Chapter 6:

When the two Japanese woke up in the morning, Shinji and Urahara still weren't there, so they went about their business without them. Toshiro had brought an invention from the twelfth division that allowed a person to cook using a small amount of spiritual pressure pushed into the battery. It reminded Ichigo of a propane camping stove, except reitsu instead of propane. It seemed Matsumoto had suggested it, knowing that English food might not settle with Toshiro well. They had gotten up earlier than everyone else, so they made rice with the little stove. Once they were done eating they decided to clean up their room a little bit. Neither one of the boys really liked messes, surprisingly. They used what magic they had already studied to aid them and in the end; the room ended up being the cleanest room in the house. They had only taken about an hour to clean, and no one was up yet so they sat down to meditate.

Ichigo felt himself drop into his inner world and opened his eyes as a white blade flew at him. He immediately pulled Zangetsu from his back and stopped the blade.

"Nice reactions King. Damn; I was hoping to finally get you. Nothin' to be done about it now right" At this Shiro put the white Zangetsu on his back as Ichigo did the same.

"Still haven't changed a bit, have you. You said you wanted a sparring match, so here I am." Shiro smiled at this and flew at him once again. As Shiro flew at him he pulled out his own Zangetsu and stopped the blade. Shiro and Ichigo jumped back at the same time. They landed and two shouts of "Bankai!" later they flew at each other with twice the speed. Shiro spilled first blood as he got Ichigo across the arm, but shortly afterward Ichigo got him across the back. The battle went back and forth for about twenty minutes before Ichigo stabbed Shiro in the stomach and won the match. Shortly after, they both used instant regeneration and fell out of Bankai mode, good as new.

"Hey Shiro, you know where Ossan is, I need to talk to him"

"Somewhere that direction" Shiro said as he pointed to the right. Ichigo went to the right and soon found Zangetsu standing on his flagpole.

"Hey Ossan"

"Hello, Ichigo what do you need?"

"You know all about the mission Kisuke dragged me on, right?" When Zangetsu nodded, Ichigo started talking again "Well, we're going in our spirit form and I refuse to leave you in the dorm and not on me. I was wondering if there was a way to make you smaller without sealing you."

Zangetsu was quiet for a minute then, "There might be a way but I don't know if it'll work."

"Whatever it is, we might as well try"

"Alright, I was thinking that if you could put just me in Bankai form, then you could carry me under your cloak easily; you're tall enough that I wouldn't scrape the ground."

"How do I do that?"

"Just imagine that you are in your normal clothes while I am in Bankai mode, then release your Bankai with the image firmly in your mind and it should work."

"Alright, I'll give it a try" He did as Zangetsu had said and imagined himself in a regular shihakusho while Zangetsu transformed into a smaller size, deceivingly fragile, but still deadly. While he held this image in his mind he released his Bankai reitsu. When he opened his eyes, Tensa Zangetsu was looking at him with approval. Ichigo looked down and discovered that it had worked; he was still in his normal shihakusho.

"Great job Ichigo, I honestly didn't think that would work, at least on the first try" said Tensa Zangetsu in his younger teenage voice.

"Told you we should give it a try" said Ichigo smugly, as they walked back to where Ichigo had fought Shiro.

"Hey, King. Hey, Tensa. Wait! Tensa? But Ichigo is still in his normal Shinigami uniform. What the Hell?!"

"We needed a way to hide Zangetsu from prying eyes so we did a little experiment and succeeded. Now, I can hide Tensa easily under my wizards' cloak."

"Damn, King; I'm impressed, that must have took a lot of concentration."

"Yeah, it was hard; but now I barely have to concentrate at all to keep Zangetsu in this form"

"Good thing, it would be bad if you were attacked and didn't have me with you."

"Yeah, now that we got that settled, I should probably go back before Toshiro starts to worry"

"Good luck Ichigo" two voices said as Ichigo left his inner world.

When he opened his eyes, Toshiro was indeed looking at him with a concerned expression. Ichigo wondered why until he felt something warm run down his arm. He looked down and saw that the wounds from the fight had healed but the blood was still there. Toshiro thought he was bleeding.

"Oh, no I'm fine; it's already healed" he said correctly, interpreting his expression correctly.

"Oh good, I was worried. About a half an hour ago, a bunch of cuts started opening up and you started bleeding."

"Yeah, I was just sparring with Shiro; I was also figuring out how to safely hide Zangetsu without sealing him, so that I could carry him around with me."

"It looks like you had to seal him anyway though"


"Then how is he so small? Wait- that looks a lot like your Bankai sword Ichigo"

"That's because it is. But before you yell at me, I know; no Bankai, except when absolutely needed. The thing is, I am not in Bankai, only Tensa Zangetsu is."

"That's not possible" Toshiro said, shocked. Ichigo just sat there smugly smirking at him. "I give up trying to understand you Kurosaki" This was said with a resigned sigh.

"You should have given up trying to understand me a long time ago"

"Don't I know it?"

After this Ichigo cleaned himself up and got a set of clean clothes on. Everyone had woken up by now, so they went downstairs. After they reassured Mrs. Weasley that they had already eaten, they asked what she was doing that day. She was doing some cleaning, so they offered to help. After a while, they went to a room and put on masks over their faces. When Ichigo asked why, Mrs. Weasley explained what they were doing with the doxies. They each picked up a small black spray bottle and started spraying the curtains. Ichigo was the closest and so the doxies came for him first. A few tried to bite him, but were unsuccessful in piercing his hierro; once they failed to bite him they would go for the others but were neutralized quickly.

Afterwards they had sandwiches and then Ichigo and Toshiro went into their room to study. This time though, Ichigo called forth his Zanpakutou spirits to help him; after all, three heads are better than one. They spent most of the rest of their time at Grimmauld Place doing the same: cleaning and studying, until the day before they had to get on the Hogwarts Express came. Shinji had shown up about three days ago, in order to play his role as a student. He told them that they had all been put in Gryffindor to better guard Harry; he also said that they had a training room for the four of them to train in, so they didn't have to worry about a lack of actual exercise.

The day before the Hogwarts Express was a busy day. Everyone but the Shinigami was rushing about getting their stuff packed. Everyone went to bed early, and then came their first day at Hogwarts.

Sorry I didn't get to Hogwarts, but I promise that in the next chapter I will. I felt like I had to explain how Ichigo was going to hide his sword, so sorry again I hope to get the next chapter up shortly.