A Wife for Minato

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It was a slightly overcast day in Konoha as Minato Namikaze worked diligently at his desk, sighing as he placed a signed form into the out pile while noticing he still had a veritable mountain of work left to do. At times he wondered why he agreed to this job when the Third had stepped down.

"Oh yeah because Jiraiya-sensei wanted to make mini-skirts and bikini tops mandatory for kunoichi..." Minato grumbled to himself as he remembered Kushina all but holding him at knife point to take the position. He sighed heavily once again, this time at the thought of his late wife. Before he could dwell on these thoughts any longer, his office door opened and he saw a very roughed up looking Naruto standing there. He instantly smiled at his son, but frowned slightly as he noticed his torn shirt and scuffs along his knees and arms, plus the dirt smear on his forehead.

"Alright, what happened this time Naruto?" The Fourth Hokage said as he got up and walked over to Naruto, picking him up and setting him on the desk, going into his desk drawer for the first aid kit he kept there for instances like this. Any time the 5 year old, or rather 5 and a half year old as Naruto liked to remind everyone, got scuffed up he would run straight to Minato. Minato began putting ointment on Naruto's slightly bleeding knees and them placed bandages over them.

"Well Naruto who did you pick a fight with this time?" The older blond asked, raising his eyebrow.

"That jerk Sasuke said I was a loser so I belted him. Then a bunch of other kids ran up to help him beat me up, then this kid named Kiba came to help me. He's my best friend!" Naruto said cheerfully. Minato chuckled a little as he began working on bandaging up Naruto's arms.

"Kiba huh? That's Kiba Inuzuka right?" Minato asked as he took out a wetnap and began to clean the dirt off Naruto's face.

"Yeah I think so. Then we kinda stopped fighting for real and were just wrestling around. It was fun-ttebayo!" Naruto chirped happily as Minato sighed as he finished cleaning Naruto's face, pulling out a tissue and holding it up to the boy's nose instructing him to blow, noticing Obito entering the office out of the corner of his eye.

"You kids sure have fun the hard way don't ya?" Minato smiled a little as he rubbed his son's hair then setting him down on the floor of the office.

"Iruka-sensei said he wanted to talk to the mothers of everyone who was fighting, so I guess you gotta go for me Daddy." Naruto said as Minato smiled and ruffled Naruto's hair, sending him on his way.

"I'll make time, now go home and get into some clean clothes."

"Hi Obito!" Naruto said as he ran past the eye patch wearing jonin, a result of a near death experience on a mission when he was younger, who politely nodded and gave him a hi-five as he past. Minato sat back at his desk and laughed to himself.

"Ah kids never change." Minato adjusted himself in his seat as then looked back up to Obito who was leaning on the door frame.

"Did you want me for something?" Minato asked as Obito shook his head no.

"Trouble with you and Rin?" Minato asked again as Obito again shook his head no.

"Then what do you want?" Minato asked once again, this time getting worried. It's not like Obito to be this silent.

"I just have a question... How long?" The Uchiha asked as Minato raised an eyebrow.

"How long what?" The Hokage inquired as Obito walked over to the chair on the opposite side of Minato's desk and sat down.

"How long do you think you can be both father and mother to that boy?" Obito asked as Minato slightly glared at him.

"You're not going to start up on that again are you?" Minato asked as he began to focus on his work with far more interest, if only to block out what he had come to refer to as "Hurricane Obito" which had become a common occurrence since Naruto was 3 years old.

"Start up on what again?" Obito asked, sincerely confused by the statement. Minato's slight glare turned into a full one as he sharply turned his head at his former student.

"Start up on why I don't get married again because, and this shouldn't be a shock to you by this point, I do not want to talk about that." Minato all but growled, but Obito took it in stride and shrugged.

"Hey, you don't want to talk about it? We won't talk about it." The Uchiha said as he leaned back in his chair and propped his feet on the end of the desk. Minato smiled and nodded to his former student.

"Thank you." The Hokage said as he went back to work. He knew Obito had the best of intentions and genuinely meant well, and that he saw him as a father-figure and was like a big brother to Naruto, but he had a habit of not letting this particular subject go. But at any rate he was at least glad he had agreed to keep silent about it.

"You know I read an article in a magazine about men who keep putting off getting married. It said they start getting irritable..." Obito drawled out as Minato stopped writing and bristled a bit. Ignoring it he kept working.

