Alright guys look like pervs win we're going with the High school DXD Naruto going full blown delinquent. Or at least my version. The following shall include coats, headbands and bandanas (the manly kind), a lot of fights, maybe a girl that makes the beast purr like a little kitten. A crew and the right hand man….Yes it will be Sasuke.

Ok the reason I am doing this is because I feel for some reason out of all the dimensional travel fic or otherworldly fic they never have Sasuke come along. Mostly because of universal hate for him because of the shit he has pulled over the course of the series… Which I understand. (Look at my page for the thing I realized it got too long) Long story short I'm cutting him a break because I can somewhat understand him… an extent. So he will be Naruto's right hand where he deals with the darker side of shit while Naruto his front man and leader of the crew. Just like in the end of the series.

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Everyone becomes devils but the Naruvers trio don't take it kindly and a lot of pot shots at the three fractions. Also different peerages for Sasuke and Naruto

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Ch 1


How many years since he had been here 10, 20 100? After her death he felt hollow as he wandered across the globe and almost added to his list of regrets. But like always that man always came to save him even when he didn't want him to.

'Kami what would I do without my brother.' Came the thoughts of the eternal Yin wanderer Sasuke Uchiha as sat on the out cropping that jutted over the valley of the end. Giving a sigh the young looking man could only think back to worst days of his life and how his brother just kept him together.

For it was roughly 650 years ago that he and his brother of the soul found their curse and its cost. Immortality and their family.

Do to strength they accumulated during the war and after it, their very own chakra reacting to the sage's marks, forcing their bodies to change and to adapt. For with perfection both in shape and vitality. Their bodies became some the strongest the world has ever seen, capable to even defy time and death.

Between the two of them, he being the weak spirited man that he was took it the hardest. For as he felt the happiness he finally posed crash down around him as everything he now had turned to be taken once more. He choose to run away rather than face it like the coward he was, as he abandon his wife of 17 years and his 15 year old daughter. Simply because his heart could not take the pain of outliving his dear family. But it was barely a month and a half later when his brother found him, covered in blood as he tried to test the limits of his immortality.

Sasuke was shell of even his younger self that help started the war, as he raved like a madman as he used the teaching gained from the snake to work out an equation that would make him mortal. By time Naruto showed up at the entrance and saw the sad state his yin half was in do to attempts at trying to weaken the seal through starvation and dehydration.

But as the Naruto's orange figure came to view he figured out that their immortality was due to the chakra mark while physically gone still resided within their bodies. So like the foolish selfish man that he was, he to cut the link between the marks. In frenzy he tried to kill him….again.

It was honestly pathetic while his body couldn't die from lack of food or water, but substance kept it strong. Barely able to lift a sword and cast a puff of fire he fumbled forward. As he looked at the Uchiha with those sad pitying eyes.

And through sheer will he made a worthwhile blow as he stabbed the kage with the only resistance being a single question. "Why?"

The yin barer could not give him an answer as his body gave out and fell to the floor. Were all he could do was stare at Naruto's eyes as he pulled the blade out like a splitter. Tossing it away he simply sat down gave a sigh, as he took in his brother's broken form. And from there he gave the broken man a speech not unlike the one he used to finally bring him back after the war.

But rather than convey his willingness to bring Sasuke out of the darkness he instead showed him his. As talked about how he was not the only one hurting as he was once more forced into loneliness beyond his control. After he finally worked so hard to achieve the biggest wants of his youth. Family. Friends. People who truly and utterly cared for him, just for being him and nothing else. Only for it to be taken away by the bitch called life.

And as he cried Sasuke croaked out "why are you not like me?" His response was what one would expect of a beast of burdens. He would shoulder the load with his broad back and move forwards. As he now knows after their life was over he would never see them again. Which made the time he had left with them that much more precious, and how he would hold on to them for the rest of his life in his heart.

"Which is why teme I can't have you going off your rocker. After all we got a long ass time stuck with each other still." and of course none of their interactions would be complete without a little heart felt snarky. Crying Sasuke could not help but whimper "take me back."

