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Transformers Prime: Iron Man

We all have secrets. The ones we keep, and the ones that are kept from us.

It was another day in the small town of Jasper, Nevada. But for one young man it was just the end of his shift at work and then it would be back to school the next day. This young man was Jackson Darby, a sixteen year old teenager who lived with his mother June Darby.

Jack grew up in the small town of Jasper all his life. Raised by his mother and his father, Aaron Darby, Jack grew up to be a responsible, intelligent young man. He seemed to be a natural when it came to technology. Particularly about mechanics and physics. He was extremely smart for knowing how to work with chemicals and other sciences that left most university students baffled.

Jack always looked up to his father, who was a mechanic at one the auto repair shops. He learned all about how vehicles worked, from the inside out, from his father. However tragedy struck when he and his father was kidnapped by a terrorist organization when he was thirteen. They had wanted his father to build them weapons with some type of energy, but he refused until they threated Jack with his life. Complying quickly, Aaron, his son and a kidnaped scientist by the name of Yinsen, started to build them the weapons while on the side build a suit of armour in secret, fitting it with as many weapons as they could.

However they were working to slow, and were told that they were to speed things along, by trying to kill Jack, however his father pushed him out of the way and was killed instead. Telling him that he was now in charge of finishing up, Jack and Yinsen quickly finished building the armour and weapons that they asked for. Planning their escape, Jack was to take the suit and fight his way out with Yinsen. However things did not go as planned as when Yinsen died trying to give Jack more time to ready up. Knowing that he could not die and let their plans fall into ruin, Jack made quick work of all of the soldiers and destroyed many of the weapons they built, taking some of them for himself as well as the work on the strange energy and left.

It would be another month before he would return to Jasper, to his home and to his distraught mother, who after being told of what had happened, lying about how he escaped and what had happened to his father. After returning home and answering numerous questions by the police, Jack had went to an abandoned warehouse, where he kept all the weapons he had stolen as well as the suit of armour he had used to escape. Using whatever he could find from the junkyard and paying for certain items from the many shops around Jasper from his pay check, Jack had created a workshop for himself. After he had set everything up, Jack had created his own A.I called J.A.R.V.I.S or Just A Rather Very Intelligent System, and started to build more suits, just in case he ever came across the organization again. It would take him a year before he was able to understand and replicate the energy power and use it to power his suits.

Working for KO Burger was not the best job there was in town but it was one that would hire him, to help his mother pay for the bills. After his father had died, it was just him and his mom, sadly she had to work longer hours at the hospital to help pay for their expenses.

"No mom, I won't be going to the prom this year." Jack stated to his mother, as he left work. Spotting something in the corner of his eyes, Jack turned his head to see a blue with pink highlights motorcycle.

"I love you mom." Jack said before hanging up his phone and heading towards the motorcycle. Standing in front of said motorcycle, Jack ran his hands across the leather seat of the bike, and then took a seat. "One day I'm going to ride something like you." Jack muttered to himself.

"Uh…are you talking to you bike?" a voice asked. Turning his head, Jack found himself looking at Sierra and one of her friends.

"What? Oh no I wasn't, just admiring her." Jack answered.

"It's Jack, right?" Sierra asked, to which she got a nod from him.

The area around them suddenly turned bright, as if someone had a spotlight on them, turning around, Jack saw two purple cars with their high beams on. The motorcycle then seemed to come to life all on its own and drive off, taking along for the ride and the two cars chasing.

"Hang on kid." A voice shouted out. Jack was completely bewildered by the fact that he heard a voice.

"Who said that!?" he cried out.

The motorcycle kept on speeding forward, with the two cars trying to bump them off the road. Turning into an alleyway, the motorcycle stopped and Jack got off it, backing away slowly.

"I don't exist kid. Tell anyone about me and I will hunt you down." It said in a very distinctive female voice, now that he could properly hear her. Turning around and sprinting away from the motorcycle, Jack ran through the alley hoping to get home and forget about this whole mess.

