had witnessed this before and was use to it.

"It would seem the village is under attack from bandits. Seeing as they are our neighbors I think it would only be right that we lend our hand and make a good impression." I said standing up and summon my armor.

In a flash I was covered head to toe in golden was the first time I had used my armor in this world, I was surprised at how comfortable it felt. The armor seemed to allow me to move as easIly as if I wasn't wearing it, moving like liquid metal. Guess it kind of makes sense since its magical armor now that I think about it.

"I want you two to meet me at the entrance dressed for battle, although I doubt there will be anything harmful to us it's better to be prepared just in case plus I don't want them to know what we look like yet for recon purposes." With a bow and a flash they were gone.

Looking back in the mirror I could see that some of the men were now eyeing some of the village girls. With a wave of my hand sound began pouring out of the mirror. The crying of those forced to watch there friends and family executed right in front of them, the begging of those being executed. But the sound of one voice rang clear and loud over the other's. It was the voice of a woman being dragged up to a tree trunk that was being used for beheading.


"You know for someone who's about to lose there head you sure do have a lot to say, let's see how well your able to say it in a few minutes ." As he said this as he slammed her head down again this time harder before lifting up his axe that was still dripping blood from the last person. With a smirk on his face he brought the the axe up ready to remove her head.

"Wait" Yelled a voice from one of the only still standing houses. "This one has some fight in her I see." Said the voice from inside the house as he existed out of the building dragging a crying young woman who's shirt had been ripped off. "I was just about to have some fun with this one but I like that fire I see in you, it would be fun to see how long you last without breaking." He said dropping the other woman who then crawled over to one of the men in the center of the village falling into his arms. "Your the one my men told me about I'm guessing huh. The women who killed three of my men before being brought down." He said with a smile while bending down to grab her by her chin before standing up and grabbing her by her tied up arms then turning to his men. "Men I think it's time we revel in our victory, so I want half of you to grab whichever women you want and have some fun, the other half is to watch over the men incase any want to play hero. You can switch after three hours."

With a cheer from the men and screams and crying of the villagers the men began to split up, some grumbling as they take up there post while the other's began walking through the crowd grabbing women all of which had began to panic. The leader had already begun dragging the now kicking and screaming woman back into the tent.

Having seen enough I teleported to the entrance, where I was met by Talia and Tamrin in there battle attire. Tamrin was now wearing a all white armor set that consisted of a breast plate that covered just her chest leaving her stomach exposed as well as a battle skirt that was out lined with spikes, on her head she wore a Viking head mask with two wings on top. In her hand she held her spear which if looked at close enough you would swear you could see the souls of the warriors she had defeated.

Talia stood next to her in her form fitting midnight blue armor. Her armor was consisted of a breast plate slightly longer than Tamrin's though a sliver of skin could still be seen. On her legs she wore the traditional knights leg wear only hers seemed to somehow remain skin tight and seemed to flow as she shifted from foot to foot. Strapped to her back was a large broad sword that was almost as wide as her.

"Do you approve Lord Cain, I mean Cain." She said catching and correcting herself at the end.

"Yes you both look great, you should fit the part just fine. From what I saw of the natives we shouldn't look that different but different enough that they know we are people of power, let's go." As I finished they both stepped forward, each grabbing onto my arms and with a little focus we were gone.

We landed a mile outside of the village and began walking. As we walked we came across a hut on the outskirts. We could here soft crying coming from inside followed by shushing. Walking inside we were greeted to the sight a man and woman who it would seem were hacked to death. Once again I was slightly shocked by my reaction to this which was only the disgust that someone could do this to innocents. In a room toward the back we could see a teenage boy no older than fourteen bleeding from what looked to be a stab wound in his side. As we got closer it looked as if he was covering something, almost like he was shielding it. It was then that I picked up the sound of a second heart beat.

"Please, just leave us alone you already took my mom and dad you can't get June ... I won't let you." His last words were followed by him standing up and grabbing a nearby fireplace poker and holding it up towards us. As he did this both Talia and Tamrin's weapons seemed to materialize out if thin air, both appearing inches from his neck.

