Sheet Shrouded Heart - A Pokémon Fanfiction

Chapter 1 - New Start, New Home

'Please… I just want to get away from it all… I don't want to be a part of this anymore…'

Within the depths of a densely packed forest a relative distance from civilization, the shrill sound of crying could be heard in its secluded areas. A single Mimikyu shuffled through the grass, her tears creating a faint trail behind her. Even if her tears of guilt made her want to stop and break down in peace, her objective still remained, the next bush to pass through now in her sight. It didn't matter to her where she ended up, just as long as it'd get her as far away from her morbid pit of a-

A hindrance suddenly came to the Mimikyu. Her shuffling was pulled to a sudden stop when she found the bush's tiny twigs and leaves caught onto the head of her disguise. She froze in shock with the suspicion that the cause of her halt was a stalker of some sort that caught her. After a few seconds of silence and panicked breathing, she sighed in relief when she found out the real case of what's stopped her, only for a new reason of panic to arise when the thought of twigs scratching her disguise entered her mind.

Hastily, she withdrew from the bush, dropping her disguise's head from its leafy binds in the process. One of her shadowy tendrils extended out from under her disguise to catch the limply drooping chunk of bed sheet. Even if the moonlight was barely visible through the forest's shade, the Mimikyu's Ghost typing allowed her to get used to seeing through the darkness, leaving her with no trouble to see that her previous panic was nothing more than another overreaction. She checked her makeshift wooden tail to make sure this was still the case.

She sighed with relief once more as she propped the disguise's head back up, her little noise making a bit of an echo in the distant darkness. The very fact that her bed sheet of a cover was modeled after a Pikachu from head to toe constantly gave her bad memories of her origin, but it was all she had. The thought of her disguise getting ripped away, leaving the varied shadowy illusions of her true figure to potentially hurt innocent bystanders, troubled her. On the bright side, while it was a hassle to maintain sometimes, it was the most comfortable blanket she could wish for. That, and it served as a trophy of her craftsmanship for all to see and marvel at.

Or at least, so she hoped. She still wasn't sure if the wild Pokémon residents of wherever she emerged would welcome her with open arms. The Mimikyu never went this far into the wilderness before, so how others saw her kind would be new to her.

She shook her little head. Now wasn't the time to think. That bridge would be crossed once she encountered it. For now, she actually had to get somewhere, starting with getting through this bush.

A bright beam of light pierced through the tree's layer of shade, signaling morning's cue. This light ends up hovered over the Mimikyu's sleeping form, causing her to stir. Her consciousness quickly came back all at once, and she rushed away towards a grassy patch where more shade resided.

The Mimikyu quickly checked her surroundings to see the forest around her; trees, bushes, and all. She then directed her attention towards the tree she was just sleeping against and sighed. Sleep's call took her in the middle of the night and left her vulnerable to the sting of sunlight. If it weren't for the shade shield of her disguise… then…

'No. Focus, Mimi, focus.'

She closed her eyes to prepare a deep breath, but instead, out came a yawn. The sound of rustling leaves followed her squeak of a noise. Noticing this very detail put Mimi on edge.

Her eyes scanned the surroundings. 'I'm… not being followed, am I?' She double checked, taking another slow spin in place. Nothing but green foliage. 'It's… probably the wind.'

Tension relieved, Mimi turned back to face the next bush to wander through. As she shuffled ahead, the rustling sound returned.

'... still the wind.'

She shuffled ahead. The sound got louder and closer.

'... maybe the wind is harsh this morning?'

She approached the bush. The rustling sound fell silent. In its place was the feeling of someone exhaling down her back in heavy breaths. Mimi remained still, trying her best to hide her quivering.

Her senses screamed at her to do otherwise. 'Run! Just… run!'

"Got you." A menacing voice unfamiliar to her ears makes her tense up. This was not someone she recognized, which made the situation all the more terrifying.

'Now that hit the spot!'

In the middle of a clearing surrounded by bushes of berries, a Pikachu stood up, satisfied with his snacking of the several Sitrus Berries nearby. Just his typical breakfast Berry hunt.