"Yep, that's what it said. Especially a man about oh, 27 or so, even more so if they've been married once before. Yep they know they're gonna have to take the plunge again someday, but they keep putting it off. And the more they keep putting it off, the more desperate they get, and the more desperate they get, the more irritable they get, and the more..." Obito continued on before being cut off by Minato.

"WILL YOU SHUT UP?!" Minato yelled, uncharacteristically which threw Obito for a loop. However finding his barrings quick enough Obito leaped from his chair and pointed at the Hokage.

"There you see?! How irritable you are?! That proves my point!" The Uchiha said, smiling in his supposed victory as Minato just continued to look irate at him.

"All it proves is you're worrying me to death while I'm trying to work!" Minato exclaimed as Obito huffed and was about to leave when Minato spoke up.

"You want me to tell you? I'll tell you. I haven't found the woman I want to marry yet. I'm not putting it off. I miss being married. I miss coming home to a wife, but of course being married means you have found the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with and I haven't found her yet." Minato said in no uncertain terms as Obito stated with a scrutinizing eye.

"So you're telling me that in all of Konoha, there isn't one woman for you?" Obito said disbelievingly as Minato raised his hand to silence any further objections.

"She might be here, I don't know because I haven't found her yet. But when I do? I promise you will be the first to know. So are we done here?" The Hokage asked as he prayed to every god he knew of that Obito would say yes.

"Oh yeah we're done sensei, just checking in is all." The Uchiha said as he flashed a good natured smile and left, as Minato just leaned back in his chair in sweet relief.

"Hi Mitoko." Rin Nohara said as she passed a woman on the street. Obito, walking next to her, pulled out a notepad and began to write the woman's name down.

"What's her last name?" Obito asked his girlfriend as she took the pen out of his hand.

"She's married." Rin said as Obito tried to get his pen back. Rin laughed as she handed it back, Obito grumbling.

"Why are you doing this anyway? Minato-sensei said he was perfectly fine, do you honestly think interfering in his personal life is going to help him?" Rin asked as Obito stopped and looked her in the eye.

"Let's face facts Rin! The man has had five years and he hasn't done anything! He's a lonely man who's heartbroken and needs the right lady to help him put it back together!" Obito said dramatically as Rin looked unimpressed.

"You've been dipping into Kakashi's smut stash haven't you?" The brunette asked as Obito began to sweat. Before he could potentially dig himself a deeper hole he noticed something across the street. He grabbed Rin and shoved her into an alleyway, as they squatted down behind a garbage can.

"What are you do..." Obito shushed her though as he pointed across the street to Minato and one Tsume Inuzuka talking.

"Yeah those pups really got into a good scrape, but Iruka's getting his panties in a wad for nothing. Kids are gonna go at it, just in their nature." The Inuzuka matriarch said as Minato laughed.

"Yeah I suppose, still I'm just glad Naruto's making friends. Given how rambunctious he can be and being my son, I was a little worried most kids would be intimidated by him. Such a load off my mind he's got Kiba looking out for him." Minato said as Tsume nodded in kind.

"Yeah Kiba always had this habit of stepping in when someone's in trouble. Hell just last week when one of Hana's little crush went out with another girl, it took me and Hana to pry him off the kid." Tsume laughed as did Minato.

"Well I gotta head back to work, but it's good catching up Tsume. I'll see you later." The Fourth said as he leapt off toward the Hokage Tower.

"Rin my dear, I think we found our prime candidate." Obito said, a gleam of mischief in his eye.

"What? Tsume Inuzuka? But she already has kids." Rin began as Obito laughed, causing her to really just wish he could be normal for one second in his life.

"That's what makes her the most logical option! She's got kids already meaning she knows how to be a mother so that takes care of Naruto, they clearly get along great, and I just heard Naruto say today that Kiba's his new best friend! Don't you see? The stars have aligned to make this a romance for the ages and soon we'll be having little blond Inuzuka's running around and Minato-sensei's heart will be fully repaired by the love of wild dog woman! It's so beautiful!"

Obito looked around and saw Rin was nowhere to be found, looking down the street he saw she was already a few blocks away. Shrugging he stepped out of the alleyway.

"Eh, she'll come around to the idea. Now to begin phase one of Operation: Sensei/Dog Love!" He exclaimed, causing a few passers by to look at him with equal amounts of disgust and/or confusion.

"Note to self, come up with better operation name... Double note to self don't talk to self out loud in public."

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