Smiling the blond could not help but wipe his eyes and give a nod of agreement. Throwing his brother over his back and grabbing his sword the two headed home for the last time.

From then on life was what one would expect. Sasuke spent any moment he had after he got better with his daughter and wife. Watching as his daughter succeed his best friend and brother in law, as she took his hat while the brat who took his daughter's innocence violated rule 1 of the 6453 rules of the marriage contract the boy had with Uchiha heiress. "Don't get touchy feely with my princess!"

But as all good things they must come to an end. Their times came and went as they set out as wanders the world. While their descendants helped keep the peace of the world. With only a little help from either Yin or the Yang sages. As they took down a threat far beyond their level, or helped set someone back on the write path. Overall life after their families was pretty boring as they traveled, split up for about ten or twenty years. Got back together, fight each other a bit to keep the skills sharp as we tried to one up one another. Drink a bit, shoot the breeze. Split up again before rinsing and repeating the whole thing.

Speaking of which…

"Oi Sasuke! I thought we'd meet at lake for fishing and some sake like always?" the blonde said as he walked up behind the Uchiha. "Ya but I felt like reminiscing a bit." Sasuke said as he gestured with his left hand towards the spot on his right.

"Still find it weird that with immortality you got a somewhat decent healing factor." Naruto said as he took a seat at the man's side.

"Weird? It was you who buged the crap out of me to let it grow it out rather then cut it off!"

"I know, I know I just got used to you being a one armed bastard rather than a two armed one again is all."

"Oi don't pull that crap on me dobe. It took 130 years to grow you had plenty of time to get used to it. "

"Fine, fine." He said to placate his two armed compatriot. "Just past the jug." handling the clay jug to the blond the Sasuke started to reminisce once more. "You now this is the same spot we stood at when we undid the Infinite Tsukuyomi." He said as the blond gave a quick shake due to the strength of the drink. "Kami that has kick!...Huh you right. For one reason or another we always seem to meet back in a valley. With this one the most visited."

"It's called snake bite. Made at the Ryūchi Cave. And it seems everything wants to go down at a valley or ruins. Must be good fighting feng shui."

"Makes sense."

"The sake or the valley thing dobe?" Giving a shrug the blond just took the jug back as the two sat in silence as they passed the sake back and forth.





"I'm getting remarried." Eyes bolting open the Uchiha could not help but waste good sake in a spit take. After all it had been centuries since either of them even looked at woman after their wives and daughters passed. Neither bothered to look for another woman, mostly due to neither could move on from their other half, and even if they did find another that could complete them like their wives. There was still the factor of immortality forcing them to go through the pain all over again.

"Dooobe..." palming his face Sasuke could not help but let his thoughts race as all the factors that could have led to this outcome. Ranging from the reincarnation of his friends wife, to Naruto finally losing it and made one up. But no matter the outcome or the reasoning behind his friend's actions he would stand by him.

.Giving a sigh the sharingan asked the most prominent question that was on his mind. "Are you sure about this?" Getting a nod in return from the blond Sasuke gave another sigh as he saw the conviction in his eyes. "Alright then…...So who's the lucky girl."

"Kaguya Ōtsutsuki"

Sasuke looked at Naruto and Naruto looked back, there the two held each other's gaze neither breaking eye contact. Taking a deep nasally breath from his nose Sasuke broke eye contact and swiped the snake bite. "You know what. Not even surprised by this shit anymore." he said as his body went slack as knocked back the sake. "So mind telling me how this happened." the blackett said as he looked somewhat relieved blond.


This was a stupid idea.

Don't do it.

Have you lost it?

Came the various muttering of Bijuu as Naruto completed the seal matrix. One that would allow him to completely surpass even the sage of six paths in sealing. Looking around himself he gazed at the hundreds of kanji that surrounded him making sure everything was in place the blond sage began to pump chakra into the matrix and closed his eyes.

Once he felt a dropping sensation pass through his being the blonde opened his eyes once more only to now see a massive expanse of darkness with a single pale glow a fair distance away from him, settling his nerves the ninja began approaching the white light. Upon arriving at the source Naruto steadfast as he looked over the great pillars of marble that had four black chains suspending a single pale sphere giving the illusion of a captured moon. But the sphere was slightly transparent and within it a single unearthly woman sat posture perfect as she meditated. Taking the last few steps that separated them Naruto reached out and rapped on the glass.

