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"So" Rias break the silence of awkwardness and all their attention went to Rias who is struggling to get her words out.

"Yes dear what is it?" Rias mother said or known as Vealana Gremory.

'Mmm how should I handle this?' thought Rias while her mother getting worry about her daughter with her friends. Well her concern was the orange hair boy who is siting beside her that she worried about and she didn't know why.

"Well this is unexpected?" said Ichigo and their attention was on Ichigo beside Rias's. And how Rias thankful about her husband.

"Let introduce first. Hi my name is Kurosaki Ichigo." said to the family. "And what's your's?"

"My name is Venalana Gremory, and this is my Husband Zeoticus Gremory. And I take that your knew my son Sirzechs and her wife Grayfia?" Ichigo nod and she then continue but was cut off by Zeoticus.

"Wait did you say your name Kurosaki Ichigo!?" Zeoticus eyes wide so of the others except Rias and the Soul King. The others was confused to why he was like that to hear Ichigo name's.

[Well look who it is. Kurosaki Ichigo 'King of Dragon' also married to Tiamat 'Queen of Dragon'. Man it's so long since I have a good spar with you with the others. Man remind me not to insulted your first wife. And I'm sorry.]

"Ddraig what do you mean by 'King of Dragon'!? I thought you said Tiamat is the 'King of Dragon'!?" Everyone was surprise of how did the Welsh Red Dragon said with hesitate tone and how Issei said that was worried face. When Issei have the dragon power, Ddraig give some information about who's dragon is bad and who's not, and who is the Dragon King.

"Well I'm not just a Dragon King but I also known by others." said Ichigo with the others try to name a few gods or king.

"What about others?" Ichigo think, but the just laugh. Everyone shock that not only this man is King of Dragon. Everyone sweat dropped and the have a thought of how he defeat or win over Tiamat. They have shiver up to their spine and they won't think anything else.

"Enough of the title. I'm just a normal person who married Rias no sure name just Rias." Venalana and Zeoticus was surprise of how Ichiog just said with casual and how he almost said that he just equal has everyone. "Also another thing." everyone then listen to Ichigo for what more his background but when he said that, they will forever remember. "How's my grand son doing, Zeo-kun." Zeoricus stunned of how he know about that nickname.

Everyone was confuse but to Rias And S.K they know what Ichigo meant, so they play along with him. "C'mon Zeo-kun, you didn't remember us. Man why Ichigo great great great grandson so helpless." now everyone is more confuse but Zeoticus suddenly remember something in his back of his brain.

He remember he was 10-years old boy walking with his great great grand dad beside him while holding hand, with a man with bright orange hair man in his twenties on his left while holding hands. The man also holding hands but with another person and he could see a bit of crimson hair colour that was fall grace like a water fall. He remember the name and everyone shock of he said it.

"Dad?." Everyone look at Zeoticus and when he did, they were puzzle because, for what they see is a man in his thirties almost in tears and they didn't know why but to Rias, S.K, and Ichigo they were smiling.

"C'mon here son." Ichigo then stand up and Zeoticus on cue jump and ran to his great great great great great father and hug him. Rias aso goes to them and hug also. Ichigo then rub Zeoticus back smoothly and convince him to calm down and how he still act like a boy.

"There there now. Every think is going to be fine now." Ichigo and Rias hugging their great(x3) son. Once Zeoticus calm down he wipe his tears and try to come back their meeting but fail to do as he punch Ichigo in the face. Rias chuckle also S.K. While the others sweat dropped of how painful that punch was.

"Well that's the second time and I think it would be the last or not." Ichigo then stand up and walk to them while they were still puzzle of what happen. Sirzechs on the other hand was giggling like a child.

"Well you deserve that gramps!" Zeoricus shout at Ichigo who was rubbing his bruises face.

"Is that how you treat your very own ancestor, At least give me a kiss on the cheek or something. Man at least your mother was kind enough to kiss me when she punched me." Zeoticus feel embarrass of how Ichigo said that while Rias push Zeoticus and he look at Rias, "C'mon it's rude to not kiss him on the cheek and at least he not mad like before y'know."

Zeoticus then look down and how he remember how Ichigo can be mad and how he still regret that day. Suddenly he could feel a hand on top of his head and was playing with his head. But it was comfortable and he know why. When he look up to see Ichigo into his eyes, he could see regret, and painful eyes and he knows why.

"I'm sorry." Zeoticus said and kiss Ichigo on the cheek like a child to his father would do. "That's fine. Feeling better?" Zeoticus nod.

"Honey why didn't you mention that this boy ah I mean man is your grandpa but also your ancestor?" asked Venalana to his husband and also everyone want to know also but they couldn't.

"Yes my dear he is my grandpa and he also the strongest devil in the world or maybe he stronger that Satan himself." Zeoricus said and everyone were intense of how Ichigo is stronger than Satan himself but Ichigo cut them off and he look at Rias and she nod. But to everyone except S.K know what they having the silent conversation. Then Ichigo sigh.