Hearing the roar of an engine, Jack turned his head to see one of the purple cars from before coming after him.

"I don't even know her!" he shouted at the car. Just as he thought that he was going to get run over, the motorcycle from before swerved next to him. Thinking quickly, Jack hopped onto the seat and sped off out of the alley and onto the main road.

Turning right towards the main highway and an empty straight, the 2 cars suddenly had 2 large guns atop their hoods, and started firing red bolts of lasers.

"They have lasers now! Well that's just wonderful." Jack thought

The motorcycle continued to drive until they hit the highway where a yellow and black stripped custom Urbana, started to block their way, swerving left and right every time they tried to get by him.

"Friend of yours?" Jack asked.

"Family." the motorcycle replied.

Speeding forward, it did not take long for the two purple cars to catch up with them, the muscle car behind them. The motorcycle suddenly jerked to the right, right off the highway and downhill until they were under the highway. Catching his breath from the car chase, Jack got off the motorcycle and noticed a young Hispanic boy with spiky brown hair, wearing glasses on his face with a yellow sweater and black pants. Jack knew him as Rafael Esquivel, a boy of twelve years who managed to skip a few grades due to his smarts. They normally help each other, Raf helping Jack with homework, and Jack saving Raf when he's getting bullied by Vince.

"Woah!" Raf said.

"You have no idea Raf." Jack replied smiling at him and made his way over.

Suddenly the two cars from earlier came down the hill and landed in front of them, the two cars then transformed into giant towering robots, leaving the two boys astonished. Hearing a sound near them, the two boys turned to see the motorcycle transform into a giant robot as well, except the difference was that it looked more female than the other two.

"It ends here 'cons." She said.

After saying that, she started to run at them dodging and weaving in between the laser fire coming from the two others. Reaching the closest 'con, she jump kicked it, then turned and proceeded to punch and kick the other 'con.

"Wh-What are they?" Raf asked.

"Talking vehicles that turn into giant robot or the other way around." Jack answered.

The female robot suddenly flew back, landing hard on her back. As the two 'cons made their way to her the Urbana from earlier drove off the road and transformed, landing on top of one of 'cons and punched the other so hard it flew backwards. Getting off from the 'con, the robot didn't see the small remote toy car that Raf was playing earlier until it heard of something crunching under it. Lifting its foot, it saw the crushed toy car and turned to look at the two boys, its optics displaying worry and seeming apologetic.

"It's fine really." Raf assured smiling at it.

Before it could say anything, the robot was shot backwards by one of the 'cons. Helping the other 'con up, the two advanced on the prone robot as they prepared to fire upon it, Raf ran forwards a little and shouted.

"Leave him alone!"

This however turnout out to be a bad thing as the two 'cons turned to the two humans.

"Please" Raf gulped out.

"Bad idea, come on." Jack said as he took hold of Raf's arm and proceeded to run to one of the many open pipes.

As they ran, they noticed that one of the two 'cons had decided to chase after them. Getting inside the pipe, they ran as quickly as they could, as the 'con who had been chasing after them tried to grab hold of Jack, it was suddenly pulled back and thrown. Turning around the two boys saw that the robot Raf had saved earlier, looked at them to make sure they were unharmed.

"Thank you." Raf said, and proceeded to follow Jack deeper into the pipes.

The next day after school had ended, Jack was making his way down the stairs, when he saw Raf standing under a tree waving at him to come over.

"Look Raf, I think we should just forget about everything that happened yesterday." No sooner had had Jack said that, when suddenly the same yellow muscle car from yesterday pulled up in front of them "Oh no, not again."

The car simply opened its door beeping at them, indicating that it wanted them to come inside.

"It wants us to go inside?" Jack questioned.

"No, just me." Raf stated back, seemingly able to understand him.

"How do you know that?" Jack questioned.

"It said so." Raf replied.

"What!?" Jack exclaimed.

