Chapter 1 the Daywalker is Reborn

(next chapter will be in first person)

After blade AKA Eric Brooks AKA The Daywalker AKA dhampir used the daystar weapon,instead of dying he was saved by something that was too bright to look at,even with are you he asked and what do you want with me.
i am the light that shines in darkness it said and i have decided that since the vampires are scattering like the vermin they are it would be alright for you to finally be at rest from your curse in the next life,but fate would not have it that way it not blade said,because another world needs your help from there own problems it fucking with me right?
the daywalker said in a mocking tone with a small chuckle.i am afraid not the light said GODDAMNIT! blade shouted at the top of his lungs.i will give you the knowledge you need to start your new life,i will also de-age you to 16 and will give you the strength and speed of pure-blooded vampire while still being without the unwanted side-affects and lessen the bloodlust to almost non existant and you will only have to feed once every month,why not just get rid of the thirst entirely? he asked,you have no idea how boring it is being immortal and your the best entertainment ive had in 10,000 years but because of the lack of being able to reproduce your serum im also going to lessen the amount of blood needed and it will also be much easier to stop so you dont have to worry about maybe killing them and you will also inject a mild anesthetic so they dont feel you drinking there life-blood.i will also slow your aging even more you will live to be around well however long i decide i will let you know in a thats about it the light said and i should probably send you off soon so im going to give your knowledge your going to need right now oh i almost blade said good luck your going to need it and then blade suddenly fell into unconsiousness.