Hunter stared at possibly the last remaining great master of the Jedi order. Physically she was stunningly beautiful, a striking beauty with sense of confidence to back it up, he was sure more than one person in the past had tried to capture her to keep her for their own personal 'amusement'. But that wasn't what he was focus on, no what he was focused on was her presence it was overwhelming, he knew that the only Jedi possibly more powerful than her was master Yoda and considering he was capable of dueling the emperor to a stand still that was a worrying thought.

It Rahm Kota who spoke first breaking the silence. "Master Fay, it is an honor to have you among us once more." but several of the older Jedi and those who knew who she was also heard the unasked question. How are you alive? She had been reported dead before the Clone Wars even began. Killed by who they later learned was Asaj Ventress.

"I am just another Jedi nothing more." She said dismissively of the awe and respect she had received.

"Unfortunately Master Fay that is something to be in awe of these days." Kanan said and Master Fay frowned at the reminding of the passing of many of the Jedi.

"It is a tragedy that the Jedi have been broken and scattered but this is not the first this has happened nor will it be the last." there was a certain edge of steel in her voice, telling them that the Jedi would rise again. Her eyes turned to the two non Jedi force users among them. "I see we have a few others among us as well." she noted, not in a hostile tone but a genuinely curious one.

"Hunter Mars and Galen Marek." Kanan introduced. "Both of them have been vital to the rebellion." he added after a pause.

But unlike most who had been suspicious or outright hostile to two force users she merely smiled. "I see it is good to the Jedi reaching out to the others once more." they seemed surprised by that statement and her smile went from a gentle one to an amused one. "You do not think that every Force Using Sect but the jedi were evil like the sith do you? No many were just like the Jedi but over time we cut contact with them or absorbed them into the fold." several Jedi coughed and looked away while they didn't think that exactly, the number of friendly non-Jedi force users were far and few between especially now as many of them had been killed along with the Jedi.

"How are you alive?" Rahm Kota finally asked the question that was on everyone's mind. "I heard Asajj Ventress had killed you before the war had even started, Obi-wan saw her stab you in the chest.

"She did but the Force can do many things." she said simply and Sabine threw her arms up in frustration.

"Oh come on that has to be a cop out even by Jedi standards!" Sabine realized that everyone had heard her exclamation but stood by her statement. "I stand by what I said, come on the force can do many things? That's about as vague as you can get!" she complained she was used to getting half answers from the Jedi but that was ridiculous even by their standards.

Fay chuckled. "Fair enough I had entered a healing trance."

"Impossible. No healing trance could last that long or heal such an injury." one of the Jedi said.

"You will find when it comes to Jedi like Master Fay impossible is merely a suggestion not a fact." Rahm Kota said. "It is truly a great sign that the Jedi are in deed returning for you to have come back to us Master."

Sabine watched as several of the older Jedi walked up to master Fay and began to inform her of various facts and details, extremely eager to get her opinion on many things. "What's going on with that?" she asked she got that Fay was some kind of big shot Jedi before the war but why was everyone acting like rabid fans.

"Master Fay is a legend among the order, even back before the war." Kanan told her walking over. "She may not look it but she is over four hundred years old and well she is the most experienced Jedi alive before the order fell master Yoda fulfilled the position of Grand Master but with gone likely even dead she is likely to become the new Grand Master."

"I thought the Jedi had a council that made their decisions?" true much of her knowledge came from second hand rumors and her family's old stories but something like that shouldn't have been fairly accurate about common knowledge.

"We do but in times of war or crisis the Grand Master can take control they are the leader of the Jedi an example for all other Jedi to follow."

"She sounds amazing." Ezra said, hearing his master almost gush over Master Fay. he was willing to admit that yes he could get distracted by a pretty face he was a teenage boy cut him some slack but Master Fay blazed like the sun in the Force it was only now that she was moving away did he realize her physical beauty as well.

"She is, many thought that if anything happened to Yoda she would become the new grandmaster."

"Well that seems to be coming true." Galen pointed out. "So what she shows up and everyone steps and let's her take command?" he asked pointing out the strangeness of it all. "Even if all the Jedi agree what about the rebel leaders no way they will allow an unknown to suddenly take command of the Jedi."

"The rebellion does not control the Jedi!" Kanan said surprisingly defensive, he always listened and followed the rebel leader so it was a bit strange to hear him say that.

"Why not? they should have a say in what a vital part of the rebellion does." Sabine told him. "What's the worst that could happen?"

"We are living it." Kanan said walking off.

"What's his problem?" Sabine grumbled as he walked off.

