Sooo...long story short, this idea just came to me after having to read Twelfth Night for my English class. I got a really really gay vibe from Shakespeare and was disappointed that Olivia didn't marry Viola at the end. Thereofre, I decided to write my own version of what might have happened after the characters got their dreadfully hetero-normative happily ever afters and whatnot.

If gay stories aren't really your thing, then I highly advise you to leave immediately. I've always found it funny how homophobic people would waste all their time and energy looking for gay content that they have no absolutely no business being a part of, and then proceeding to ruin the fun for everyone else with their vile hatred. As for the rest of you, proceed at your own risk and please leave a review if you can! =)

The stars glittered upon the shroud of night that covered over Illyria. The moon hung in the sky like a great illuminated lantern against that dark background. Melodious songs of chirping crickets played throughout the night in consistent rhythm. Indeed, the atmosphere was quite serene and humid like any other summer night.

As the rest of the world was sound asleep, Countess Olivia was still awake, sitting at the desk in her bedroom and being lost in thought. Her dark and luxurious curls hung elegantly down to her mid-back. She also wore a cotton robe over her silken nightgown, which traced the curves of her slender body. The only source of light in the room was a single wax candle held in a silver candle holder. Sebastian, Olivia's husband of little over a year, laid in bed softly snoring behind her. He was a handsome fellow, with chiseled features, bright blue eyes and golden hair.

Olivia's lips curled to form a small smile when her thoughts inevitably went to Sebastian's twin sister, Viola, who is going to wed her former suitor, the Duke Orsino.


"All I can say is, congratulations to you both on your engagement, Viola and Orsino! You two are the most beautiful couple I've ever known and I look forward to attending your wedding. Thank you so much for inviting us."

"Why, of course! What kind of sister would I be if I don't invite my brother and his lovely wife to the wedding the century? It wouldn't be as magnificent without you there to celebrate our union with us. I hope our marriage will be just as loving and wonderful as yours."

"Of that, I have no doubt, sister."

"Thank you, Olivia. Also, I was wondering if you're willing to be my Maid of Honor at the ceremony. I'm afraid I don't have many friends in Illyria, and I just can't think of anyone I trust more than you."

"Oh, Viola, it would be my utmost pleasure to serve as your Maid of Honor! Of course I'll say yes!"

Viola smiled, for she was touched, and then they hugged.

~~~~~~End of flashback~~~~~~

That was everything Olivia could remember from the engagement party. The wedding was set to take place in a week at a nearby cathedral. The Duke had wanted for them to get married a year ago, but Viola insisted that they courted first before rushing into any marriage. Olivia thought that was a smart thing to do, even though she herself married Sebastian on sight.

In her hand, the Countess held an invitation to Viola and Orsino's wedding. It contained golden letters written in cursive and printed on high quality lavender paper, all bordered by flowers and angels. Olivia knew she should be happy for the couple, but now as she is looking over the content of the invitation, all she could feel was...sadness. Her brows became slightly scrunched in confusion; How was it possible for her to be sad by something so joyous as a wedding? It just didn't make any sense to her.

Overcome with weariness, the Countess allowed herself to melt back into her chair and briefly closed her eyes.

While she did, her mind traveled back to the very beginning of when this all started. Olivia first met Viola when she was dressed as boy and had been sent by the lovesick Duke Orsino to do his wooing. Now that she thought about it, Olivia did felt a little sorry for the Duke; No matter how hard he pined for her, she was never going to be interested in him. In an ironic twist, she somehow ended up falling head over heels for Viola, or "Cesario" as she was called then. So while the Duke chased after her, she was chasing Viola, and Viola chased after the Duke. The game went on until Viola finally revealed her true identity, and all the romantic passion that Olivia felt toward her was gone. Olivia then went on to marry her brother, Sebastian, who was identical to Viola's alter ego, Cesario. Sebastian was not one to complain and their marriage has been very compatible.

Olivia thought that she no longer held any feelings for Viola, but that wasn't the case. Even though she wasn't the man she fell in love with, the two of them quickly became great friends. They often spent many afternoons together, while the men were engaged in some kind of masculine sport, and kept each other company. Olivia took it upon herself to introduce Viola to the finer things in life, and presented her with many expensive dresses and jewelry. She admired Viola's musical abilities and would look fondly on all the times she played the piano and sang for her. Those were some of the most happiest moments of her life. Indeed, there was nobody else quite like Viola in this world; she was always so lively and and cheerful in everything she do. She always managed to brighten up a room with her spirited energy and charming personality. Many also found Viola to be very attractive, sharing her brother's blonde hair and blue eyes that are always shining with joy.

Over time as Olivia progressively got to know and understand the real Viola, she became aware of this lingering feeling deep in her gut. It was present only when she is around Viola or thinks about Viola. She also began to notice how her heart practically fluttered every time Viola laughed, as well as how her skin tingled whenever their hands touched. Olivia found this to be a very strange phenomenon, but she couldn't figure out the reason behind it.

Olivia smiled to herself, for she often read about these things in romantic poems and love stories as a child.. These symptoms she were experiencing are rather similar to the ones endured by the fictional lovers of which she read about.

Suddenly, Olivia shot back up with her green eyes wide open, as a powerful revelation struck her being like an electric shock.

Oh my God...I am in love with Viola!

The Countess was absolutely stunned upon realizing the amazing truth. It took the effort of every fiber in her body for her not to panic aloud, as she did not want to awaken Sebastian. All she could do in that moment was bury her face in her trembling hands; the whirlwind of rampant emotions within her head made it nearly impossible to pull herself back together.

My God, how could I have been so stupid! It all makes perfect sense now! I am in love with Viola...but why? How is this even possible? Yes I was in love with Cesario, but I'm married to Sebastian now. I thought there is nothing between me and Viola anymore...but it looks like I'm wrong. I, Countess Olivia, am still in love with the maiden Viola!

Olivia's new-found joy was short-lived, and was quickly replaced with a sense of guilt because she is still married to Sebastian, who adores her. She tried telling herself that she did truly love him once, and she still does, but she can no longer ignore her feelings for Viola. Her guilt then morphed into unbearable sorrow when she caught sight of the wedding invitation on the desk, and was reminded that Viola loves someone else; It was like receiving a hard slap to the face. She loves someone who is not her, and just the thought of that made her heart ache with excruciating pain.

Hot tears welled up in her eyes and began racing down her face, as she bitterly cursed the fate that made her fall in love with a woman...especially one as beautiful, yet unattainable as this Viola.

A rustling sound coming from behind alerted her and caused her to pause at once.

"Olivia, darling?" Called a soft masculine voice, "It's terribly late, why are you still awake? Please come to bed now, dear."

Olivia hastily wiped her eyes and managed to reply with, "Oh dear, I guess I just lost track of time. I'm so sorry about that."

Standing up, she blew out the candle before walking to the bed and slipping under the covers. Sebastian released a low groan of satisfaction, and affectionately placed one arm across her stomach. Laying on her back with one arm under her head, Olivia turned look at Sebastian's sleeping face. She used one hand to gently caress his rugged cheek, but it lacked any kind of romantic tenderness. He reminded her so much of Viola that she almost burst into tears right in that moment.

In spite of the life they had shared together, Olivia knew with all her heart that she will never be able to feel the same way about him ever again.