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Sadness' eyes fluttered open, as she gazed at her dark blue room. She didn't know why or how she got in a room like this. Why is this blue? she thought. This is pretty sad. I need to renovate my room. She kept examining her room, feeling...different. Like everything was going to go great. Like the world is made out of happiness and wonder. Like nothing would go wrong.

A big grin spreads out on her face as she climbed - no, scratch that, jumped out of her bed and bolted out of her room. She found an accordion near Joy's door, and rushed to the stairs. Climbing on the rail, she slid down like a bullet, noisily playing the accordion.

"GOOD MORNING RILEY!" Sadness cried, shocking her vocal cords with the amount of energy she spoke with. "Today is going to be a great day!"

Fear, who had just finished Dream Duty, spat out his tea. Was that...Sadness?! It couldn't be! He watched the usually-upset emotion dance around, playing the accordion. He couldn't believe it. This wasn't real. It had to be a dream. He gave himself a baby-like pinch, shutting his eyes. He opened them up again, but nope, Sadness was still smiling and dancing. What is happening with her?!

"Sadness?" Fear questioned, approaching the blue girl. "Um...are you okay?"

"Who you callin' Sadness? I'm Joy!" Sadness squealed. "And it's the best day ever! Race ya to the console!" She actually ran up to the console, not slumping, like she always did. She kept on running to the console, waking up Riley. Fear fainted, asking himself with confusion: What the heck is going on?!


Joy sleepily got up from her bed, blinded by the bold colors in her room. They were full of positive messages and pictures of the sun. The golden emotion ignored them. She didn't feel like being happy, singing or dancing. All she felt like doing was curling up into a little ball, moan about the movie where the dog dies. In fact, there were a lot of things she could've cried about. It felt like all the joy in the world has vaporized.

She slumped out of her room, not noticing her vanished accordion. Even if she did, she would've paid no notice, nor would she care. She just whimpered softly as she pattered down the stairs, briefly watching the dancing Sadness and a disturbed Fear.

"Joy!" Fear called out, gasping when he saw the yellow one's expression. "What's wrong?"

"I'm Sadness...not Joy.." Joy groaned, hanging her head. "And everything is wrong...we're going to fail today.." Joy's miserable tone of voice caused Fear to shiver with fright.

"No we're not, Sadness! Cheer up!" laughed 'Joy', as she patted her friend on the back.

"But you don't know that..." 'Sadness' sniffled. Fear squeaked as he kept observing the girls. Something was very, very wrong.

"What's wrong with you two?" Fear cried, putting his hands to his face. "Why are you acting this way?"

"Whaddaya mean, man? We've been this way forever!" the real Sadness chuckled, as the real Joy kept sniffling.

"No.." Fear breathed, biting his lip. "But...but..."

"Oh, stop your stammering!" 'Joy' grinned. "Where's your list of all the abnormalities? Could use 'em!" Then she was inquisitive. "Say, where are the other two?"

Fear gulped. Disgust and Anger! Would they be like this too? He prayed not. He needed to get to the bottom of this strange behavior, and he would rather do it with the others than alone.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

"YO YO YO!" a booming, tom-boy voice called. There was the sound of skateboard wheels and heavy metal music. Somebody came riding down the stairs on a skateboard, eating a packet full of broccoli.

That's right, broccoli. This caused Fear to pant.

"Disgust?!" Fear cried. It really was the green girl. Her normally neat hair was tied up in a messy ponytail. Her makeup wasn't even bothered to be placed on her face. Her clothes consisted of a black leather jacket, over a dark green t-shirt, with baggy grey shorts. She flipped up her skateboard and brought it to her side, chewing on the broccoli.

"Disgust?" Disgust chortled. "I'm Delight! And today we're gonna do some sick stuff! Like, real sick!"

Fear shook his head. "And...are you eating...b-broccoli?!"

"Uh, yeah?" she replied.

" hate broccoli!" he inquired. She laughed.

"Where'd you get that from? I love me some broc! So healthy, right? Why let it go to waste?" She kept stuffing her face, oblivious to the stalks going all down her clothes. Fear truly couldn't believe this now. Disgust eating broccoli? That was like Anger being nice to him!

