Mara is the same age as Luke in this and Harry would be 17 by the time return of the Jedi happens.

Mara Jade had woken up to a strange sight, sitting on her chest was a small 3-4 year toddler smiling at her. "What?" she asked seeing the small toddler smile at her. Her first thought was, 'how did he get in here?' Her second one was. 'The emperor kept his word.' she had asked him last time he had visited her if she could have some other company because she got lonely. She knew he was busy running the empire and that was a full time job, the fact that he even took time out of his busy schedule to see her told her how much he cared. But it seemed he did listen to her and gave her someone to spend time with.

"What's your name little guy?" She asked with a smile as she sat up and the child rolled backwards giggling as he did so. But the toddler just babbled incoherently and started playing with her hair. "You don't have one do you?" She seemed to consider it for a moment before looking back down at the child. "How about Hunter?" the toddler giggled happily at the name. "Well then Hunter it is." she picked up the baby and started to rock him back and forth humming a little tune.

Three months had passed when the emperor finally decided to see her again. In all actuality he just wanted her to stew in loneliness for a while. He actually had more free time now as emperor than he did as chancellor because now he could truly delegate as before he had to be seen doing his work to show he was a man of the people that he worked hard to get where he was and it was not handed to him. now if he wanted something done all he had to do was order someone to do and he would get a much shorter report on it and while before if someone tried to cheat him or he wanted to get rid of someone he would have to get evidence which while he could do that fairly easily it still took time to set everything up now he could just send in stormtroopers or Vader with no excuses and the job was done.

Entering the room he was not surprised when she rushed forward and hugged him, he had trained her to see him as a father figure to make sure her loyalty was absolute. But he was surprised when she started thanking him. "My dear what could you possibly have to thank me for?" he asked with a kindly voice that made it seem more like she had no reason to thank him rather than he had no idea what she was thanking him for.

"For giving me Hunter." she backed away from him slightly embarrassed now that she realized she hugged the emperor. "He is a bit of a handful at times but he is so sweet."

"Of course my dear you do not have to thank me for that, I did it to make you happy." How did an animal sneak in here he had this place locked down tighter than Hutt's stash of money. He would have to remember to kill whoever was on guard during that time failure is not acceptable, especially not on such a scale. "May I see how he is doing?"

"Of course milord." she said falling back into a more formal tone. "He is this way." Good now all he had to do was take the animal saying it needed to go back to its owner that he heard one of his allies say they need an animal sitter for a while and that he thought she would be perfect. "Here he is." she said reaching down into a small area where could not see. The emperor found it slightly disturbing that he still could not sense the creature. It must have been one of those force resistant creatures. Than Mara stood up he nearly had a panic attack, how could a BABY! Sneak in here? That was impossible he would have sensed it.

"May I hold him my dear?" Nodding in consent she carefully handed the baby over to him and he probed it with the Force only to find out it was not even force sensitive it was just a little above average. How in the Force could this thing have snuck in? Then he realized it must have been a ploy by the Jedi testing his security. Normally people would call him paranoid but he did wipe out their entire order and overthrew the government they had sworn their lives to protect, so he felt his paranoia was quite justified.

In an instant his plan had changed, now he would take them child tell her it needed a checkup than kill the little brat with a blast of lightning and tell Mara he had gotten sick while with her. Than tell her it was not her fault but his own, that he should have realized she was not yet ready for the responsibility, decreasing her independence while also increasing her loyalty.

Taking the boy to his throne room he smiled cruelly at the boy. "Don't worry child you are about to help the most powerful being in the galaxy, be proud and die!" Unleashing the lightning the emperor held in a cry of pain as he released the technique. "What!" that was his own lightning reflected back at him, but how not even Yoda the most powerful of the Jedi could do that, time to test it again. Blasting the boy with lightning again this time he payed close attention as he did he felt the boy's real power and he was far more power than most Jedi. The child had managed as an infant to do what took the Sith centuries, he did not know whether to be impressed or infuriated. But if whatever protected the boy could reflect his sith lightning than it most likely could reflect anything else as well. "Well child it seems you get to live after all."

"Embrace your emotions, give into your anger, and let the hate flow through you."

Hunter sat there trying to access the force but every time he tried he hit a block he could not relax and give himself to the Force. "I can't do it master." He sighed frustrated with himself.

"It's all right my boy I should have known you were not ready for it." Palpatine said pretending to try and hide the disappointment in his voice. "Perhaps you should go and practice with your lightsaber."

"Yes master."

