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Ch 3

Normal and Naruto never mix.

Nearly nude clad for what many would call a harem uniform fit for head concubine of a sultan, was young woman with hair like chocolate who gazed at her reflection. A small red bikini with green gems hanging from key points to draw attention to her well sized breasts, while a small pair of scarlet panties covered all that was necessary, the two connected by a turquoise sheer that flapped between the two pieces of clothing almost like green wings. Her joints bare save for a bronze circlets that jangled with each moment.

Tracing a hand of her own body she smiled as the image in the mirror mimicked her as her skin respond to each trace of her fingers. Pride swelling that such a figure before her was indeed hers. From the heft of the breast that we soft yet deliciously firm yet soft to the touch, to smooth tone of her waist, that connected to a pert and rather voluptuous rear, leading to tender thighs.

All the better for her master and her fellow lovers

Turning to him she found his face lay in shadow, her heart sung out towards him. A feeling that seemed to resonate with the others, as in the corner of her vision others like her lay about. Bodies of diversity and blessing each bringing something to bedroom lay scattered about from size to petty, top heavy to bottom heavy but all shared a smiled. One that like she herself bore

A smile of love. A love that was shared between all who stood in this room. All anchored to the sole man in the room, and in turn chained them together.

Two approached her smiles on both, but one did seem rather pouty. She exchanged a hug with pouty one as their breasts caved into one another, pouty's larger ones seeming to wrap around her smaller firmer ones. When they separated she was stolen from pouty into hug with the one who sported a large smile who gave her a searing kiss as greeting.

One that she returned with gusto. Their tongues locked in loving combat, clashing against one another like old rivals. As they fought not with an intent to gain dominance but rather a hello and to feel what the other had learned in their time apart. While their hands wondered what felt like well-used handholds between the two. The smiling one's wrapping around her hair to pull her closer, while she found a leverage in hips of kisser.

But all things must come to end as they separated for air.

Before they could resume their conversation of the tongues their heads like dogs to a call to their master turned their heads to the lone man in the room. With a gesture he beckoned her to come closer. Turning to her current partner she was met with a grin as her partner freed herself so that she could meet her alpha. So with a kiss on the cheek and a slap on her pert bottom the smiling girl who kissed her sent her on her way.

Crawling past the edge of the bed she met her male lover in the center. Seemingly impatient he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. Once there he laid his head against her own, while their chests became so close only flesh separated their beating hearts.

It was rapturous as her heart beat as one with his. As if once their bodies became close their love tried it flow from one mortal shell to its partner.

Her body nearly trembled at the thought of what it feel like once their bodies joined.

"Itsuko~" scratch that his voice simply saying her name made her tremble. If they joined she would be no more, only pleasure would be her only thought.


"Itsuko Hyoudou! Wake up! " came the rather loud voice of the teacher to one Itsuko Hyoudou, as she was woken up from a rather good dream involving her some well-endowed Oppai and a true hunk. But now she was brought back to a rather crushing reality with a distinct lack of hunky men and gorgeous boobs, understandably she awoke rather reluctantly.

"Hyoudou-san I don't care if you find my class boring but you really must pay atten-" Nearly everything at that point was immediately filtered out of her head, as she like most others tend to tune out a rant. Especially after hearing it repeatedly from teachers, nosy student council presidents, and her parents.

From there her day was blur passing from one class to another till bell gave one final ring and her teachers one last lecture about her lack of focus and why she should act more like a normal student.

It wasn't her fault as normal didn't really apply to what she wanted, and nor did the society's constricting sexual stimulation! SO what if she wanted to be part of a harem. After all isn't that the truest point of humanity to be or be part of strong few selected group where love was unconditional and the sex was plentiful! Where the lead alpha of her pack could love and-


NOT get run over by a car. Snapping out of her little fantasy the middle school senior stopped just short of walking into the road. Grasping her head and giving it a little shake hoping to wake herself up.

'That's the third time this week either I need find me a man that can fit my standards or something.' Itsuko wailed desperately in the confine of her own mind at the seeming futility of her quest. As all went into for with less than even pure thoughts, or thought they deserved them due to looks, wealth or status. None of having a personality to think of nothing but the others and how they could make the girls that love him feel special. To see the girls of his harem as individuals each special and unique, each deserving attention and respect. To live for other rather than oneself.

'Curse this monogamous propagated world! For running hearts of so many with your cruel, cruel ways!!' slightly shouted the young brown haired pony tailed girl before going slack at the hip. Disappointment coursing through her as not even mentally laminating to the gods above would show her the way.

'Uggg this is such a letdown…. maybe the next issue of Noble Demon's lovers has come out.' With a quick reorientation the girl went from her homeward journey towards her favorite shop.

"Hey-" called Itsuko as the jangle of her favorite shop the Evil organization: games and comics. Home to the. "Call me a greedy again and I won't tell sell you "your" books anymore" the most frugal / nice bastard to ever walk the face of the earth aka Arihisa Aokura, family man of seven and partial owner of the store.

. "Aww come on dwon't bwe like that minion lord" whined the girl with puffed cheeks and cutesy voice. After all who else would sell Itsuko her supply of material?

