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This takes place at the end of the Fullbring Arc in Bleach and in the fifth book of the Harry Potter series.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Bleach; all rights go to Tite Kubo and J.K. Rowling respectfully.

'Hollow speaking'

'Zangetsu speaking'

Chapter 1:

When Ichigo woke up, the first thing he noticed was that it was still the middle of the night and that he had woke up almost instinctively; for what reason he didn't know. The next thing he realized is that he heard something coming through the air straight at his window. He jumped up and slammed open the window, not wanting it broken. The second the window was open something whistled through it at a high speed. Said item smashed against his wall and splattered. As Ichigo looked at it he swore to sock Kisuke in the face first chance he got; for on his wall, in bright red paint that looked like blood, was a message.

It said: Dear Ichi-chan, please meet me at my shop as soon as you get this message, we will be waiting. PS: Please spare my handsome face, it was Shinji's idea, get him.

"It's the middle of the night, what the hell does he want? I'm gonna kill him and Shinji!" thought Ichigo.

'Calm down King, I'm sure dey got a good reason for it' stated Shiro in the back of his mind.

"Oh, they better or I'm gonna feed them to a hollow"he growled out loud as he climbed out his window and headed towards Kisuke's shop.

About twenty minutes later, he found himself outside of Kisuke's shop banging on the door. After a few minutes Tessai came to the door and allowed Ichigo entrance to the shop. "Where is he so I can kill him?" he growled at Tessai as he shoved his way past him and into the shop.

"He's down in the Training Grounds with Shinji" he replied, as Ichigo shot past him and after Kisuke and Shinji.

About ten minutes later, after he had punched the two grinning men in the face, he grumbled "Now what did you wake me up in the middle of the night for Geta'Boshi, and it better be good or more than your nose is gonna hurt in the morning.

"Okay, okay just don't beat me up anymore" Kisuke whined.

"As long as you don't annoy me anymore" Ichigo threatened as he took a seat.

Kisuke took a step back when he realized that what he was gonna say was most likely going to make the orange head mad. After all he couldn't have his looks ruined.

"This might sound ridiculous at first, but bear with me and don't beat me. I swear it's all true." Kisuke said, flinching when he saw the orange head's glare.

'Maybe we should have waited until morning for this; ah well too late now' Kisuke thought.

"Now, we have a request to make of you Kurosaki-kun. About fifty years ago we were fighting some hollows and got seriously injured when an adjuchas showed up." Kisuke said as he gestured to himself and Shinji.

"When we woke up we were in a castle and there was an old man standing by our beds. When we asked him what he was doing, he said he was healing our wounds and that we should not move. After about a week, we were all healed up and ready to head back home. When we left we said that if he ever needed our help that he could contact us. We hadn't received anything from him until a couple of days ago. From what was in the letter we received; we deciphered that there is an evil wizard loose on the wizarding world and that they need our help protecting the boy that is said to be the only one able to kill Voldemort, the evil wizard.

"Wait, you said wizard. Wizards don't exist in real life, those are just stories." Ichigo said questioningly.

"I'm afraid that they do indeed exist and sadly we owe them." Shinji said, speaking for the first time.

"You owe them; I don't; what does any of this have to do with me?" Ichigo said already expecting the answer.

"We kinda need your help, Kurosaki" Shinji said.

"And how long would we be gone?" Ichigo said.

"The school year is about nine months and the boy we were asked to protect is to go to this school" Kisuke said.

"And what does this school teach?" Ichigo said warily.

"It is called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, so I would guess that is what they teach" said Shinji.

"But, Shinji, I'm not a wizard. How am I going to supposedly go to this school?" Ichigo said, resigned to his fate.

"Ah that's where it gets interesting. Their 'magic' is just the manipulation of a very small amount of spiritual pressure that they have." Said Kisuke in a matter of fact tone. "It should be fairly easy to do for people like us with immense amounts of spiritual pressure, as long as we can control it.

"Good thing I've been practicing then isn't it?" said Ichigo smugly. If they expected him to be just as bad at controlling his reitsu as before, they were mistaken. He had even learned kido, tired of being picked on about his horrible skills at reitsu control.

Kisuke and Shinji wore shocked faces for a moment before they tested him and realized that he had barely any spiritual pressure; at least that they could sense.

"Oh good, I thought that I was gonna have to make a limiter for you, but I guess not. Good thing too, we are leaving first thing in the morning. Meet me here in about three hours with you stuff packed for the trip, oh, and don't worry about Isshin. He already knows.

"All right" Ichigo said as he started to get up to leave.

"Oh, and Kurosaki they can see us in Shinigami form, so we will be leaving your body here in the care of Tessai. It makes it easier to travel when no one can see you." Said Shinji.

"Fine with me. As long as it doesn't have lasting effects on me when I get back, like, oh say no body left." Said Ichigo.

"Oh don't worry Kurosaki-kun, your body will be fine in the care of Tessai, and so will Karakura town." Said Kisuke as he realized that Ichigo was worried about his friends and family.

"They better be, or your dead, Geta'Boshi" said Ichigo as he left to get his stuff packed.

Three hours later Ichigo had his stuff packed and was sitting at Kisuke's in his Shinigami form, having discarded his real body. He was ready to go.