He took one last glance at the other bushes to see the Berries still present. Sure, they were right there and ripe for the picking and eating, but it's not like the Pikachu had anyone to pick the Berries with, so he dismissed them. He had a forest to get back to. Staying this far away from his home at this time of day was dangerous, after all.

The sudden sound of a rustling reached his twitching ears. He turned around to see its source; a bush ahead of him, empty of Berries. Rather than standing on guard, the Pikachu curiously approached the bush despite the growing volume of the rustling. His curiosity is rewarded when a figure slightly larger than him emerged from the bush and bumped into him.

He cried out as he stumbled onto the grass. It isn't that the impact hurt him (it was certainly softer than he expected), but the collision coupled with the figure's high-pitched cry surprised him nonetheless. The details he noticed regarding the emerged figure just got him even more intrigued about it. As he got up, he took notice of the disoriented figure in front of him; a Pikachu-like figure slowly regaining balance. An eyebrow was raised when he noticed all the unique details about it, but he quickly dismissed any suspicion for more intrigue.

"Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry!" The figure hastily replied as it tried to reorient itself, the shrill voice indicating that of a female's. Then, once she turned to face the Pikachu, she froze in place. "A… Pikachu?" She muttered audibly.

The Pikachu took this as an opportunity to introduce himself. He wore a friendly smile as he extended a paw forward. "You must be new around here! I'm Sitrus. If you couldn't tell, I'm named after Sitrus Berries. Not the most creative choice, but my name is my name. What's yours?"

He noticed the "Pikachu's" stance loosen, as if she felt less tense. He noticed this in her tone as well. "I'm… Mimi." She said simply.

What Mimi did next caught Sitrus by surprise. A dark shadowy appendage of some sort vaguely resembling a tiny hand extended from under her and hastily shook his. He noticed that it felt surprisingly soft in the time his paw was being shaken. As Mimi ceased the shaking and proceeded in withdrawing her appendage, Sitrus quickly stopped her by tightening his grip, but the Pikachu did so in a way that didn't imply hostility.

"Hey…" A faint frown came across his face. "What's the big rush?"

Mimi quickly pulled her appendage back, this time successfully tugging it out of Sitrus' paw and allowing it to disappear beneath her. The Mimikyu's tone grew hasty once more. "I… I'm sorry! I just… I-"

Unfortunately for Sitrus, before he could hear Mimi's response, another figure emerged from the bush. All the Pikachu could notice was a leafy arm before it struck him and sent him reeling. The impact followed by the stumble across the grass actually hurt this time, eliciting a sharper cry from him. Mimi's own cry followed his. As Sitrus got up, Mimi following suit, they noticed the source of the attack in the form of a large plant figure glowering in front of them, taking warm heavy breaths through sharpened jaws. The Pikachu immediately recognized their attacker, a predator his species are all too familiar with.

The Carnivine's grin grew wider as it assumed a threatening gaze. "Well, well, well, look what the Glameow dragged in. Chase one Pikachu and it ends up leading you to another. About time one of us located where you migrated! And just in time for breakfast, too!"

Although Sitrus knew exactly what this Carnivine's intentions were while Mimi stood quivering beside him(which he considered strange since she looked much taller and there more suitable for combat than him, or so he assumed), the sudden arrival of a Carnivine excited him.

"Oh boy, a Carnivine!" He got up on two feet and held his clenched paws up near his face. "Come on, predator! Put 'em u-"

His irrationally eager statement turned into a choke when a leafy arm grabbed him by the neck and pinned him towards the ground. Carnivine's face inched right up to his, pupils forming a sneer. "You're an idiot, you know that? It's almost adorable. Almost. And for that, I'm going to save you the trouble of feeling eaten alive by squeezing the air out of you first."