"Yours is over there." Raf said, drawing Jack's attention to the same motorcycle he rode on yesterday.

"Look, I really don't think that…."

"How's it going?"

"Raf?" Jack turned back, only to see the young boy climb into the yellow Urbana. "Hey, Wait! Stop" he called out, as the car drove off.

Watching them speed off, Jack turned his head to look at the motorcycle again before walking off, not noticing that it started to follow him. Walking down one of the nearby alleys, Jack heard the sound of tires screeching before the same blue motorcycle came to a stop in front of him.

"Relax, I just want to talk to you." She said.

"Don't you mean you and your new friend?" Jack said, indicating to the driver.

"Kid, there's a lot you don't understand." As she said this, the driver turned out to be a hologram when she fizzed out.

"No, I-I get it. I get it." Jack said back away, with motorcycle moving forward with every step Jack took back. "The first rule of robot fight club is you don't talk about robot fight club. What you need to understand is that I don't want a bunch of crazy talking vehicles following me around, trying to get me killed."

Hearing the sound of shifting metal, jack turned to see the motorcycle's robot form. "Look. Jack is it? Your personal is exactly why Optimus Prime has requested your presence." She said.

"O-Optimus who?" Jack asked as the female robot leaned in closer.

"You may be in danger because you are one of the few, one of the only who have ever seen us."

"Dude! What are you waiting for?!" Turning to the sound of the voice, Jack saw it was a girl with amber coloured eyes, black with pink highlights on her hair, he recognized her as the Japanese exchange student, Miko Nakadai. "Go with!"

"Scrap." Was all Jack heard the motorcycle say.

"WHOOO-HOOOO! WHOOO!" Miko screamed as they were driving through the desert.

"And why exactly are we taking her?" Jack asked

"Rules." She answered back.

Seeing a fork in the road Jack expected the Urbana to make a turn, only for the muscle car to just head for the large mesa in front of them, thinking that they were going to crash into the rocks, Jack did not expect to see the rocks move aside, to reveal that it was large door that lead into a tunnel. Driving through said tunnel Jack, Miko and Raf were treated an amazing sight of two more giant robots. One of them was mostly coloured red with white highlights, with a scowl on its face standing nearby some computers while the other was large and green. Getting out of the car/motorcycle, the kids continued to be in awe at the titans before them as the other two transformed back into their robot form.

"I thought there were only two?" the red and white questioned.

'Haven't you heard? Humans multiply." The female robot said walking off.

"I'm Raf." Raf introduced himself to Miko, only for said girl to completely ignore him.

"I'm Miko, Who are you." She asked moving in front of the large green robot.

"Bulkhead." It answered back.

"Are you a car? I bet you're a truck, a monster truck." Miko said as she continued to question the robot, despite its obvious increase in discomfort. "Do you like heavy metal? How much do you weight? Ever use a wrecking ball as a punching bag?"

"So if you guys ae robots, who made you?" Raf asked.

"Please." The red and white scoffed.

Feeling the ground shake and loud footsteps heard, Jack, Raf and Miko turned to see a very large red and blue robot come forward towards them. Standing before them, the robot looked down.

"My name is Optimus Prime. We are autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron, also known as Autobots." Optimus said in a baritone voice.

"My Second in Command, designation Arcee." Optimus introduced to the female motorcycle.

"Our medical officer Ratchet." Indicating to the red and white 'bot.

"Our Wrecker Bulkhead." Indicating to the large green 'bot, who simply waved at them.

"Our scout Bumblebee." Finally indicating to the yellow and black 'bot.

"Why are you here?" Jack asked.

"To protect your planet from the Decepticons." Optimus answered.

"The jokers who tried to bump us off last night." Arcee elaborated.

"Ok well, why are they here?" Jack asked.

"A fair question Jack, in part they are her because our planet is uninhabitable ravaged by centuries of civil war." Optimus explained kneeling down.

"Why were you fighting a war?" Raf asked.

