Do not mess with a Nation's National Animal

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A/N this is inspired by A thing that actually happened look up Man Vs. Panda on Youtube.

Sealand was hanging around a zoo in China waiting for the other Micronations to show up. He was sitting near the Panda enclosure, when he saw Prussia and Canada near the entrance. He was just close enough to make out what they were saying.

"I'm going to do it Birdy get the camera ready." Prussia was beginning to climb over the fence and into the enclosure.

"Please don't Gilbert the panda is sleeping peacefully. Leave it alone." Canada looked like he was actually trying to make himself invisible for once.

Sealand could plainly see that the panda was indeed sleeping peacefully and decided no matter what happened he was on the panda's side. He also thought he remembered something in the UN Rule Book about messing with another nations national animal but he assumed it was because in some cases like America and China the animal was endangered. In any event Sealand decided to see what would happen.

Prussia was slowly working his way over to the sleeping Panda and began to poke at it. "See Birdy nothing to –"

No sooner had Prussia turned his back the panda woke up and started to wrestle him to the ground. Prussia then attempted to get away but ripped his pants in the process. Once he got over the fence he noticed that Canada had succeeded in making himself invisible to everyone ells around him.

Prussia's misery did not end their however because as soon as he got away from the crowed China dropped out of a nearby tree and hit Prussia in he face with what the other nation's referred to as the wok of shame.

Sealand could her China yelling at Prussia the whole time. "What are you doing to Panda!"

Sealand got the whole thing on tape and emailed it to Germany who in a rare moment of humor / immaturity posted it to his Youtube account. The video went viral in the first hour. Prussia could not show himself in public for the next two weeks.

On that day Sealand learned another reason why you do not mess with another nations national animal and he was wondering what would have happened if he had gone after Canada's Polar Bears.