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'Bijuu speech/thoughts'

Location/scene change


Belle Reve Penitentiary; Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana; 1 am, August 26, 2016

Deadshot groaned as the banging on his cell door grew louder. He rolled over yet again in an attempt to ignore them as he tried to go back to sleep. "Don't these guys know it's too damn early for this?" he mumbled tiredly.

The noise stopped. It looked like he would get his wish until a loud bang sounded in his cell as the door was sent flying into the adjacent wall. Deadshot sat bolt upright looking at the doorway to see Waylon Jones, aka Killer Croc, standing with his right fist extended.

"The hell was that for!?"

Croc grunts as he brings his arm back to his side "Warden wants to see us Floyd."

Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot, is a master assassin and gun for hire. Never missed a target until meeting the Batman and being put into Belle Reve with the rest of the now dubbed Suicide Squad. "Next time just say please. You know I hate being disturbed like this now."

Croc shook his head, the motion making his scales ripple slightly sending a chill up the spines of whoever sees it.

The pair walked in relative silence with their escort to the prison's courtyard. Ever since that first foray as a 'team' they hadn't seen much of the outside world aside from the occasional 'vacation' to the courtyard for basic exercise, Deadshot's monitored visits with his daughter, and Croc and Harley getting…whatever it was that they had wanted. The only member who didn't get anything special was Boomerang, and he is just crazily sitting in his cell all day every day. Even after only being inside their cells for a few days the light still managed to blind them as the guards opened the doors to the outside world. Already in attendance were Rick Flag, the teams 'legal' guide and leader, Harley Quinn, the psychotic ex-psychiatrist who was recaptured after breaking out with the Joker, and Katana, the chick with a sword that steals souls.

"We still waiting for Captain?" Deadshot asks as he and Croc get in line with the others. Flag shook his head as four of his men brought a wildly squirming bag out to the center.

"Soon as he stops squirming then we will proceed." Flag says tiredly as they hear muffled shouts coming from the bag. He gives it a swift kick to silence him. "We wouldn't have to go through this if you would just cooperate with us."

Deadshot swore he could hear Boomerang give a smartass comment before Flag had one of his guys unzip the bag and let the crazy aussie out…who immediately punches the soldier in greeting.

"Lunatic." He mutters getting a chuckle from Croc and a smirk from Katana.

Flag pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs "Alright," he pulls out a tablet "you know the drill."

The grim face of Amanda Waller, their warden and benefactor, came on screen. "I did not think that I would need to bring you all out this soon but the situation demands it. Five hours ago a portal opened in the sky over Jump City, street camera's and other devices show footage of what appears to be a large orange fox with nine tails landing in the center of the city and slowly walking towards the outer limits. Just half an hour ago military forces arrived to investigate and have since enraged the beast."

"And you want us to do what about that?" Boomerang asked with a raised hand, the only one visibly shaken at what they might be facing.

Waller gave him a deadpan look "I want you to go into the city, find this thing and evaluate it."

"Like an audition for the team you mean?" Deadshot said having caught on to how she was phrasing it "You're hoping that this thing can join the Suicide Squad and help you out, is that it?"

"In a manner of speaking. You all know what is at stake should this creature be a threat that we can't control or contain. Keep casualties to a minimum, and you can expect more privileges to be given and yes Mr. Digger that includes you. Will there be any other questions?"

Croc raised his hand "What if we can't stop this thing or recruit it?"

Waller looked down briefly before looking back up to address the team "Then Jump City, and anything near it, will be destroyed and this incident erased from all records private or public. Is that understood?"

Flag sighed as she signed off. 'Another day at the office' he thought. "You all heard the lady, we got a job to do so let's get to it."