Carnivine's leafy grip tightened, forcing a wheeze from the pained Pikachu. All Sitrus could see as his vision grew blurry was the Carnivine's expression forming a smirk, and then…

Air came rushing back to his lungs all at once when the grip around his neck suddenly disappeared. His eyes widened at the revelation, both with relief and surprise. Once he got his breathing and vision back to normal, he sat up to see an obscure sight. Right in front of him was a bright dust cloud of some sort, its rapid stirring indicating a commotion of some sort going on inside. Even given his curious nature, after what his last impulsive approach did, Sitrus decided to sit back and observe the scene. What he managed to see within the dust cloud left him in awe; Mimi beating the living daylights out of the Carnivine with a flurry of blows. Just seeing the mysterious Pikachu from earlier now proceeding to outmaneuver and overpower their species' predator left him even more intrigued about Mimi than anything.

'She's scratching at him with her paws and even holding her tail as if it was a weapon and everything! I wish my paws were that sharp and my tail was that flexible!'

Sitrus contemplated whether or not he should pick more Berries to eat while witnessing this battle spectacle, but the dust cloud cleared completely before he could reach a decision. He was greeted with the sight of Mimi standing over a covered-in-cuts Carnivine, the latter then proceeded to curse before fleeing out through a bush. Mimi turned back to approach Sitrus, taking a sigh of what was presumably relief as she did so.

"Are you… alright?" She asked.

Sitrus quickly got back to his feet, an excited smile still on his face. "Now that was amazing! I've never even seen other Pikachu do stuff like that!"

Mimi cocked her head, her eyes still appearing unfazed to Sitrus despite the confused gesture. "Er… I'll take that as a yes, then. Who was that guy, anyway? He seemed to know you…"

"Oh, nobody important…" Sitrus gave a wave with his paw. "Just a predator hunting us Pikachu down."

His response caused Mimi to take a step back. "W-What?! Hunting you down?!"

"Well… yeah…" Sitrus' expression shifted to a slight frown as he raised an eyebrow, still confused by the neutral look on Mimi's "face" not reflecting her tone. "... but it's not like it's a big deal or anything. We migrated recently, so it's not like any other predators are able to find us at this current moment."

Despite the calm demeanor of Sitrus' answer, this just elicited another shrill gasp from Mimi. She sounded shocked, dumbfounded even. "But the Carnivine just now-"

Sitrus gave her another wave. "I… don't think you know what you're talking about. You don't look like you're from here, after all. Come on, I'll take you back to where the rest of us wild Pikachu live. You do look like you need a lot of patching up."

"I… do?"

"I mean, not to sound mean, but look at yourself." Sitrus held a paw out as a pointing gesture. "You're pale from head to tail, your ears are all floppy, you don't even have any arms, and… have you even moved your mouth or even blinked in the past few minutes?"

"Uh…" Mimi hesitated. "Er…"

"See!" Sitrus' eyes widened, his attention fixated on Mimi's "face". "Mouth still not moving! You need help, and I know someone who can maybe help! Follow me! We're going this way!"

Without giving Mimi time to protest, Sitrus already started bounding towards a bush and motioned for her to follow.

'What is it with this Pikachu?'

Mimi sighed to herself as the Pikachu ignored her protests. Sure, the fact that he was a Pikachu got Mimi intrigued, but his first impressions left her feeling reluctant. First off, he didn't even manage to piece together her warnings regarding the Carnivine she just Play Roughed, and secondly, he didn't even recognize-

'... wait… he didn't recognize my disguise? He can't just think I'm another PIkachu like him… can he?'

The very thought got some gears turning in the Mimikyu's head. She was proud of her craftsmanship, but she wouldn't admit it was that perfect. Though… the Carnivine seemed convinced she was a Pikachu of some sort, so could this actually be the case? Would the residents of this 'place' Sitrus mentioned the other Pikachu live mistake her for a PIkachu as well?

"Mimi, come on!"

The Mimikyu snapped out of her thoughts to see Sitrus waiting by the bush ahead, the Pikachu still motioning for her to follow. She had to consider her choices: either tag along with this Pikachu who couldn't even see through her disguise to a place where even more Pikachu might make the same mistake, or continue wandering. Her train of thought started to waver. Even if the thought of their species brought back bad memories, Mimi still had her own personal intrigue for Pikachu as a whole. The thought of coming along with Sitrus suddenly didn't seem so bad.

'Would they… really accept me as one of them?' The possibility made her wary, but at the same time, it got her giddy at the chance she was being offered. Perhaps this would finally be the escape opportunity she desperately wanted.

