Chapter One

So, my twin sister is due to arrive any minute now to live with dad and I. This means that I have to share my room with her in our tiny house. Dad said it is because she asked to be here while Rene runs off with her husband for his baseball trips or whatever. Dad pulls up to the house in his cruiser when I look out the window at the sound of a motor. With a fake smile, I walk out the front door to greet them both.

"Hey, princess," dad says to me when he walks over to give me a hug. Bell walks over with a tiny smile on her face and a tiny cactus in her hands. "It is nice to have my girls together again."

"You look good, Juliana," Bella says.

"You look the same to me," I grumble. "By the way, everyone calls me Julia."

"Oh," Bella murmurs. Dad leads Bell into the house to our room while I go to finish my homework in the kitchen. But I am soon bothered when dad comes in to avoid anymore awkward confrontation with Bella. He looks at me with his arms folded over his chest.

"Leave it alone, dad, I am being nice like you asked and not going to bother her," I say with my eyes still on my textbook.

"Jules, you have to be a little nicer to her since she is your twin sister," dad says. I plug in my ear buds to drown him out but he takes them right out. "Do not ignore me right now."

"Dad, she is the one who came to with us after so many years and chances to be with us. The middle of junior year? What made her want to be here now of all times?" I growl. Dad walks out of the kitchen without another word and I go back to my homework for another hour before Jacob and Billy arrive with the truck dad got for Bella. Jacob smiles widely when he sees me step outside but it falters when he sees Bella behind me.

"Bells, you remember Billy Black and his son Jacob," dad says as the three of us walk over to them.

"My goodness, you have grown up into a beautiful woman, Bella," Billy says. I try to keep from rolling my eyes at the comment when dad chuckles and pats his friend on the back. Jacob walks over to pull me into a sideways hug with his eyes fixed on Bella.

"Hi, we used to make mudpies together when we were kids. But, Julia and I have done much more than mudpies since the last time you were here," Jacob says with a wide smile.

"Jake, she does not even remember when the last time she visited us," I scoff. Jake nudges me with his hip and we share a small laugh.

"So do you go to school around here, Jacob?" Bella asks.

"No, I go to school on the reservation since that is where I live," Jacob says. Dad walks over with a wide smile with great news for Bella.

"Do you like the truck?" dad asks like a small child waiting for appraisal.

"Is this for me?" Bella asks.

"Just bought it off of Billy here and it is yours," dad chuckles.

"Yeah, I redid the engine as well," Jacob says with his chest puffed out. He leaves me to show Bella the engine, forgetting me completely and I feel like when we were little kids all over again with everyone wanting to be with Bella more than me. Bella looks over to me with sad eyes and a small smile.

"Did you need a ride to school, Julia?" Bella asks nicely.

"Actually, I have a car and it might be better for you to ride with me some days since it is still cold outside," I say with a small smile. Bella nods when I turn to walk back into the house and settle on my bed to get some early sleep.

Bella shuffles with me to my car Monday morning on her first day of school while I rush to get into the driver's seat without spilling my coffee. Dad has made me promise to keep an eye on Bella so nothing happens to her, knowing good and well that he knows everyone is not going to hurt Chief Swan's daughters without him knowing. Bella settles into the car once it warms up after a few minutes of idling while i adjust myself and then we take off for school.

"So, are you popular at the school?" Bella asks softly.

"Not by a long shot, Bella, I am that smart kid that keeps to herself," I laugh.

"So you have not changed since we were kids then," Bella notes. I ignore her comment all the way until we make it to the school parking lot.

"Alright, I will take you to the office so I can head to my locker before class," I grumble. Bella nods as she scrambles to get out of the car fast to keep up with me. Everyone stares at us as we walk down the hallway the moment we step into the school.

"Why is everyone staring?" Bella asks me softly.

"Well, it is because we are twins and you are the new toy in the toybox," I say with a hint of annoyance. We arrive at the office and I leave her there without talking to her. Making my way down the hallway, I hear the whispers about Bella's arrival to the town and it causes me to boil a little. I am stopped instantly when I run into one of the Cullen boys, I believe his name is Jasper or something. Our eyes lock together, leaving us to stand there awkwardly together just staring before one of his sisters calls to him. I watch him leave with a look of pure shock and I shake my head quickly to get him out of my mind. The Cullens have not been here long, but they still have something following them that sets some people on the reservation on edge. Once my head is cleared from the run in, I make my way all the way to my locker to gather all of my things for class but my peace is halted when Eric walks over with a big smile on his face.

"so, I hear your sister has arrived and is starting school here today? Would you like to talk to us at the school paper about her arrival?" Eric asks. I slam my locker with a soft growl and stare at him with anger until he scurries away from me.

"You know scaring people is not the best route to go when people want to ask you questions and get to know you," someone says softly. I spin around to see the Cullen guy from earlier and he has a big smile on his face.

"You should stay away from me right now," I warn while making my way to my class.

"I am Jasper," the Cullen boy says.

"I know, your family is still the talk of the town and it is nice to meet you but I am not sure being near me would be a good idea," I say. Jasper grabs my arm softly and our eyes lock when I turn to face him. "Look, no offense but I have seen your family together and I know that being friends with me is not a good idea at all. Your family prefers to be with each other and the spiky haired girl seems to extremely close to you. So, I suggest you back up and leave me alone."

"Is this how you always treat people that are wanting to get to know you?" Jasper asks.

"Most people that have wanted to get to know me and be friends only want a trump card of getting out of trouble around and now want to know about my sister since she has arrived. So, yeah, that is how I have always treated people," I say while brushing Jasper off and rushing to get to class. My head begins to hurt as I walk all the way to the classroom and settle in for the class to start and distract me from this morning.