Jump City, California; 3 am, August 27, 2016

"Fall back! Fall back!" was the resounding cry across the forest. Less than a mile in front of the fleeing soldiers was the city they had been fighting desperately to protect. Each one had tried and failed to so much as scratch the beast. Tanks, snipers, missiles, bullets, nothing could phase it. The beast raised its head releasing a terrible roar that shook the ground and shattered glass for miles. It bought one of its fore paws down, slamming it into the ground, releasing a shockwave that brought trees, buildings, and people to the ground. With the swish of one of its nine tails a helicopter was sent crashing into the dirt below.

To the beast they were insects to swat aside, but they had only provoked him in his slumber as he tried to heal from his entry into this world.

'Run, and do not stop for a second ningen.' It growled mentally as it snarled at their retreating forms before its form shifted slightly giving it the appearance of a glowing orange and black striped fox.

Inside the head of the fox stood a man whose own body was covered in the same energy as the fox. He groaned as he clutched his head in pain "Kurama? Kami, what hit me? I feel like I took one of Granny's punches without any chakra to protect me."

'Quit your whining!' Kurama growled 'We managed to escape but we aren't finished yet. This world, while pitiful, hasn't been so…welcoming to me trying to heal you.'

The fox growled in annoyance as his container ignored his warning 'Na-ru-to!'

"What!?" Naruto shouts aloud "My heads killing me here Kurama, geez, lower the volume."

'I would if you would pay attention. We have the largest group fleeing no thanks to you,'

"I was out cold."

'There is a smaller group heading this way.'

"How many?" Naruto asked now alert and in 'ninja mode'

'Six. They appear to be moving in formation, one is in the middle, one at the front, two to each side, and two covering the rear.'

Naruto closed his eyes and began to meditate. Gathering his chakra, what little he currently had, he sent a small amount into the earth to act as a pulse to help him sense his surroundings. His eyes shot open "There's no chakra here!"

Kurama scoffed 'Of course there isn't any chakra here you idiot. We aren't in your home world any longer.'

"Could've told me that sooner y'know!" he growled as he felt his chakra reserves rising. "Still haven't recovered fully yet. How much would you say we have?"

'Roughly forty percent of our maximum chakra has returned.'

"So a twenty each then…great." Naruto sighed as he released his hold on his Tailed Beast Mode. The orange chakra construct dissipating as the head lowers to the ground below him. "Guess we wait for them to make the first move then."

'Don't get over confident. We don't know if these will be the 'Shinobi' of this world or not.'


The Squad was at a bit of a crossroads, literally. To the right was a simple suburb, untouched by any of the action from earlier, to the left were several tanks; guns trained on the hill leading up to the forest outside of the city, behind them were the retreating soldiers, and in front was the only path leading to their target.

"Before we get started, would anyone like to explain why we are doing this again?"

"We do this, we get rewarded, don't do it and we all die." Croc growls as he starts to pick up something.

"Got a scent Croc?" Flag asks as he loads his rifle.

"Yeah, smells…odd."

"Odd? It's a bloody fox! It should smell like a fox!" Boomerang cries out.

Deadshot rolls his eyes as the big man continues "Smells human, there is something in the air too…smells like nature, and frogs."

"Riight, so we have a giant fox to find and he only smells frogs, trees, and some poor sod who is up there with the fox." Deadshot sighs "What now Flag?"

"We continue the mission. Up that hill is our target, now we have to go and greet them." The soldier marched off up the road, the squad reluctantly following behind him. Harley and Boomerang stood just in front to his left and right respectively, Katana the ever vigilant watchdog stood between the two while Deadshot and Croc had Flags back. Since dealing with Enchantress and getting his girlfriend June back, Flag had to admit he had a new found respect for the criminals under his command. Granted he wouldn't fully trust any of them except for Katana for the obvious reason of she not being a criminal but that could change in a few years, or decades given how unhinged Boomerang was.

"So how do we know if we can communicate with this thing? Not like it'll speak English or Japanese." Boomerang spoke as they neared the top of the hill.

"Soldiers reported they could hear something, almost akin to laughter coming from the fox. If we are lucky," Flag says "it might be able to speak to us."