"Hey! Earth to Mimi!" Another snap out of Mimi's thoughts revealed Sitrus standing in front of her, reaching up to wave a paw right above her field of vision. "Did that mouth of yours stop moving for good or something?"

Mimi quietly sighed to herself at the reminder of how surprisingly ignorant this PIkachu was being. Since her Mimikyu status might as well have been nailed into her head, she would have to get used to actually acting in character with this disguise of hers. Starting by playing along with the Pikachu awaiting a response.

Once Mimi agreed to heading back to the Pikachu, which rejuvenated Sitrus' excited behaviour, she was led through a series of bushes (which she carefully tread through, making sure her disguise was kept up in the process), Sitrus babbling on about… well, Mimi was too disinterested to bother.

That is, until she noticed that she was still shuffling to the point where she started feeling slightly exhausted under her disguise. Mimi wasn't one to brag, but given her former status, even she would admit that her stamina was not something that would deplete so easily. So why is it that she and Sitrus still haven't stopped moving?

She looked up to peek over Sitrus' shoulder and saw that the Pikachu was still at it, going through bush after bush and leading her through clearing by clearing. Judging from how Sitrus didn't even hesitate or slow down all the while, he must've known exactly where he was going. This left Mimi with the conclusion that it'd still take some time before the two of them reached their destination.

Mimi sighed and let her ears give in to Sitrus' small talk. She didn't exactly resent him—merely a tad annoyed at his ignorance—but she did owe him even the slightest bit for the act of kindness that is bringing her back to someone who can "help" her. He had to be given some credit for the convenience of their encounter, even if her bumping into him led her to resorting to combat against her Grass type pursuer. Besides, she might as well socialize while she could.

Focusing her attention towards Sitrus, she managed to catch how he seemed to be rambling on about 'this trek being a breakfast routine' or something along those lines. Then, as he paused to part some bushes to allow her to walk through (which caught Mimi surprised at his sudden courteousness), Mimi took her opportunity to speak up.

"So… Sitrus, was it? Interesting story and all… but… uh… can I ask you something?"

Sitrus glanced back at her (or rather, over her) with a smile. "Oh, sure. Ask away."

Mimi hesitated as she grasped for a possible topic to entertain herself with. "You… mentioned someone who could help me with… uh… my 'problems', right?" She chose her words carefully. "Mind telling me what this Pikachu's like?"

'If this helper Pikachu he has in mind is going to "take care" of me then I might as well ask what to expect…'

"Actually, she's not a Pikachu," Sitrus stepped through the bush to lead Mimi through another forested hallway. "She's actually a Raichu… but she's different from the other Raichu there."


Mimi raised an eyebrow. She'd never really left her former home at all, so even with her interest in the Pikachu species she still wondered what made this Raichu in particular stand out. Surprisingly enough, it isn't like any battling she did back home ever led to a Pikachu or Raichu encounter, or at least, one that ended well.

Sitrus' voice snapped Mimi out of her thoughts. "Oh, and before you get the wrong idea, I mean different in a good way. I'll just let you see for yourself since we should be at the right clearing by now…"

Mimi's eyes lit up at those words. At last, some rest and a potential shelter! As Sitrus parted the next bush for her to pass through, she could already see both the metaphorical and literal light of hope ahead of her.

When Mimi emerged from the bush, she was greeted with a sight that left her silent in astonishment. Right in front of her was a large open clearing with Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu roaming all around. Even if the layer of tree shade above seemed just as dense as before, that didn't stop the area from bearing a lively feel from the amount of individuals roaming about with their activities. Mimi slowly shuffled forward closer to the passing Pokémon, where she got a closer look at the Pichu playing tag with each other and the Raichu walking towards huts with piles of Berries in their paws.

The huts! Quaintly lined all around the clearing, they seemed to be made out of grass and various logs, with some of the modestly-sized constructions looking roomier than the others Just the variety of sizes and features of these makeshift shelters left even more of an impression on Mimi. The realization that this place would be her location of retreat made her want to squeal with joy. Now this was a retreat. A faint breeze whistled by her disguise as she took a deep breath of relief.

