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"Blue hair? Have I been out so long from the burrows that fashion in fur has changed here?" said the police officer

After a brief visit to the fair, our officers decided to go to Gideon's store to pick up the pie. However, before entering, they saw something that caught the attention of the officers in the form of three little jaguars

"Huh, and I thought I had imagined it" said the fox.

"Have you seen someone like that before?"

"No. It's the same person I saw before. It looks like a small jaguar that is in its rebellious stage". Then, pointing to the girl of the group, he added "the funny thing is that the girl next to him also copied the idea. That or is albino. It will be a new fashion around here? If I'm not mistaken, you have sisters who also painted their fur"

"Yes, but those were locks of hair, not the entire fur. I don't want to imagine what would happen to my parents if they saw any of my siblings or me like that". His parents may have accepted certain things from his children, but such a radical change would cause them a heart attack or worse.

"Well, since apparently, they realized our presence, what if we are going to greet them and pass by our cake?" The fox said inviting her to come by.

"Always thinking about food. Okay, let's say hello to them"

"There they are. Judy, Nick, how are you?"

"Hi, Gideon. We are fine, thanks for asking" answer Judy. "How about the business?"

"I can't complain. Always busy making pies, but very happy since I have more and more customers every day. What's more, I was thinking about opening another store in Zootopia".

"Really? Wow, congratulations" Nick said with an honest smile. As long as there are more foxes that thrive honestly, their bad reputation would start to change.

"I'm very happy for you Gideon" Judy said, jumping joyful for her friend. She still cannot believe that when they were children he was a bully who attacked everyone from school and now he has managed to become the best baker in town.

"What if, to celebrate, I'll bring your pie and invite you some drinks? You two must be thirsty" said Gideon

"I can't think of anything else I wanted to do right now" said Nick, who was already starting to feel hungry

"I assumed you would say that" said his partner. If she learned anything from the fox it was that blueberries will always be first, unless it's something related to work.

"Oh, that's right. I need you to pay me what you owe me for the pie. I have other clients and I need change" he said while pointing to the felines at the other table who greeted them when they saw them.

"Don't worry, Gideon. We have enough change, right Nick?" Judy said

"Yeah, we... Wait, why do you ask?" Nick asked

"Because you're going to pay it"

"What? Why?"

"Because I already paid my part" answer Judy. "This is not a gift to you or anything. It's not your birthday or something"

"Stingy bunny. Ok Gideon, here is what I owe you" said Nick giving him some bills.

"Thanks, Nick. Now wait a moment here and I'll bring you your pie" said the baker who went to his kitchen to retrieve the pie

'Ohhh. I can already taste it' Nick thought. Both of them hadn't eaten anything before the race and it was almost dinner time. "I don't know about you Carrots, but I'm starving. By the way, what do you think your mom will have cooked for dinner?"

"Carrots?" Nick called his distracted friend.

Apparently, Judy was watching the children fixedly while some thoughts started to form in her mind

'Why did he choose blue among all the colors to dry his fur?'

'Is she albino or she also died her fur?'

'That panther next to them looks a lot like Redfox. Will they be brothers?'

There was something about them that intrigued her. Her police senses were trying to tell her something. So concentrated was with her thoughts she failed to realize that she was moving slowly towards the felines, something that both they and her partner did notice. Until the inevitable happened

"Hello, who are you?" asked Happy

"Makarov, everything I have been able to translate is in these notes. I hope you can find your brats."

"Thanks, Porlyusca. I don't know how to pay you for this" said the guild master

"Try visiting me less" said the healer with a smile on her face as she went to her home in the woods

The master knew that this information was crucial if he wanted to recover the lost Exceed trapped in Edolas, but these data were going to be difficult to interpret.

"Levy, I need you to analyze what is written here" said the mage. Then he announced to the group "If someone wants to help her with that, do it. The faster we figure this out the better. Lucy, did you manage to communicate with a spirit that knows about dimensional travel?" he said addressing a blonde girl

"We are working in that, master" answered a young man dressed in a suit and with orange hair and glasses. This was Loke, another member of Fairy Tail and leader of the 12 Golden Zodiac Keys. Beside him was the aforementioned Lucy and another spirit reminiscent of a cross called Crux

"I called Crux since he is the spirit that has the most knowledge about the Celestial Spirit World. Also, Loke found out about our problem and offered to help us" said Lucy

"Thanks for your help, Loke. It really means a lot" said Makarov

"It's nothing, Master. It's something I would do for any member of Fairy Tail" the spirit said seriously. Then, giving a complete 180° turn he put his hand to his heart and said "as long as it's to help beloved my Lucy, there's nothing I would not do"

"Could you just shut up and keep helping us?!" screamed the Celestial Spirit mage while hitting Loke

'This youth' Makarov thought. 'I won't let their happiness fade away'. "Well, what do you have for me?"