"I would suggest you lower that child, because while I do have a fondness for your kind especially the young one's I will not hesitate to cut you down to protect my Lord." Tamrin said looking into the young man's eyes.

"I hold no fondness for your kind and I can assure you that if that weapon isn't lowered I will remove your head from your shoulders." As Talia said this her blade inched closer causing a small cut to open on the boys neck.

"Lower your weapons he is just scared." I said as I walked up and in between them and grabbed their wrist. "And honestly you two must not think much of me if you think such a child could harm me." Almost as fast as they appeared their weapons were gone.

"Of course not..." They both said turning to me both reaching for me almost as if to comfort me.

"Good, now boy as I said before you have nothing to fear from us were here to help." I said stepping closer with my hand turned towards him so he could see I had no weapon. For a minute I thought he wasn't going to believe me but then a whimper came from behind him and he dropped the fireplace poker and turned back to the other child.

Now I could see that the second child was a girl no older than six. Her eyes that I was sure once held that light of innocence were now filled with fear. I watched as the boy tried to console her all the while ignoring his wounded side which I now could clearly see had increased its bleeding.

"Young man would you do me the honor of telling me your name then perhaps you could tell me what happened." Using my sense of smell I could tell that the wound was fairly fresh and that it wasn't to deep.

"M..m..my name's jace and this is my little sister June. My parents are ... my parents." He choked up at the end unable to think about what had happens to them, but after a few moments he was able to continue. "Because we live in the back of the village we didn't hear what was happening until it was to late. Our father told us to stay in the back rooms until it was over, our parents use to be adventurers before they had us so they were going to go help. But before they could some guys came busting in and overwhelmed them then they...they...I tried to help but I couldn't, I couldn't do anything. One of them stabbed me and left me on the ground to die as they left, I was just happy they didn't find June."

"Well everything's going to be alright now I'll make sure of that. Now I need you to drink this it should heal up that wound." I said handing him a small healing potion I had in my inventory. Seconds after he drank it he potion began to take affect healing his wound. "Now how about you two take a nap and when you wake up this will all be over." Before either could object I grabbed them both by their heads and sent out a small burst of power instantly knocking them out.

Walking over to their parents bodies, I could almost see what happened by the condition of the room. There was a struggle, I'm sure they put up quite a fight before they were taken down and considering what the boy said they did before they retired they would have been great sources of information.

"Hey Tamrin can you still see their spirits." I said suddenly getting an idea for a way to kill a couple bird's with one stone.

"Yes my Lord they are holding on and seem to be focused on their children." See said looking at an area above were the children slept.

"Good I want you to put them back in their bodies then. Don't worry about healing them I've got something in store for them." As I said this Tamrin gave me a strange look before walking over to there bodies and reaching her hands up and grabbing something at which point her hands began to glow as she began transferring their souls back. Having a valkire could be very helpful in situations like this due to there ability to not only see the souls of the newly deceased but could also somewhat control them.

The coughing and groaning over by Tamrin alerted me to there revival.

"I take it your both in a lot if pain so I'll make this short. I have a proposition for you both that would allow you to not only return to your children but would also allow you to protect your village. The only catch is that you'd be working for me which I'm sure my friends can attest isn't that bad it would in fact guarantee my protection for this village. Due to the severity of your wounds I'll need you answers now." I said watching as there wounds started to resume bleeding at an quickening rate.

I watched as they turned to each other and seemed to have a conversation using only there eyes. Seconds later they met my eyes and with a determined look in their eyes and nodded. I returned the nod as I reach down and placed my hand over there hearts and use my holy knighting spell. This spell could only be used by someone who reached the highest level of both the holy and unholy knight classes.

With a flash of light the couple were back on there feet only now they wore the gray armor of knight with the crest of Asgard over there breast plates. Without all the injuries and now standing, I could get a good look at them. The man was around six foot even with peppered black hair, he had laughing lines around his brown eyes. He now held in his right hand a long sword and a shield was placed on his other arm. His wife stood next to him a lance clutched in her hand. Her chestnut colored hair was cut at her shoulders framing her rounded face. At first glance they looked like your normal every day couple but in their eye you could see the eyes of two experienced fighters.