"Well technically Satan isn't a boy but a girl." Everyone was shock even Sirzechs was surprise by this. But then they could hear a sob coming from Rias and they didn't know why.

"Shh...Rias it's not your fault that she want to continue my legacy but-" Ichigo was cut off by when they shout 'EHH!'.

"Wait a sec, what did you mean 'she' and how Rias was not the fault of something. Also what legacy?" Issei question them also the others want to know as well. When Rias was settling and calm down a bit. She look at Ichigo in the eyes and she knows so she just nod.

"Satan was a girl and she was the first child we had, and also she has... a sister named Yuzu." Ichigo answer and everyone was awestruck. "When I die in a war with the three friction, I think someone inform me when I reincarnated again after 300 years and how I almost going almost on spree to kill all angel and fallen angel who was against me and the devil. Satan died that day when I almost on spree and she was shock to see me again. While her younger sister shock also but she didn't know me so I on rampage to anything that day." Ichigo continued.

"Rias thinks that she was the fault but, I try convince her that she wasn't the fault of Ichigo's death and their daughters. But then Ichigo reincarnate again and gain his memories." S.K said and he gain attention from the others.

"But Rias dies and I didn't know how but, Ichigo at that time didn't and was late when she die." everyone sadden about the story.

"Well enough of that let's go back to the meeting." Ichigo while the others let loose their tension. "From this day Ichigo, my second harem and yama-kun also S.K will be your new neighbour, just a few block from here." Ichigo said with smile on his face while the others surprise of his declare.

"How about me, Ichigo?" Rias ask while looking Ichigo. "Well you can stay at your place which are here with your sons and also daughter-in-law. Also try not to creep out the house and went to my place okay." Rias blushed and she knows why.

"That's settle." Ichigo then order his harem and Yama-kun and S.K to start leaving but, "Oh yeah I almost forgot, Tomorrow I will be in Kuoh Academy with a few my harem. And we meet again at your place Rias. And now bye-bye." Ichiog then walk again and they went to their new home.

'Well at least I got my old live again and what the new adventure will be.' Rias thought as she sleep in slumber.

XX Line Break XX

Ichigo and half his harem were walking to school to only got stare, gossip to them and such by the students who were walking came to a stop. they were almost at the school gate to only get intense more and Ichigo knows why. When they were walking, Ichigo was walking with girls with huge burst that was jiggling up and down while walking. The girls was wearing the Kuoh Academy that were black and white outline and a skirt just above their knees. While Ichigo wear the male version of them, Ichigo was wear the same outfit and with black pants with his infamous scowl face on,

But when they pass through the school gate, all hell loose. The girls was scream, whispering to either that Ichigo has a girlfriend or is he a some kind a model or something. But the most disturbing was some of the girls were moaning and Ichigo knows why. While the boys was like, Kiba Yuto but mature version of him or another pretty boy. Ichigo just death glare at them while his harem giggling.

The girls were a bit different, some of them accept and some of them don't. Some of the are pervert some aren't. But when the perverts saw them, they were like wild animal and how pervert comments. The boys said, 'look at that oppai maybe that will be me in between them' or 'The oppai god has approve their prayer'. And oh how hated Ichigo by this. So when they said that, Ichigo death glare them more until they were like 'please don't eat my soul' or 'i'll will not harm them if i would i kill myself' kind a face.

"Well this is interesting." there is was the Crimson hair girl a.k.a Rias Gremory or the girls call her Rias-sama also the same as her best friend or the 'Queen' Akeno Himejima or called Akeno-sama as well. The two was like the princess and the Queen of the Academy. Rias then walk towards Ichigo and his harem.

"Good morning Rias or I might call you Rias-sama." Ichigo then bow to her like he always joked around. Then he look at Akeno and smile warmly and also bowed.

"Also meet my friends. Rias Akeno this is Orihime-chan,Tia-chan, Nel-chan, Ulqi-chan, Grimm-chan and also Byaka-hime." Ichigo point at each name his said. And then the girls bow and she also bow back. "And also Byaka-hime was a noble family at my old town so be nice to her. And she also under my protection also with the other girls of mine." Ichigo smirk and the students was shock of how Ichigo were under protection of his let alone five people at once.

"How he know Rias-sama and Akeno-sama!?" Some of the girls were saying or thoughts the same thing and then they gasp, "Maybe Rias-sama and Akeno-sama meet their destiny!?" some of the girls were in fantasy of theirs of what could go after that, so Ichigo just shrugged all up.

"Well then let's get going. And also Ichigo what are your classes and also the girls?" Ichigo just smirk and just, "It's a secret." and on cue the first bell ring and they went quickly to their own classes.

