A Wife for Minato

Naruto and all related characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

Obito paced around his apartment, looking at a cork board filled with various notes and photos. Said photos being random ones of Minato and Tsume, with one in the center clearly made of two separate photos only taped together to make it look like the two were hugging. The Uchiha smiled as a knock at his door snapped him out of his thoughts and he quickly covered the board with his Miss Ninja Calendar. At this point Naruto walked in and Obito sighed in relief. Naruto quickly ran up and hugged Obito as best he could, the height difference being a bit of a problem. Obito chuckled and lifted Naruto up.

"So what do you want to do today Naruto? Ramen? Maybe a trip to the arcade?" The Uchiha asked as Naruto shook his head, a stern look on his face.

"I want you to beat up Sasuke!" The little blond shouted as Obito laughed, and ruffled Naruto's hair.

"I dunno, he is my cousin... Also I had a question for you Naruto. You like that kid you've been hanging out with? Shiba something?" Obito asked, as he gave a sly smirk that fortunately Naruto was too young to catch onto.

"Kiba? Yeah I like him! He's my best friend, and he shares his lunch with me, and when we go over to his house his mommy lets me play with their puppies, and..." Naruto went on and on about how great his new friend was, but Obito had long stopped listening as the mouse in his head was doing double time on it's treadmill, as he thought of ways to make this work to his advantage.

"Yeah... No." A rather bored sounding voice said as a door slammed shut in Obito's face. Obito stood there for several long minutes, just staring at the door.. Before he began to bang on the door as hard as he could.

"YOU OPEN UP KAKASHI! YOU'RE GONNA HELP ME WITH THIS! WE'RE EYE BROTHERS!" The one eyed Uchiha screamed as he began to beat on the door and ring the doorbell constantly. Suddenly the door opened and Kakashi Hatake stood there... Soaking wet and in a towel, with another one around the lower half of his face, looking extremely irritated. Or at least he did to Obito, years of practice of figuring out what was going on behind that nonchalant attitude had paid off.

"First of all, 'eye brothers' is not a thing... It was never a thing... And you only ever bring it up when you want to guilt trip me." The Copy-Ninja said as Obito looked to be in thought...

"So that's a yes?" The Uchiha asked as Kakashi once again slammed the door in his face, which at this point made Obito lose what little patience he had left.

"COME ON! YOU SAVED MY LIFE! YOU OWE ME!" Obito said as he went to bang on the door again, only for it to open immediately, and for Kakashi to deliver a swift kick to the Obito's gut which sent him tumbling down the stairs leading up to the apartment.

"Need I remind you, that you gave me one of your eyes due to a pending sense of death, which would make us even. And even if we weren't even, I still saved your life after that happened which means you would owe me." Kakashi said as he walked back inside to finish his shower, as Obito got up and shook his fist angrily at his old teammate.

"CURSE YOU AND YOUR LOGIC!" Obito then stormed off, mumbling to himself.

"I don't need him! There are PLENTY more people who wanna see sensei get with a dog lady!" Obito ranted... Earning several stares from people as he walked by them.

"PLEASE JUST HELP ME! I WON'T ASK YOU FOR ANYTHING ELSE! NOT EVEN THAT ONE THING I'VE BEEN WANTING TO DO IN THE BEDROOM FOR THE LAST..." Obito was immediately cut off with a kick in the mouth by his girlfriend, sending him tumbling down the stairs leading up to her apartment. Rin sighed as she helped him up.

"Alright but on one condition..." She began as Obito hopped up and down with a look of pure and utter joy.

"Name it!" He exclaimed as be bounced excitedly. Rin face palmed but regained her composure as she took a deep breath.

"If whatever this insane plan of yours is doesn't work? You drop it. I mean you drop all of it. No more hounding Minato-sensei, no more blind dates for him, no nothing." Rin said as Obito looked stunned, but bounced back to his happy demeanor pretty quickly as he put his arm around her and smiled.

"Trust me my love, when this is over I won't need to do anything else. It's foolproof! Now I have to go get everything set up for phase one. Come over in an hour and we'll iron out the details of your role in my masterstroke!" Obito said as he ran off down the streets giggling like a maniac.

"Foolproof... I'd settle for Obito-proof."

Rin stared at the cork board in front of her for several long, silent, minutes as Obito just kept doing a "ta-da" pose in front of it, his smile never wavering.

"Well.. What do you think?" He asked hopefully as his girlfriend just kept staring with an unreadable expression.

"I think that if you put this much effort into preparing for missions then you could take over the world." Rin said as Obito deflated a little at this, but kept his stride.

"Look it's all very simple, Naruto and Kiba are friends right? So that means the most logical angle to work is..." Obito trailed off, point at Rin so as to make her finish the sentence.

"I... I don't know what you want me to say." The brunette said, confused and really just wanting to get this over with... And silently praying to every god she knew of for a normal boyfriend.

"Yes you do..." Obito trailed off again before Rin grabbed him by the scruff of his shirt and shook him.

"JUST TELL ME ALREADY!" Rin shouted, clearly at her wits end, before letting go and throwing Obito into the cork board which fell over, sending dozens of pictures and theories and doodles all over the floor.

"My plans!" Obito cried as Rin cleared her throat. Quickly recomposing himself, under threat of irate girlfriend, the manic Uchiha sighed heavily.

"Alright long story short we get Naruto and Kiba in on things, we offer to take them to that new water park Kiri and then we keep pushing the brother angle. They come back and begin to drop hints, all while we manufacture situations that force Minato-sensei and Tsume together, thus making them see it's fated that they be lovers! It's perfect!" Obito said as Rin just face palmed.

"The only reason I'm going with this is because I wanted to go that water park."

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