"You know that doesn't work on me Itsuko. " sighed the man behind the counter dressed in what seemed to be red and black evil organization minion get up, with apron attachment.

"Aww come on aren't the bad guys supposed to take the school girl hostage?"

"Yes but I have a hot wife who is also my boss so you gonna buy something or do I need to get the broom?" threatened the man as the girl flinched. After all the man behind the counter was seriously in the wrong get up he should at least be part of a monster team that stuck around for a special.

"Now now no need to be hasty. I just wanted to know if Noble Demon's lovers was in?" pleaded the girl as she back away hoping if he does bring it out she could run.

"Ya it-"

"Great see you in a bit!"

"Hey! You better behave yourself this time I don't need clean up any more virgin blood like the last time you were here!" shouted the man at the retreating ponytail. "Damn kids no shame these days. Well at least she drags in the cherries."

"Let's see...crap, read it, fan service looks good but crap. This would give me a headache, and that would give nightmares...come on where is it?" grumbling Itsuko continued to trace her fingers along the spines of various manga, irritated at the lack of her favorite series.

"Arihisa! Where's Noble? I know you're a cheapskate but you even give the sellout series a chance! " called out the girl as she looked over the shelves towards the head clerk.

"You're not the only one who buys that you know! Maybe it sold well you twerp." Cried the shopkeeper back, forcing a tiny seed of despair into Itsuko heart as she began to frantically search her favorite series.

'Come on, come on where are you?' She thought as her eyes skimmed over every single series that shared similar genres to her target. Till at last she found the last copy, as it stood like a lighthouse through the darkness of her ever growing despair. With gusto she went to snatch it, only for her fingers to interlace with another much more pale hand.

Turning to meet her for she expected a pale skinny otaku who hadn't seen the sun since the last release date. But instead she was me with the face of with the face of a princess straight out of the edo period. Her eyebrows shaved into two dots as symbol of nobility while her hair fanned out behind her much like a shining halo of a kami. This only furthered her beauty as it drew attention to the ruby red of her supple lips as it curled around her bountiful chest as if to frame its size. Her school uniform, long and flowing and at first glance would come off as a kimono on the regal beauty before Itsuko.

All in all one thing was for sure Itsuko wanted to see what was underneath the baggy uniform, for despite its formality and bagginess it did little to hind curves the shown past it.

But she soon found arms wrapped around her form as her body was held tight against the pale haired girl before her. "Itsuko!" as the sound otakus fell to floor into the background. This did little halt the firing of neurons in Itsuko brain as rapidly switched from calculating the woman before her three sizes to wondering why such a beauty was hugging her. Till in the back recesses beyond the oppai and muscly heroes of her mind, a memory shown through of a young girl with snow white hair that tugged her along through a park.

"Kaguya!" With happy cry Itsuko flung her arms around the friend she had though she lost years ago. Squeezing hard as if to check if what before her was indeed real. "Oh where have you been all these years? I haven't seen you in ages!"

Kaguya only grinned back before replying. "Oh you know this and that, an exorcism here a calling for rain there." Joked the woman at her family's history of Shinto priests and priestess. "But what about you I haven't-"

"Damn it Itsuko! What did I tell you about killing my profits!"

With a glance between them and the angry shop owner the two had a similar thought.

"Run away!" Bolting over the bleeding bodies of virgin's leaving an even larger trail in their wake the two dashed past the counter leaving a handful of bills before booking it down the street.

Once they felt a significant distance away the two exchanged a pair of grins even as they panted over their knees. "You know if I didn't know better he was trying to get rid of his biggest drawing cards." Itsuko said as she regained her breath.

"I would most certainly agree. Now as I was saying before how -"

"PARDON ME!" interrupted a rather short individual as he bumped into Kaguya in his hurry past her before dashing off back into the crowd.

"Yeash for a small guy he could move pretty fast" commented Itsuko as she helped Kaguya right herself.

"He better be for his sake." huffed Kaguya as she dusted off her clothes. "Now as I was say-" she gave a quick look all around before finding that this time there would be no interruptions. "-ing how have you been?"


Sucking on air the Dmitry readily cursed his short legs as he had lost his targets today for the third time this week. But he would not be discouraged! Regaining his breath he moved towards the house his father had bought for him for his stay in japan. Opening the door Dmitry was greeted by Anton his butler. As prim and proper in his suite as one would expect a man who had served his family well into his 50's. With the only signs of age being the graying of his mustache and chops that sat below his near buzzed down but black hair.

"Afternoon Master Dmitry, the usual I presume?"

"Yes thank you Anton. I'll be in my study." replied the ward as he slipped off shoes and darted to his study. "Do try and mind the time today, it would be a shame if I had to call your mother that you were missing meals again." The words freezing the boy in his tracks, before slowly turning back towards the slightly upturned stash. "Err-yes Anton." Said the boy as he went to continue to his study once more.

"And do keep in mind your parents are making their check up call today, Sir"

"Yes Anton-"


"My homework has already been completed Anton." the young master said to his butler who now sported a row of white underneath his mustache. "Excellent master Dmitry."



