Summary: Ichigo has the devil power but was sealed by The Soul King. when he and the others try to safe Orihime, Ichigo find Neliel and her's brother and try to escort them to Las Noches. After that, he find Orihime, but then he get a red beam pierce to his chest area by Grimmjow. Orihime try to save him. But then he then transform into a transcendence being in his inner world even the Soul King respect him. Ichigo transcendence in to 9 tailed Nekoshou and a Fallen Angel with 16 wings, 8 on each side and a Gremory/Bael Devil also has the same. [Godlike/Dark/Emoionless/Calm/Insanely Smart/Most Experienced Devil/Fallen Angel/Nekoshou/God of Death Ichigo, BAMF Ichigo, Power of Destruction God Ichigo , GenderBend, Mass Harem, multiple Zanpaktou also has Satan's sword, Rieatsu Materialization Ichigo.

Harem: All of the girls character and also has a Genderbend male to female which are you will know while reading this.

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Orihime was crying while trying to save and healing Ichigo that was wounded and dead-ish with his chest area has a hole on it that was pierce by Grimmjow Jeagerjaques the Sexta Espada of Aizen's but she just sitting while waiting to Orihime healing the dead Ichigo Kurosaki.

'Please Ichigo-kun, please come back.' Orihime while try to stop her sob while Neleil try to stop her crying.

"Oi Orihime, when he gonna wake up it almost like an hour." Grimmjow going to her through her hair then sigh. "I think I went over board." while smirking on her face that said 'What a shame.'

Ichigo mindscape's

'What the hell just happen' Ichigo thought while rubbing and message his temple on beside his eye. 'Damn why my body feels so cold. It feels that I'm dead or something.' he try to stand up on his feet but then falling. But he was caught by a person, not just a person it was his zanpakutou and his Hollow but in a girl form.

"Thanks Zangetsu and also thank you Shiro-chan." while give the girls a very warm heart smile that make them blush. Then, Shiro was curious how did Ichigo know her even she turn into a woman.

"Ichigo how did you know that I was your Hollow?" Zangetsu also curious how did Ichigo knows this.

"Yeah Ichigo how did you know?" they then but down Ichigo and try to comfortable him while straight him upwards.

"Well I know you guys before you know me." he then chuckle darkly then suddenly Ichigo has 9 tails like cat behind his back on his tailbone and also has a cat ear on his head. But the most shock to the girls was his eyes, he has the same Hollow eyes but has a purple pupil with black iris on his left and on his right it was red blood iris but has the Hollow that was yellow pupil. Then they saw a 16 wings coming from his back, 8 on each side with a golden colour on the left while on the right is dark red colour. Ichigo then surrounded by a red dark energy that make the girls shiver and shudder by this, but they were woot in excitement and had a wide grins.

"Well that's feels good and I'm back baby." They shuddered hearing his smooth, low seductive tone so right to him.

'Please lord let him take me' they have the same thought and then they trail his body from top to bottom but then they stuck at his 20 abs of steel that was cover by sweat. 'Just take me right now and right here'.

"Like what you see Shiro-hime, Zangetsu-hime." They were blush madly by the word '-hime'. He then kiss on their forehead and then he snap his finger.

Shiro was covered by a new white hakama on her back is said 'Hollow Queen' in kanji while Zangetsu covered by black hakama and on her back read 'Queen of Getsu'. They blush and then kiss on his cheek to say thanks.

"A-arigato Ichigo-sama." They said at the same time. But then Ichigo snap his finger again but it change the mindscape and they now was at Ichigo's inner world. They were startle when Ichigo tap their shoulder and try to calm down.

"I'm sorry to startled you guys." the girls just shook their heads and Ichigo continue, "They here." Ichigo said this and on cue Shiro and Zangeetsu see all of the 13 Gotei Zanpaktou also Aizen's zanpaktou's, but to more surprise it was all girls with huge burst on them.

