Hey there y'all! First Star Trek fic! Basically this is a series of one-shots about how each character deals with Jim's death. Each chapter starts a week after he dies and ends after they talk to him for the first time. The chapters will be McCoy, Spock, Sulu, Checkov, Scotty, Carol, and finally Uhura. Then, depending on the stats, it will either go into the year gap between him waking up and the speech at the end of Into Darkness, or if the time is right, I will end it. Okay? Alrighty then! Reviews are always welcome and please follow or fave if you can.

And off we go:

James T. Kirk was a lot of things.

A captain.

A friend.

A son.

A brother.


That last one McCoy was having a hard time dealing with.

And he was doing everything in his power to fix it.

The transfusion itself was a tricky process. One that he wasn't sure he was going to be able to do. Sure he told Uhura and Spock that he could do it, but he was guessing every step of them way. He had never brought someone back from the dead before.

'Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor not a miracle worker.'

A smile faded on his lips. It had been a week. A whole week and his best friend was still lying still on the bed. Jim was always an antsy patient, always moving and fiddling with something. But seeing him so still, well, it was just a reminder of how close they came to losing him.

Hell, they had lost him.

It wasn't a close call, it was the call, the call that his best friend was dead, dead saving the entire ship. It was a very Jim thing to do, and McCoy had to admit, that if there was one way for his friend to go, it would be saving the x number of people still alive on the Enterprise.

The thing that really got to McCoy, the thing that bothered him the most, is that after Jim had died, McCoy realized that Jim hadn't got a checkup since the whole incident. With nothing better to do, McCoy thought about how many times he failed his friend in the past two weeks.

He hadn't checked up on him when Pike died. He let him alone to sulk and even when he had seen him hadn't gotten around to doing a proper medical examination.

After he got back from Kronos he hadn't looked him over. There wasn't the time. He knew that if he were talking to Spock he would say that his thinking was illogical, there was no opportunity for him to be checked out. But McCoy didn't care. He had freaked when Jim came back initially, seeing the boot print on his face and the slight off way that he walked. But there had been no time.

He also never got time to check on him after his fight with Khan. He had listened to Uhura recall what she saw on the bridge when Khan hailed the ship to trade.

The next time he saw his friend was in a body bag.

That was the worst of it, not being with him through all of that, and then not being with him when he died. He understood that Spock was called. He really truly did. But that didn't mean that it didn't hurt like hell to think that he hadn't been there with his friend through any of that.

Jim denied his help after the issue with Harrison-Khan-whoever he was but he should have pushed harder, tried harder. Instead he is left to deal with his failure as he sits next to the bed side of his halfway dead best friend.

"Doctor, how is the captain doing?" Spock interrupted his thoughts. No matter how much he teases the Hobgoblin, he had to admit that he was being a great friend to Jim. He was not sure if that was because he had seen him die or what, but every day he had been to see Jim.

"His vitals are the same as they were yesterday. Which I guess is a good thing, considering." McCoy said pretending to need to look at Jim's stats to answer Spock. In truth he had those all memorized.

"That is good. Is there anything that I can do to assist you?" He asked.

"Not that I can think of but thank you for the offer, Spock."

"Can I offer you some respite? Perhaps you would like to go get yourself some rest and I shall stay here with the captain?"

"No. I'm good."

End cycle. That conversation has been replayed for seven days now. Each day Spock asking McCoy if he needs rest, and each day him saying no. It was an unspoken agreement between the two men that even though they knew what the other would say, they needed some normalcy in their lives.

McCoy broke the awkward silence. "How are you and Uhura doing?"

"Lieutenant Uhura and I are doing quite well. Might I ask how your daughter is doing?"

McCoy tried to hide his surprise. He never told Spock about his family but he should have assumed he knew. "She is doing fine. Misses her Uncle Jim." McCoy said.

"We all miss him as well."

Spock stayed for a little while after that, but not much longer. Leaving McCoy to his thoughts once again.

It had been a long night for McCoy and the medical staff at Starfleet. Jim had had a reaction to one of the drugs they were using. It would have been no big deal, if he hadn't of been dead a week and a half ago. He was still week, and the reaction about pushed him over the edge. McCoy ensured it didn't, however and soon Jim was back to what he was now, unconscious.

McCoy blamed himself for the incident of course. Even though he had no way of knowing. It wasn't in Jim's medical file. But still, he blamed himself.

They had no way of knowing if this was going to be a setback for his recovery or not. But McCoy being the pessimist that he is, had to assume it would. There was no telling when or if Jim would ever wake up.

But he was willing to wait as long as it took.

And he was not the only one willing to wait.

He got visits from not only Spock, but also other members of the Enterprise as well.

Sulu came by twice. Once y himself and another time with his family. He wanted them to meet the man who saved his life.

Checkov stayed by his side until McCoy kicked him out. The kid needed rest and honestly he was freaking McCoy out. He consistently asked questions about Jim's condition, driving McCoy nuts. He still contacted Bones once a day in order to make sure that his captain was okay.

Scotty had been by once. He was feeling guilty of couse. He walked in to see Jim and started tearing up. He told McCoy to contact him if anything changed with Jim's condition and he left.

Carol had stopped by a couple times but she was also dealing with the loss of her father. And the fact that he was a psychopath. At first she thought that we wouldn't let her see Jim, because of her dad, but McCoy assured her that she was always welcome, the sins of her father do not condemn her.

Uhura had yet to visit. She had messaged McCoy to update her on his condition.

McCoy figured that she would come around eventually, but for now, he was alone.

It had been two weeks. Two. Damn. Weeks.

McCoy needed something. He had been getting, at best, four hours a sleep at night and he needed some encouragement. Some hope that soon Jim would wake up. Something.

Spock had come for their normal routine. But instead of the normal dialogue, they were interrupted by the sound of heavy breathing from the bed. McCoy rushed over to the screen to look at Jim's vitals and when he turned back, a pair of bright blue eyes were staring back at him.

He was overjoyed. He wanted to give him a big hug and hold onto him and never let go. Scared that if he did, he would disappear. Instead, he took a page from Spock's book and decided that that was not the most 'logical' thing to do. So instead he put on a pokerfaced and said

"Oh don't be so melodramatic. You were barely dead. It was the transfusion that really took its toll. You were out cold for two weeks."

The fact that McCoy was saying this to his best friend made him one of the happiest people alive in this moment. But the fact that he was playing it off so nonchalantly also hurt him a little.

"Transfusion?" Kirk asked still visibly exhausted.

"Your cells were heavily radiated. We had no choice."


'Yeah and thank God for that psycho's blood.'

"Once we caught him I synthesized a serum from his…" he looked for the right words," super-blood." Now for the important questions.

"Tell me are you feeling homicidal? Power-mad? Despotic?"

"No more than usual. How'd you catch him?"

"I didn't."

'But I wish I had.'

Jim looked at Spock and smiled.

Damn. McCoy missed that smile.

"You saved my life."

McCoy feigned hurt. "Uhura and I had something to do with it too you know."

Jim raised an eyebrow at him.

Spock spoke up. "You saved my life captain and the lives of the Enterprise-"

He was interrupted.

He never thought he would be as glad as he was to be interrupted.

"Spock. Just… thank you."

"You are welcome, Jim."