Deadshot rolled his eyes as he and Croc watched the rear, nothing exciting happening behind their group, just soldiers running around panicked. This mission so far was a drag; a giant fox that could stop the military with ease had appeared from a portal in the sky, and right as they get to its location suddenly it decides to vanish on them. Typical.

"Something better happen because I deserve some action after y'all woke me up at this ungodly hour." Deadshot grumbles as he backs into Boomerang "Now what!?" the assassin turns around to scold or beat his teammate for stopping but the words die in his mouth as he stares at a lone, golden, flaming, man.

Boomerang shook as he watched the flames dance on the man's body. To the squad they were reminded of El Diablo and his control over fire but this, this was something else entirely. The man stood with a confidence, almost arrogance, to him that seemed to both relax and put on edge the squad. With a quick glance to his pseudo-family he realized that he wasn't the only one who was having slight flashbacks or was intimidated.

"S'pose he's friendly?" he asked snapping the Squad out of their own thoughts.

"Call it Flag." Deadshot said in a serious tone as he trained his own guns on the unidentified man.

Flag gulped as he stepped forward, motioning for Katana to follow him closely "Hold your fire for now. Hopefully we can find out where the creature went, if he tries anything you have permission to engage."

Croc let out a deep laugh as Boomerang and Deadshot made certain they had an angle on their new 'friend'.

'Judging by the way they are moving, I would say one of the two coming towards us is the leader, the other is the bodyguard.'

"Noticed that too huh? Then the guys on the sides must be moving to strike if I attack. Smart." Naruto grinned as his first meeting with people in this new world began. The man carried himself like a trained shinobi, he clearly had some form of training and must have been the leader. The woman on the other hand was slightly harder to get a read of, she looked like some sort of ninja crossed with a samurai from his world but Naruto couldn't for the life of him figure out if she was an actual threat to him or a well-hidden spy perhaps.

Flag raised one his hands, giving the others an order to stay on standby, he tried to use what little of his kindness that Amanda Waller hadn't beaten out of him to earn the man's trust. "Sir? I am Col. Rick Flag, with the US Army, I'd like to ask you a few questions; if that's alright with you?"

The man tilted his head to the side, giving Flag a look of curiosity. Was he unable to understand him or did he just not care? He watched the man as he pulled out from behind him some sort of scroll, unrolling it the man got to work messing with these strange symbols on it. He bit his thumb and slammed his palm into the scroll, Flag had to wave off Deadshot and Boomerang as the scroll actually released smoke. As the smoke began to dissipate he and Katana could again see the man, but this time he was sitting down with a brush in one hand, ink bowl at his side and was making those strange symbols onto a piece of paper.

"What the hell is he doing?" Flag whispered to Katana who could only shrug in response.

'That girl is studying you.' Kurama notifies Naruto as he goes about making a translation seal from, scratch 'She looks a little more intelligent than those others with her.'

Naruto grunts in response both to Kurama and to annoy the two watching him as he works. The seal had a stable base, and the transition isn't that bad for the purpose but what he still needed was a place to put it.

"Watashi wa watashi no mune ya kubi ni kore o oku hitsuyō ga arimasu ka? Sorera ni ponpingu mase chakura wa tsuneni miete kara sorera o tamotsubekide wa arimasen."

Flag blinked. So he does talk. "Sounds like Japanese, Katana, mind translating?"

The samurai got closer to the man, curiously watching his movements with the brush as he seemed to finish his work with a cry of "Yes!" and slammed the piece of paper onto his chest, the symbol seeming to melt off it and latch onto him.

"Did it work? Tell me it worked Kurama" Katana was surprised to hear him now speaking English. Even more surprisingly he sounded like an over eager child than a grown man. She looked back at Flag and jerked her head to get him to come closer.

"So…about those questions." He started awkwardly as the flaming man looked up at him "You wouldn't have happened to have seen a giant fox would you?"