"It's good to see you back Ichi-koi." it was Sode No Shrayuki said with bow and the rest of the girls. She then walk up to Ichigo then kiss him on the cheek.

The rest of the girls was jealous and also Shiro and Zangetsu. Then the rest of the girls kiss him on the cheeks but for Shiro and Zangetsu didn't. They were hesitated and try to hold back their jealousy on them.

"Somebody is jealous and-" Ichigo then went to them and kiss on the lips. They were startle and try to stop Ichigo but fail because, they could taste the sweetness on Ichigo's lips and it taste like strawberry but more sweet. "-let me introduce, this is my zanpakutous also there is one more but she just don't like people. She just shy."

"We are not jealous okay King or what ever you wanna call. We not jealous about they kiss you and also you know us. How that's possible!?" Shiro try to protest but Ichigo just chuckle like Shiro but it was dark and evil then turn into laugh. Shiro shiver by this and shudder but she has the biggest grins ever on her face. Zangetsu have a sweat dropped and try to walk slowly to the groups but fail just before she could do, Shiro catch on her neck by the clothe.

"What the hell are you doing Shiro let me go!" Zangetsu try to protest so she just sigh of defeat.

"Now back to business." Ichigo said with low-tone on seriousness and all the girls give attention. They then smirk because it's time for a show.

"Girls it's show time." then Ichigo disappear from his inner world. "Now that's Ichigo- sama is gone. Can some body tell me how the fuck Ichigo knows about us even before he gain shinigami power. Also tell me why he has a fucking 9 tails on his back and a cat ear."

Then a woman with a GG-cup burst walk to them, but she has no rietsu. "My name is Satan. And I'm Ichigo's fraccion." Shiro and Zangtsu jaw dropped and Satan explain how Ichigo know them even in their girl form and also how he did know them before gaining shinigami powers.

XxWith Orihime, Neliel and GrimmjowxX

Orihime still cry and Nel still try to comfort Orihime, while Grimmjow was bored so she was about to go outside to find a new prey or something to let her boredom to cool down. But before she could do that, they feel an incredible pressure around them like breath under water. Orihime was struggle to breath and Grimmjow try to find the source. When she did, her jaw dropped and try to stand but fail miserably. So she just stand on the ground until the pressure is gone then the pressure was gone, Orihime and Nel was shock to see Ichigo on his feet with his new looks. Not just any look but the eyes only with the red blood iris and yellow pupil like a Hollow eye's on his right while on his left it was black iris like a hollow with a purple pupil.

"Hello there Orihime-hime and Neleil-hime. It's good to see you guys are okay." Ichigo then give them a eye-smile on then and they were blush madly by this and the word '-hime'.

"Ichigo what happen to your eyes?" Nel said with curiosity also Orihime as well.

Before Ichigo could answer, Grimmjow punch Ichigo on the face but when the impact hit, Ichigo didn't feel pain at all and but for Grimmmjow, her knuckle was bruised. "Man you tough, and also what happen to your eyes man?" Grimmjow ask but she skip a beat before her very eyes. She saw Ichigo like a master that want to be a servant and loyalty to him. But she then shook her head and the thoughts a side and try to focus her fight.

"Well I was about to answer but you interrupted me." Ichigo then was about to punch Grimmjow back but then he heard a voice that make him chuckle.

'Why didn't you said that your power were sealed by the Soul King huh, Ichigo-sama.' Ichigo then said, 'Let's just said that, the Soul King thought that I was a threat after I gain my shinigami power and he seal it away from me for use it.' Ichigo then chuckle in his thought and Shiro just blush. 'Just don't keep a secret from me and Zangetsu. We got explained by Satan and also she is hot by the way. Her burst is bigger any of us!'

"Oi Grimmjow I think it's better your resurrection in form right now so that I can handle you perfectly." Ichigo then smirk madly at Grimmjow. She was blush and her heart beat was fast and she then clench her chest to stop the fast heart beat.