"It will be alright my boy it will just take time." Palpatine wonder what was blocking the boy, he was watching him and nothing was wrong he had seen Jedi younglings with worse form do much better than him. Palpatine had even felt the boy access the Force before, but it was random and sporadic never during training but while he slept when he was playing with his sister. He did not worry though within a few weeks whatever protected the boy would fade. It seemed since he was so far away from whatever powered them, they had been weakening for almost two years now. He would not kill the boy of course far too useful, but at least his original fears of the boy overthrowing him were not a problem.

As he went to go watch the boy practice he noted that unlike most beings the boy could wield a light saber perfectly without active use of the Force to guide him showing his great potential after all very few beings could wield one without the force to guide them as the blade was weightless making it impossible to judge exactly where it was. Preparing to leave he stopped when he felt the boy's frustration from his earlier failure start to shine through and he became more aggressive but also quicker to react to the droids actions actually acting before the machine had moved. He smirked as he felt Hunter's connection to the force strengthen as the battle went on soon he was overpowering the sparing droid. Reaching into an unseen compartment of his seat he turned up the droid's fighting level from adept youngling to Jedi knight.

Hunter was completely submerged in the Force, focused only on his opponent. When his opponent's strength and skill suddenly multiplied he was forced onto the defensive only for a few moments as with a roar he unconsciously used the force to push the droid back knocking it to the ground. Suddenly he turned around and blocked another strike from a second droid twisting to his left he avoid a strike from the first droid which had recovered from his previous assault. "System off." Hunter ordered jumping back, only to bring his lightsaber up at the last second to block another strike from the droids. "System off!" he said a bit louder this time wondering if perhaps the control console could not hear him, but the droids just continued to advance. Ducking he avoided the blow of yet another droid. Suddenly forced onto the defensive he was slowly pushed back by the droids until his back was against the wall. "Get back!" he commanded hoping they would stop. He let out a cry of pain as one of the lightsabers slashed him across the leg forcing him onto his knees. He glared up at the droids as they brought their light sabers up to finish him and his eyes flashed red and rage rushed through him. "I SAID GET BACK!" he roared and a blast of Force energy exploded out of him with such power that it not only knocked back the droids but completely destroyed them.

"Well done young Hunter." The Emperor complimented as he entered the room. "it seems you have finally touch the Force. How does it feel?"

Hunter hadn't noticed before too focused on the fight, but now that he focused he did notice an euphoric feeling flowing through his body. "It feels amazing."

The Sith Lord let a kindly smile slide across his face. "Why don't you show Mara what you learned, tomorrow we will begin your real training."

"Yes master!" the young boy said with a smile and a quick bow before rushing out the door to go see his sister.

Palpatine would have separated the two when he had discovered the youngling but the child had refused to trust him. Always managing to escape where ever he put him and find his way to Mara crying whenever he tried to separate them after and he learned the hard that the protection found that action to be a threat to Hunter. His hand had been burned so bad that even with the Force and the best medical equipment in the galaxy it would not heal in the slightest. The protection stopping it from doing so as if in warning, he had to wear gloves for months till it could finally heal. But besides that the boy had great power within him as well as great hatred, he would make a great Sith.

"Mara! Mara!" Hunter called rushing into her room, causing her to look up from where she was studying.

She smiled at her little brother as he rushed into the room. "What is it Hunter?"

"I finally managed to access the Force!" he told her both excited and proud of himself. Closing her eyes for a moment when she reached with the Force she found that yes he was now in tune with the Force.

Mara opened her eyes and gave a teasing smile. "Good job maybe now you will be able to beat a Jawa in fight." Hunter blushed in embarrassment.

"It was one time!" Part of their training involved fighting against opponents of all shapes and sizes through use of mimicry droids which could be programmed to copy any species and fighting stylize of said species it even mimicked small details to a certain extent such as smells or senses as some creatures used such things to fight. Harry when he went up against a Jawa mimic had been ill prepared for the smell and was unable to focus on the fight allowing the Jawa to beat him in under thirty seconds something that Mara never let him live down.

"One time too many." She said chuckling at memory of the small robot Jawa tackling her little brother

Hunter just frowned [read: pouted] and grumbled about mean sisters all the back to his room.

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Shazam acts cocky as hell like nothing can touch because bar a few heroes and villains [which at this point in time he could count on two hands and still have fingers left over] nothing can touch him you could shoot him point blank from a tank and he would just laugh without even having felt a thing. Just like his father, remember James was the exact same way before Remus going werewolf on Snape kicked him in the pants and made him grow up.

Red lantern is similar except he is also hiding a lot of anger at the world behind his cocky attitude.

Storm dragon is the only one to have a relatively normal childhood so far given that he was loved growing up by his parent and found fairy tail which became a family to him.

Black dragon has a dragon in him making him greedy and has been betrayed in his mind by the man he trusted most. And learned very early on everyone has an agenda.

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