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"Hollow speaking"

"Zangetsu or thoughts"


Chapter 3:

"And just where is here, exactly?" said Ichigo looking at the dingy street that they had landed on.

"This is the home for the Order of the Phoenix, Mr. Kurosaki. But before I can let you in I have to make sure that you're not death eaters" stated Dumbledore.

"Death eaters?" questioned Shinji a little worriedly.

"Yes, that is what Voldemort's followers call themselves. No need to worry about the name, they are just normal humans." Dumbledore reassured.

This time it was Urahara that spoke "You mentioned making sure that we are not these death eaters, just how do you plan to do that?"

"Here in the world of magic, we have a way where we can go into the minds of others to reassure ourselves that they are not imposters; it is called legilimency." Said Dumbledore.

"Is that a good idea? Shinji and I have hollows in our mind and you have Benihime. Someone who goes into our minds might not come out alive." Ichigo said to Urahara, concern in his voice.

"I'm sure that whoever does it will be fine, as long as we are in our minds as well; to stop any attacks" Urahara answered.

Ichigo sighed in agreement as Shinji spoke up. "Yeah, you can go into our minds, but I'm warning you now, you might not like what you find.

"Oh, it is not me that will be delving into your minds, but thank you for the warning." Dumbledore answered easily.

"Who will it be then Dumbledore-san?" Urahara said, "That man behind you maybe?"

With this a man with a long black cloak on came from behind Dumbledore, looking surprisingly like a bat. "Hey King, kinda reminds me of Zangetsu-ossan, what do you think?"

"Yeah, you're kinda right" Ichigo thought as a small smile broke across his face. He could feel his Zanpakutou's disapproval at this statement and the smile got even wider.

"Is something funny Ichigo?" Shinji asked.

"Yeah, but I'll explain later, they seem to want our attention." He said in response. And indeed, Dumbledore and the man in black were looking at them, waiting for their attention.

Dumbledore started "Now that we have everyone's attention, this will be the man that will check your identities. His name is Severus Snape and he is one of my most trusted members. He is also the potions master at Hogwarts and the resident ligilimens expert.'

At this Snape said "Please get in line, I will go into your minds one at a time" He then went to Urahara and looked into his eyes.

When Snape opened his eyes, he was a bit disoriented at first. The normal stream of memories was not there. Instead he was in what looked to be a lab of some sort, with vials and strange machines all over the place.

"Well, well what do we have here?" a female voice behind him said. Snape spun around and came face to face to a sword. It was held by a woman dressed in a red kimono.

"Calm down Benihime, he has permission to be here. Do you really think that if he had ill intent that he would be here instead of dead on the ground outside?"

At this the woman withdrew the sword and looked at Urahara sadly. "Awww… you never use me anymore. Ever since you learned Bankai you've only used it three times."

"That's a good thing, if I never use Bankai then that means that we're too strong to need it, Right?" Urahara said to the woman, Benihime. The woman turned around and left the room huffing.

"So, Snape-san, is this good enough for you? I would offer you a drink, but I think that everything in here would most likely poison you. Sorry" Urahara said, not sounding apologetic at all.

"Yeah, this is fine. I'll be leaving now" said Snape quickly as he turned and vanished from Kisuke's mind. "Well, I guess we scared him, huh?" said Kisuke with a small grin.

As soon as Snape was out of Urahara's mind he said "not a death eater." He might possibly be insane but he's not a death eater. Snape thought as he turned to Shinji who was smirking. Snape gulped as he entered Shinji's mind.

Just like Urahara's mind, there was not a stream of memories. What was different though was that when Snape opened his eyes, he was in an ancient city in what looked to be Egyptian style. There was no one in sight so Snape started walking towards a giant temple he saw in the distance. When he arrived he saw Shinji standing in front of the temple. The temple itself was covered in deep gouges and claws marks and a red stain that looked frighteningly like dried blood. The door of the temple had a mask on it that looked like half of an Egyptian pharaoh, except that the mask was made of bone. The temple exuded fear and the feeling of death.

"Ah… I see that you found me, I figured you would eventually" said Shinji, then, noticing Snape still looking at the temple added "was a hell of a fight to get him in here but I've got him sealed up nice and tight, he won't be harming anyone in the near future."

Snape didn't look happy at the last comment and decided that it was time to leave this mind before whatever was in that temple escaped and attacked him. "I'll be going then" he said as he exited Shinji's mind.

"Not a death eater", but a monster or at least the master of a monster.

Snape went to the last Japanese man there and looked Ichigo in the eyes, noticing a small smile on Ichigo's face.

He was already expecting the same type of mind as the other two, so when he opened his eyes he wasn't disoriented, until he looked at where he was standing and realized that it was on the side of a building. As soon as he had a chance to realize this, he felt a blade at the side of his neck for the second time this evening and he stilled, feeling something evil behind him.

"What are you doing in King's mind? You're not welcome here." A distorted voice behind him said.

"Didn't I tell you not to threaten him Shiro?" said another voice behind him, and he felt the blade move from his neck. As soon as the blade was gone he spun around, not wanting any enemy behind him that he could not see. He was met with a terrifying sight.

When he turned around he saw what seemed to be a white doppelganger of the Japanese man, Ichigo, but that was not what terrified him. What terrified him was the size of the blade sitting on the white Ichigo's shoulder. It was huge and looked to be a giant butcher's knife and the man was holding it easily in one hand. The man also had the same feeling as the temple in Shinji's mind.

The white doppelganger spoke up "Are you sure king? I don't trust him one bit. Coming into people's mind is rude."

"Yeah Shiro, he's fine. If he causes trouble then you can stab him." Ichigo said from beside his white doppelganger. Snape paled a bit at the casual discussion of his bloody demise. "I will just be leaving now" he said as he vanished from Ichigo's mind.

Once he was, once again, in the real world he said "not a death eater" and went back to Dumbledore's side. "None of them are death eaters but, are you sure that you can trust them?" he questioned Dumbledore.

"Why wouldn't I trust them?" Dumbledore replied.

"One of them might be insane and the other two are the masters of monsters, Dumbledore, what other reason is there?"

At this Ichigo started laughing, a large smirk breaking out across his face.

"What's so funny Ichigo?" questioned Urahara.

"Ahhh… sorry, Shiro just reacted badly to the masters of monsters comment. The things he's in there saying right now are freaking hilarious. Ah...hahaha." Ichigo said, holding his sides.

Snape paled at the mention of Shiro, while Urahara just smiled from behind his fan.

"So, Dumbledore-san, now that we've passed your mind test, will you bring us to this Order of the Phoenix; I'm starting to get hungry and the sun is coming up" Urahara said.

"Ah… yes, here read this piece of paper and then think about what you read.

He pulled out a small piece of paper that said:

The Order of the Phoenix

is held at

Number twelve Grimmauld Place

The three Japanese men read the paper and looked up at the row of dingy buildings in front of them. A building appeared in between number eleven and thirteen and they walked up to the door. As Dumbledore opened the door, he gestured inside.

"Welcome to the home of the Order of the Phoenix."