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A/N: This is supposed to be a segment from a rule book the countries in the UN have, At least as far as my Hetalia head canon is concerned.

Games the Nations of the World are not allowed to Play

Every once in a while the Micro nations get together and have a slumber party. They would usually line up with a world meeting so their older siblings would be reachable in case of an emergency. The world meeting today was being held in Sweden this time around so this meant Sealand was hosting the micro nation slumber party. The Actual slumber party was not supposed to start till around four pm local time so Sealand, Molossia and Hut River were currently sneaking around the meeting hall to see if they can find out what the nations were doing and try to figure out how to get the Nations to recognize them. They did not know where the girls were.

The boys were not able to listen in on the world meeting because the nations were on a lunch break. Molossia decided to go look for America while his older brother had some free time. He saw a large crowd was forming around one of the tables. He walked over to the crowd and found America and Russia at the center of it engaged in what looked like a very heated Chess match.

"Who's winning?" Sealand asked also noticing the game.

It's a stalemate;" Denmark pointed out "Usually whenever they play there is no clear cut winner."

"Comrade looks like it's another draw, Da?" Russia went to shake America's hand but in doing so knocked over his own king, which is an automatic loss.

England looked at China, "That means Russia loses pay up."

"I don't know if this counts. We already called the match." America was holding up a note book that recorded their previous matches. "Looks like we counted it the last five times it happened. Last time I made the mistake. Ivan maybe you should not wear that cote when we play."


"Good Game, Same time next week Russia?" America Held out his hand and Russia shook it.

"So are there any games that the members of the UN Do not play." Peter Asked Denmark.

"There is a whole list in the Nations Rule book along with an explanation why?"

"Can I see?"

Denmark pulled the book out of his bag and handed it to Sealand. "Go Crazy?"

Sealand took the book from Denmark and looked at the first page. The book not only said what the Rules of the UN are but which nation added to the book.

Rule 1. All nations are required to bring this book to every meeting to have for reference purposes. If you do not have the book on you will be tossed out of the meeting. – Germany

Sealand looked in the section of the book that pertained to nations getting together for social events and recreation. Most of the rules had to do with the Olympics or the Invictus Games , or the world cup. But there were some rules that were just the countries hanging out. One section was Rules for international Paint Ball. The first two rules were as fallowed:

1. America and Canada cannot be on the same team because that team would have an advantage over their opponent. – Switzerland

2. The Italy Brothers cannot be on the same team for the opposite reason-Spain

"Well that is interesting." Sealand flipped a few more pages until he found the desired page.

Rules pertaining to Board games

The Following Section was added by America and myself for no other reason than our own mental Health. This is because more often than not, we have been the ones to deal with the fall out. That is not to say we have not been forbidden from playing a particular games for whatever reason.–Germany

We have also included a reason why the Nations listed are band from playing the Game mentioned to provide Explanation for New UN Members. - America

1. All G-8 Members are band from playing Risk. The Reason for this is they may all take it too seriously and may cause another World War.

Note from Canada: My brother and I are technically allowed to play. We just added ourselves to the list to keep things equal. America also thinks he gets enough war in real life.

2. Prussia, France and Spain are not allowed to play Twister. The Reason They are the Bad Touch Trio, Enough Said.

3. America and China are not allowed to play Monopoly against each other. Enough of that goes on at the world meetings.

4. Norway, Britain and Romania cannot force another country into a game of Dungeons and Dragons. We are not saying they cannot play but they have a habit of trying to force us into the Game through magic or other means.

Note from America: This came about after they magically kidnapped me to try to get me to play. I do like this game but I had a meeting with my boss at the time and the kidnapping resulted in my boss having a panic attack. On a Side note the magic trio all got grounded by their Bosses.

5. Russia Is Not allowed to play Operation. You do not want to know the reason here.

Note from Germany: Nine trust me you really don't, shudder

6. No member of the former Soviet Union is allowed to play 1313 Dead end Drive. The reason for this is the Baltic states were getting Ideas on how to kill Russia.

Note from America and Germany: We both got tired of taking Russia to the Hospital and needing therapy afterwards.

7. Britain, America and Japan are not allowed to pay Battle Ship. All three of them are too good at it and Britain is Insufferable when he wins.

8. No one is allowed to play Jumanji. The game is cursed. How the game came to be we have no Idea. Ok One of The African nations might know but they will not tell us.

9. Britain is not allowed to play Clue. He always thinks he is Sherlock Holmes and makes it impossible for the rest of us to have fun.

"Wow there are a lot of games Britten is not allowed to play," Peter said

to himself as he finished reading the list.

That night at the sleep over Sealand was sitting with Molossia and Hut River trying to figure out what to do next the girls were down the hall doing make overs. So what do you guys want to do?

"How about a board game?" Hut River pulled out a game that looked like it was from the Victorian era. "This was in the back of Australia's closet."

Molossia and Sealand Read what on the clearly, antique game, "Jumanji."

"I'm in," Molossia said, as Hut River set up the game.

"Guys I don't think we are supposed to play this game," Sealand said as he and Hut River selected some game pieces.

"What are you afraid of? It is just a game." Molossia rolled the dice and the ground began to shake.

The next day Sweden was trying to round up zoo animals and the magic trio was trying to place a protective barrier around the game.

The three micro nations held their heads in shame. As America came up behind them "Germany and I made that rule for a reason. You know."

The three micro nations nodded their heads in shame. All three of them knew while America was the world Super power he did not enforce his authority often and while Germany loved order he did not make Rules without a reason. That being said the Boys learned if one or both of them had a rule against something they had a reason. But long story short never break the Board game Rule.