In an instant the horned woman inside snapped her eyes open and locked her pale pupiless eyes on his form. For a brief moment white hot rage flashed across her eyes, before like a sudden cold wind snuffed out the flames, and replaced them an icy dispassionate gaze.

Holding their each others gaze the two looked at each other seemingly for hours as they tried to read the one another's soul through its windows called eyes. Breaking the silence the blond asked the question that had been on his mind ever since he first saw those eyes of hers. "Why?" the question was met with dispassionate silence but still the blond pushed forward with his questioning. "You know most everyone I ever fought had some sort of reason for their action. Some wanted power, riches and a few lost souls peace. And each of them told me in their own way their reason. Some did it to bolster their wrecked pride as their plane crashed around their ears. Others did it to mock or scare of some brats who were in over their heads. Hell some even did it as a method of mental warfare by attempting to convince me to join them or to agree with their own ideology in hopes that the fight could be over rather than waste energy fighting me. Or at the very least cause me to hesitate. But you, you never gave a reason just said what you wanted and then fought. So I ask you why you wanted to take all the chakra for yourself." The blond stated with a convention as looked into the twin moon eyes of Kaguya.

He was met with more silence. "You do know you're playing with the world's most stubborn shinobi right?" her face did not change at the statement. "Alright then we can do this the hard way." Naruto said as he unsealed a chair and began his campaign to get the rabbit goddess to speak to him.

It was years of attempts from the blond, most getting no reaction and the few that did were met with a harsher glare or a red faced rabbit. But at long last did the Shinobi won against the rabbit goddess...again.

"You insufferable child you already know my reasoning." came the shout of the goddess that forced the blond to stop his tapping of her prison. "No, I was told by a talking psychotic black stain that had a thing for his mother. While I don't know about most people, I tend to prefer to hear anything straight from the source. Because I honestly don't trust anything that little stain says and after all there can always be more factors than what most people realize at the moment. " Stated the blond as he locked eyes with Kaguya. "So tell me straight from your mouth. Why did you try and destroy the human race." seeing the twitch in the woman's jaw he fully prepared for the shouting that would mostly likely follow

"Very well you want my reason child." The woman said with a tone that could freeze lakes but burned with an undertone of boiling rage. "You and your kind are unfit be in the presence of chakra let alone to wield it. Add to the fact that humanity's war like nature makes them fully incapable of grasping the very concept of peace. As your kind stabs its allies in the back. As you kill and slaughter one another for the most petty of reasons! That is why I did it. Because it needed to be done! Lest humanity tares itself and everything it touches APART." for the first time since they met within the seal space she was imprisoned in did the rabbit goddess stood as she shouted at the blond with all of her hate.

"Then how come we have achieved it?" the blond stated with a fire in his eyes as the rabbit goddess looked at the blond as her royal decorum began to crumble.


"THE HELL I AM DATTEBAYO!" Naruto roared as his chakra came forth like a title wave across the seal scape causing it to rumble on the sheer pressure of the blond's power. "Days after we defeated you and Zetsu's plans we began to work towards peace. And a few years' time the world came to its summit and we had peace all across the planet. One that has lasted for centuries"

Fists balling Kaguya roared back. "Impossible you kind is incapable of such a feet! All you know is war and backstabbing. Without a god you would have made yourselves extinct."

"SAYS the hypocrite!"


"Nearly two decades after the war two more Ōtsutsuki arrived going by the names of Momoshiki and Kinshiki." seeing her eyes widen at the names the bond pressed on. "And they told me of your kind practice with the trees. As they grow them only to feel it power and maintain youth. And your kind was willing to go as far you can just to keep it that way. Even if it means eating your fellow clan mates!" he roared as anger permeating his being advancing forward the blond smacked the sphere shaking the goddess. "SO TELL ME HOW YOUR KIND IS IT BETTER THEN MINE. HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT! HOW ARE WE BELOW YOU? WHEN WE HAVE MADE PEACE!"