Speaking of the red emotion, a gentle ukulele could be heard. Fear yelped and turned around, facing Anger, who was strumming a ukulele. A Hawaiian lei was hung around his neck, as well as a black t-shirt with the peace symbol. That definitely revealed that it happened with Anger as well.

"Not you too, Anger!" Fear cried, sweat beading.

"Greetings, fellow emotion. I am Calm, not Anger. May your day be peaceful," the brick spoke in a gentle, soothing voice, which was the strangest thing Fear had ever heard. Anger - no, Calm disn't sound like he wanted to punch someone for once. He waddled around on the floor, and started humming Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

"C-C-Calm..." Fear spluttered, now panting. What has happened to his friends? He pinched himself again, trying to do it a little harder this time. But when he fluttered his eyes open again, his co-workers were still there, all the same. "It can't be..."

"Yo guys, what are we havin' for breakfast?" 'Delight' called out, as she ran to the console. "Oh heck ya! Bran cereal! My fave! Who doesn't like bran cereal?" Fear was extremely concerned now. Normally Disgust hated bran cereal. But now she liked it? Something is definitely wrong right now!

"I know right? Bran cereal rocks!" 'Joy' cried, as she and Delight high-fived. Now that was something that the raw nerve (or anyone) would never, ever expect.

"What's wrong with you guys?" Fear moaned desperately.

"What's wrong with you, man? You're acting all paranoid...more than usual. You alright?" 'Joy' asked, giving him a look of sympathy.

"You're not supposed to be this way!" Fear cried. "Something's wrong with you guys! And I guess I'll need to find out what!" That was when he remembered the strange thing that happened last night. Why was this familiar to him? Was this how the emotions changed? Why didn't this happen to him? What was that feeling, anyway?

"There's nothing wrong with us, Fear! We're all fine!" 'Joy' encouraged.

"Ya dude!" 'Delight' agreed. "You need to stop worrying!"

"Have peace," 'Calm' added, strumming his ukulele again.

"Maybe there is something wrong with us..." 'Sadness' mumbled, laying on the floor.

"Now don't you start, Sadness!" 'Joy' laughed. They suddenly heard the door open from the screen. "Hey look! It's our parents!" 'Joy' said excitedly. It was true. Riley's mom and dad came to greet their little girl.

"Hey Monkey!" Riley's dad, Bill, grinned. "Ready for school?" This caused 'Joy' to rush to the console, pressing a button. Fear looked away, not wanting to see what happened next.

"You bet!" Riley cheered finishing her cereal. However, despite her positive outburst, the console strangely turned blue and a blue memory came in.

"What...?" Fear stammered, more perplexed than ever.

"That's wonderful, sweetie!" Riley's mom, Jill, smiled. "We are so proud of how positive you are! Now we better get going! You ready?" Riley nodded immediately.

"Wonderful!" Her mother did have a slight look of concern in her eyes as she watched her daughter leave. "Is it just me, or is she messier than usual?"

Meanwhile with Riley, the San Francisco wind blew back Riley's frizzy and tangled hair. Her clothes weren't really that fancy, being really scruffy and dirty, with some food stains. Worst of all, Riley didn't even bother brushing her teeth. Fear didn't even need to ask why Riley was like this; her Disgust wasn't there.

"OFF TO SCHOOL! WHOOPEE!" 'Joy' squealed, hopping around.

"Our day shall be peaceful and educational," Calm added, as he once again did another strum to his ukulele.

"If we don't get bullied..." 'Sadness' sighed, sniffling from the floor.

"Dudes! DUDES!" Delight cried, using her skateboard to ride to the console. "There's a chip pack on the ground!" Riley was indeed passing by a bin, and a half-empty chip packet was in sight. "Let's pick up a free snack!"

A few seconds later, Riley was snacking on a disgusting packet of chips, which were unfortunately full of mold. The emotions didn't seem to care, though. Who needed to worry about germs? Fear, meanwhile, was roaming around in the back, watching all of this unfold. This was beyond bad now. But there was something that he was definitely concerned and worried about now...

What is going to happen at school?


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