"Yes you may go now Master Dmitry."

With a breath of relief Dmitry dashed once more towards his sanctuary, his study. Which unlike the traditional study of a desk, bookshelves and soft carpet. This was entirely a mish mash of screens and wire that covered all but a large chunk of hardwood. Placing on his jacket to prevent himself from freezing, Dmitry booted up his station and began to compile information on his targets. Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha.

'Ok let's see what the feeds have to say of late. '

For the last three weeks since the two had inadvertently saved him from his aggressors and inspired him with their roguish chivalry, he had wished to swear an oath to join such righteous men. But his mind screamed at him to approach with caution, after all what worth would it be to pledge allegiance to such men if they were not a noble as he thought they were. It was this line of thought that had spurred him on into his current situation of digging for information. So that Dmitry could have a better perspective of one Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha.

Digging though data not unlike that of a miner he scoured the web for any reference to the two. He found obvious stuff quite easily being the two were heirs to their respective inheritances and the death of their immediate family. 'But….anything past that and before entering their first public school is...yoptel-mopsel (god dammit).' running his hand through his hair the boy could not help but despair at the roadblock that was in front of him.

As after that he could only find of blurry images, some ten second videos, and the two's vague location at the time. For many it would raise more than a few eyebrows that two heirs attending a various schools from all across the planet, with only barest of information about what went on their. Many would assume that some money was tossed around to get rid of anything that did. But you can't delete anything off the internet, and even if you could code would still float around like thumbprint. A thumbprint a second rate hacker code crack.

And honestly it was begging for Dmitri to hack it. Literally. With a glance at the code anyone who got this far could crack the first layer easy enough. But that was when things would get sticky. With the skills Dmitry had he could see past the first layer and see it was a trap waiting to be sprung, and if you got past that well…. Was a trail of breadcrumbs. That jumped between files and data. Hell it what lead him to most of his collected data in the first place. To a lesser hacker it would have been a wild goose chase that would have led them to god knows where.

But he was not a lesser hacker. He could see that all the links were keys, that when put together would lead the user somewhere…. Which lead to his current dilemma taking that plunge. It wasn't deep web or even an .onion, no it went deeper. Far deeper. And if it was he thought it was, then was this something he should be messing with?

'Uggg! What does this have to be this damn layered!' massaging his temples the young Russian let out a sigh. 'Is this even worth it? I mean I could just be thankful that they saved me. But….it would be nice if I could be a part of something. I mean I prepare a whole damn presentation to go see the world and when I get here I get bullies and all this der'mo. And now I can't even muster up the fucking courage to talk to the people who saved me!' throwing his arms in the air Dmitri could not help but give a let loose a groan of frustration. Chair bouncing the boy could not help but go slack as he lost will to be frustrated and questioned his next move.

Hearing a creek Dmitri turned his glasses towards the door finding Anton walking in with a tray with a glass and small pile of dried shredded squid. "Thank you Anton."

"Do not worry young Master I am simply doing my duties." replied the butler as he set the tray onto a by desk as the young man rolled over towards the sustenance. "By the way your parents will be calling soon." A nod was returned. "A do remember to make sure to wipe your mouth young master less we have another incident." Sweatdropping the young master could only give another nod as he wiped the dangling tentacle from his mouth.


"There they are, well I will leave you to your business." said the butler as he left the room leaving his master to converse with his family in private.

With a deep breath the young man hit the answer button and prepared for storm.

"DMITRI!" For the storm that was his mother.

"OH WHY DIDN'T YOU PICK UP SOONER? I WAS SO WORRIED-" Unlike most would think, despite being an heir to a company that was centered in the frozen north be. Dmitri did in fact have a loving and caring family. As shown by his blond mother.

"You're probably not eating right that's probably it. I'll take the next fight out and be there in the morning to make you fresh kasha and butterbrodts." said his mother. A loving woman who at time could be called overbearing, but loving nonetheless. Even when seen from the camera, the tiny woman was already throwing a suitcase together as food and clothing flue past the screen.

"Elizaveta!" came the deep voice of a much sterner individual the owner of said voice and, head of Kuznetsov Corporation. Vsevolod Smirnov. He entered in range of the camera and nearly filled the screen. Vsevolod was man who for all intents and purpose was stereotypical of a Russian man, tall and broad in shoulder with slicked black hair save for a mustache and sideburns. With a personality to fit his mountain like stature. A stark contrast to Dmitry's mother who like him was a rather short individual with a personality of a warm fire in a log cabin yet was as predictable as winds in a snowstorm.

Sitting straighter the small Russian boy looked towards his mountain of father and spoke. "Mama. Father. It is good to see you again." His father giving a returning nod as mother forgot her plans to fly to japan and make kasha and smiled over her husband's shoulder.

"So my little tin man, how are things? Find a girl you think is pretty?"

Dmitry's face flushed from his mother's words, but he calmed himself once more before speaking. "It is going well mother. My studies have been going well still, and no I have not."

"Good, because no one is taking my precious tin man away from me yet."

