This is my first fanfic. I read quite a lot of stories, so I decided might as well give it a try. So, I went with the safest option.

This may seem like a regular Naruto crossover just like the others but you'll have to see wait to see the difference. It may seem same at first, but it isn't.

Naruto's age currently 17.

So let's get started!

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We used to be all alone… starving for love… children who were festering with hatred… We went our separate ways… and fought... But Naruto! You never cut me off. You just kept moving closer to my heart.

Even though it would have made sense for you to attack me with hatred… You told me I was your friend. And no matter how much I hurt you, you accepted me as one. I was only saved thanks to you. We used to do nothing but quarrel… and now we can feel the pain of each other's hearts. And it isn't just between us. It may be something that can be said in a much larger scope.

"Hm!?" a figure handed a head band to a figure in cloak.

"You… still have that?" the figure in black cloak responded.

"I am giving it back" the blonde figure stated.

"How about I keep it… until our next battle" the figure in cloak smirked as he took it with his right hand.

The blonde smirked as well. The figure in black cloak left the huge gate they were standing at. The blonde turned towards the other two figures who were standing for the departure of the cloaked guy.

"Let's go Sakura, Kakashi-sensei!" the blonde said as he smiled and followed the other two.

The blonde turned towards this 'Kakashi', "Kakashi sensei! Your treat at Ichiraku for your position as the new hokage!"

"Hai Hai!" was the response of the white haired masked Jonin while the pink haired female just agreed with the blonde.

"Let's go! Naruto," the one called Sakura said.



Two months later,

The blonde sighed as he sat in his couch. 'There is nothing much left to do for me after Sasuke left… the missions I have been receiving are becoming more and more lame' he brushed aside his hair on his forehead. He looked at his forehead protector which was lying on the table, 'I'll ask Kakashi-sensei that I want to travel as well… at least that way I'll learn new things' he thought as he stretched his legs and put on his usual attire and made his way out.

The lively streets of Konoha seemed a little busier than usual today. You wouldn't believe how many people were in the market. The noise could easily drown out anything you would try to say. Luckily the street merchants had much practice with being able to hear things over such noise and coped well with hearing over everything.

Naruto has reformed his looks a little within two months. His hair had grown a little longer, but he chosen to have it look a little messy and untamed, giving different features than his father. No one likes to copy their parents. The whisker marks on his face became a little blacker, and therefore more noticeable. His eyes had grown brighter too, his usual blue eyes were now bright enough to draw the attention from quite a few fan girls of his. He exchanged his bright orange jumpsuit for black jacket with orange stripes going down the arms and his sides and a single strip down and back with the Uzumaki seal in the center. His trousers were the same, black track suit trousers that stop on his shins. Again, orange stripes down the sides to quench his thirst for orange on his clothing. His tool belt strapped to the usual leg and a small scroll on his lower back. His combat boots were just the usual blue that every other ninja wore. Let's be frank, Naruto was never one for fashion.

Everything was so undisturbed in Konoha. A good change after such a horrible war that asked for so many lives. It was still strange for Naruto to have so many people stop and greet him in the streets or shake his hand and even ask for an autograph. It had been over a two months since that happened and Sasuke left.

Just as he reached the center of the city, he had a chill run down his spine.

What is with this weird feeling in my gut? He looked around as the crowd moved minding their own business before all hell broke loose.

There was a small spark at first in the center. Naruto looked over there but brushed it aside as nothing. Then all of a sudden, there was a blast in the middle sending shockwaves throughout the Konoha. Naruto summoned few clones and protected the citizens there from the blast.

He tasked his clones with the evacuation of the citizens while he looked at the place where the explosion had started.

What in the world is that? His eyes widened in shock as he looked at the center.

In the center of the market was a huge portal. A dark blue portal that was at least about eight feet high. He slowly approached the portal stopping occasionally in his way as sparks erupted from the portal.

It was nothing like Naruto had ever seen. The whole thing was far too advanced and complicated for his brain. The whole thing just baffled him.

"Naruto!" a voice yelled as he looked back. He was currently standing about a meter away from the portal.