All the blond got in response was a scream from the pale haired woman.

It was a start, as two for days argued back and forth, times for hours or till the Ōtsutsuki's voice was robbed or they ran out of breath. But in time even then that ran out, leaving way for conversation and debates. From their time went on as the shinobi and the goddess learned of one another entirety. Their pasts, their histories, everything. Eventually this lead to form a base for an odd friendship.

Which lead to this single moment.

"Alright we're finally going to do this." stated the blond as he placed his hand on the orb containing the Ōtsutsuki. Looking at her now after years she honestly looked comply different. As the hardness of her eyes and faced softened allowing her beauty to truly shine, unlike the more dollish one she had before. Giving nod she signaled the blond to begin and placed her hand with his.

Closing his eyes Naruto let his chakra flow into the orb. Almost immediately cracks appeared over the orb and an instant later the prison forged by two strong young men shattered. For the first time by the man who made it.

"Oomph!" only for the prisoner to fall five feet she was suspended from on the ground…..face first. "Crap! Sorry." moving to help the goddess stand he grabbed her arm as she rubbed her nose. "Naruto-san what happened?" questioned the nasally voiced woman as she rubbed her nose. "My guess do to the nature of your release and Zetsu not gather the world's chakra for you this time it will take a while till you have power back." responded the blond as he set Kaguya into the chair he left within the seal scape.

"Then why did you not catch me?"

"Sorry again. But I was preoccupied with other factors." he said as he began to move the woman hands away to inspect her nose. "Being?"

"..." Her question was met with silence which was answer enough. Sighing the woman let her shoulder sag as a regret coursed through her. Seeing the change in poster the blonde opened his mouth to apologize. "Look Kaguya I..."

"You don't need to apologize Naruto-san. It is perfectly reasonable to hold suspensions of me." she said as she folded her hand in her lap in attempt to hold some dignity. Only to feel a hand cup her face and lift her chin to meet his eyes. "Hey. Look honestly I was being a forgetful and was too busy focusing on the seal to make sure you came out alright." the blond consoled the blond as he gave her one of his smiles.

"I do not know about today's culture but during my reign it was considered a crime to lie to my face." the mother of sages said causing the blond to blink in confusion. "But thank you for attempting to spare my feelings." she finished with a small smile.

"Oi! I'm telling you the truth, I always worry about my friend's safety." huffed the blond. "Well whatever. Let's get out of here." Naruto said as he offered her a hand. Nodding the former goddess took his hand and pulled herself up. Now standing both could not help but quirk their brows at a rather stark realization now they were on level ground. Both of them were pretty big. With Naruto being one of the tallest leaf shinobi at 6'5 and Kaguya probably being the tallest woman in the Elemental Nations at 5'11.

Both giving a mental shrug at the information the blonde placed his hand on her shoulder and in a small twist of space they left.

Appearing on the surface of the moon within the pocket dimension Kaguya created the blond grabbed hold of the woman as she almost fell off the side. "Sorry! I forgot to account for the rotation of the seal." sighing the woman couldn't even get angry after all the man could have just let her fall to her death or leave her in the prison to rot. "How about we just take this to the ground?"

"Ya that probably a good idea. Hold on tight." giving her a few moment to prep herself the blonde cut of the chakra in his feet and fell towards the earth below them. Flipping in the air the blond positioned the Ōtsutsuki woman in his arms into a brides carry. Factoring his passenger he made sure to cushion his fall with chakra to make sure he did not jostle her. "Thank you Naruto-san you can put me down now." Nodding his head he set he feet onto the ground, wobbling a little on unsteady feet the Ōtsutsuki eventually stood tall as her chakra finally began to return to her. Feeling a little curious about her friend and how he had progressed since they first met, she sent out a small pulse to get a reading.


Giving a small gulp the woman stared at the blond as her knees threatened to give out once more at the sheer difference between this man and that boy she first met. When she first met the young man his reserves while a fraction of her own, were still greater than her eldest son, even after losing much of it hers was still greater by a good margin. But now it she doubted the chakra of a thousand chakra fruits combined could even hope to meet the power he now possessed.