"Eliz. How is Dmitry supposed to become a young man if you won't even let him approach the edge of the nest." countered the boy's father.

"HE DOSEN'T! I already have a man I don't need two! So he can just stay my little tin boy."

Bickering immediately followed and Dmitri couldn't help but smile at the two. His mother's animated body language as she flailed about on screen, while his father argued back stone faced and still. Paying little concern as his mother as wiped like winds around the mountain that he was.

It wasn't long though before things calmed back down as his father like an avalanche snatched up his wife and held her still in his arms. After give a few futile struggles to break out of her husband grip, the woman settled into his arms a pout on her face as she blew a stray hair.

"This doesn't count as winning."

"Now onto business, Anton tells me, you've come across a pair of young men that have gained your interests. Something about saving you form a trio of unmentionables?" question the man as the words seemed to set off the small blizzard that was his mother.

"WHAT! I'LL REND-MPHH." began to shout the woman before Vsevolod 's hand covered her mouth as an attempt to save both his and his sons ears. But it seemed to only make the woman more volatile as she thrashed in her husband's arms.

"We will talk about this later." signing off screen went black as Dmitri smiled that even away a good ways, something's never change.

With a new found vigor the young man returned to his work in his attempts to make heads or tails of the situation.


"Ok I may have broken several laws, but I have finally at least found out. Where they would be next. "

It was late in the night that Dmitry had decided to move from the past to the present, as the chance of whoever was making this trail wouldn't be able to cover up anything recent. Which after running a few dozen self-made programs (read illegal as all hell) he had found finely was able to pinpoint their rough next location.

"Which should be a…. broken down factory at the edge of town…." Dozens of less than reputable going on flashed through his head ranging from drug dealing to simply a late night Bousouzoku. But they were of minor issue in face of the new problem, what to do with this information.

'Well I could confront them….But what would I say? I mean it late I can't just go gallivanting across town. But it could be the only way to get a definitive answer. ' Struggling to find an answer, the young man had completely missed his butler entering his room once more.

"Master Dmitry?" Startled the young man nearly fell out of chair.

"Something wrong young Master?"

Regaining his baring Dmitry turned to respond. "Ah, no Anton just lost in thought." Nodding his head understanding the butler connected on with his original purpose for entering.

"Very well young master but I must inform you I am turning in for the night." With a nod of understanding the young man turned back to work muttering a repose of turning in as well in a while. But before the young man could return to his work the Anton spoke. "Pardon me young master but, before I turn might I inquire what has you in a kerfuffle?" Freezing, Dmitry instinctively thought to dismiss the man's concerns, but another part of him debated on whether to enlist some help or at the very least some advice.

Logic won out over pride.

"I'm...at a crossroads I could be on the cusp of getting the answers I want, but I am unsure if the risks are equal to the reward."

Stroking his chin the butler pondered how to best approach the question before his master's indecisiveness. "Hmm...I believe it was you father who once said this to me after he put a good sum of money into a rather small furniture company in southern New Hampshire, that I personally saw as a rather foolish investment." began the butler as he caught the attention the young man before him. "When I asked why he would take a fool's bet he responded with the words "Anton sometimes a man must be willing to take risks, even if they end poorly for him. He can take satisfaction that he choose that path rather than never choosing and staying forever at a crossroad."" quoted the butler.

"I take it he didn't get his investment back?"

"Indeed" responded the butler much to the disappointment of the young man before him. "But he did make bond with a small store that has furnished a good number of the manors main rooms." finished the butler.

Nodding at the story the Dmitry looked once more at his screens he made up his mind.

"Also if you do happen to go gallivanting in the night young master I recommended taking a taxi to your approximate destination. And perhaps a taser young master."

Dmitry couldn't help but let a little grin make his way onto his lips.


"Now if I'm right they should be here." eyes rising from his phone Dmitry cast his eyes upon the destination before him. A warehouse that has been abandoned for god knows how many years, its walls rusted and its windows stained all the while the moon just peeked over the roof.

Dmitry was already regretting his decision. I mean who exactly goes chasing after tough individuals. At night. Near an abandoned warehouse.

Swallowing whatever spit that had accumulated in his mouth and patting his coat pocket to make sure the taser was still there, Dmitry moved forward mustering whatever courage he had. Hesitantly he reached for the handle, grasping the rusted bar he pulled.

It didn't even budge.

Pulling harder the door rattled in defiance. Frustration growing Dmitry banged on the wall, causing a metallic thumps to echo across the night.

'I didn't come all the way out here on my Friday night, searching for these two for three weeks. To be stopped by a bloody door! ' Kicking the obstruction before him, Dmitry huffed before notice something in the corner of his eye.

A flash of light.

Splashing light ageist the side of a warehouse parallel. Another followed, and soon another and another before going dark and then starting up once more.

Following the flashes Dmitry found a window above him. Curiosity getting the better and the possibility of finally being able to once more meet the two men who saved him. Dragging a combination of boxes and crates the young Russian was able to make a crude staircase to lead him to his goal.

With heave and ho, the young Russian struggled to pull himself up.