"Okay,... Pantera!" Grimmjow then was in her resurrection from and then launch forward to strike Ichigo to his chest with her claw like panther. But Ichigo side step and shunpoed away from her and the building, but for Grimmjow she was trough a wall and then she went to find Ichigo. "Damn you Kurosaki, I'm gonna kill you bastard.!" Grimmjow then roared her way to Ichigo and try to land a strike again but fail again and again and again.

After she strike Ichigo but fail over and over again, she was exhausted and panting heavily and was sweating. But for Ichigo he did not break a sweat and also did panting heavily but rather have a normal breathe.

"Is that you got Grimmjow-hime." Ichigo tease Grimmjow but she blush by calling her '-hime'. She then head her down to hide her blush but Ichigo catch her hand to stop hide it. Grimmjow try to protest but then, "I see you are blushing Grimmjow-hime and I think that Orihime-hime and Neliel-hime would enjoy their company with you." Ichigo then kiss her on the cheek and she gain more blush like the tomato skin but redder.

Grimmjow then try to strike Ichigo again but Ichigo back flipped and land on her feet. "What on earth are you thinking.! Try to seduce me with your antics with your seductive voice that suits you!" Grimmjow then yelp from what she just said to her enemy. "I di-din't mean li-like th-that. O-okay it was miss understanding." Grimmjow was struggling to keep her words togather and try to convince Ichigo it's not like that. Ichigo just smirk and he then shunpoed away from her.

Ichigo then was at the building with Orihime and Nel surprise to see Ichigo again and they thought that he would lose. But before they could ask how the fight was, Grimmjow burst and try to strike Ichigo from the back, but Ichigo just side step and Grimmjow went past him and the girls. Then she impact to a wall. Orhime and Nel sweat dropped and jaw dropped but when they look at Ichigo, they see his shikai was torn off on his stomach area that uncover his 20 abs of steel. They were drool and was in lust to see this.

"Like what you see huh Orihime-hime, Neliel-hime." Orhime and Nel snap from their daydreaming and they look Ichigo with lust in their eyes like Ichigo is their Alpha.

"I WANT TO BE ICHIGO ALPHA.' Orihime then try to kiss Ichigo but was hold back by Nel.

"NO I WANT TO BE ICHIGO'S ALPHA" Nel then try to kiss Ichigo but was held by Orihime. Then they just stare each other like a rival and Ichigo could see an electric between the two. Then Grimmjow was out from the wall and was panting heavily and try to catch her breath. Then what comes next was surprise even more to them especially Ichigo.

"I WANT ICHIGO TO BE MY ALPHA!" Grimmjow shout at the them and then she embarrass for what she just said. Ichigo then grins and Orihime and Nel was jealous to say at least because not only they rival each other but they have another a rival but an arrcanar to say at least.

"Girls calm down I can take all of you okay. Grimmjow-hime are you sure about this?" Ichigo question to Grimmjow and she only nod slowly while look like an apologetic nod. "Don't worry about the shinigami and the rest of your friends. I will take them back for you and also for Nel as well." Ichigo then embrace her and she embrace back like her life depend on Ichigo then she kiss on his cheek to say thanks. "Your welcome."

Orhime and Neleil was jealous and try to hold back from it. Ichigo then let go the embrace then walk to Orihime and Nel, and kiss in their lips so that they didn't left out from him. When he broke the kisses, Grimmjow went back her normal form but still has her long hair that fall like grace. "Well now it over, we can find your friend then okay." Ichigo then jump out the building and followed by others.

When they reach the bottom, Grimmjow was shook to see Nel in her child form. "Nel is that you?" Nel then look at Grimmjow with a sad face.

"I was struck by Nnoitra. Fucking sexes-" Nel was cut off by a scythe fly to Ichigo and Ichigo just dodge it barely.

"Huh really Grimmjow you just lost and surrender just like that to a pathetic shinigami!" then a slender like man walk up to them while behind him is his fraccion is a girl while DD-cup burst that stand out from her clothe. She also has a eye mask fragment just from her left eye with a green tattoo just in the middle of her forehead.