"Foremost, over control of our world's supply of Energon, the fuel and life blood of all Autobots and Decepticons alike." Optimus answered back.

Reaching to the side of his dead Optimus' optics seemed to glow before there was a beam of blue light that surrounded them. The ground started to crumble away, large buildings were erected around them, Autobots and Decepticons were fighting each other with blaster fire and flashes of light going off. "Our planet was once a powerful empire, peaceful and just. Until we were betrayed by Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. The combat was fierce, and endured for centuries. In the beginning, I fought alongside one who I considered a brother." Optimus explained as more and more Autobots and Decepticons continued to fire at each other. "But in war, ideals can be corrupted, and it was thus that Megatron lost his way." It finally ended with a large grey Decepticon, with red optics and sharp teeth and a giant purple cannon on his right arm leading the charge.

"Is there going to be a quiz?" Miko yawned out causing Jack to glare at Miko for her rudeness, before turning back to Optimus.

"Ok well, what has Megatron or any of this have to do with us?"

"Megatron has not been seen nor heard from in some time. But if his return is imminent as I fear, it could be catastrophic." Optimus replied narrowing his optics a little. "And since you now know of our existence, I fear that as of last night the Decepticons know of yours."

"Got it. If we spot any strange vehicles, call 911. Can we go now?" Jack asked.

"Are you insane?" Miko asked "I'm living a dream here in bot-swana, and I will not allow you or anyone else to shatter it!" Miko stated.

"It is best that you three remain under our watch at least until we can determine our enemies' intention." Optimus said. At this Ratchet turned to look at Optimus.

"Optimus, with all due respect, the human children are in as much danger here as they are anywhere."

"Children?" Jack questioned.

"They have no protective shell. If they get underfoot they will go squish." Ratchet stated this with him putting his foot down, hard.

"Putting his hands on his hips, Optimus simply smiled at his medial officer. "Then for the time being Ratchet, we must watch where we step."

There was a sudden loud blaring sound, much like an alarm going off with the screens flashing bright green.

"What's that?" Jack questioned.

His answer came in the form of beeps and buzzing from Bumblebee. Not understanding what he said, Jack and Miko stared and him.

"Proximity sensor. Someone's up top." Raf translated pointing above them.

"It's Agent Fowler." Ratched said.

"I thought we were the only humans who knew about you guys?" Jack asked.

Optimus turned to look at Jack and answered. "Special Agent Fowler is our designated liaison to the outside world. As he tends to visit only when there are issues. It may be best if you do not meet him at this time."

Looking at each other, Jack, Raf and Miko made their way behind the staircases. They did not have to wait long for Agent Fowler to come out of the elevator. He was a large African American man with short hair wearing a grey suit, white undershirt and black and white striped tie.

"Seven wrecks, thirty-four fender benders, a three hour traffic jam, and of particular note, numerous reports of a speeding motorcycle of unknown make and black and yellow custom muscle car." Agent Fowler said walking forward towards the railing. "So anything you care to get off your tin chest, Prime?"

"We have the situation under control, Agent Fowler." Optimus answered.

"They're back, aren't they?" Fowler asked, with a hard look in his eyes.

"If you are referring to the Decepticons, I have doubts that they ever left. Your planet is much too valuable." Optimus stated.

"Then it's time to wake up the Pentagon." Fowler replied.

Hoping to deter him from his choice, Optimus spoke up. "Hear me Agent Fowler. We are your best, possibly your only defense against the Decepticon threat."

"Says you." Fowler challenged.

"Hey fleshy, did anyone get splattered on that freeway? Team Prime know when to use force, and how much to use." Bulkhead retorted back, tearing off a claw like device and crushed it.

"BULKHEAD I NEEDED THAT!" Ratchet cried out.

"ENOUGH!" Optimus boomed "Military involvement will only result in catastrophe. Perhaps you can condone widespread human casualties Agent Fowler, I however, cannot."

"Then do us both a favour and handle this Prime, under the radar." Agent Fowler stated as he moved back into the elevator. "Or I will."

