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Riley groaned, still feeling pains in her stomach. But she felt a change in her mind, too. It was like.. some sort of curse had taken over her brain, making her act different. Now it felt like it had lifted. It was strange, very strange.

"How did this happen, Riley?" Riley's mom, Jill, asked with concern to her daughter. "Did you eat something?"

"I ate a bag of chips that were rotten.." Riley admitted, sighing.

"What?!" Jill exclaimed, gazing at Riley. "Why on Earth would you do something like that?!"

"Um.. I just felt like it would be a good snack…" Riley said sheepishly, feeling incredibly stupid. Why did I do that? she thought. Jill shook her head.

"That is not like you, Riley. Really not like you," she sighed, folding her arms. "Rest now. We'll discuss this more when you're feeling better." Jill walked out of the room, leaving her daughter rather annoyed at herself.

The next day, Riley was feeling much better from that horrid stomach ache. And she was back to normal too; neat hair and everything. Her parents kissed her goodbye, making her promise to never eat another bag of chips off the ground again. Riley promised, saying that was probably the stupidest thing she ever did.

"I still can't believe I made us eat those chips," Disgust groaned, shaking her head. "That is so not me."

"Even Delight was disappointed." Fear chuckled. Disgust stayed protectively near the console, making Riley avoid any sort of rotten food. It was a bit weird, having the pre-teen girl almost screaming and running away from harmless bins, but Disgust's paranoia was matching up to Fear's- she couldn't be stopped.

Finally, Riley arrived at school. Her friends were chatting in their normal location, about who-knows-what. They noticed Riley entering the school, feeling relief when they saw her back to normal. All of them approached Riley as she put her bag away.

"Riley! You're back to normal!" Alexis cried, glad to see her friend looking sharp.

Shelby raised her eyebrows. "But.. what was all that stuff yesterday? Y'know, acting all 'yo dawg' and stuff."

"Oh, that," Riley chuckled, shutting her locker. "Oh guys… it's complicated, but something.. Weird happened to me. I suddenly felt like acting like a gangster and doing all these stupid things. And.. I'm really sorry about it. I didn't mean to upset you."

"I forgive you." Alexis smiled, patting her friend on the shoulder. Shelby nodded in agreement. Riley pulled her friends in for a quick embrace; they happily joined in knowing Riley wasn't her opposite anymore.


Mrs. Wilson was typing something on her computer when a knock interrupted her studies. She got out of her plump chair and opened the door, revealing a certain, pre-teen girl.

"Riley? What are you doing here?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

Riley took a deep breath in. "So.. you know yesterday, about Tessa throwing the paper?"

Mrs. Wilson tilted her head. "Yes?"

Riley sighed. "That wasn't Tessa… that was me.."

"What?" Mrs. Wilson gasped, gazing at Riley with shock.

"It's true. I threw that paper. I blamed it on Tessa to get out of trouble. She never did anything.. It was all my fault and I'm so sorry.. Something was wrong with me and I wasn't myself." Riley exhaled, almost bursting into tears. Mrs. Wilson stared down at Riley with disapproval.

"Riley, I am very disappointed in you for lying and for getting poor Tessa in trouble," she said, crossing her arms. "As much as I appreciate your honesty, I'm afraid there must be a punishment."

Riley bit her lip.

"A PUNISHMENT?!" Anger growled, clenching his fists.

"Well, to be honest, we kind of deserve it." Fear pointed out, stepping a few steps away in case the brick decided to beat him up. To his surprise, he didn't.

"You will do lunchtime yard duty for the entire week and next week." Mrs. Wilson confirmed the punishment.

"I understand, Mrs. Wilson." Riley nodded, feeling glum.

"And one more thing." Mrs. Wilson stopped her from leaving.

"Yes?" Riley asked.

"I want you to apologize to Tessa."

"Okay.." Riley said. But then again, she had got the poor girl in trouble- she did deserve an apology.

Apologies can heal many wounds, after all. Perhaps even the ones between opposites.. After all, Opposites Attract.






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