"Fox?" the man asked "Did it have orange fur? Nine tails? And was it a real grouch about being bothered?"

"Uh…" Flag and Katana shared a look "Yeah."

"Nope. Haven't seen him. I did run into some guys who were…a little eager to attack first though."

Flag sighed. And now it gets complicated. The man obviously knew something from his little jokes but he knew from experience that if he were even slightly like the Squad then he would NOT be getting anything out of him. "I am going to make a call. Katana, keep an eye on him."

Naruto watched the man that was questioning him albeit poorly walk a few feet away from him and the woman. Turning his attention to said sword wielding individual he was a little wary as she kept moving around him looking for the seal he had placed on his chest. He chuckled "You aren't going to find my seal, those things depending on how they are made won't show up unless I pump chakra into them and this one doesn't require chakra to work."

"Chakura? Chakura to wa nanidesu ka?"

Naruto scratched his head for an answer. It had been a while since h had to give a lesson but one like this might require a more practical demonstration that he just couldn't give right now.

"I'll explain that to you later, I promise, but for now I need some rest." His golden flaming form flickered and died "First lesson about chakra; it will need to recharge at some point."

If Katana were honest he was different than she had expected him to be. Though subtle she could notice how he had yet to drop his guard even after saying he was tired. The man wore blue sandals, grey armor covering his forearms and calves, a green flak jacket with several pouches on it, black pants, and a white haori with a flame design along the bottom was worn over his flak jacket and a headband hung around his neck with a symbol in the center resembling a leaf. He was…different.

Flag sighed tiredly. It was only 4 am and now he was being ordered as expected to bring in this new mystery man. Who for some reason wasn't on fire now? 'Great, more paperwork to do later' he thought as his team slowly approached the man "Listen up, mission's a failure. Without the fox Waller is going to have this place under surveillance round the clock until she finds it. And, seeing as how our new friend here has some form of abilities we get to bring him in."

The group (mostly Boomerang) groaned collectively. Katana was quiet if only to not get on the man's bad side so she could learn about chakra. Croc and Deadshot were mostly quiet but the pair did have their own reservations about bringing an unknown, especially one who hadn't committed a crime yet, to their little 'home'. Harley however had no such reservations and was all but bouncing in her seat on the flight home asking him all sorts of questions.

"Are you an alien? What happened to the fire? Why is your hair so spiky? And what is up with the whiskers?"

Naruto tried to lean as far from the crazy woman as he could. With a nervous chuckle he tried to calm her down first "In order; no, not actual fire, genetics, and also genetics…I think."

Harley seemed to deflate that he had answered her so quickly and hadn't tried to hide anything. And if he did she couldn't tell what it was or where it was. Flag watched as the Joker's Queen sat back in her seat with a pout on her face. So far, the guy hadn't been a problem and even better he could get Harley to behave without getting violent. That might be a good and bad thing for them in the long run.

"So what's your name?" Boomerang asked sensing some tension. "You got to have one, right?"

The man chuckled good naturedly "Names Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze. I am the Seventh Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato," Naruto looked down as he said this "or at least I was."

"Kono-what?" Deadshot asked confused at the same time Flag asks "Was?"

Naruto nods his head slowly "My village, The Village Hidden in the Leaves, was my home for all of my life. Before I came here, we had…finished one conflict and were enjoying the peace that followed. I was alerted to an individual who was not a typically trader and acted accordingly."

"So what happened?" Croc asked with a slight growl in his voice.

"I was beaten by him in combat obviously." Naruto had a faint smile on his face "I fought him and won but he managed to get the last laugh. I imagine when I arrived there was a portal, yes?"

Flag tensed "Correct."

"That's what he made. I believe with his passing it closed and I was the only one to come through, otherwise I would have been found by now."

"So this Hokagay thing..." Deadshot tries to ask only to be corrected by Naruto.