Watching the elevator doors closed, Bulkhead walked forward. "Pretty big bearing…..For a human."

"Agent Fowler is concerned for his world Bulkhead, as he should be." Optimus said.

"Blasted earth tech!" Ratchet cried out turning to the others. "Cliffjumper's signal just popped back online."

"Who's Cliffjumper?" Miko asked as they came upstairs.

"How is that possible?" Optimus asked, ignoring Miko's question.

"It isn't." Ratchet stated "Another bug. The systems chock full of them."

"If there's any chance Cliff's alive…" Arcee said, leaving the statement hanging.

Nodding his head Optimus turned to look at Ratchet. "Ratchet prepare sick bay. We may need it." He said activating his battle mask.

"Hey! What can we do?" Miko asked.

"Remain with Ratchet." Was all Optimus said before walking off.

"Aww." Miko whined.

"Ughhh." Ratchet grumbled before pulling a leaver.

The sound of whirling was suddenly heard as blue rings lit up before a vortex of swirling green and blue colours was open.

"Autobots, Roll Out!" Optimus cried out, transforming into his vehicle form, which was a semi. Arcee, Bumblebee and Bulkhead turned into their vehicle forms as well that of a motorcycle, an Urbana and an armoured truck, before they all disappeared.

"What just happened?" Jack asked as he and the others, bar Ratchet, were astonished.

"I transported them to the designated coordinates via the Ground Bridge." Ratchet answered.

"What's a Ground Bridge?" Raf asked.

Sighing Ratchet decided to answer their questions, if only to have some piece of mind. "A scaled down version of Space Bridge technology. Since we don't currently possess the means or the Energon required for intergalactic travel…"

"You're stuck here…on Earth." Jack stated.

"With the likes of you, yes" Ratchet stated coldly, narrowing his optics at them. "But I constructed the Ground Bridge to enable travel from here to anywhere on your planet."

"Whoa." Raf said, amazed at the level of technology. "Does it work on humans?"

"Naturally." Ratchet replied.

"You mean I could just shoot on over and visit my parents in Tokyo?" Miko asked.

"Within moments. In fact, allow me to you there immediately, all three of you." Ratchet said.

"Watch it Ratchet." Miko replied, hands on her hips with a smug smile on her face.

Moving downstairs to the ground, Jack and Miko decided to look around until Miko found a device filled with buttons and switches. Just as she was about to touch a button with her finger, the sound of Ratchets voice stopped her.

"Broken, don't touch. Don't touch that either." Ratchet said without even looking behind him just as she was about to touch another button.

"Is there anything in here that we can touch?" Jack questioned.

Ratchet didn't answer as there was a sudden influx of error messages that popped up on screen. Grumbling Ratchet started to try and fix the problem.

"Why are you guys using human technology?" Raf asked

"It certainly isn't by choice. It was handed down by the previous tenants, when we inherited this former missile silo. I make modifications as I see fit." Ratchet stated.

"I think I can fix that." Raf said taking out his laptop and plugging it into the USB port and started typing away.

"Really? You do know that this is complex technology don't you?" Ratchet mocked. "I mean it isn't a child's toy.

"Now try." Raf spoke up suddenly.

Turning to the screen Ratchet did not expect all the error messages to suddenly disappear, leaving the medical officer speechless.

"Ratchet! Bridge us back. Use the arrival coordinates now!" Optimus commanded out over the speakers

As the Ground Bridge opened, it didn't take long for Arcee, Bumblebee and Bulkhead to appear with Optimus behind them. Closing the Ground Bridge quickly, Ratchet came over to the others and started to question them.

"Cutting it a bit close. How about Cliffjumper?" Ratchet asked, only for them to bow their heads down.

"What was that explosion? Was there a fight? Can I come along next time?" Miko fired off, only to see Arcee growl at her.

"Look-." She growled out.

"He, hey Miko, let's go see what the 'bots are hiding in their sock drawers." Jack said, hoping to deter Miko from angering Arcee anymore.


