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Chapter I:

"Where are they!" Nate yelled.

The only response he received was a chuckle.

"They're dying as we speak."

"I will kill you!" Nate spat, venom filling his voice as he put his hands around the man's neck, ready to squeeze at any moment.

"You'll never get to them if you do. I have a security system that not even your little hacker brat could get into."

Sophie grabbed one of the knives and slammed it into his leg, causing the man to scream out in pain.

"Tell, or you won't just die, it will we a long, painful death."

Nate showed his agreement by punching the man in the face.

"Okay okay! Go to the computer and plug VHG00967&1000 into the screen."

Sophie dropped the knife and hurried over to the computer, doing as she was told.

What happened next broke her heart.

15 days earlier:

"I'm so glad you decided come." The red haired beauty chuckle seductively as she ran her hands through Nate's hair.

"Yeah, well, I'd be crazy to miss out on an opportunity like this, wouldn't I." Nate did his best sound charming. Judging by Amara's giggle he had done a good job but, to tell the truth, he really wasn't in the mood.

Sure, Amara was attractive... Very attractive, but he hadn't dated anyone since he had broken up with his wife, and after the pain he had gone through he really wasn't up to getting serious with anyone else.

But Amara was pushy, and she had insisted on constant calls, text messages, and dates several nights a week. They had only been dating for a month and Nate felt that things were moving too quickly, but he hadn't worked up the gall to turn her away. If he had then maybe he'd be spending his night off actually relaxing.

Gandrige Museum was filled with some of the best historical pieces ever recovered and Nate always got a kick out of looking at old, ragged objects his company would pay over two million for. But right now, all he wanted was to be alone in his apartment.

"Ooh, look over here!" Amara interrupted his thoughts as she pulled him over to an old roman statue.

"Look at the determination in his eyes. I'll bet he was supposed to be a warrior." The red head speculated as she studied the work. The man was frozen in time, focusing his eyes on something directly ahead of him.

Nate glanced over at the description of the old piece.

"You're right." He said with a small smile.

"You have an knack for this sort of thing, huh."

Just like Maggie he thought bitterly

Amara giggled and glanced at the clock before looking Nate directly in the eyes.

"You'll find I'm full of surprises."

Nate forced a smile and Amara looked around for a moment before spotting the restroom signs in the distances.

"Babe, I need to go freshen up real quick. Why don't you go look at those paintings over there." She pointed in the direction of the picture gallery. "I'll join you in a moment."

She gestured him in the direction of the gallery before turning and heading towards the restroom.

Nate sighed and walked over to the gallery. A few minutes later, he was so lost in his own thoughts that he jumped when Amara returned and put her hand on his shoulder.

"is everything okay?" She asked in concern.

Nate nodded "yeah, yes I'm fine."

She put her arms on his shoulders.


They stood there like that for a moment before Amara glanced at the clock once again and smiled.

"What do you say we go and admire some chili and French wine? I'm getting hungry."

Nate shrugged "I know a place."

Amara nodded and locked arms with Nate as they headed out of the museum.

Thanks to Amara, three hours later they were in Nate's apartment, on Nate's couch.

"It's a beautiful evening." Amara said as she ran her fingers up and down Nate's shoulder.

Nate nodded blankly.

"yeah it is."

Amara rested her head on Nate's chest, much to the man's discomfort. "We should enjoy it together."

Nate shook his head, pushing her away. He stood up and walked over to the window. Amara frowned and followed him.

"What's wrong?"

"Amara, I-"

He was interrupted when his lips were suddenly locked with the red head's. He shook his head once again, breaking away.

"Amara I can't..." He tried again.

"Why not?" Her voice feigned innocence.

"Because..." Nate was wracking his brain for an excuse when his cell phone rang.

"Because I have to take this call." He told her, seizing the opportunity to slip away. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and answered it, not even bothering to look at the caller ID.


"Nathan Ford," a familiar voice answered,

"You are dead."

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