Ezra glared as he knocked down another training droid something which had earned him more than a few disapproving looks from the Jedi at the blatant display of anger. "Want to talk about what the problem is or would you like to continue to beat up training droids?" Kanan asked his padawan, who scowled and knocked down another training droid.

"Beat up training droids." he stated simply.

"Well too bad that was rhetorical question." Kanan said grabbing his padawan's wrist as he made to attack another droid.

Ezra glared at his teacher. "I don't want to talk about it."

"As your teacher I'm not supposed to do what makes you happy but what's best for you Ezra." Kanan said matching his glare with his own stubborn gaze.

Ezra broke his gaze and looked away wrenching his arm out of Kanan's grip in the process. He was about to turn back to the training droids even if he couldn't destroy them because there was a distinct lack of resources to replace them if a large number were destroyed. The fact that half of the droids the jedi currently used were taken from the ancient temple was a sign of how bad it was. While the making of decent training bots had been mastered thousands of years ago the droids in the temple predated even that and while the Jedi knew how to keep such things preserved to prevent decay so that even a thousand years later all they really needed to was replace the batteries and fix some of the joints. Hunter had agreed to pay for a large portion of the droids doing so by 'splicing' into the empirical banking system and transferring a few thousand credits to help pay for it. Not that splicing into the network was anything new the rebellion did it all the time but the problem was they couldn't take to much or make it obvious, because as Kanan explained it. If you splice into the banking system and take two million credits from a planet they are going to be forced to make up that lose likely by raising taxes and while that may work to build short term resentment for the empire over all it would cause more disdain for the rebels responsible for said tax hikes. They had to look like more then just thugs and thieves. There was a constant stream of stolen funds coming from the empire but they were taken subtly often by use of their allies in the senate and in corporations. Having more money applied to certain projects than necessary and having the excess money vanish. Most who noticed something like just assumed it was another politician or corporate CEO trying to make even more money, something both empire and republic had in abundance. Trying to figure out which one of hundreds was the one aiding the rebellion was like trying to find a needle in a stack of needles.

But before he could land a strike on any of the droids his lightsaber was caught on his master's. "Come on let's spar outside today." Kanan promoted no doubt wanting to go somewhere private and away from any prying eyes and gossips.

Ezra begrudgingly followed his master understanding that he wasn't going to get out of this conversation easily and would rather not have it in full view of everyone.

As soon as they were outside both Jedi took up their basic stances Ezra using the now more familiar form four while Kanan adopted a slight variation of his typical form three stance using a single hand grip instead of a two. "Begin." Ezra launched himself at his master coming in with several powerful blows but Kanan easily blocked each one with a single hand before striking him on the back.

Ezra growled and came at his teacher again. Once again Kanan blocked every strike before using the momentum of his last strike to send Ezra tumbling away. "Focus you are letting your anger cloud your judgement." Kanan scolded his padawan.

Ezra glared at his master still not saying a word but took a deep breath to calm himself. It didn't completely work but it allowed him to focus more on the fight. This time Ezra went with speed over power trying to out pace his master to win. Kanan shifted his stance adopting his more typical two handed stance. Ezra and Kanan locked sabers causing small sparks to fly before Kanan pushed knocking his apprentice off balance causing him to stumble before regaining his footing. "Better but you are still letting your anger control you. Are you going to be like this everytime something you don't like happens angry and blind that is not the Jedi way Ezra."

Ezra scowled and rushed his master for a fourth time his previous momentary calm forgotten. "Shut up." he growled breaking his silence.

"No, You need to hear this." Kanan told him. "Are you going to be like this every time they hug or if you see them kissing? Filled with anger and jealousy." Kanan asked making Ezra growl once more.

"I am not angry about that!" he insisted locking sabers with his master once more.

"Then what Ezra? What has you so angry?" Kanan asked breaking the deadlock.

Ezra looked ready to rush his master once more before he side and deactivated his lightsaber. "I am mad about the fact that they didn't tell me, that they- Sabine didn't trust me. Hunter I could accept if he didn't want to tell me, he could be on fire and he would tell us saying it didn't matter. But Sabine- I thought she trusted me or at least respected me enough to tell me if I no longer had a chance." Ezra scoffed. "Like I ever did to begin with." he muttered sitting down on the grass and gazing out over the flat plains around them that was only occasionally disturbed by a ship passing over head. "I feel like an idiot for not noticing."

"You're not an idiot Ezra." Kanan said taking a seat next to him. "You were blinded by your desire to be with Sabine and friendship with Hunter. You were too close to see what had changed. You rationalized them getting closer as them getting to know each other better. You didn't want things to change and maybe Sabine didn't either."

Ezra turned to him confused. "What do you mean?"

"Change is a scary thing, for anyone be it a street rat." Kanan smirked at Ezra who shoved him and grinned.