"Arcee, what did you see?" Optimus asked.

"Not Cliff, at least not anymore. He was mutated, butchered, like something from those 'con experiments during the war." Arcee explained before she fell grabbing a nearby crate to steady herself. Seeing this, Bumblebee, being the closest stepped forward to help, only for Arcee to wave him off. "I'm fine. Just dizzy."

"Robots who get dizzy?" Miko asked quietly.

"Robots with emotions." Raf said.

"Robots who could die." Jack finalised.

Scanning Arcee, Ratchet found a substance of purple goo on her hand. Scrapping it from her Ratchet asked. "What is this?"

"Don't know. Cliff was covered in it. Leaking it." Arcee answered.

"Go take a decontamination bath. Now." Ratchet ordered as Bumblebee led her away.

"Optimus. I hate to bug, but to bars." Jack said showing his phone.

"A security precaution. The silo walls isolate all radio waves." Optimus answered back.

"Well if I don't call my mom, like right now. I'm pretty sure the cops will come looking for me." Jack stated.

"Have you broken a law?" Optimus asked leaning in closer.

"Uh curfew, it's after ten pm." Jack answered back.

"I better get home too, or I'll be grounded for a year." Raf agreed.

"Earth customs, I hadn't considered. But the issue of your safety remains." Optimus stated. "Bulkhead, accompany Miko home."

"Awesome! My host parents will freak." Miko said excitedly.

"And maintain covert surveillance in vehicle form." Optimus finished.

"Curb side duty. Got it." Bulkhead said nodding, which got Miko whining.

"Bumblebee, you'll watch over Raf." Optimus ordered.

"Ratchet-." Optimus started only to be cut off.


"Arcee, you'll accompany Jack." He finished off.

"Still dizzy." Arcee said, trying to weasel out of the way.

"Your fine, says your physician." Ratchet stated back not looking away from his microscope.

Sighing, Arcee made her way to Jack and transformed, waiting for him to get on.

Driving into the garage, Jack got off Arcee and tried to speak to her. Feeling sorry for her loss of her partner and friend. "Arcee, I just wanted to say I'm really sorry for your loss."

"What could you possibly know about loss?" Arcee asked coldly.

Angered, it took all of Jack's control not to lash out. Instead he took a breath and answered back. "What you think you're the only one with problems?"

Transforming, Arcee narrowed her optics at Jack and shot back. "I'm not sure girl trouble counts."

"I'm pretty sure my girl troubles started the night I met you." Jack retorted.

Seeing a white car pulling in Jack quickly realised that it was his mom. Arcee, who thought that it was 'cons readied her blasters, only for Jack to tell her it was his mom. Seeing his mom get out of the car, Jack ran to her, hoping that he could explain the situation that he was in. "Hey mom, listen I can explain."

Walking past her son, June Darby stood next to Arcee in her vehicle form. "Can you?" she asked. "Jackson Darby, we've talked about this."

"I know -." Was all Jack could say before being cut off.

"You don't know. I worry about you enough when you're not at home. But now I have to worry about you driving a motorcycle!" his mom said cutting him off, clearly worried.

"I'm sixteen mom. I can't be riding a ten speed forever." Jack argued back.

"How did you even afford this?" his mom questioned.

"It's used, abused really. It needs a ton of repairs. But the point is, I may have been a kid when I bought this." Indicating Arcee. "But I'm not anymore. You taught me to always make responsible choices. Well I chose her, and I'll be responsible, I promise."

"Her?" his mom asked. "I didn't think you were bringing girls home already Jack?" his mom teased.

"I'd like to think she chose me." Jack answered abashed, rubbing the back of his head.

"Well at least you have a reason to wear your helmet, every single time you drive." His mom emphasised. "You will take me on a spin, every once in a while, won't you?" she asked.

"We'll see, she can be a bit temperamental." Jack answered as he shut the lights off and closed the garage door.

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