"Apparently, there are no records of interdimensional travel to Edolas except the time you were transported by Anima. It's pretty surprising we didn't sense the fluctuations caused by dimensional travel. However, we found books that mention how it was that we, the Celestial Spirits, were able to make contact with you originally" Loke said.

"Maybe with that we can come up with a plan. Continue with your investigation" said the Master. "Lisanna, how's the patrol going?"

"All normal, Master. It's up to Gray to do the other turn. Have you seen it?" asked Lisanna, who morphed from a bird to her usual appearance

"I'll go find him" said Juvia, quickly leaving the tent that she was. The others, already accustomed to this behavior, didn't take much importance and continued with their work.

"I think I'll help Levy with whatever he needs" said the Take-Over mage

"I'll watch our companion" concluded Makarov. He was going to try to get more information from that bastard who decided to separate his family. Although he probably won't say anything like last time

"Gray, where are you?" asked the water mage. He felt the presence of his beloved close. It was like a sixth sense inherent in her, so she knew she was the only one who could find it anywhere. Also, he could not allow another girl to even be near him. If that happens...

"Lucy, I knew you would come to me" said Gray looking seductively at the blonde

"Oh Gray, now we have this forest for ourselves. Nobody will hear what we do here" answer the blonde while hugging him

"No, I must take those thoughts out of my mind and look for- Gray!" she screamed when she saw the aforementioned magician lying unconscious in the forest.

'Who could have attacked him? Will there be more people who accompanied the Edolas teacher? Will the group be in danger?' Juvia asked herself.

'No, now my priority is to see that he is well and to wake him up'. In that moment, she started to blushed when she realized something

'Maybe all he needs is the kiss of true love to wake him up'.

It worked on the novels and her love was true and honest, so it was a possibility. She started to slowly approach his lips when the Ice-Make mage started waking up

'Nooo, why do you start waking up right now? You could at least wait a minute' she thought with tears in her eyes. 'Wait, this isn't the time for that'. "Gray, are you okay?" asked Juvia

"Ugh. I'm fine. What am I doing here in the woods? asked Gray still disoriented

"I found you unconscious and lying on the ground. As if someone had attacked you. Who was? Are we in danger?"

At that moment, he began to remember what happened. "It was Natsu. He was becoming more irritable than usual. He still can't overcome what happened to Happy and blames himself for everything"

"He must be really sad for that"

"But it's not an excuse for acting like that. If we want the idiot to change his attitude and start helping us with all this, we need him to calm down. And I know the right person for this job" said Gray standing up and going with Juvia to the camp.

Nobody there understood what was happening. They all believed that with a simple "we will solve it" everything will return to normal. They don't understand that he was his responsibility. His best friend. They were always for each other. And because of his carelessness he was caught in the blast and transported to Edolas

That damn place had already made Lisanna disappear before and now she did with Happy. He didn't know if this situation would take as long as with her. What if Happy is upset with him for not helping him?

"Natsu, how could you? We were the dynamic duo. We were always watching our backs. You managed to beat Future Evil Rogue but you couldn't beat a simple scientist that has no magic whatsoever? You just stayed watching how I was going to another dimension. How could you? I trusted you"

What would she think of him?

He wanted to solve the problem, but he didn't want to see her either. He broke the promise to take care of them like a family. He left her abandoned in an unknown place and didn't even realize that it was the Lisanna he had known all along when they visited the Edolas Fairy Tail. The fact that she was residing in Edolas is still not forgiven. So concentrated was while lamenting that he didn't feel or smell a presence until he was too close to try to flee.

"Natsu. We have to talk" said Lisanna Strauss

Hello, who are you? Asked Happy

So surprised was she to realize that she had been discovered in her 'subtle' attempt to analyze the children that she couldn't manage to say anything except "Eep". For his fortune, his friend noticed this and went to her rescue.

"Hello, we are the officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde", pointing respectively. "And you children, what are your names?"

"I'm Happy" said the blue feline with his trademark smile

Before any of them could ask, the white jaguar said "that's his name, by the way. I said it before any of you asked if he said it because he was happy or something like that"

'I wasn't thinking about that' both officers thought. They clearly lied to themselves

"On the other hand, I am Carla and he is-". At that moment, she realized something important. She couldn't say Lily's name because his 'brother' has already his name. People will start asking how both felines had the same name.