"The last time the Jedi worked with and fought alongside the republic they were betrayed and slaughtered apparently there was an order to wipe of the Jedi implanted in the minds of the clones several senators involved in the rebellion knew and did nothing to warn them believing the Jedi couldn't be trusted. You don't really think it's a coincidence that the Jedi said the rebels should have a less obvious base and not stay in one place too long do you?" Hunter asked Sabine and as she considered she realized he was right the Jedi had been very insistent that the Rebellion set up a base somewhere less obvious to force the empire to split up their manpower and search for them but there had been tension between the Jedi and rebellion leaders every time they sent one of their Jedi out on a mission without informing them. They were pushing their limits or rather making it clear they were not bound the Rebellion but their own separate entity.

"Was it really that bad? Before the empire rose?" Ezra asked the Rebel leaders had always made it sound like some kind of utopia before the empire came along and while he didn't believe that completely he did think it was better before.

"Yes and no. Near the end of the war everyone and their grandmother were blaming the Jedi for everything ignoring that they were the only that the republic hadn't fallen and that while many Jedi died defending it all the politicians did was point fingers and try to save themselves. The empire may be rife with corruption but that corruption is deliberately and legally done unlike the republic which was mostly done in backroom deals." Hunter explained he knew he had a bias against the republic and that a lot of the problems could be traced back to the emperor but he also knew that despite what the Jedi liked to claim the galaxy was plenty corrupt and greedy without their influence.

"Seriously? And they were allowed to get away with this?" Ezra asked completely shocked. "You guys always made it sound like the republic was some kind of age of enlightenment or something like that."

"The republic may not have perfect especially near the end but it is still better than the empire at least there we aren't all subjected to the whims of a madman."

"But it really couldn't have been that bad right?" Ezra asked almost afraid of the answer.

"They weren't marching through the streets and breaking down doors to remove those who disagreed with them no but yeah it could be pretty bad at times." Sabine admitted.

"Before the empire a bussiness tycoon used his droid armies to blockade an entire planet and even after it was revealed that he was illegally occupying the planet, he still didn't go to jail." Hunter pointed out.

"Wait really how do excuse that?" Sabine did not know that.

"Well he had this really good excuse called money." Hunter explained dryly.

"Well I suppose somethings will never change." Ezra grumbled as he went off to go blow off some steam by training.

"Do you really have such a poor opinion of the old republic?" Sabine asked Hunter as Ezra walked off.

"Why shouldn't he?" Galen asked. "Jedi like my father and mother fought and risked their lives for the republic but all they got was a dagger in the back for their service. The Jedi refused to let the politicians stop them from doing the right thing and all they got in turn was people whining about the Jedi not doing enough. Is there a reason we should like the old republic?"

"It's better than the empire." she pointed out but Hunter stepped in before this could turn into a full argument.

"Being better than a tyrannical regime where people vanish and die merely for speaking their mind isn't exactly a high bar and it doesn't matter the old republic is dead so the past is the past." he told them both diffusing the building arguement.

Later that night Kanan was kept awake by his conversation with Sabine about the role the Jedi played with the rebellion. "Problem sleeping?" Hera asked coming up behind him.

"Are you sure you aren't a Jedi? You always seemed to know when I am troubled." Kanan asked turning around in his chair.

"That's because this is my ship and I know everything about it." she teased. "Now what's the matter? I thought you would be ecstatic one of the greatest Jedi ever came back from the dead today."

"I am glad about that, but something Galen said bothered me." he said looking out the window at the passing soldiers patrolling for trouble. "The Jedi aren't part of the Rebellion we help it and we are definitely rebelling against the empire but we aren't part of the Rebellion."

"Trust me I know that." Hera said huffing in amusement. "I can't tell you how many times a rebel leader has yelled at me for not 'keeping those Jedi in line.' sometime I just want to reach through the holo and choke them!" she complained miming strangling someone.

"You know I heard the sith can do that." he told her half amused.

"Well then if I do learn how to use the Force looks like I am joining the sith." she quipped. "But about the Jedi not being apart of the Rebellion I completely understand your concerns the Jedi trusted the republic and they stabbed them in back branded them traitors and refused to help them. If you guys did trust them I would think you all were the droids everyone thought you were. Being angry may not be the Jedi way but it is a natural reaction to being betrayed and you don't want to be stabbed in the back again. So you distance yourselves from the Rebellion."

"Thanks Hera, I needed to hear that." Kanan sighed and turned back toward the window for a brief moment before heading back inside to sleep.

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