"Just shut up will ya'! Ichigo-sama let me take care of this!" Grimmjow was in blood thirsty for a fight. But she was halt by Ichigo right in front of her. Nnoitra narrowed his eye to

"No I'll handle this while you get some rest from our little battle okay Grimmjow-hime." Grimmjow blushed and just nod to Ichigo and went to Orihima and Nel just a feet away from them.

Nnoitra narrowed his eye to Grimmjow and said,"When did you become a whore woman and c'mon Grimmjow lets play w'll ya'. At least I can enjoy some fight." Nnoitra said while lick his bottom for some fun. Ichigo was disgusted by this so he just ready for some fun. But then suddenly there was a surge of pressure coming behind Ichigo and he know who it was. Nnoitra was shock whlie his eye wide open to for what to come.

A pink of smoke surrounded Nel and then when it when down a bit, there was a figure standing tall in its glory while wearing a green clothe that cover her upper body but her stomach area was uncover and also cover her's lower part just above her thigh area. Her mask fragment also gotten bigger from her right temples. She also caring a short zanpakuto. She has the EE-cup.

"Itsygo!" Nel then went to Ichigo to give him hug that almost suffocate him when his face when green. Ichigo struggle to push away but Nel held her hug tightly.

"Nel is that you?... Nel you gonna suffocate Ichigo-sama!" Orihime was jealous because Nel hug Ichigo with her EE-cup burst on to his chest. Nel the look Ichigo that was green then let go of the hug and apologise to Nel, but Ichigo was okay with it and also glad that Nel return her old form.

"Well well well, look we have here, The Former Espada Trece Neliel Tu Odelschwanck. It's a pleasure to see you again." Nnoitra said with bloodthirsty that make you shiver up to your spine, but for Ichigo he was angry at Nnoitra because he know something fishy about Nnoitra Gilga the Fifth Espada.

"Ichigo-sama let me fight him. I want him dead by my arm." Nel said while she take attack stance and want to kill him for what he did to her. But Nel was stop by Ichigo, when he hold Nel hand and Nel turn her head to face Ichigo. But when she this, she then smirk madly and back away for what to come for Nnoitra.

"You will fight me Nnoitra Gilga Fifth Espada... But-" Ichigo crack his neck and knuckle for his plan.

Then he heard a word from his inner thought, 'Ichigo-sama let me out and kill him right now right here!' Tobiume said blood lust in hers words. 'Not now Tobiume-hime, I don't want you to get hurt and also I don't want to disappoint Momo-hime to get hurt as well.' Tobiume blush and giggle by Ichigo calling her 'Tobiume-hime and Momo-hime'.

'Also I don't like one bit him, let see if this maggot can handle my toughest Hakuda then.' Ichigo grin like his hollow girl and Shiro shiver and get wet in underneath her pants in Ichigo's inner world.

'If that you wish Ichigo-sama then it will be.' Tobiume then vanish from Ichigo inner thougth then came 3 more zanpakuto voice. 'Ichigo-sama could you please let me out from this maggot fucker, because he getting on my nerve.' it was Santa Tesla, Nnoitra zanpakuto. 'Yeah Ichigo-sama let Tensa-chan out from that thrash and can live with us like others.' Shiro said while agreeing to Tensa. 'I'll agree both of them please make it quick so that we can kill others arcannar that is loyal to Aizen-teme.' Zanetsu said with disgust on Aizen name.

'Just wait a moment okay Tesla-hime, and also keep your pants up okay?' Tesla blush madly but just 'thanks' Ichigo that she is getting away from Nnoitra and was getting annoying. 'Also I want to test something on him, like a guinea pig or a rat lab.'

"Nnoitra, I'll give 5 minutes to try hit me. But if you fail I'm gonna rip your heart out." Ichigo with a venomous voice while he stare at Nnoitra with bored face. Ichigo then ready for Nnoitra attack and try to hold up.