"Al..most... there" with a curse towards fate for giving him such a weak body and final heave, he pulled himself up to the window.


Miraculously Dmitry was able to hold on to the window ledge. But the sound of growling and crunching stone did little to calm his nerves. Mechanically he turned his gaze to meet whatever it was.

It was a nightmare, pure and simple. Like some sort of huge grey amalgam of centaur, machine and love craft horror. It's dozen or so legs finding purchase on the ground as the metal that poked out of its body scraped the ground or glimmered in the. But the most eye catching was the bloody chainsaw that replaced one of it four arms.

And then it turned showing Dmitry it eyeless head and razor filled mouth.

"SCREEEEKKKKK" unflinching Dmitry watched it let loose a rock in blender like screech. All the while the young man's head jumping from trying logically deduce he hit his head and is dreaming this abomination, to just not giving a damn from how bad he was going to piss himself.

"Open Fire!"

Answering the call gunshots rang out from the hole in the factory causing to blood mist across the monster's form. Oddly enough it was gunshots that scared Dmitry into letting go of the windowsill, causing him to crash into his makeshift staircase.

Roaring once more the creature took off down the alley towards the open shipping area. It was by sheer luck that Dmitry wasn't trampled or implied by the creature's many feet. But what caught his attention, where the young men who came barreling out the whole after the creature.

Delinquents of all things crazy hairstyles and old school fashioned. Running after the creature, some carrying what looked to be rifles of a previous era, others had bats or…

'Is that a BROADSWORD?' eyes widening at the sheer audacity at Japan's strict weapon laws as the young men bolted past Dmitry.

"Move it you slow fucks! You let it get away, and The Electric Mambas will be the laughing stock for the month!" called out an individual with a brass turtle that had two chain tails on his shoulder as he fired his rifle.

More individuals came pouring out with call of "boss" or "Let's Mamba! Mother Fucker." Of all things.

Peering out past the corner Dmitry watched as the Electric Mambas rifle men formed a half circle around the beast peppering it from a distance. Others bearing more close quarter weapons did the insane and charged damn thing, bashing against it limbs with their bats. While another attempted test his shield and sword against chainsaw, and somehow was winning. As another….

'Did he just rip that leg off with his bare hands?!' gapping at the crazy site before him as the ball cap wearing man tossed the leg over his shoulder and jumped back into the fray.

"Reo! Contained the fucker we got our fangs incoming!" Shouted the brass turtle sporting fellow cried out. Causing a skull beanie wearing Mamba to nod his head a place his palms at the creature, creating a large purple ordinate circle, while the rest of the Mambas began to back off

"Vincula binding!" At his call spike tipped chains poured forth from the circle, like vipers they pieced and wrapped across the beast's flesh. "Ancora!" calling out once more the one named Reo slammed his circle into the ground, creating a large stake that anchored the chains.

Not long after a rumbled echoed over the creature roar. Eyes following the source of the sound Dmitry saw motorcycles come tearing down the stretch of land, many of them bearing large jousting lances.

Like madmen that seems to flock to this area they rushed the beast lances digging into it flesh. The biker's momentum picking up the creature they carried it forth as its rear dragged behind them. Till eventually they crashed into a factory wall nailing it to the wall, immediately after The Electric Mambas went to work restringing it. Soon the creature could barely struggle as chains, muscles and metal drove into its flesh held it inert.

"Boss! The fucker is pinned down harder than Yuta's sister." shouted the apparent leader of the Mambas as an angry "hey!" shouted back.

"Not bad a bit rough. What say you Sasuke?" Eyes widening at the voice Dmitry unknowingly moved out of his hiding spot to gain better view. As the two he worked so hard to track down had finally made themselves apparent as they walked out past the factory doors.

"They need work on their stealth." replied Sasuke.

"Yeash, don't be too helpful why don't ya?" said the blonde as he looked at his long time comrade dryly, as the Uchiha gave a shrug back. "It's a miracle anybody lasts long under your wing."

"Well you spawn lasted long enough." bit back Sasuke

"Oh get your panties out of your ass, you're just pissed you ended up being related to me." shot back the blond as the Uchiha just tched.

"Now onto business." Approaching the monster before him Naruto stepped up on its body and met the creature eye to mouth. "Now can you speak?"


Unamused Naruto wiped of the spittle off his face and glared at the creature before him. Reaching into his coat the Uzumaki pulled out a rather old revolver and loaded it before the beast uncaring that it tried to bite his face off.


Firing a round into the creature Naruto watched into convulse and scream. Tired of its noise the blond pistol whipped the creature. Grabbed its head and staring into its eye Naruto asked once more his voice seeming to take a palpable darkness.

"Can. You. Speak."

The creature did.

"You dare speak to me mortal. I the great…."

BANG! Once more a round cracked into the darkness this time taking with it the one of the creature's arm.

"I didn't ask for your life story I asked if you can speak." cut of the blonde. Regain his composure. "Now how which house are you from?"

"House? House! The great RAGTH is no dog. The weak devils could not control a Demon of my gah! " the creature mouth becoming clogged by the revolver that shoved its way down it throat.