"Right. What is that exactly?"

"Where I come from there are five villages that are the most powerful. Each village is led by a Kage, the leader of my village is called a Hokage which means Fire Shadow. Each Kage is the strongest of the village, most of my predecessors could do something that most couldn't."

Flag raised an eyebrow "Most what? You've been generous in divulging information about your world, origins and some abilities but have yet to say what you were."

Naruto smirked and turned to the soldier "Shinobi."

That one word had Katana catch her breath. Not only were the languages similar enough for them to communicate but their cultures were close as well. Ninja in Japan were exceptionally skilled but judging by what Naruto had said his might be even more dangerous.

"See, the Shodaime Hokage was the creator and co-founder of the village. He was Hashirama Senju, and had the wood-style bloodline. They called him the God of Shinobi. His brother, Tobirama Senju, became the Nidaime Hokage or Second Hokage. He had this godlike control over the water, he could pull it out of thin air to create a jutsu."

"Jutsu?" Katana asked having been rather enthralled with the story thus far.

"Sorry, did I not explain that? Jutsu are techniques we can perform using chakra, there are jutsu for each type of element as well as situation." Naruto explains.

"And chakra is what exactly?" Boomerang asks slowly being drawn in as well to the blonde's story.

"Chakra is an energy we generate. It consists of physical and spiritual energies mixing evenly. I can give you guys a better explanation tomorrow when I can show you a few tricks of the trade."

Flag made mental notes. Naruto had only been with them for an hour and already had gotten the attention of the crazy and spastic Boomerang, the silent and mostly cold Katana, Croc and Deadshot even showed slight interest in his story. The only one who was interested that had been silent was Harley who seemed both curious and worried if Flag was reading her expressions correctly. But something didn't sit right with him; how could any of this be true? If it was the truth then that meant Naruto had no idea how to keep anything secret unless he knew he was playing with a full deck and had all the cards in his hand. If that were true then he could easily just wipe them out and move on with his life here as an enigma, right?

"Now we get to the fun ones. So the Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, was a student of the Second and mentor to a team of three legendary shinobi back home. He was called the Professor, and was basically the second God of Shinobi after Hashirama but the old man was pretty strong from what I heard." Naruto continued with a fond smile on his face.

"Old man?" Deadshot asked amusement evident on his face and in his voice.

"Yeah," Naruto nodded reminiscing "Jiji was my surrogate grandfather growing up. Always encouraged me to be a ninja. He died when I was a fresh ninja out of the academy, went out fighting in an invasion to defend us all." Naruto looked pained. Guilty even as he held back tears "But hey, let's keep going, yeah? Next comes the second best after yours truly. The Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, the Yellow Flash. Fastest shinobi of his time and my father."

"So it is hereditary." Flag mused.

Naruto shook his head "Not at all though it looks like it. Dad was taught by a student of the third and achieved renown in the Third Ninja World War. Only shinobi until myself and a friend of mine to reach the rank of SS and he gave his life to protect the village from a terrible monster."

Kurama huffed even though he knew Naruto meant Obito and not himself. 'Filthy Uchiha, should've stayed dead.'

"Sounds like he was quite the guy" Deadshot says with a grin "Must've been nice having a hero for a father."

"Yeah," Naruto sighed "It…was."

The once talkative blonde sobered up after that. The remainder of their flight was spent in relative silence. Boomerang tapping one of his weapons against the vacant seat beside him, Croc occasionally letting out a low growl in his throat, Harley tapping her fingers together and the occasional word between Katana and Naruto. There were some things that Deadshot was certain of: Croc possibly ate one of his early guards when he got to the prison, Boomerang and Harley were the living definitions of crazy, Waller scared the hell out of him and Katana was a little closer to the blonde than he had seen her be with anyone or thing other than her sword. Weird.

Belle Reve; Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, 5 am, August 27, 2016

"Not only did you fail to find the fox but you also failed to get any vital information out of our new guest. Is that correct?"