"Hey Kaguya you alright?" Looking into the eyes on the question blond the former rabbit goddess could not help but feel relief swept through her. Taking comfort in the fact his eyes and himself did not wish malice on her form for she doubted even the entirety of the Ōtsutsuki clan it members from start of it history to its end working together could save a person from his wrath. "Yes... I guess, I am not used to having such little chakra. " Giving a nod the blond helped support her. "Alright then let's head back then." Feeling the questing gaze of the Kaguya the shinobi clarified with a quick Hiraishin. "Back home."

As they now stood in a field of flowers illuminated by the rising sun. "Figured after all the darkness and my dashing mug you could use some variety." the blond joked. Honestly he felt a good bit of pride as the normally reserved rabbit goddess actually have a look of wonder as she gazed at the all the flowers that surrounded them.

"So I did good?" Naruto asked.

The answer a hug. "Yes thank you Naruto-san." feeling Kaguya's arms loosen he looked down at her meeting her gaze and smile. "For everything."

"No problem."


"After that we kind of went through a readjustment period." said the blond as he sipped a jug of toad sake now that Sasuke was being stingy with the sake he brought, despite it being his turn to bring the drinks. "Overall I say it went pretty well." said the blond with pride.

"So hold long did this readjustment period take." questioned the Uchiha as he looked at his blond friend with a knowing smile.

"Tnudrend bers..."

"I'm sorry what was that?"

"Two hundred years."

"That's what I thought. So did you bring your girl to show off or did want keep it a guy's night?" Asked the smirking Uchiha.

"Just wanted to make sure you were accepting. I know how hard headed you can be." the blonde said as he fired his pot shot at his friends past

. "Me hard headed? look who's talking." Sasuke shot back.

"Oh fuck off teme." growled the blond

"Alright, alright now where's this girl I had listing to you go on about?" Sasuke questioned as he felt a pulse of chakra his blond friend sent out to probably call his girl. His senses picking up the slight distortion behind him. He cast his eyes over his shoulder and saw that the ground behind them came the famous Amenominaka of the rabbit goddess. And from dimensional hole in the ground came Kaguya. Much like a rabbit she shyly peeked her head out of the hole as if to check for predators, till eventually she fully came out. And for a moment Sasuke didn't recognize her.

Gone was the harness in her eyes and the stone face. Now replaced with a much softer set and kinder if very nervous smile. "Got to say now that I have a look at her I'm a bit envious, good work dobe." the Uchiha words causing the ancient chakra user to blush and quickly move to her fiancé side and stand by him but not sitting down.

The blond could not help but sigh at her action. "Kaguya, I keep telling you don't need to be so formal. You are among friends so have a seat alright." the blonde said as gently pulled down his future wife and wrapped an arm around her waist. Causing her blush to deepen before she eventually just snuggled into his hold.

"So Kaguya-san you drink?" questioned the blackett as he offered the jug of snake bite. Feeling it would be rude to decline the offer from her husband's to be best friend she took the jug and had an experimental sip. Only for her to choke on the sheer potency of it as well as shout. "Sta-strong!" Which earned her a few chuckles from the men present. Blushing the woman could not help but swat at her fiancé, or at least attempted as Naruto thwarted her attempts by wrapping his arms around hers as rubbed his cheek against hers.

"Well I haft to say this brings back some memories." the Uchiha said as he caught the attention of lovebirds. "So do I need to send you to a pocket dimension or what?" he was met with cursing and stuttering over waiting till the wedding.

Overall the immortals hearts were light at their first joining as they began form a bond not unlike their original group.

But off course even it felt the same did not mean things repeated the past. After all they had a lot of power and all the time in the world. Which led to their current hobbies reliving and reincarnating through dimensions to enjoy what they had to offer be it love or battle.

The process for them was fairly simple, as they took a fragment of their souls and inserting them into the life stream much like the Kage Bunshin no jutsu. But the difference being the main body who go into stasis to sleep as they lived through mortal bodies and absorbed the memories in one of two ways over the course of a few thousand lifetimes.

