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200 years previously

Momonga hovered in the air above the Great Tomb of Nazarick, the user display interface hovering around him as he hurriedly interacted with his inventory.


Not long left till the server shutdown, and his return to a boring life. He sighed, and with a wave of the ornate Staff of Ainz-Ooal-Gown, he activated his final serenade.

Thousands of fireworks, red, blue and green soared upwards at his command, creating a beautiful light show under the glittering night sky of YGGDRASIL.

The beautiful light show reflected of his pale skull and he checked the clock one last time


He looked towards the colourful sky and he closed his eyes, smiling to himself.

"Goodbye, everyone".

He tentatively opened his eyes, expecting to find the ceiling of his apartment, but instead he was met with a dreary grey sky.


Momonga could barely think straight, let alone form a coherent sentence. Had the server shutdown been delayed? No, that couldn't be right, it didn't explain his sudden change in location.


That didn't make sense either, not only did Momonga have many items that resisted forced teleportation, he also did not recognise the skybox before him. His glowing red eyes snapped downwards, and if he had any blood in his face, it would have drained.

Below him, stretching for miles in each direction, were the ruins of a city. The once colourful buildings were now a drab shade of grey, some with large chunks taken out of them, as if a battle had taken place. But none of these things caught his eye more than what littered the streets.

Skeletons, nearly covering the street, lay scattered along the roads. Some whole, others with their bones strewn across their paved graves. Usually, Suzuki Satoru would have felt sick, but he didn't. In fact, he felt oddly calm. Confused he looked down, and realized two things.

The first was that he was still wearing the long black and purple robe of his character, the staff of Ainz Ooal Gown, but he didn't really notice because of the second.

He was floating about 100 feet off the ground.

He legs began moving rapidly and he flailed his arms, desperately trying to grab onto something. In his panic, he dropped the staff, which floated in the air where he had last touched it, a standard thing for many YGGDRASIL items.

Two seconds into his floating panic attack, he felt a strange calming feeling. He felt put at ease and relaxed once more, allowing him to make a rational assessment.

'So I'm not in YGGDRASIL anymore, and I'm not back in my apartment, so where am I? I'm also still using [Fly], so does that mean…'

He looked down at himself once more, and ignoring the dizzying heights below him, raised a hand. A skeletal hand.

He was glad no one was around him, because he was pretty sure that all-powerful skeletal overlords weren't meant to scream like little girls.

Several panic attacks, all forcibly calmed, later, Momonga began to experiment with spells.

'So there's no interface, so how will this work?' Even without his interface, Momonga could instinctively sense how much mana he had. It was an alien feeling for him.

'Let's try something basic, shall we? Let's see… ah, perfect'

He pointed a finger forward, and a swirling orb of scorching flames materialised at its skeletal tip.


The orb shot forwards, exploding some distance away with spectacular force. A moment later, a sound like a clap of thunder hit his (now nonexistent) ears, and a rush of wind blew his robes back.

'Huh, that's weird, I get that I had to say the commands in YGGDRASIl, but do I really have to announce my every attack like an anime character?'

Brushing those thoughts aside, he tried a different spell, placing a finger to his hooded skull; he unwillingly spoke the command for a different spell.


He tried contacting a GM, one of the administrators for the supposedly shut down YGGDRASIL servers, the idea being that he could ask what exactly was going on.

A beeping sound rang out in his mind for several seconds, before going to a flat tone, indicating a failed call. He tried again, only for the same result, and then he tried his guildmates. After going through all forty of them, only to be met with failure, he was on the verge of another panic. In desperation he tried a local message, trying to connect to anyone in the area. To his joy and relief, it connected, a higher beep before a voice answered him.

"Hello? Is there anyone there?" A male voice answered.

"Yes! Yes! Are you a YGGDRASIL player too?" Momonga replied ecstatically

"Yeah, you got any idea what's going on, actually, are you seeing the same thing as us? Grey sky and a ruined city?"

"Yeah, I am, and did you say us?" Momonga was confused for a second, before the player on the other end of the line answered.

"Yeah, me and my buddy decided to stay till the server shutdown, but when it was meant to happen, we ended up here with a bunch of angry skeletons".

"What? Are you okay?"

"Yeah, they were only like level 5 I think, can't be sure, since there's no interface anymore. There was also an explosion, but I don't know much about that". Momonga suddenly felt a bit stupid, making an explosion in mid air where anyone could have seen it.

"Oh, that was me. I'm a magic caster, so I was testing that spells still work."

"Phew, that's a relief. Hey, if you're a magic caster, could you teleport over to us? We could talk better then".

"Ah right, hang on a moment".

Momonga cut the call off, and hastily cast a [Detect Life] spell. He felt two signatures register in his mind, and straight afterwards, he cast [Portal]. The highest-level teleportation spell, with no distance limits and a 0% chance for failure. He was taking no chances.