XX Line Break XX

'Well this is unexpected again.' there stood in front of classroom are the whole new transfer students. When the were introduce to each of them the girls was some kind in fantasy when they heard each of single name of the girls, but when it comes to Ichigo they were like school fangirls and shouting of how firm yet protective that voice were and how monotone it was. Rias on the other hand was jealous to say at least and how her best friend knows this and she would have some kinda a black mail of some sort to make Rias jealous so easily.

"Okay now the introduction is over, you guys may proceed your sitting and that will be at the back of the classroom. Please Miss Rias can you raise your hand please and who you are." on cue Rias raise her hand as just told and they walk to Rias's place and either seat right, left, in front, at the back or maybe just to seats away from her. and the closest was Ichigo of course.

"Now turn to page-" the class the starts it lesson and how boring it was say at least to Ichigo while the girls was awestruck of how the teacher were teaching them. After that the rest time ring and the students went to the cafeteria and went for lunch. But for Ichigo well you could say that he was in the wall of girls in front of his desk.

"Ichigo do you have a girlfriend?"

"Can we eat some time together?"

"Can I see your abs?" that was disturbing to at least but not so long after this question.

"Ichigo are you a virgin?" and that's Rias have enough of it, so she smash her desk and grab Ichigo by the collar of his uniform and order his harem to follow as well. The girls by the way was awestruck and they suddenly on their fantasies again and let me tell you it was not good to say at least.

"Well someone is jealous and after what thousands years ago you still haven'r change of your jealously and you somebody will be advantage of you with you getting jelo-" Ichigo was slapped by Rias and how his harem saw this was shocking to them.

"Jealous huh that what you gonna say jealous!? AFTER WHAT YOU DID AND YOU WERE PLAYING WITH ME!? I HAVE YOU WILL HAVE ANOTHER WO-" Rias was cut off by Ichigo with embrace and tightly his embrace that even he was playing with her, even she was jealous to other girls. Ichigo still love her and Rias knows that but why she can't accept that?

"I was joking okay I was. I'm sorry okay and I'm a jerk to you some time okay so please give me another chance and I'll make up to you. Deal?" Rias was almost in tears of how she awful she was for slapping Ichigo hard.

"I'm sorry for slapping you. I'm sorry about the burst rage and I know how you would like to tease me with your antics so yeah I give you another chance and this will be the final chance you get. Got it" Ichigo nod and so she kiss Ichigo in the cheek while the girls was jealous so Rias went to them and kiss each of them on the cheek also Ichigo did the same and they were delighted.

"let's go the rest time gonna finish and let's go back to calssroom okay?" on cue the bell ring and they went they. But unkown to them there were two pairs of eye watching them from the start. But also unknown to them that Ichigo know they were there but, he don't want to scare Rias so he played along and the plan went perfectly.

XX Line Break XX


The final school bell ring and it time for club activities or such. Some of the student went home, some went to arcade game or such to let cool down from their tress school work. But some of them are at school for the club activity and or maybe some of them were studying at the llibrary school.

"Rias are you going to your club?" ask Ichigo ask while the girls behind Ichigo.

"Yes I am and I take that you all are the new member?" Ichigo nod.

"Well the follow me." Ria then start walking to their club room at the old building.

While they are walking to the destination, some of the girls try to question Ichigo and Rias about their love story and how did they meet."

"Well Rias-chan when did you meet Ichigo-sama?" ask Tia to Rias and she was thinking of how they first met.

"Well if I remember correctly Ichigo was injured at the time so I find him on near lake covered by blood and I remember he said something about Angel, war between human and such. After few years, he and me met again but it was coincidence, but Ichigo was the first try to talk to me. At that time everyone called me a 'Witch' or such, so Ichigo offered me a shelter at his mansion and I was alone at that time, but Ichigo treat like a person rather a trash. After a few years again, he propose to me after he got in a war again." the girls was surprise of how the story goes from good to bad to worst.

"Well enough about me. We here now." they were so much in detail about the story until they didn't know they were in front of the door club room.

Rias knock the door and the door open to see Akeno, and so they went in and Rias then went back behind covered curtain and she start to have a shower. Everyone was either sitting, drinking that was provided by Akeno or eating something in the club room.

"Well." everyone turn their attention to Akeno, "Who the first try to join the harem?" Orhime raise her hand and Akeno nod and how her material would be nice as well.

Then they heard a knock and Aekno go to the door and open it to see a first year girl Koneko Toujou with Asia Argento. "Well hello there Koneko-chan Asia-chan come on in then." they went in and got a greet by Ichigo and his girls.

"Well this is new and I take that you are a freshman?" Ichigo ask to Koneko who just nod. "And hello there Asia-chan it's good to see you again." Ichigo smile at her and she just bow to hide her blushed.

"Well come on and have some tea." but then the door knock again but open by a boy 2nd year Issei Hyoudou and Kiba Yuto. The boys was either surprised and shocked, not only they meet Ichigo again, but they also meet at school.