Flag gulped. The Squad had been escorted back to their cells, Katana was watching Naruto out in the courtyard with multiple guards positioned around the walls to keep an eye on the blonde ninja. He knew that Waller wouldn't like what he had to report. Even if he had brought in a potential ally with abilities that could reshape the battlefield to his favor, Flag was uncertain if Naruto would be enough for Waller to not fire him.


"Yes Colonel?"

"With all due respect, Naruto Uzumaki is an unknown but the level of detail in his story shows that he has some power. Whether he is telling the truth about chakra and all the rest of it or not he has some power that we could use."

Waller contemplated his response. He wasn't wrong; that kind of detail could only come from someone who had been planning it for a long time or had lived it. Given how the story had little details about individuals and places that most would ignore in place of just focusing on their home. She had to admit that keeping Mr. Uzumaki under her watch was better than leaving him alone to do whatever he wants.

"Get some rest Rick, you'll need it in the days to come." Amanda says as the Colonel nods his head before leaving her alone to think in her office. She brought up what she knew about the current meta-human population on the planet. Not much when compared to the likes of Superman but it was just enough to be a threat. Currently only four individuals stood out as possible threats, one of them being the Batman aka Bruce Wayne. Finding out his identity wasn't easy but with a little digging into some finances, a few body size comparisons, voice recognition and she had a seventy-five percent match that Bruce Wayne was the Batman.

Naruto sat with his legs crossed as he tried gathering a small amount of nature energy to help speed up his recovery. It hadn't been a whole day since his arrival and if time worked the same here as it did in his world then it still wasn't a full twenty-four hours since his fight. He knew he and Kurama had enough chakra between them to fight for a prolonged period of time but he really wished they had their full power now. His current predicament wasn't all bad though. The translation seal wasn't perfect but it was good enough to understand the English language. The only thing bugging Naruto was that Katana had yet to actually say a word to him and she wouldn't stop watching him like a hawk. It was getting creepy, like Orochimaru smiling creepy.

"If you have something on your mind, just ask and I will try to answer to the best of my ability." He says calmly as he cancels the flow of nature energy to his body "I did promise to give you a demonstration earlier after all."

Katana seemed to snap out of a trance. Naruto chuckled to himself as she shook her head and glared firmly at him. "Dobe." She grumbled in a manner reminiscent of Sasuke. There was someone that Naruto hadn't thought of since he arrived here; his friend and rival was the only person from his world who he wished hadn't been his enemy. At the end of the Fourth War they had met one final time as enemies in battle, Naruto hated to do it but the only way to end the fight without anyone else being dragged into it or killing Sasuke was to use the Sage's power. While Sasuke gained the Rinnegan Naruto had the Sage's chakra and some of his abilities. What no one knew was that when he gained the chakra Naruto had smaller portions of the other Bijuu's chakra inside of him. This created the perfect system inside his body for him to unlock not only the Sage's abilities, but become an incomplete jinchūriki to the Juubi; to that end Naruto had an ability that made Kaguya so dangerous in battle. He could absorb chakra. Sasuke didn't even have the chance to ask for forgiveness before Naruto had absorbed all of his chakra and left him as one of the few in the world who had none in their bodies. Along with this new chakra, Naruto had become almost like a god; he had the Sage's abilities and chakra, was the pseudo-jinchūriki of the ten tails and now possessed the Rinnegan and Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan.

"You reminded me of a friend of mine just now, except, he wasn't as loyal as you seem to be Katana." Naruto smiled as he managed to shock the woman with words "If I had to guess he is still trying to find a way to surpass me. Pity he won't ever find me again."

Flag walked over to the pair with a small grin forming on his lips. Seeing Katana finally lose some part of her composure without making her look fragile, something that he thought would never happen given how stoic she usually is. "Still feel up to giving us all a demonstration Naruto?"