"Thank you for your time we're done here." Gun now glowing with unseen power Naruto fired his remaining rounds down the beats gullet. The rounds caving past the flesh leaving exit wounds fart too large out its back and into the dirt.

Standing the blond turned towards the gang that held the beast down. "Alright we're done here. Good job boys I say you proved yourself over The Brass Water Soldiers. Now Takamaru get the trucks here I want this demon moved out before dawn and scrapped for parts by Sunday." the blonde said as the leader apparently named Takamaru who gave thumbs up affirmative.

"Mambas go get-"


Like a bunch of hawks the delinquents swiveled their heads finding a rather short young man, who had slipped on a few of the bullet casings lying about. Eyes meeting the Yankees the short Russian couldn't help but sweat.

"I uhh can-"




Honestly it was a miracle that Dmitry was even coherent at this point let alone conscious. After the Electric Mambas had spotted him they immediately went for the go to approach of grabbing him viva dog pile. After he was dug out the pile of bodies he was hurried into a tinted widowed kei car and was sandwiched between the ball cap Mamba who had ripped off the creature's leg on one side. While his other side had skull beanie sporting Mamba, who was currently testing Dmitry's ability not to wet himself at the fact he was tossing a small ball of lighting between his hands like a baseball.

All in all it made for a very tense ride for the little Russian as he was sent off towards god know where.

"Alright time to get out." Gulping at the words Dmitry's mind raced at the thoughts of whatever awaited him from swam about his mind. But never once did he think he'd find himself before a relic of a building like before him.

'Funbari Bowl?' read Dmitry as he looked at the faded sign of the old entertainment building. He would have asked a question as to of all things why a bowling alley, but was silenced as one delinquents escorting him pushed him forward and said "Keep your mouth shut and you'll get answers soon enough." Gulping Dmitry allowed himself to be "escorted" into the building.

Following the rest of the Mambas, he stole a gaze around to find for an old building in the middle of nowhere there were a surprising amount of tire treads. But upon entering though it was apparent, that unlike the outside the inside had a surprising amount of life as Yankee's milled about while the lights shined brightly above.

'But, how? Surely if that all these lights were on some would have, should have escaped outside.' Dmitry would have pondered on how many laws of Newton were being violated at the moment, but he was shoved along towards an unused lane. Stopping before lane number 9 Dmitry heard one of the two who brought him hear entering a set of inputs on the keypad. He was tempted to take a gander behind him but the lane before him opened up into a set of stairs, and he was lead into the unknown once more stuck in the middle between two delinquents. The entrance closing behind them.

Dmitry didn't know how long they walked down the stairs but he did know they went deep and far, going up, down and along halls for an unknown amount of distance. But apparently large enough far enough for his two escorts to bicker of directions before having to call for help twice. Eventually they walked into a large open area. Casting his eyes outward he observed it was circular and nearly half a mile across in diameter, metal double doors and large open halls lining the circumference.

'This must be a nerve center of some sort.' thought Dmitry as he was pulled back apparently skipping the door they needed go into. One of his escorts opened it up showing a room filled with empty desks with only a few manned by an older looking men and women shuffling about papers.

With no time to gather a lay out Dmitry was pushed along to the end of the all and lead up a set of stair to an overhead office that wouldn't have been out of place in a factory. As soon as they reached the top of the stairs the door was opened and he was pushed in, sending him stumbling as his escorts gave one last pieces of instruction. "I don't know why you're worth the bosses time, but you damn well better be respectful, got it half pint." The ball cap one warned Dmitry who full intended to adhere. After all if Naruto could control these delinquents who could kill that monster and a probable uncountable number of others like them, then the head would surely be something to fear.

In hopes calm his mind the young man turned his eyes towards his surroundings finding the office to be leaning more towards the higher end of the food chain. As it was not only had the basic staples of the average CEO office but also a pair of rather plush coaches and a few matching chairs seated around a hardwood table. But what truly got Dmitry's attention was the rather alien plants that decorated the room, one in particular fully captivating the young man's attention.

As a result you couldn't blame Dmitry when the door crashed open and he nearly leapt out of skin. As Naruto came barreling in door opening with a slam as frustration coursing through his voice as he argued with another over the phone. "And I'm telling you! That we need to keep them out of there." Said the blonde as he walked towards what Dmitry assumed was his desk. "No, I do not care if one of them is hot as fuck. They either are willing to work or add something to the cause. " Continued the blonde as he tore open one of the desk cabinets and began to flip through its contents. "What?...Waite really? Ok, ok, ok, if it means that much we will put them on a trial period. But if they don't shape up they get wiped and they are gone. Got it. "

With a snap the blond shut the phone and stuffed it into his pocket. "Fucken hell. I swear and they say that only guys take chances on appearances." Grumbled the blonde as he went back to trying to find his files completely ignoring Dmitry in his entirety.

"Are we going address this, or should we just head home if you keep wasting everyone's time?"

Startled once more Dmitry spun his gaze towards the side of the room where Sasuke leaned against the wall unnoticed. "Then why don't you address some of this god damn paperwork!" immediately Sasuke responded with a paling complexion and hands raised in surrender. "Ya that's what I thought."