It was his friend Shikamaru, the lazy genius. Shikamaru heard the explosion and immediately rushed to the site. He panicked as soon as he saw his dumb friend standing near the portal, rushed to stop him before he did anything stupid.

"Naruto don't do anything stupid. Don't touch it… we don't know what caused it," Shikamaru yelled from a distance as he was yet to close in the gap between him and Naruto.

"What do you think about me. I am not that stupid!" Naruto yelled back having a tick mark. He didn't understand why people always assumed that he would always cause some kind of trouble.

Shikamaru didn't say anything back but continued running towards him.

As Naruto was talking back, Shikamaru yelled to Naruto to get out of there as he noticed the portal shifting behind him.

Naruto was pushed back a little as soon as he heard that. "What the hell was that?" shouted Naruto as he backed up a bit. Shikamaru had reached Naruto and he thanked the gods as nothing had happened yet.

"Did you feel anything just now, Naruto?" he asked as he looked at the portal in question with keen interest.

"I don't know… I felt a sudden change in energy from the portal" Naruto said as he glanced at the Nara.

"Energy …and not chakra?" Shikamaru asked as he looked confused.

"Something similar to it but I don't know what it is exactly!" he said as he reached his hand towards the portal. In an instant, a light came from it drowning all the people standing there. They covered their eyes by having their arms up in front of them. The light was blinding them as they couldn't even see the person beside them.

Then a force grabbed a figure and whisked them off their feet and dragged the one closest aka Naruto. So much happened in that moment that Shikamaru could barely understand anything but as soon as the light rescinded, there was no sign of Naruto and the portal.

"Shikamaru" Sakura yelled as she rushed in with Sai. "What happened here?"

"I don't know… Naruto was dragged in some kind of portal and then the portal disappeared as well" Shikamaru informed others. Sakura just looked around when she heard this and took a step back as she saw the whole place destroyed.

"Shikamaru, let's go and inform about this to the sixth!" Sai said as he placed a hand on Shikamaru's shoulder.

"Naruto! Where could you possibly be?"




Unknown place,(year : 782)

There was a huge monster and two figures standing there looking at the huge monster. One was a girl shown as a young petite girl with short, white hair and blue eyes. She wore a short, dark red dress with a white collar and bow. The other was an older woman who was catching one of her arm with the other and wearing a revealing black dress as her sister. She was panicking currently as the little girl, who was her sister, was now standing very close to the monster talking to it.

Her pleas fell on to deaf ears as the monster raised its arm ready to strike the poor little girl.

The elder girl, whose name was Mirajane Strauss, an S class mage of Fairy tail was known throughout the Fiore as the Fairy demon. Everyone in the guild feared her except Erza Scarlet, the other S class mage of Fairy tail, equally famous as the Titania.

She could only watch as the monster was about to strike her sister, Lisanna Strauss but before it could, something had happened.

Naruto opened his eyes to find himself in mid-air. "Huh!?" was all he could say as he looked below before yelling as he started falling towards the ground.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he yelled as he was about to hit the ground. He couldn't actually see the ground as it was all covered in mist. He closed his eyes and braced himself for impact, which did happen only he felt the ground a little softer than he expected.

He rubbed his head in pain, "Oww!" before he jumped back as soon as he looked down.

He let out another scream before hitting the beast beneath him with Rasengan. Mira just looked confused on what was happening. One second her brother who tried the full beast take over, unable to control it, was about to kill his sister, the next second a weirdo appeared out of thin air and started attacking her brother.

Naruto looked at her and jumped to her side as he scooped the little girl near him under his arm. He then gave the elder girl a reassuring squeeze on her shoulder, "Are you all right miss?" he asked as the white haired mage blushed as she now noticed his azure blue eyes. "Ye-yeah!" she stammered as words failed her. But she quickly remembered her brother and looked back.

She was relieved to see her brother in his normal form, unconscious though. Naruto looked back as well but he surprised to see a young man there instead of a monster. Is this a new kind of Jutsu?

Then he put the little girl down who was staring at him with stars in her eyes whereas the older girl just huffed and looked away. He tilted his head as he got confused at her action.