"Do you want to be the one who wakes everyone up after they've had an hour to sleep? Because I don't."

Flag sighed. He wouldn't be the one to wake up Croc but he would be the one to explain to Waller why one of their men had been eaten by the cannibal. "Alright fine, we'll give them another hour but then you will be giving us a show. Got it?"

"Yeah yeah, just keep your stars and stripes on." Naruto turned back to Katana "So, what up with the sword? I don't mean to pry, I know it has to be something personal since you prefer it to any of the weapons the others use but I can sense its giving off some strange energy."

"You can sense her sword?" Flag asked incredulously "How is that possible?"

Naruto shrugs "Consider it one of my gifts. It's like there are numerous people in it, too many signatures to tell which is which. Could be its messing with my senses or it just has that much power behind it."

Flag and Katana share a quick look. A silent message being exchanged between them with Naruto watching intently.

"So, it is the blade then?" Naruto notes getting surprised looks from the pair "And it houses souls, am I right?"

"How much do you know exactly?" Flag asks as he slowly reaches for his gun and Katana for her…katana.

Naruto shakes his head "Only what I just said. I don't know why it is causing such distress but it is what I sense. So the question is, how much are you both going to share with me?"

Flag took a quick glance to Katana for her signal to speak. While he wasn't her subordinate this was her secret to share and he wasn't about to overstep his boundaries with that. She seemed to relax but refused to say anything. "It's a…touchy subject, best leave it at that."

"Fair enough. We all have something that we aren't comfortable speaking of with present company." Naruto stood up "I think now is as good a time as any for that demonstration, yeah?"

(15 minutes, and ten clones later)

Flag was impressed to say the least. Naruto had surprised him again by making twenty identical copies of himself. Shadow Clones he called them; perfect copies and completely solid. He watched as the clones ran off to gather the squad, somehow Naruto seemed to know when one was destroyed as he would flinch and relay who and what had killed them. Apparently Croc and Boomerang weren't that happy about being awakened. Fortunately none of his men were harmed and somehow the Squad was all here a little eager to see what the blonde could do.

"So…uh, what should I start with?" Naruto asks sheepishly "I've never had to do something like this for anyone before, most people could do this stuff already so there wasn't a point to it."

"How about you start with something basic and work your way up?" Deadshot suggests "Best way to teach is to start small then go up to the more complicated stuff."

Naruto nods his head and forms a cross with his hands. "Right. Shadow Clone Jutsu!" In a puff of smoke three identical copies of Naruto appeared surrounding him. The blonde grinned seeing the slack jawed reactions they had to his signature move. "Suicide Squad, meet my shadow clones, identical solid copies of myself down to the smallest of details. Very few things will be able to tell the difference."

Boomerang rubbed his eyes and blinked a few times, trying to make sense of how the blonde had gone from one to three. "I must be out of my bloody mind, now there's four of him."

"Just noticing that you're insane Boomerang? Little slow there captain." Deadshot taunts as he watches the Naruto's for any subtle differences. They were pretty good copies, not a physical trait out of place, or a change in how they carried themselves compared to the original. "Pretty impressive Blondie but what use are they other than extra hands in a fight?"

Naruto grinned at the gunman "Easy, unlike the regular clones, and their ability to be almost identical to me in every way, Shadow Clones transfer memories back to the original and the other clones upon being dispelled." Naruto hit the clone on his left over the head with his fist causing it to dispel in a smoke cloud. Almost instantly the other clones groaned as they rubbed their heads, turning to glare at their originator. "Part of the problem with Shadow Clones is that they can have minds of their own so it really doesn't do to use them unless in a controlled environment."

"Controlled? We're in a prison with a bunch of criminals!" Clone #1 shouts waving his arms wildly. The other nods its head sagely causing Naruto's brow to twitch.

