"...What?" My voice came out shocked and hesitant.

"Well, as I said, even though I decided to give you a second life, it is your choice in the end and a deal such as this one does not come without some conditions." Fate told me again, this time also holding up a contract that seemed pretty short. It was something I did not expect with reincarnation, but now that I think about the whole thing it was pretty logical. I mean it would be odd to not have any kind rules in this kind if thing, I could not be the first soul to do this after all. The probability that at least one soul made some kind of misstake is very big, it is a good countermeasure for making stupid misstakes.

"So what happens if you brake some condition on the contract" I said as I took the paper in my hands.

"You are doomed to forever be trapped as a secretary for Chaos, he needs someone to deal with paper work." A shudder seemed to pass through her as she recalled something.

"I wouldn't brake the contract if I were you" She said to me putting a hand on my shoulder to show how serious she was.

Conditions of rebirth

1. You must always hug Fate when she asks/ demands/ looks like she needs one.

2. Chaos is allowed to give you missions that you can not turn down, also missions that you can chose from/if you want.

3. You can never reveal the identity of any god or deity without their consent. Nor can you reveal the information of the possible future.

4. Said gods/deity's are allowed to cause harm to you if you don't fulfill at least one favor specified by them selfs, said favor can not be anything driven by the seven deadly sins.

5. You can never find love

6. You will have to live at least as long as it takes for you to pay a favor to each god/deity or as long it takes for you to be killed.

is the only one that can remove a condition to the contract

Sign to bed reborn: Julie Andrews

Sign to agree to reincarnate chosen soul: FATE

Word of advice:

- Don't trust the ones with white hair.