'I had to think fast to resolve this' thought Carla.

Luckily, Lily had also thought about that since he realized that he was famous for winning that race. So, with all normality said

"My name is Mystogan"

"Oh. What a peculiar name" Judy said at last. She was very sure that the boys' parents have a huge imagination for those names. "Well, what are you doing here?"

"We came to see the Harvest Festival. They say it's very popular. Besides that, both his brother and I came to participate in two events" said Happy

His brother? "Wait" Nick asked to the little jaguar, "by any chance, your last name isn't Redfox, is it? asked the fox

"Actually yes. My full name is Mystogan Redfox and my older brother is called Pantherlily. People say we look similar" answered the now mentioned Mystogan

'That's an understatement' thought both officers. They looked exactly the same. They even have the same scar in the same place for God's sake!

"He needed to do something urgently and had to leave, but he will return for tomorrow" said 'Mystogan'. Why the curiosity?"

"It was only a question" answered Nick. "And did you like the festival, children?

"It has been a pleasant experience. It seems that this place is very lively at this time of year" said Carla

"If you think this is lively, you ain't seen nothing yet" said Gideon, who arrived with the blueberry pie. "Wait until Easter. That's when the magic happens here in Bunnyburrows. I see they are getting along"

"Do you know them, Gideon?" asked the bunny

"Just half an hour ago, they came for the kiwi pie I was promoting"

"Someone was dying for something that was kiwi related" said Happy poiting not very subtly towards Lily, which he completely ignored while finishing his pie

"And where are you children from? I don't remember seeing any of you here before" asked Officer Hopps

"We are from Zootopia" said Carla normally. They managed to hear that name shortly before coming here and after investigating a little, they discovered that it is an adjoining city.

"Really? We work there" the bunny continued.

This caused the three Exceeds to worry. They had no idea how big Zootopia was or whether it was divided into larger towns or anything but its name. After all, they only obtained information by listening to the people and asking them about the city where they supposedly came from would raise suspicions.

Appearing calm and using the information given to them by the fox named Gideon, she said "of course. You are the ones that solved the problem of the Nighthowlers"

"Well, we just did our job like any other officer would do it" said the bunny proudly. It seemed that his flattery had worked and they forgot the subject.

"And what part of Zootopia are you?"

'God damnit!' they thought. They had to think something quick to get rid of this. If not, they will start asking more and more things. Something that was ingenious and that, as 'kids' that they supposedly are, won't raise suspicions

"Guess" said Happy smiling in the most innocent way possible.

Well, it was good while it lasted

'This is not going to work. This is not going to work' thought Carla. And for a moment, it seemed like it was not going to work. Until...

"Ok, I'm on" said the fox

'Really?' thought both Carla and Lily with surprised expressions.

"But to make it more interesting. Carrots, I challenge you to a competition of which of us can guess where they live" said Nick with a smirk on his face. "After all, an officer with as much experience as you could guess something that easily, or not?"

"Do you want to keep losing to me? Very good. I accept the challenge" said Judy. "But", she said raising a finger, "with a condition. The loser will have to buy lunch from the other for a week"

"Only that. It sounds simple. Ok, I accept your terms" he said while shaking the hand of his friend. "All right, I have my answer, and you?"

"Let me think" said the bunny. She started walking inside the bakery trying to get his ideas flowing for a few minutes. After that she said "They are from Meadowlands"

"No. Sorry" said Happy while crossing his arms. "It's your turn, sir."

"Very good. They can't be from Tundratown since there are usually no jaguars there. Nor could they be from Sahara Square because it's too hot for you. My final answer would be Downtown Zootopia" he said smiling

"Ehmmm ... Aye, he's right. You win sir" said Happy, cheerful as always. This caused frustration in the bunny, which didn't want to comment more on the subject while her partner was telling her how much he will be saving the next week.

"Well, before it is done later we retire. See you later, officers" Lily said

It seemed like everything went off without a hitch. They needed to get out of there fast before the officers asked more things

"Don't you want us to accompany you? It's a little late and three children should not be away at this time" Judy said.

Lady luck, why are you treating these Exceed like that right now? Have they done something to you?

Trying to maintain serenity, Carla said "don't worry officer Hopps. We can go alone". However, this caused Judy's concern

"But you aren't even from here. You don't know the streets" Judy said. "As an officer of the ZPD, I can't let you go alone in the streets."