"Cool place, huh?"

Mimi snapped out of her trance to see Sitrus beside her, a proud smile on his face.

She returned her gaze to the sight ahead. "I'm… not dreaming, am I?"

Her senses felt a slight tug at her cloth. Mimi quickly looked around to see Sitrus' paw situated on the cheek of her disguise's head, pinching it.

"Nope," The Pikachu said simply. His paw remained on its spot for a few more seconds, causing Sitrus' look to turn worried. "Weird… I don't feel any electricity in your cheek…"

Mimi's expression dropped in shock. 'No… come on, my disguise can't end like thi-'

Sitrus' eyes widened in realization. "Oh, of course! You still need to get patched up! Let's go!" He assumed a running position but paused. "Wait… can you… still walk at this point? Do you need me to carry you?"


The mere mention of it flustered Mimi. Now she really thought she was dreaming. Even if this was the ignorant Sitrus offering it (though she had to admit she was slowly warming up to him), the mere thought of a Pikachu carrying her little figure in his paws was something she could only dream of! Or would she be carried on his back? Either way, it didn't matter to her. The pure joy threatening to exert itself as a squeal prevented any time for thinking. Besides, what possible drawback could accepting this offer have?

She leaned herself forward to make her disguise's head slowly lower in a nod. Afterwards, she found herself getting lifted up and put down to where she could see past Sitrus' shoulders. Back ride it was, then.

"You're… surprisingly light…" She heard Sitrus say. "Are you lacking on your berries or something?"

"Er…" Mimi hesitated. "Now that you mention it… I guess I'm hungry…"

"Oh, right!" Sitrus responded, getting down on all fours and facing ahead. "Hang on, Mimi! You'll get your Berries soon! Sunny's place is this way!"

Sitrus then broke into a fairly quick pace that wasn't too overwhelming to Mimi as he dashed into the main area of passing Pokémon. Mimi took the opportunity to gently cling onto the fur of Sitrus' back beneath her costume, silently squealing with glee at the warm fur in her grip.

'It's like those Pikachu dolls… but better!'

Mimi then looked around herself to see the groups of passing Electric species now that she was in their midst. Several of them turned their heads towards her vision, some of them even raising eyebrows. Every face passed casted strange looks towards her, but only mildly suspicious at best. Even still, their reactions caused worry to swell within the Mimikyu.

'I-I mean… I know I'm an odd looking Pikachu… but…' She tore her gaze away and shook her head. 'No, no… I can still make myself fit in… maybe I can make some touches to my costume… and then maybe I can fix my electricity problem by getting my hands on a Thunderbolt or Thunder Wave TM or something…'

She turned towards the still-pacing Sitrus as he continued swerving between passerbys. "Hey… Sitrus? So where's this Raichu, again?" She glanced at the several Raichu around. "Couldn't she be one of the ones walking around?"

"Oh, those Raichu? No, no, she's not one of them," he replied. "All of those other Raichu were released from traveling Trainers and found their way here. Thunderstones aren't that easy for us wild Pokémon to find, after all. But Sunny… well, you know what, you should just see for yourself. Reactions are more fun that way."

Mimi's attention was then caught when Sitrus' pace came to a stop. She looked ahead to see that they've stopped in front of a door. Hopping off of Sitrus' back (rather reluctantly), Mimi took a step back to get a better look. The hut they've stopped at was large enough to be deemed one of the more 'professional' looking ones by Mimi, even having a neatly placed wooden door much taller than her with a doorknob, several openings on the walls which Mimi presumed were windows, and the like. It looked so well-built to the point where it left an impression on Mimi's mind. Maybe the hut was too well-built for something that must've been made with bare paws.

Before Mimi could wonder about it any further, Sitrus stepped forward on his hind legs and gave the door a knock. A few seconds of silence followed.

It suddenly occurred to Mimi that this would be a Raichu she'd be meeting. And one that was apparently "different", at that. The fear of being given a suspicious look up close came to her. As soon as the doorknob started to turn, she quickly shuffled behind Sitrus. Carefully, she peeked over his shoulder as the door slowly opened and mentally readied herself. Her efforts left her greeted by…

… nothing. The door opened wide with its opener absent.