A hovering black oval ripped it's way into existence, and without hesitation, he stepped in. He would get his answers soon enough.

Tetsuo Nakamura was a simple kind of guy. He had bought his first DMMORPG on his 12th birthday, and he was instantly hooked, even as a kid. He convinced his long time friend, Shinji Ishiguro to get it as well, and the two set out into the world of YGGDRASIL together. The game had run for a solid six years, and new technology had vastly outstripped it, causing the developers to announce a server shutdown.

Shinji and Nakamura, now both 18, were both deeply saddened by this. Saddened was probably the wrong word, as Nakamura had flown into a rage and smashed several objects while yelling about 'shitty devs'.

Once Shinji had calmed down his friend sufficiently, they both decided to spend as long as possible in the game, all the way to shutdown. What neither had expected was to end up in a ruined city surrounded by skeletons.

Both Nakamura and Shinji were not addicts, and commonly played other games besides YGGDRASIL, leaving both their characters at levels 54 and 56 respectively.

Nakamura's character was tall, well muscled and handsome, basically the default character options, with only a few minimal changes. He was a tanky warrior, but having chosen the human race meant no points to put into racial levels, allowing them all to go into class levels. He could deal respectable damage up close, but his main purpose was to tank all of the damage coming towards him and Shinji, the main damage dealer of their duo.

Shinji was an archer, the definition of a glass cannon. He could put out some high damage, even for those several levels higher than him, but he couldn't take nearly as much back. He had a few spells under his belt, but they were mostly tracking spells and even then his damage spells were a measly tier 3, useless even for them.

With only two of them, their strategy was simple. Nakamura stood in front, soaking up damage and picking off any units that weren't killed by Shinji's bow skills.

Even Nakamura, a warrior, could cast tier 1 spells like [Message], so he was ecstatic when he received a message from another player.

After a brief conversation, he turned to his friend, who was sitting on a large piece of rubble, checking one of his arrows.

"Great news, there's someone else here. He's as confused as we are, but he's a magic caster, that explosion was him testing out spells by the way, and he's teleporting over here now. At least if we get into a serious fight, we'll be in a better place with a magic caster".

Shinji nodded, but didn't say anything. Nakamura had long grown used to his best friend's general silence. He did talk, but only when he decided it was worth it.

Didn't stop Nakamura from continuously talking. All the time. Seriously, the guy never shut up.

As if on cue, a hovering black oval appeared, and Nakamura stared at it expectantly, waiting for their fellow player to appear. He didn't get what he expected. At all.

From out of the portal, a monster that Shinji knew from his talks with higher level players to be an Overlord, a Lich evolution, emerged. It was tall, easily towering over both of the human players, who were of respectable height. In one hand a beautiful golden staff was held, a spiral design making up the base before extending into a nest of snakes with a different coloured jewel in each one's mouth. It's body was clad in a black and purple robe, with two spike like structures stretching from the shoulders, making the creature seem wider than it probably was. Two gigantic red jewels sat on either side of it's neck, and a hood covered the skull, the two glowing red points of light sweeping over the two friends.

Nakamura and Shinji were up in an instant, the former drawing his sword in a flash, with the latter nocking and arrow to his bow and levelling it at the monster. Shinji expected a lot of things, most of them ending with their deaths, since the level requirement for the Overlord class was 70. What he did not expect was for the skeleton to wave it's arms in front of itself, as if telling them to stop.

"Whoa!, whoa! whoa! Calm down there! It's me, Momonga, the player you were just talking to?!" The overlord's voice was deep and booming, befitting of a monster like it, but the inflection was far too human for such a regal voice, meaning he was a player who chose a heteromorphic race. Shinji let out a long sigh and lowered his bow, while Nakamura put away his sword.

"Jesus Christ man, you just gave us a heart attack. We thought you were a monster. Though… I guess you technically are now?"

The skeleton lowered his head, "Yeah, I suppose. Anyway, I'm Suzuki Satoru, my character's name is Momonga".

Nakamura nodded, "Name's Tetsuo Nakamura, Character's name is Zephyr. My mate over there is Shinji Ishiguro, Character' name's Toku".

Momonga made no visible reaction, but if Shinji had to guess, he would say he had raised an eyebrow. "Your character's name is Far? Why?"

"Sounds cool". Was Shinji's brief response, accompanied with a shrug.

"Eh, fair enough. So, any idea on what's going on here?"

"Nope, the only thing I can guess is that we're stuck.. in.. our game… characters". Nakamura turned to look at his friend, who raised an eyebrow.

"Why is that such a bad… oh". For a skeletal overlord, Momonga sounded unusually quiet.

Shinji was confused now. "What, is it that Satoru-san is a skeleton now?"

"No, pretty sure he's over that already, I think you should be more worried".

Shinji looked down, and felt his face pale, and then rapidly heat up again.

He had forgotten that his character was a girl.

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