"I like the new look, now how about we get to work." Seeing both of them nod I started to continue before remembering something. "Sorry first how about you tell me your names."

"My name is Jean my Lord and this is my wife Sarah." Spoke Jean pointing to his wife and himself.

"Please when we're in private just call me Cain. Now Jean I want you to circle the village and if you see one of the bandits fleeing fill free to make sure he doesn't see tomorrow. Sarah once I enter the clearing I want you to get everyone back here and protect them until I give the word that it's ok for you to come out understand." With a nod and kiss for his wife Jean took off out the house, my hearing allowed me to hear the sharp intake of air as he witnessed his new speed.

"All right then, why don't we go join the party." I said walking out the house and towards the clearing with them close behind. The closer we got the louder the crying and screaming got. As we entered the clearing the first thing I saw was that most of the woman had been dragged off to the edge of the clearing were the bandits had began to tear off there clothing, one had even got far enough as to position himself between one of the women's legs, he was also the closest to us.

Walking forward I quickly grabbed him off of the woman and held him of the ground by his throat. He instantly began struggling to get free by kicking at me and trying to pry my hand off his neck. All of which was in vain as my hands only grew tighter by the second causing the man's face to began turning a multitude of colors.

"Dont worry you'll be first but all of your comrades will soon be following you." With that said I twisted my hand and with a loud snap the man was dead and the clearing grew instantly quite as all eyes were on me. "Sarah go ahead and take everyone as planned." I said dropping the man's body were it crumbled into a lifeless heap on the ground. "Now I'm going to ask that you not interfere with them as your fight will now be with me."

As Sarah began gathering everyone, telling them to follow her, one of the bandits pushed the girl he had been holding down back onto the ground and held a knife to her throat. "I'm not finished with her yet and none of you are going anywh..." Before he could finish his sentence Sarah had put her lance threw his heart killing him instantly.

As his body fell and Sarah went to help up the girl ten of the men began to draw their swords preparing to cut her down.

"Girls" with that one word and a gust of wind Tamrin and Talia appeared standing next to Sarah both of their weapons out and now dripping blood. Seconds later horrified screams burst from each of the men who had been drawing their weapons as they looked down and saw that their hands had been cut off faster than any of them could follow.

"As I said before, don't interfere, your fight is with me." I repeated watching as the men fell to the ground unconscious, unable to believe what had happened to them. Hearing the screams the leader once again emerged from the house only this time he was sporting a busted lip.

"What the hell is going on out here I already tied her up and I was just about to pop her ch..." He stopped as he noticed the last of the villagers leaving past me and all of his men standing around.

"So your the leader of these insects." I said cocking my head to the side. "I'm not sure if I should kill you after or before your men."

"Those some brave words from someone who's outnumbered and doesn't know who he's dealing with." He said walking towards the middle of clearing were he stopped to kick one of the bodies of the unconscious bandits. "Pathetic, killed by two women, speaking of which I have a proposition for you." He said as he looked back up at me. "Wow your a big fucker, but I'm sure your head will roll just like the rest, so how about this you leave these two beauties here and be on your way and I promise not to remove your arms and legs and make you watch as we have some fun with them." He said gesturing towards Tamrin and Talia.

"You know what that's a great idea, the whole cutting off the arms and legs thing if you don't mind I think I'll use that." I growled out as a sudden territorial fury burned through me at his mentioning of Tamrin and Talia.

"And I assume you'll be letting the women do that since your to high and mighty to do it yourself, what afraid to get your hands dirty princess. Why don't you show us all your not just all talk fight me and my men by yourself, I mean as big a game as you talk it should be no problem at all."

"Fine, just me and all of you." While I doubt I'll learn anything useful, perhaps I'll learn something. "Tamrin, Talia you two stand back this shouldn't take long." Both of them lowered there weapons at my command.

"Why don't you show us that face of yours while your at it. It's only fair seeing as you get to see our pretty mugs." He said as they started to circle me no doubt trying to distract me in hopes that I wouldn't notice.