Finally finding what he was looking for Naruto slammed the cabinet and set a collection of folders across his desk and acknowledged his guest. "Sorry about that but well if shit isn't hitting one fan it's different one." With a satisfied smile Naruto turned towards his guest and motioned towards the chairs. "Pick a seat and we can get rolling." Nervously the shortest in the room made his way towards one of the coaches as Sasuke apparently stole one of the end seats when Dmitry want looking. "So Dmitry can I get you anything to drink soda, juice, milk, Vodka." grinned Naruto as he made his way to a small mini bar and fridge.

"Burban if you have it please."

Silence permeated the room as the two young men looked a little wide eyed at the short man teen's request. "Uhhhh can you handle it?" question the blonde who only received a rather confident nod. "Bourbon it is then. "Once the drinks of choice were passed the two young men watched onward as their fellow occupant easily shot back the liquor.

"So uhh I guess you can handle it then. You don't mind me asking the story behind that do you? " began Naruto.

"My father was disappointed with my height and since I couldn't easily stare down my opponents in the boardroom I should at least be able to drink them under the table. As a way to continue my training I generally have something to take the edge off at home" Dmitry confessed, feeling it was better to honest in retrospect to this whole situation.

"Fair enough. And since you answered my question I feel it is only fair that I answer one of yours. So where would you like to begin."

Breathing deeply Dmitry tried to calm his mind to form a question that would give the best and most possible answers, if only to help himself gain some sort of foot hold in whatever he's stumbled into. "What...What did I get myself into?"

With a smile Naruto responded. "Tell me Dmitry you much into mythology? Religion? Folklore?" questioned Naruto as each answer was responded with a shake of the teen's head. "Well sure you know about Zeus, Odin and the sun god Ra." these received a nod. "Well what if I told each of them and their fraction existed. Along with every other myth and fantasy, from the Demons of hell to the Chupacabra to Yokai."

"I'm sorry I don't think I follow." stammered the teen.

"God! Dmitry. Monsters, Satan, Angles, Hercules, King Arthur they all exist and with them magic." exclaimed Naruto. "Everything that has even went down in legend or famous horror story where true. Each and all of them forming into fractions and groups while hiding away in the fridges of the world beyond normal human sight."

Dmitry couldn't help but gulp as the reality began to set in. That beings of incredible power lurked in the shadows. His mind already running through some of the more unsavory tales from soul stealing mirrors to cabalistic giants.

"But most of the things tended to get blown out of proportion so you can take solace that only a handful of things are right on the money." continued the blonde.

"Might I ask from some examples?" nervously questioned the Russian hoping to profile at least a few things.

"Well Zeus is definitely a man whore of the highest order." It was hard to not crack a smile at the jab at the Greek god of lighting's outrageous sexual preferences. "And the thing about kappa's ripping your soul out the ass that's bull, they just really like butt stuff." There was no stopping the laughter that came next.

"Dobe, why must you always lead with those examples?" Groaned Sasuke as he looked at the smirking blond.

"What it's an ice breaker what you think most people can keep it together when this shit get dropped on them?" said Naruto as he waved towards the laughing Dmitry.

"I would say it's that and a combination the alcohol finally kicking in a bit. But I thank for that, my mind was going to rather dark territory quickly." said Dmitry through the laughter as he began to recollect himself. "So how exactly do you fit into all of this? If you don't mind me asking." asked the teen as his composure began to comeback.

"Well as I said before each religion exists and with that a claim of land."

"Like a kingdom or country I presume?"

"Correct" answered Sasuke.

"So then that means only Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Catholicism are present?" probed Dmitry as he assumed that only currently believed in religions where present.

"Ehh Not exactly. You see normally each fraction is distinct enough that they are normally distinct enough that they can survive on reputation rather than followers. Such is the case with the Norse, Mayan and Greek factions who are still pretty big players, but believe still plays a large role which is why the more popular religions tend to have bigger sway."

"But due to similar beliefs and practices the literal power manifestation of them can at times become blended and adding to their power such is case with Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Which in turn also combined the underworlds but since each was rather distinctive and changed over the years. The devil faction has more than one Satan, but this in turn makes them weaker as a result when compared to the amalgamation of God. " Sasuke added.

"I see, so I assume you two are part of church then. Since the thing you killed said it was a demon."

Naruto couldn't help but snort at the idea of him being anywhere near the church. "No, while the church dose in fact have exorcists. We are not part of the Biblical Heaven Faction."

"If anything we would be considered more of a rogue faction."

"Hey don't forget the technically." added Naruto as Sasuke didn't seemed concerned of the implications of his statement. "Officially to most if not all the factions, be they monster or godly. Humanity is nothing more than cattle for product or food. To be harvested and used at their leisure as one can tell with history's cases of human sacrifices and the Greeks reputation of debauchery." As one would expect no one hid a grimace at the thought. "As a result we tend to put the little guys interest at heart and is proudly the only multiracial peace fraction."

"...So are the other fraction like white only?"