Feeling a mix of relief and confusion come to her, Mimi slowly shuffled out from behind Sitrus. The Pikachu chuckled. "Don't worry, Mimi. Sunny almost always does this whenever she gets a visit. Let's go in."

'We just… head in?'

Hesitantly, Mimi shuffles forward past the door to be greeted by the sight of a single large room. The first details that caught her eyes were the variety of colours taking up the spaces on the room's shelves. Upon closer inspection, they seemed to be assorted Berries in jars, lining each corner of the circular room. Judging from how they weren't assorted by colour when Mimi spotted blue Oran Berries and yellow Sitrus Berries on the same shelf, the Mimikyu assumed they were lined according to effect. Someone with this neat a room would arrange it in such a way, she supposed.

The neatly lined piles of straw by the vaguely resembling little beds confirmed Mimi's neatness suspicion. If that wasn't enough, a desk, something Mimi wouldn't dare expect to find this deep in a forest, sat on the opposite end from where the beds lay. It was by this desk that Mimi spotted Sunny herself, who emerged from behind it and started heading their way.

The very impression Sunny gave Mimi as she approached her and Sitrus left her surprised. Indeed, this Raichu was not like the others. In all the stories Mimi heard about Pikachu back home, none of them mentioned evolving into blue-eyed Raichu who levitate on their tails like Psychic types would. She would think she would've battled one of these Raichu as well, but her own surprise proved this was not the case.

The Raichu levitated to a stop in front of the two and gave them a warm smile. "Hi, Sitrus. Back from breakfast, I see. And is this a new friend of yours?"

Mimi felt her tension completely slip away once Sunny spoke. The Raichu's tone was just as warm and welcoming as her expression, giving off a "don't worry, you're safe" vibe. Another quick glance around the Berry-lined shelves and straw beds gave Mimi the assumption that this Raichu was a nurse or healer of some sort. The tone certainly helped.

"Hi, Sunny!" Sitrus responded. He motioned his paws towards the Mimikyu in a 'ta-da' manner. "This is Mimi! I found her in the forest!"

Mimi paused. '... when a Carnivine suddenly attacked? No? Not even going to add that part?'

Sunny directed her gaze to Mimi. "Hi, Mimi."

Mimi suddenly widened her eyes at the realization that it was her turn to talk. She had to give off a good first impression matching that of Sunny's. She couldn't afford to mess this up-

"H-Hi, I'm Mimi. Nice to meet you, Sunny." She let her disguise head perform a polite bow.

'... did you have to add that first part? Sitrus already introduced you…' The realization of her little slip-up left her blushing with embarrassment under her costume.

"Likewise." Sunny giggled a bit. "It's nice to see another… fresh face around here."

Mimi raised an eyebrow at hearing her brief trailing off. She may have met this friendly Raichu just a few seconds ago, but something about that pause seemed oddly uncharacteristic.

"Hey, Sunny!" Sitrus' eager tone snapped her out of her thoughts. "You can help Mimi, right?"

"Help?" Her expression gave way to a raised eyebrow. "Ah… help."

Mimi suddenly recalled every problem with her Sitrus mentioned in the berry clearing. If this supposed nurse Raichu were to try to fix any of them, say, like trying to fix her mouth or her lack of electricity, her disguise jig would be up! She needed to get a word in, fast!

She blurted out the most manageable problem in her head. "A-Actually, I could do with some Berries. I'm hungry."

Sunny's eyes lit up at Mimi's voice. "Ah, hungry, are you? Don't worry, I'll get you some Oran Berries…" She levitated off to her shelves.

'Whew… at least hunger is an issue that I could actually use some help with…'

Mimi sighed to herself in relief, but her breathing was cut short when the next problem was presented to her in the form of Sunny holding handful of small Oran Berries her way. She had to eat these Berries somehow, right? But her disguise's head would prove no use, so…

"Can you… uh… drop the Berries on the floor?"