"Or a Jedi." He added and Kanan smirk vanished and he turned solemn.

"Even the Jedi Ezra." Kanan said looking at the horizon. "Sometime I think that if we acknowledged that we might not have fallen. The Jedi go on and on about how we shouldn't let fear control us but I think in the end it was the only thing that did, it wasn't the republic or the senate but our fear of the sith lord that caused our downfall. We were so obsessed with finding the Sith lord, we didn't notice what was happening around us." Kanan sighed as remembered the rumor that circulated around the temple at the start of the war, that the senate was under control of the Sith. "We want the world to conform to our view so we sometimes ignore the obvious to make that image fit." Ezra was silent following that admittance from Kanan, his teacher rarely talked about his time at the original temple, to painful to remember the same way he didn't like to talk about his parents.

"So what Sabine didn't want things between us to change? Why?" Ezra asked.

"You were and are someone she trusts, someone with whom she can talk to freely. It's likely she feared what would happen if part of the reason for her being able to talk to you freely disappeared." Kanan explained her fear and worry.

"So she wanted us to remain friends and was worried about what would happen if I found out that she now had a boyfriend." Ezra summarized frowning. "But she is my friend, just because she had a boyfriend doesn't mean that would change."

"And while that may be true remember what happened with Ketsu, someone she trusted above everyone else betrayed her for mere profit. She better than most, understand that things can change in an instant without any real reason." Kanan reminded and Ezra scowled at the reminder of Ketsu. Once more feeling satisfaction at knowing she was dead for what she did to Sabine.

Something Kanan sensed. "Ezra it's okay to be angry that she hurt Sabine, it okay to feel satisfied that she payed for what she did. But don't confuse Justice for vengeance. The Jedi most keep themselves above their emotions not because we can't feel them but because we can't allow them to cloud our judgement." he warned his apprentice making Ezra sigh.

"Easier said than done." he muttered making Kanan laugh and stand up.

"You'll find a lot of things are easier said than done but it's how we do it that matters." he told Ezra before adding. "Now come on I haven't finished kicking you around and calling it training."

"Please now I know you are as old as Rex because clearly senility is kicking in." Ezra laughed unclipping his lightsaber and igniting it feeling much lighter now than he did at the beginning of the day.

"Well let's see if you say that by the time I am done with you." Kanan smirking igniting his own lightsaber.

Sabine flipped over Hunter and tried to swipe his legs out from under him but he blocked her strike and lashed out with a kick sending her tumbling backwards. Hunter moved to capitalize on his advantage when Sabine lashed out with a sweeping kick knocking him off his feet and allowing her to claim victory. "My win." she smirked, with the Force she had to admit he was the better the fighter easily predicting her moved and stay one step ahead but when it come down to pure combat skill she almost always won.

"Well played." Hunter acknowledged getting up and conceding defeat, she feinted on the last attack allowing him to think he had gained the advantage only for her to take the win by surprising him. "Have you heard?" He asked as they both grabbed a drink to cool off after their training session.

"About?" She questioned in this base there was always a dozen things going on at once.

"Death watch, they're back."

Sabine scoffed. "Oh I heard but I doubt it, it's probably a bunch of rogues trying to get a reputation boost by claiming the name from the old group. Most of the original death watch went down with Maul and Visla."

"Think their trying to take advantage of the chaos caused by the rebellion to make some quick creds." Hunter asked slipping back on his armor.

"Without a doubt." Sabine said wiping her face with a wet cloth to wipe away the sweat the accumulated. "give it a few months and this death watch will vanish and be replaced by a dozen others all claiming to be the real thing." true their plenty of gangs out there claiming to be part of the rebellion just to charge people protection money for keeping them 'safe' from the empire. No doubt some were hired by the empire to dirty the name of the rebellion.

Hunter looked to the side and grab his helmet. "Jedi stuff?" Sabine asked seeing the look on his face. "And yeah yeah not a jedi whatever." she said waving her hand dismissively before he could say anything.

"Well actually this time it is Jedi stuff." Hunter told her with a small smirk making her roll her eyes. "They're here." he told her making her eyes widen.

"That mysterious jedi that has all the rest swooning." Sabine asked causing Hunter let out a huff of amusement at the comparison.

"Yeah." he nodded.

"Good I'm coming want to see what all the fuss is about." She said grabbing her own helmet.

They arrived just as the rest of the jedi some wary and some hopeful more than a few soldiers were standing on guard in case this force user turned out to be a threat. As the bay of what looked like a mining transport ship began descend several Jedi tensed. The person that descended was humanoid and female as she stepped out into the light several Jedi gasped as they recognized her.

It was Rahm Kota who spoke first though. "Master Fay." he muttered staring at the nigh immortal Jedi in awe. "You live."

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