"What NO! I mean race is literally race. You know Human Race, Devil Race, Elf Race you get the picture. "

"I believe so, but what about the whole rouge and peace thing."

"Well...the peace thing is because we seek balance and peace between the fractions, while most everyone else is either seeking supremacy or are just happy setting on their thrones rubbing it out till someone pisses them off. While the rouge…. " Naruto said as he began to trail hoping it would give him time to put together a decent explanation.

But Sasuke cut in. "Is because we are generally the rift rafts and the odd balls who go against the nature of their fraction or their status quo. Such would be the case if a Vatican priest wanted to make peace with other fractions or a devil wanting to do something constructive. "

"Not the way I would put it Teme" said Naruto as he shot his eternal teammate the stink eye for the rather curt explanation. "But the he's right in a sense our fraction is for the strays and oddballs who are either sick of war or don't really belong in their faction. We then screen them see if they are a right fit then put them to work. So by definition we are a rogue fraction by definition since most are by technically either kicked out of their own fraction for various circumstance or are more loyal to us than their original one. " Naruto finished with a shrug.

Overall Dmitry was rather calm at this point be it aura of the two before him, the bourbon, or simply the fact he had already lost his mind long ago. But the question still remained.

"Then why bring me here I don't really have anything to add to this, I have no magic, no special skill that could be applied to fighting a cyclops. If anything I'm surprised you are even explaining this to me. Why not just wipe my mind like you said to your college on the phone. "

"Ahh but Dmitry not all things are done on the battlefield."

"So resources then?" It was a logical assumption on Dmitry's part after all what did he really have to offer to such a cause other than his family name.

"While admittedly it would normally be a rather lucrative for weapons or cash." Confessed the blond. "But we are already financially stable and most of your factories and mills either don't have the equipment or the right materials. They also are deep in Nord and The Three Ways of China territory. While a handful of them are friendly to us it is best not go stepping on their toes just yet. "

"If not money or equipment what then?"

"If you can't put it together after how long you've been stalking us. You're probably not worth our time." Sasuke coldly cut in. uncaring at the Dmitry's flinch or Naruto rather pointed gaze. But it seemed to be the thing that caused it click in Dmitry's head.

"Waite hacking? But how…. and you knew!" exclaimed Dmitry as flush began to overtake his face that in context he had been stalking…..Both of them guys…...Who knew.

'Oh god they knew!'

"Yes and while I would like to explain more in detail I believe it would be better if you figure out the reasoning. That and honestly I want to get to bed." confessed the blonde as stood up.

"Waite! You can't just-"

"Sasuke make yourself useful."

Dmitry didn't know happened, one moment he was trying to hopefully gain more time then he saw fluffy white feathers then he was in front of his house. He didn't know how he got here or what had they did to make him black out but he knew one thing. He was going to take the plunge, to walk forward into the unknown to-

"Gahh sunlight it burns!"

Get some sleep because he was up till bloody dawn.


"Your two are home early." Both Naruto and Sasuke couldn't help but groan at their fellow housemate jab at their situation. As much like their possible Russian recruit the sunlight had begun to chase after them when they opened the door.

"Really Kaguya?" questioned Naruto as his body was already doing its hardest to shut down. As Sasuke decided to pull the "privilege single" card and decided he was too tired for this shit and went to bed. Leaving Naruto to the classic bit of the husband coming home in the wee hours to a "frustrated" wife in a bathrobe.

"What can I say if you're not in my bed I don't sleep well." Kaguya began as trailed one of her black nails along his shirt before grabbing a fistful of it. "And when I don't sleep well because I need to wait for my husband I get cranky. I don't like being cranky. " Her voice darkening as he moon eyes stared straight into his. "Now I need to be not cranky right now and reason why I didn't have my husband. So you think of a reason while I fix my cranky."

Her terms given Naruto surrendered himself to her conquest. With but a single nod the much shorter woman sprung up her legs and arms finding purchase, her lips found his and without remorse she began to plunder them. Leaving flames of passion burning in the wake of her tongue's invasion while her jaws took every last breath of his as prisoner. The campaign lasted long and its domination nearly complete but like all conquest supplies were needed and Kaguya had ran out, forcing a retreat.

They separated her eyes looking up into his as he looked down at hers. It was there that her animosity vanished and with whatever energy she still had. With no energy to even hold her head anymore she laid it to rest on his shoulder.

"Now have you had time to think of a reasonable answer?"

"Ya and I was held up with a new recruit. Was one of those needle in the haystack kind of guys. Terrible powers but a good heart and a just mind."

She only hummed in agreement. Feeling he was off the hook Naruto made his way toward their room, once there he laid her on the pretturned covers and when to prepare himself.

"Do you need to get up tomorrow?" Kaguya called as her husband finished his rituals and began to strip down.

"You know I do Hime. And no I won't let you keep down past my wake up call."

"Even if I do the thing?"

"Yes and seriously don't do that it can't be good for you and I can never sleep then."

"Maybe that's the idea." A single look was all she was given. "Ok fine. But you're not the only one who found a possible good recruit."

"Oh and who might that be?" asked the blonde as he settled down next to his wife.

"A certain red dragon we know."


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