"Even I agree to that" added Nick. "Besides, it's not like we will checking on you the rest of the day"

"You really don't need to worry officer. We know the route to get to the hotel" said Lily in an attempt to dissuade her.

The situation was serious. If they could not convince the officers that they didn't need company, they would have to tell them the name of a hotel. And they didn't know any of them! They needed something to distract him and fast. Something simple but effective. Something like...

"Besides, the night is still young and you probably want to spend it with each other" said Happy



"Just a moment…"

"We do not…"

"We are colleagues and friends. That's all"

"What Nick said. This is not a date or anything like that"

"Yeah, Carrots is right. This is only two friends spending friendly time with each other. By the way, Gideon, is the pie ready"

"Oh yes, the pie" said Judy

It was the distraction they needed. While the officers tried to deny what Happy said, Carla and Lily took advantage of leaving the place without their noticing. All that was left was for Happy to join them

"Well, I won't bother you anymore with my assumptions. See you later, officers" Happy said, taking the opportunity to leave without them realizing it. If you asked Judy if she managed to listen something before the ran away, she will answer you that she think she heard Happy saying "Max Speed"

"That was clever Happy. You really knew how to handle the situation in the best way possible" said Carla

"Aye sir!" the blue cat responded cheerfully

"Hopefully nobody has seen us fly out of there" said Lily. "By the way, why did you make them play to guess where we supposedly were from? It could have gone very wrong"

"What better way to get information than a game? It seems innocent enough for a kid. Besides, some thieves did the same to Gray and Natsu once. It occurred to me that it would serve something similar." Happy said.

That mission was terrible. They almost fail that mission had it not been because they accidentally knocked out all the thieves while fighting with each other.

"Wow, Happy. I'm very impressed" said the white cat, which caused her blue friend to blush

"They already know me. Always skillful for every situation" he said with a smile

"Now we need to find a place to stay and an excuse in case we meet up with them again" said Lily. It still bugged him off that they didn't notice the departure of the three of them, although he assumed that the small size should have helped. Still. Better safe than sorry

"I already told you it was not my fault."

"Well, someone has it and it's not me"

"We are both at fault, Fluff. We didn't think that they would escape from us"

After trying to clarify the subject of the couples and picking the pie, the officers realized that the children had left Gideon's bakery without realizing it. Obviously, this caused a discussion between them. They were the most prominent officers of the department, for carrot's sake. How three little children escaped without realizing it?

"I know, I know. It is frustrating. We have solved so many cases and three children managed to make fun of us" Judy said. She didn't want to sound pretentious, but what she said was true

"And I expected to ask them more questions. I almost cornered them in their own words" Nick said

"What do you mean?" asked Judy

"Didn't you notice that we were trying us to give them info about Zootopia?"

"Trying to...? At what point did they try to- wait a minute" said the officer realizing what his friend was saying, "you mean that his game was a cover for obtaining information?

"That's what I suspect. They looked a little nervous when we asked them that. So, I followed the game to see if my suspicions were well founded"

"And you discovered something?" the bunny asked anxiously

"I realized two important things" he said while raising a finger "Or the children have no idea where they live and we need to improve our schools, or...


"Or they are not where they claim to be from. It's no joke when I say I know everyone. It is true that even I can be wrong in that aspect, but if they come from Downtown I would already know who they are. I grew up there and I know everyone who lives there and the last name 'Redfox' has never been mentioned there"

Judy had to admit it. Nick really knows almost everyone in Zootopia. If there was someone that he couldn't recognize who supposedly lived in his old neighborhood. It would probably most certainly be lying.

'So, where are they from? Who are they? What are you doing here?' These questions caused concern in the little bunny, which his friend didn't take too long in realizing.

"Don't stress Carrots. If what they say is true, tomorrow we will see them. For now, let's analyze all of this in the house with a big slice of blueberry pie"

"Yeah. I guess you're ri- Wait a minute" she said so loud that startled her friend. "If the game was fake and has no real answer, why did you make a bet out of it"

"Well... I thought that a bet was the only thing that will motivates you to play it"

"And how did I lose it? There was no real answer" she was starting to realize all of this now that she was calmer

"If I were them, I will choose the last answer to obtain more info. So..." At that moment, he started to go a little bit faster to the house

"So, it was rigged?!" Judy said

"I wouldn't call it rigged since-" that was the last Judy hear from Nick as he started to run to the house

"NICHOLAS PIBERIUS WILDE. WHEN I CATCH YOU" she said while sprinting towards him

"If you catch meeee" He knew she would catch him, but at least he could prolong his life more minutes

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