"Why not, it's not like any of you will get to live to tell anyone about it." I said reaching for my helm. Their reactions might prove to be useful not to mention it might be fun to scare them some. As I began to remove my helm I let my dracion form emerge. In an instant I felt my face change into that of a humanoid dragon, I felt my nails lengthen and sharpened into claws. "So what do you think." I said a grin spreading over my face at the smell of fear that burst from them as some took steps away from me.

"What is he"

"He's a monster"

"H-he's a dragon I heard tha..."

"Calm down you bunch of cowards, he's no Dragon look at him. Dragons are massive lizards with wings." He said shutting them up and trying to calm them down. "No no from the looks of him I'd say he's one of them demi-human's. One of those lizardmen I've heard of, his kinds nothing more than uncivilized savages no different from the beastmen."

His words must have had the desired effect because all of them now had determined looks on there faces as they advanced on me. Moving at a speed they couldn't keep up with I appeared in front of the three attacking my left. Grabbing the one closes to me I picked him off of the ground by his neck then grabbed his legs and ripped him apart before turning to the other two and grabbing there heads and smashing them together causing their heads to erupt in a spray of blood.

"M-monster" the rest screamed before turning and running. They however didn't get far because as they reached the outer parts of the village Jean appeared in front of them and moments later screams could be heard before coming to a sudden halt.

"I don't know what you did or how you did it but if I'm going to die I'll make sure to bring your ass with me." The leader said drawing his sword and getting in a stance. "Martial arts: bladed wind" As he said this he swiftly made a slice in the air in front of him that in turn sent a blade of wind flying towards me. Wondering what effect it would have on me I allowed it to hit me only while the impact seemed powerful due to gust of wind it produced it felt no different than if someone had swung a fan in my direction which caused me to begin laughing.

"Please tell me that wasn't all you have, try again, this time put your all into it, use your most powerful attack." As I said this I spread apart my arms, welcoming his next attack.

"Cocky son of a bitch I'll show you, I tried to take it easy on you." He said, nervousness drifting off him with a underline of fear as he got back into his stance. "Martial art: ability boost, body strengthening." As he said these one's a power seemed to cloak him, his muscles bulging slightly. "Dragon fang thrust." With a yell he leapt at me sword giving off a glow as he aimed it to pierce my heart.

"Snap" I cocked my head to the side as I looked down at him, his face now shifted in horror as he looked at his now broken sword. "Wow I got to say I kind of had high hopes for that one I mean it was very flashy, for a minute I thought I might need to block. But now that you've had your turn I guess it's mine now right?"

"Y-You MONSTER" With a yell he turned, dropping his broken weapon and started sprinting. I can't believe this after all of that bragging and threats he doesn't even have the balls to stand here and face me. With a sign I take off after him easily reaching him before he could leave the clearing. With four quick swipes of my claws his arms and legs fell to the ground cut off at the joints, his head and midsection following seconds later.

"This was your idea and honestly if you hadn't of run and had shown some honor instead of running I would have killed you instantly. I guess that's expecting to much from a coward who kills and rapes defenseless villagers." I say as I flip him over to see his face which is full of fear that seems to be overshadowing the pain he should be feeling at the loss of his limbs. "I'll be killing you now." I say my hand reach for his head.

"Wait, please wait" Turning to see who the voice was coming from I'm shocked to see it's the girl from the mirror who he had been attacking her fierce green gaze staring unwavering. Seeing her now I could see that she was around my age no older than twenty-four but what drew my eyes was her busted lip as well as the blood now leaking down her head flowing past her dirty blonde hair. This as well as the fact her dress was torn half way up the middle and I could clearly see the marks on her legs made me start to reconsider how I killed him.

"Let me do it, after what he almost did to me I want to be the one to end his life." Seeing the determination in her eyes I gave her a nod which she returned. As she approached she leaned down and picked up the remains of his broken sword before coming to stand over him as I moved out the way. "In my opinion this is to quick a death for you after what you did to this village, my parents, my brother. But I'll be happy to know that like them you'll burn but you will burn for eternity." With that she placed the tip of the broken blade over his heart and began pushing, the jagged edge slowly tearing through his chest till it reached his heart.

"Are you ok" I asked her, helping her stand up, waiting for her to nod before continuing. "Ok good then how about we go tell these people their safe now."