"Don't get cocky kid, you just another shinigami shithead." then Nnoitra launch at Ichigo and try to punch, kick and some cero firing. Then he sees his scythe and get it and try to slash him. He also try to surprise Ichigo from behind with his sonido but fail. Nnoitra did not hit Ichigo and he also didn't panting heavily like he did.

"2 minutes more, or you just tired ?" Ichigo said with mocking tone. He then went to Nnoitra with his physical speed not his usual sonido speed. Nnoitra was surprise and also others. Then Ichigo elbowed at Nnoitra stomach and coughing blood, and followed by spin kick on his face that almost lost his 2 teeth. He then fire a cero, but not any normal cero, it was black with red colour cero. When he fire to Nnoitra and when the cero hit it, the exploded like a atom bom but five time more deadly.

'I think I went overboard.' Ichigo then went to Nnoitra to see his dead body at least he survive. Nnoitra also known as the Hierro king but to Ichigo it was like a piece of paper. When he in front of the dust , Nnoitra then throw his scythe at Ichigo but he caught it with it two fingers in the middle. But then he saw a yellow cero.

"Gran Rey Cero!" Nnoitra shout as he was on his instinct like an animal on rage. He then launch again at Ichigo that was distracted by the cero, but was surprise when Ichigo just flick the cero up the sky. Everyone saw this with awe and eyes wide like a cd.

"Note to me: Don't piss off Ichigo and try not to fire a cero at him." Grimmjow then grin at Ichigo how he is so powerful. She then realise something of, Ichigo didn't fight but he was on something like he was watch Nnoitra moves and try to predict something on his move. She then continue at the battlefield to what happen next.

"Nnoitra you have 10 second." Nnoitra try to hit, slash everything he could muster an attack or a hit at Ichigo but didn't work and fail miserably.

"Times up. Now it's my turn." Ichigo back flipped and land on his feet just a couple of feet away from Nnoitra. Then he lend his hands in front of just then a blue light coming from his hands and it Nnoitra zanpakuto's

"No it can be!" Nnoitra watch in horror as his zanpakuto was at Ichigo hand's. "Santa Teresa never betray me!" He then launch at Ichigo but was kick to the stomach by Ichigo then he use Teresa to slice Nnoitra torso that you could almost see his bone.

"Well Teresa-hime did not like you wield her properly so she came to me before you attack me." the other was shock that Ichigo could wield Nnoitra's zapakuto not only that an arccanar zanpakuto. "And now it's time for Teresa-hime in her true form... Bankai Santa Teresa." Ichigo then showed two similar scythe each on Ichigo hands, with a red dragon outline coloured on it while the other has a blue dragon coloured outline on it. Ichiog then launch at Nnoitra and then he slash all parts of Nnoitra body and then he kicks him at back of his head to hear some cracks bone.

The girls was awe by this and then Orihime spoke, "Tasubaki-chan why Ichigo-sama has more than one zanpakuto and also how he so strong even now he was toying Noitra-teme?" the girls then turn their heads to Tsubaki to try to answer her question.

"The first question is that I didn't but for the second I know and I think that your mate has transcendence to a being that even Aizen will not have a chance to kill Ichigo." Their eye was wide then change in huge smirk on their face that made Tsubaki sweat dropped.

"So that's mean Ichigo can have more girls correct?" Tsubaki nod slowly to clarified it.

'Orhime as turn into that Honsho girl.' They howled in horror and deafeat.

"Hey Orihime-san, can I be Ichigo fraccion?" Orhime just nod and approve it. Tsubaki was relief that she was invited and welcome to the family.

"Ichi-kun!" a small pink hair girl latch on Ichigo left shoulder and gigille that Ichigo startle by it. Then she went to hug Ichigo at his chest area but daze and staring at Ichigo's 20 abs of steel that was covered by sweat. Yachiru was blush madly but hug still and they heard a load 'thud' beside they. When they saw who it is, it was Zaraki-hime also known as 'Goddess of Blood War'.

