The blade of True Cross Academy ch 3

lets get this over with I thought as me rin and yukio headed to the headmasters was too close rin and yukio said together if you hadnt been there I dont what wouldve happened to us so if you need help with anything,you need but ask.i gave a small laugh and said no problem im just doing my job,that nobody pays me all laughed at were just about to turn the corner to the headmasters office when I heard a girls scream and a loud thud and then a the nauseating sound of bones snapping.i told the okumeras about this as quickly as I could before I all three of us breaking into a run but with my vampiric speed I was much faster than both of three of us turned a corner and we saw a girl

in a kimono being fondled by a mummified hand that seemingly came out of a dark corner of the hall way with a deep voice reapeating what a delicate little flower over and over yelled out shiemi

which I geussed was her then reached for his pistol before he realized it was still in my make-shift prison/room and I had left my sword in there,not that I needed it,i then ran faster than the human eye could see and separated the blackened arm at the elbow and then an ear-splittingly loud and un-holy screech reached our ears me being the most effected with own vampirically enhanced hearing.i cried out and fell to my knees,but being the stubborn bastard I was I endured the pain,picking up the kimono wearing young woman and running toward the okumera brothers I laid down the girl I quickly,yet as gently as I could before everything faded to black and a muffled shout of eric before I collapsed and quickly fell into unconsiousness.i awoke a few hours later or at least I think a few but it wouldnt have been the first time ive slept for days on end hell I mightve been almost comatose for everything came rushing back into my head so fast it almost hurt I jumped out of bed and almost forgot to open the door and I didint realize I was on an IV and I moved so fast I ripped it out

but I almost didint feel it until I was on the other side of the door and using my vampirically enhanced sense of smell to locate the it is I thought and broke off into a sprint down the halls but to the students I was a blur and within seconds I had reached the source of the scent. I didint bother opening the door I just ripped it off its hinges and threw it so hard against the opposite wall it turned into match-sticks the girl was in the shower and I could hear faint being who and what I was I had no idea what to do in these situations so I decided to just let her cry until she got out of the shower and I would figure out what to do from I smelled metallic sweetness of blood,i rushed into the bathroom fearing the shadow-thing had come to tie up loose ends or she was trying to take the easy way out,either way I was worried and afraid for her life while also preparing myself to tear whoever or whatever was in there a few new assholes should the need door was locked but we all know that the lock is only as strong as the thing it locks,i just simply ripped off the door-knob taking a good chunk of the door and the door frame with it.i ripped open the rest of the door with such force it shattered like glass and with a sound like creaking floorboards.i came in just as she finished wrapping a towell around herself,she fell back,her towel coming undone,she made a move to scream,but before she could I had put my right hand around her mouth,her eyes starting to brim with tears and started to whimper while I made a motion with my remaining hand and put my index finger to my lips and said shhh im not going to do anything er uh um...wrong to you if you dont scream im going to remove my hand now I said in as calming a voice as I possibly could as I slowly loosened my fingers from her delicate I finished taking my right hand away from her mouth she said in a trembling voice aren't you the boy that saved me,i answered yes,yes I am the names brooks,eric said thank you so much that thing was doing to me,she then started wailing,saying over and over thank you and didint know what else to do so I hugged her until she started to calm down not really caring she was half naked,about 10 minutes later her crying had slowed to a hiccup and a small sob every few seconds.i whispered into her ear saying I would wait in the hall until she was decent and then we could talk and as I made a move to get up she said in a hurried tone please dont leave me alone and I said in a calming tone dont fret I will be just outside,she seemed to think it over for a moment before saying ok but not an inch farther she said in a mildly comanding tone.i chuckled a bit and made a move to leave her bathroom and ultimatly her dorm room I saw the broken doors and I thought I should better stand guard against peeping will be like taking candy from a baby I said under my breath,with my enhanced senses I could hear anyone and anything coming our way with my eyes closed and my hand tied behind my 5 minutes later she called me back in the room,the first thing I said to her was how long was I out she said about 6 hours,i replied with why did I smell blood,she pointed to my right arm the one that had the IV in it and I saw a large gash across my forearm and dried blood all around my arm and white t-shirt and a little on my also white shorts,the gash on my arm was healing much faster than a human but thankfully she did not notice this or if she did she didint say anything about it,she asked why I came to her room and how did I know where it was.i didint want to say anything even remotely related to my er sickness so I told her I asked rin okumera one of the other boys that was with rin he picked you up without a problem and hurried you off to the front office to see the nurse hes is a lot stronger than he I said why were you crying in the shower to which she answered.i was afraid that thing might come back and who you were and if you were alright to which I replied it will take a lot more than that to take me down,at least for good,and I never,ever,make the same mistake twice,you know what they say,what doesnt kill you makes you stronger,she laughed a little a that and I chuckled a bit,now,anymore questions cause I have to go find rin and yukio,go see mephisto,and find what in the hell that thing was and how to kill it,you can come if you want,in fact I insist since I broke down all your doors and maybe help explain why I did it so nobody presses charges.

Ok if you insist she you will probably have to help me there there is something wrong with my legs but the doctors dont know I see? I asked sure she a grave tone I said its a root.