Chapter Ten

Dad is quiet the next morning and I know he is hurting after last night. Jasper and Alice are with Bella heading to Arizona where they believe she will be safe. I am trapped in bed with a higher fever than the day before and my body is hurting so bad. A few of the Cullens remained here to watch over dad and I, but I fear that it will not be as helpful as they think. I walk outside to get a little bit of fresh air when I notice a car pulling up in the driveway. Jacob gets out of the driver's seat and rushes to get Billy out of the truck before coming to pull me into a big hug.

"I am sorry about Bella leaving," Jacob whispers.

"I hope she comes back because I am not sure I can get dad out of his funk," I say with a small sigh. Jacob releases me from the hug just as Billy gets closer to us.

"How is he holding up?" Billy asks.

"It has not been twelve hours, Billy," I say with a small smile. "He is inside waiting by the phone in case Bella calls. She took her truck with her, so she might be further away than he wants to admit."

"I will go talk to him," Billy says. Jacob helps his dad into the house while I open the door to let dad know he has guests. Dad is still at the kitchen table, where I left him last night.

"I am going back upstairs, I am not feeling too good today," I say.

"Alright, we will be here if you need anything," Billy says before heading over to dad. Jacob followed me up to make sure I make it into the bed and stays for a little longer.

"I noticed you were feeling a little warm the other day," Jacob says softly. His eyes show that he is in pain and I have an urge to pull him close to let him know that I will keep him safe from the world. Instead, I lift my hand to brush his hair out of his face with a sleepy smile and Jacob holds it close to his cheek.

"Can I tell you something?" I ask softly, becoming sleepy by the second.

"Yeah," Jacob says.

"It sounds weird, but I have had a small crush on you for awhile now," I yawn. Jacob chuckles and helps me settle under my covers.

"I know," Jacob says before I drift off to sleep with a small smile on my face.

I wake up to the window being opened and a cold breeze coming in. Slowly I open my eyes to see dad is standing at the window, letting the cool air in to get me more fresh air and he turns to me with a smile. I give him a small smile when he walks over to sit on the edge of the bed.

"Your mom called me and said that she got a call from Bella heading down to Arizona. She is scared and is heading home now," dad says softly.

"Will you go get her if she wants to come home?" I ask groggily.

"I thought you would not want me to since you do not like her being here," dad says.

"I like her being here a little because she makes the house more filled and I like having fun with her. Just do not tell her I said that," I admit. Dad chuckles and kisses my forehead gently.

"I promise not to tell her, but you need to get some more sleep," dad says. He tucks me back in, goes to crack the window, and then leaves to go downstairs. I listen to the breeze outside to let it lull me to sleep.

I remember dad telling me he is heading down to Arizona to get Bella because something has happened during my groggy state. After that, my memory is foggy because suddenly I am awake outside in the treeline by the house on my hands and knees, but I am not on my hands and knees exactly. I am standing up on four legs and I am warm, like I am wearing a fur coat only the fur coat is a part of me. I being to panic as I spin around to look at myself and see fur all over me and even a tail. I have a tail! Someone comes out from behind a tree near me and I see that it is a large black wolf.

'So you are the first to become a wolf and yet you are not part of the tribe,' the wolf says. His mouth does not move, but I can hear him in my head and it is a commanding voice.

'Who are you? What has happened to me?' I ask quickly.

'You are a wolf shifter that you must have inherited from someone in your family. I am Sam Uley, the first to shift and I am the alpha since I am the first.' the wolf says. This is going to be hard to explain to anyone and now I know I am dreaming because I now part of the stories Billy used to tell me as a kid. Anything else I am going to need to know?