"Well it's good to see you again and also I can see that you improved." Yachiro let go of Ichigo then went to Zaraki-hime's left shoulder, but she was also blush when she just beside Ichigo. Ichigo was tall or maybe a bit taller than Zaraki-hime and then she just staring at Ichigo body's. 'Sexy, Abs of Steel and- bad Zaraki bad, he is your rival not some kind a hot guy with 20 abs of steel that was cover by sweat.'

Ichigo wave his hand in front of Zaraki-hime but fail but then she was surprise and start blushing more like a tomato skin, Ichigo kiss her on the lips and he then let go then lick his lips to taste Zaraki and it was pleasant taste.

"Like what you see and also blushing hardly. I see even the Goddess of Blood War cannot stand kissing." Ichigo smirk and gins madly. Zaraki try to protest like a girl but fail to so, and she just sigh in defeat. "And I think that Byakuka-hime helping Rukia and Renjia who is fighting Yammy the cero espada."

For Nnoitra, well he was crawling away from Ichigo and Zaraki like a pussy. "Don't ignore me you shi-!?" Nnoitra didn't finish his sentence because Ichigo bring back his dual scythe and then disappear and then another Zanpakuto come but it was even surprise.

"What the hell is that Gin's-baka zanpakuto!" Zaraki said then gain attention from everyone, even Nel, Orihime, Grimmjow and Tsubaki went up to Ichigo to see it's true or not.

"What's that pathetic zanpakuto going to do huh?" Nnoitra siad with a mocking tone on it.

"Ichigo-sama use my bankai at him and feel what it feels like when you mess with Ichigo-sama!' Shino said with rage in her words.

'Your wish is my command Shino-hime and I'll make him suffer because he too hurt Teresa-hime.' Tesla and Shino blush by Ichigo compliment them and protect them. 'Also keep your under pants up okay after the war is over, everyone can have time in your life time.' every girls in Ichigo's inner world blushing including Satan herself.

"Now that you just insult Shino-hime and hurt Teresa-hime, you gonna pay and suffer more." Ichigo with anger and fury in his tone the he raise Shino up wards toward Nnoitra and then said the words that Nnoitra even fear of, "Bankai... Kamishini no Yari." then the sword pierce to Nnoitra heart and cough to much blood.

"What the just happen and why the damn thing got so fast!?" Nnoitra cough more blood. He then struggle to move.

"Kamishini no Yari can travel up to three hundred thousand kilo-meter per second and also it is the most flexible sword in the universe." Nnoitra eyes wide because even he try to run away from Ichigo, he would still get caught and pierce. "Also Kamishini no Yari as a poison, when it hit a spot, that area will disintegrates and turn into dust."

"Also thank you." Nnoitra narrowed his eye to Ichigo and confused that what was Ichigo thank you for?

"What are you thank for?" Nnoitra then cough more blood and stain on his mouth.

"For training and fight with me, aslo to control my new power." again confused but then Nnoitra realised something about Ichigo and he didn't think about soon. The eyes of Ichigo was feared to look.

"Don't tell me that you develop more spirit energy and have enormous speed!?" Ichigo then applaud and chuckle dark and evil that made Zaraki and the others smirk. But for Zaraki, she was excited for how evil Ichigo chuckle is.

"Ding ding ding, we got a winner guys. Also I am honour to have a fight for song long. Farewell Nnoitra Gilgo." on cue Nnoitra began to disintegrate into dust before saying, "It's an honour as well Kurosaki Ichigo."

"Now that's over. We now search your and Nel's friends then?" Ichigo turn 180 degrees to face the others while Zaraki hug Ichigo from behind to feel his warmth.

"Lets go and find the present of Trece Espada and hers fraccion." Nel said as she remember some of her old memory. Ichigo then nod and try to find some reitsu of the current Trece. He then nod to them that he find them and sonido with his physical speed while the others followed behind.

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