He then reached his hand out and touched her arm. The white haired mage blushed at the warm contact and took a step back, her face all flustered. "W-what in the heck are you doing?" she said jabbing the finger of her free arm at him.

"I was just healing your arm… it is broken, right?" he said as she felt a little guilt for accusing him. He then moved in closer and placed his right hand on her broken arm, rather at the dislocated joint. She closed her eyes, waiting for something painful but felt a warm sensation on her shoulder.

She opened her eyes to see an amazed expression on her sister's face and saw a golden light emitting from his right palm near her shoulder.

She noticed the blonde's face in the light that glowed, his sparkling blue eyes. She was mesmerized by his eyes before the blonde spoke, "All right!"

She turned her head away while the blonde went and healed her brother as well. Her sister came towards her, "Mira-nee! You like him, don't you?" she asked as she giggled to herself at the expressions her elder sister gave.

"W-what are you talking about? Why would I like him?" she questioned in return. "and I only met him just now!" she added to her defense. Her brother was carried by the blonde as he once again approached them. She stood behind her sister, arms crossed over her chest, now that arm was healed.

"So where to?" the blonde asked as he grinned at them.

"No thanks… we can manage on our own now!" Mira said as she started walking away from there before she was stopped by her sister, "Mira-nee! He just saved my life. That is not how you talk to my savior, is it?" she asked as Mira knew that she was correct. "It is at least our responsibility to take him with us and offer something at the guild!" she said as Mira could only nod in return. Her sister always won the arguments whenever they had using her innocent childish charms.

Naruto felt something wrong. Guild?

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto!" the blonde introduced himself.

The little girl reached and gave a big a smile, "I am Lisanna Strauss! And the one you are carrying is my brother, Elfman Strauss" she introduced as Naruto looked the huge person on his back.

Must be a foreign place, to give your first name first… Naruto thought. These so called Guilds must be a part of this place.

"And the one who Is sulking at the back, and rude towards you is my sister, Mirajane Strauss!" the girl introduced as Mira just smirked at the blonde.

Strange… she thinks I know her. And she doesn't know me… not that I like to brag but everyone was involved in the war somehow, so they should recognize my name, and yet she thinks everyone knows her and she doesn't recognize my name…; even the little girl. Naruto thought as he came to a doubt about the place they were in. He had a dreaded look on his face.

"What's wrong?" the eldest sibling asked with some concern as Naruto looked like he was about to have a panic attack. He dropped Elfman on the floor and got onto all four knees. Mira grew worried and got down to one knee beside him, rubbing his back gently. "Are you all right?" she asked.

The blonde just looked at her, "Have you heard of Konoha?"

Ko-konoha? She just shrugged her shoulders as the blonde immediately grabbed her shoulders, her face red with embarrassment.

"What continent is this?" he asked as he moved his face close to hers, too close for her liking. Lisanna answered this question for her sister, "You are in Fiore, part of a planet called EarthLand" she answered hoping this would calm the blonde.

The blonde squeezed her shoulder much tighter… it was sure to leave bruises there later.

Naruto didn't have the best day. First the portal, then the beast and Now THIS. He was about to go crazy before he received a smack on his head, his consciousness slowly fading away.

"Sis! Are you all right?" Elfman asked as he woke from his slumber. As soon as he woke up, he saw a man sexually assaulting his sister. So he did what a man's got to do. He rescued his sister by knocking the guy on top of his sister unconscious, but it had the opposite effect.

Lisanna had her mouth covered with her hands whereas Elfman stood in shock. Mira was on the bottom, while the blonde's head lay few inches away from her face, his hand currently on top of one her breasts. Her face now rivalled her rival's hair, the deepest shade of red.

"Elfman you idiot! Look at what you did" she yelled as she pushed the blonde aside and smacked her brother on his head, a lump forming on his head,

"Now we'll have to carry him all the way to the guild" she said grabbing her sister's hand and walking away whereas a dejected Elfman carried the unconscious blonde on his back.

Lisanna could swear she just saw her sister smile, not the teasing smile she usually gives but the genuine smile which she used to give when no one was around. It's going to get a whole lot interesting at the guild.

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