"They also tend to talk back a lot." He begins focusing chakra into his right hand "Which brings me to the next jutsu to show. This one is perfect for your line of work Deadshot, it's an assassination technique my second sensei, Kakashi Hatake, made."

The onlookers were intrigued, none more than Deadshot, at the prospect of what sort of technique it would be. They watched as Naruto's right hand was covered in electricity. Judging by how his face wasn't scrunched up in pain the lightning wasn't harming his body, that or it made the nerves so numb he couldn't tell if he was in pain or not. Naruto launched his arm forward, stabbing the clone in front of him in the back. Deadshot and Boomerang watched with something akin to curiosity and satisfaction as the clone's body stiffened then dispelled.

"That is the Raikiri or Lightning Blade that my sensei made. When used up close it is rather hard to miss or even defend against however over a distance the technique is much harder to use." Naruto explains "Best used for assassinations of course."

"Why would it be hard to use that at a distance?" Harley asks speaking up for the first time "Looks pretty good from here whiskers."

"Currently I only know of one way to use it from a distance and that is to just run at my target which requires a high speed so they can't react but creates tunnel vision making it hard to change direction if necessary."

"So what are you going to do about that other one?" Croc says with a nod to the remaining clone.

Naruto looks at his more than disgruntled clone in thought. "Well, I had planned to just show another jutsu…maybe…give me just a moment."

Naruto held out his right hand palm facing up. Slowly at first they watched as energy began swirling around it forming a ball that looked like it was spinning at a high speed in the palm of his hand. Naruto turned suddenly and slammed the ball into his clone's stomach, sending it flying in a spiral through the air before dispelling as it crashed into the far wall.

"That was my father's technique, one he made himself, the Rasengan. It acts just as simply as you all saw, mostly cause's internal injuries that can be severe at higher levels but if you mix an element with it, well…I wouldn't recommend letting it connect with anything valuable." Naruto sheepishly chuckled seeing some of the stunned looks from the guards. The squad were mostly amazed though Harley still looked crazed and Katana was still stoic as ever.

"Impressive stuff Naruto. I think we can safely say that you will fit right in with us." Flag gave him a grin "You all have the day off, best enjoy it while it lasts, we don't know when we'll be called in again."

The Squad let out small cheers in their own ways as they went about their own business and freedom. Naruto watched Katana walk out of the courtyard curiously. He assumed that she would interact with her team but a shake of Flag's head kept him from following after her.

"Don't take it personally; Katana isn't the most…sociable of the team but, she is the most dependable." Flag explains with a shrug "Give her time and she might just open up to all of us some more."

Naruto couldn't help but snort "Yeah? And I bet the boss lady will be kinder to me too."

'Don't tempt fate Naruto, last thing we need is you being put in a situation you can't handle.' Kurama mentally warns.

'Not like I couldn't handle anything that comes my way here.'

AN: This version of Naruto is more mature and only slightly smarter, he is still too trusting and other than being willing to show some of his abilities he has not lost his core traits completely. I took the liberty of looking up a few things on the wiki and read a few fics in case I missed anything. At most things that are not mine would be the property of kishimoto which most people, myself included, can't stand how it ended. All I have done is tweak the sage's abilities a little allowing Naruto as explained above, the ability to absorb chakra like Kaguya and several others could in the anime, only catch is since Naruto has the sage's chakra, regaining the other half would grant him full power. He won't be god-like. That is stupid, believe me, he will be beaten but it won't be easily. He is not going to be unstoppable or perfect the entire time. Don't believe me? I intend to have the first few chapters set him up as a hero among the team, a few small missions, a minor feat that has so far been left untouched and then afterward he'll face a challenge in the form of my favorite bad-ass. Pairing is open to debate, personally I'm trying to expand this section and Katana so far never is without Boomerang but I won't decide until we are further along in plot for relationships to occur. Leave your choice or choices (no harems) in a review and around ch 3-6 I will set up a poll to see what you guys are into, just give logical reasoning. And again...NO HAREMS!