The first being a passive reincarnation which involves them taking in the experience of the person they lived as without being fully aware. Other times they would perform a total reincarnation where they were aware of the lives they lived allowing them to take a more hands on approach. But like everything there were bound to a few problems.

Manly picking the next place to go. "Alright we are never talking about that world again." Said the disgruntled Uzumaki. "Agreed." came the voice of an equally peeved Uchiha.

"Really? You would think that the underling of a Superpervert would enjoy all those kunoichi honey." came the rather melodious voice of Kaguya.

"Oi I thought we said we wouldn't machine teme's bad choice."

"My bad choice? Really then why don't we talk about the time you picked the one with zombies and high school?"

"Hey it had Zombies and guns I thought it would be like with Wesker!"

Quickly descending into an argument as the two shinobi began to bring up more rather poor world choices. But feeling those two would probably wreck more than a few worlds if they started fighting she decided it would be best put an end to it. "Now now boys we all made a few mistakes in our times so let's just move on." the goddess said with rather cheerful voice. 'Honestly these two. I'm sure if they never met me they would have just fought one another for all of eternity.' the goddess thought as she reminisced over the changes they all went through the years after the many lives.

Her becoming more cheerful and outgoing as she enjoyed the worlds and what they offered, Naruto becoming a tad rougher as he planned for or slayed evil in whatever life he lived in. Sasuke….well he didn't change much, he was still Naruto's right hand and the group's sarcastic teme they know and loved.

"After all it is my turn after all." she stated only to get groans in response. "What my picks aren't that bad." the rabbit goddess said as she puffed her cheeks. "I know Hime it's just that you have a tendency to pick..." Naruto began as he tried to search the least offence way to way to call out her choices.

"Harems" Sasuke interrupted. "They are geared towards harems. As your girlfriend seems to enjoy giving you as many wives as possible." he said lazily as he looked at the goddess who only puffed up her cheeks more in response. "Well I apologize after all the fighting and confusion mind games you two like to pick. I want something simple and loving." she said as she went back to her search.

"Alright Hime what do you got for us?"

"And please something that won't end with one of my female incarnations jumping your husband's dick because of you."

"Alright so how does this look." the Ōtsutsuki said as she presented the world to her companions.

"Ok we got dragons."

"Gods always good. There's always some bastard trying to take over the world."

"Monsters can never have enough"

"And yokai for a little homey feeling." Kaguya stated with a smile as she was swept up into a hug by her husband. "Hime, did I tell you how much I love you." he said as he looked at the women's pale eyes. "Yes but you could say it few more times." as she traced a finger along his jaw. "How about I do you one better." like a hawk snatching a mouse Naruto's lips descended and stole his wife's as he took them into his claws.

"Oi! Single awareness over here you mind. Also I want go already been needing a good fight." came the cry of the single Uchiha. "Alright already you stab happy bastard let's set up."

With the lovers separated the three began the prep work to send a chunk of soul and their conscious minds into the life stream. Setting themselves in meditative positions the three formed a triangle as they went through the pre soul's insertion checklist.

"Sealing dobe?"

"Check teme, is the soul resonance set." the blonde said as Fuinjutsu spread below them and encircled their forms

"Good to go." the Uchiha said as his Rinne-Sharingan allowed him to connect the souls of everyone as well as make an anchor.

"Hime, dimensional gate opening?"

"All set." She replied as the

"Alright. Sōru Fukkatsu no Jutsu (Soul rebirth Jutsu)!"

Author notes

Alright the dxd fic is out and is a little wired for the first chapter but like all prologs it's just a set for everything else. So we got the crew heading for the Dxd universe for the next few thousand lifetimes.

Honestly I felt the chapter was by far the most trying by just attempting to write a casual conversation or a debate. Everything else I've wrote so far is what I think very dynamic as well as black and white. Meaning it always had a right or wrong or a purpose to it. Honestly just writing about two old friends just talking over some beer and a view is kinda hard.

So feel free to give me some rather harsh but constructive critics on this. So please let me know your thoughts.

Ok this is out of the way NOW TO THE BATTLE GROUNF OF THE GODS