She was met with raised eyebrows from both Sitrus and Sunny, making her wish she never spoke. Shortly afterwards, the soft thumps of Berries falling against wood came to her ears, the Oran Berries now completely level with her sight. Hastily, she drew a shadowy tendril forward and grabbed as many as she can before bringing the hazy appendage back underneath her disguise.

Relief swept her as the feeling of rejuvenation coursed through her entire figure bite after bite. As she glanced back up at the two Electric types watching her, she prayed to Arceus that their looks wouldn't get any stranger.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. Sunny's previous look completely shifted to that of surprised concern. "That's… erm…" She feigned a cough. "... quite the interesting way to eat Berries…"

What was even stranger about Sitrus' look was that he looked amazed rather than shocked. "I have never seen any other Pikachu do that with their hind paws… That's so cool…"

"A-Anyways," Sunny quickly shook her head, her friendly smile returning. "Sitrus, I do believe that's all I can help Mimi with at the moment."

"T-That's it?" Sitrus replied. "Not even going to help her with her arms or mouth or anything?"

Sunny shrugged. "Come on, Sitrus. I may be the closest thing to a nurse this forest has, but I'm not that much of a surgeon. Besides, Mimi sounds like she's fine."

Mimi raised an eyebrow. She wasn't a medical expert in the slightest, but she knew that the excuse of 'sounding like she's fine' doesn't fix missing arms. Either Sunny was just as daft as the PIkachu present in the room, or…

Mimi suddenly realized something as Sunny gazed towards her. Her look still bore the same friendly vibes as it did a while ago, kind eyes staring right at Mimi. That very detail completely slipped every friendly thought Mimi had of Sunny just like that. Sunny was aiming her gaze right at Mimi's eyes; not down at the floor or even above at her disguise's head. Realizing this, Mimi tried her best not to show her newfound paranoia-induced fear through her eyes.

At last, Sunny tore her gaze away from Mimi to face Sitrus. "So, Sitrus, while it was nice of you to visit, I'm afraid I don't have any errands for you today."

Sitrus' ears drooped with his expression. "Oh… so does that mean I'm left with nothing else to do for the day?"

Sunny giggled, raising an eyebrow. "Nothing else better to do? Don't you still have to show your new friend around?"

As Sitrus' expression perked back up at that mention, Mimi herself raised an eyebrow at Sunny's statement. 'Friend? I mean, I know Sitrus carried me on his back and everything, but I don't know if I would call him a friend-'

Sunny's gaze then drifted back to Mimi, the sudden stare enough to send a chill through the Mimikyu. "Wouldn't you like that, Mimi?"

'Eep! Then again, I guess it'd be better to take any excuse I can to get away from this Raichu… I think I've already made myself look suspicious in her eyes…' Mimi quickly let her disguise nod for her.

And with that, Mimi was whisked excitedly out of the door by an eager Sitrus after a goodbye wave from Sunny. While it did mean that Mimi would probably be spending the day led around by this Pikachu, at least it was better than potentially getting ratted out by Sunny. Or any other Pikachu or Raichu in particular.

As Mimi made her way back to the clearing's grass with Sitrus, for once she felt thankful for his naive behaviour. The fact that he witnessed her Play Rough and Berry eating but still didn't show a hint of suspicion oddly comforted her.

'Though… maybe it's all just a ruse. Maybe there's something darker behind that innocent outlook… After all, I'm one to know about that kind of stuff.' The sneaking suspicion of the possibility suddenly came to her mind.

This was the exact case with Sunny. Her stare may have seemed innocent, as with everything else about her, but as soon as Mimi noticed that Sunny was looking directly at her, that stare suddenly went from "don't be afraid" to "I know who you are". It was a stare that wasn't like any of the confused stares she got prior the encounter. And if Sunny really did know who Mimi was…

The thought of another encounter with the Raichu made Mimi quiver. Afterwards, she quickly steeled herself with a huff. All this thought about who she can't trust made her think of who she can trust at the moment.

And right now, the closest Pokémon to fitting that role is the eager Pikachu waiting for her to follow.

'I guess things could be worse. At least I'm not being forced to... to...'

She shook the thought away.