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There were very few times that Hiruzen actually felt his age and right now, this was one of those times. Sakura just brought in an Oto Kunoichi to his office, where she explained her team's encounter with Orochimaru, Otogakure's apparent connection to him and Naruto's change. Before he could tell Sakura of what a serious claim she was making, Kin immediately came clean about everything.

This had him worried, Orochimaru was planning on invading Konoha with the aid of Sungakure, he knew all about the Sand Village's economic depression and it seems like his lack of action in regards that and his wayward student has come back to haunt him. But what also had him worried was Naruto's apparent change, the fact that the young genin was able to kill five enemy shinobi (1) without batting an eyelash has him worried. While death wasn't uncommon among shinobi, the fact that a fresh genin, especially one as pure as Naruto, was able to do such a thing was unheard of.

'Did Orochimaru do something to Naruto, is he under the Kyuubi's influence or is it something else entirely?' Hiruzen asked himself as he took out his pipe and began to burn some tobacco in it.

*The Day of the Chuunin Exam Preliminaries*

Megatron careful studied his competition and he had to say if it wasn't for his rebirth and the fact that he spent the last few remaining days of the Second Exam training, a good majority of them would have been threats to him.

Luckily it seems that when he stole the forbidden scroll before the merging, Galvatron was paying close attention to the details of the Kage Bushin no Jutsu, when he just skimmed them before practicing the jutsu. Thanks to that he used the Kage Bushin's memory transfer ability to train and refine his abilities, Megatron can confidently say he can take on most of the competition here, if it comes down to him having to fight any of them.

'Team 8, Team 9, Team 10, that Kabuto guy's team and the Sand Team, if there was anyone I wanted to face it would be that make-up wearing male on the Sand Team, so I can make him pay for his humiliation earlier,' Megatron thought to himself as he scowled at the thought of his first encounter with the Sand Team.

"IT'S WAR PAINT" Kankuro immediately shouted, after Megatron finished his line of thought.

"Kankuro, shut up or I'll kill you," Gaara ordered in annoyance.

"Sorry Gaara, I just got a strange feeling that someone said, I was wearing make-up," Kankuro stuttered out, in fear of angering his younger brother.

'That was just creepy,' Megatron dryly thought to himself.

It seems that Kankuro has some kind of psychic ability to sense when someone says he's wearing making, regardless of whether they're saying out loud or thinking it to themselves.

Soon after that little moment of comic-relief was done, the sound of someone clearing their throat caught everyone's attention, causing them look towards the Sandaime Hokage.

"Now that I have everyone's attention, I would like to announce that I am proud to see that so many young genin have passed the second part of the exams. Though I will announce that from here on out it will be every man for themselves," Hiruzen announced, causing a smirk to appear on Megatron's face.

'Perfect,' the reincarnated Decepticon Leader thought to himself.

"This part of the Chuunin Exams will be a tournament, though unfortunately do to the amount of teams passing the second exam, we're going to have to have a preliminary round," Hiruzen told the genin, before he continued by saying, "But first I would like to tell you all the true reason behind the Chuunin Exams, you see aside from being a way to allow genin to be promoted to Chuunin, these exams are also a replacement for war."

As Megatron listened to the Hokage's explanation of the Chuunin Exams, he had to say he was impressed. While he didn't show it often, Megatron did have the Decepticon's best interest in heart (2) back in his past life and he couldn't help but wonder how many loses they could have avoided if they had something like this on Cybertron.

Right when Hiruzen was going to explain more about the preliminaries of the Chuunin Exams, a cough was heard catching everyone's attention. Soon everyone turned their attention towards sickly looking Jounin, personally Megatron was surprised that they still had this guy on active duty.

"I'm sorry to interrupt Hokage-sama, but I think that it would be best if I took things from here," The Jounin said as coughed every now and then between words.

"Of course Hayate-san, after all you are the proctor of this part of the exams," Hiruzen replied with a kind smile.

"Alright, the matches will be decided randomly by this screen, though before we start will anyone like to drop out before we begin?" Hayate asked as he scanned over the contestants.

"I would like withdraw from the exams, proctor-san," One Yakushi Kabuto stated with a pleasant smile.

After sharing a look with the Hokage and a few other jounin, Hayate gave Kabuto the okay, to leave the exams.

'Strange with the amount of times he said he failed the exams, I would have thought that Kabuto would want to take this chance to get promoted, then again, the amount of times he failed is very suspicious as well. I'll have to be careful, if my suspicions are correct than this Kabuto could be more then I can handle at my current level,' Megtron thought to himself as he looked at the glasses-cladded genin in suspicion.

"Very well then, would anyone else like to drop from the exams?" Hayate asked, after couple minutes and no dropouts, Hayate continued by saying, "Alright, with Kabuto's forfeit there is an odd number of contestants, so one of you will need to fight twice, are there any volunteers?"

"I would like to go," Megatron volunteered getting a look of jealousy from Gaara.

"Very well then, Uzumaki Naruto will be fighting twice in the Tournament," Hayate announced.

"Actually proctor, I won't be going by that name anymore, from now on I'll be known as Megatron," Megatron stated, getting a look of shock from those that knew him.

"Tch, Megatron, what is this some kind of dumb way to make yourself look cool, dobe?" Kiba asked arrogant taunting tone, getting a glare from the reincarnated Decepticon.

Normally, Megatron wasn't one to tolerate disrespect, but there wasn't much he could do right, now. If he acted out against Kiba right now, he would no doubtfully get disqualified.

'I'll just have wait and hope that this mutt will be one of my opponents in the exam,' Megatron thought to himself, as he clenched his fist, wanting nothing more than to turn that Inuzuka into nothing more than smear on the ground.

The matches so far weren't anything interesting, Sasuke was barely able to defeat Kabuto's teammate Yoroi, it was only due to Sasuke copying Lee's jutsu from earlier that he was able to win and even then it was obvious that his Lion's Barrage was untested. Sasuke could have seriously crippled himself or even killed if things didn't go as planned, seriously how can someone who is praised as prodigy do something so dangerous and stupid.

Shino's fight wasn't much better either, Misumi was so focused on Shino and the insects coming from him, that he completely disregarded the insects coming from the ground and walls.

Turing his attention to the screen, Megatron saw the names flash until it landed on his and Kankuro's.

'Perfect,' Megatron thought to himself with a smirk.

"You should just surrender now. After all we both know what happened the last time you tried to pick a fight with me," Kankuro said arrogantly.

"This time, things will be different, worm," Megatron replied with his arms crossed and with a bored expression.

This got a growl of anger form Kankuro as he gritted his teeth at how this weakling, dismissed him.

Up in the stands, Temari could help but shake her head at Megatron's arrogance. She saw what happened the last time he tried to fight Kankuro, this match was going to be a short one.

"The match between Sabaku no Kankuro and Megatron will now begin, Hajime!" Hayate announced, starting the match.

Not wanting to show too many of his skills Megatron subtly place an exploding tag on a kunai, while using a henge to make it look like a regular kunai and threw it right in front of Kankuro.

"You're going to have to work more on you aim, boy" Kankuro said tauntingly while laughing, only to be met head first with a powerful explosion.

"KANKURO!" Temari shouted in fear for her younger brother.

Once the smoke cleared, an unconscious Kankuro was seen with pieces of wood and metal sticking in his body along with the remains of a puppet that was wearing an exact copy of the Kankuro's outfit.

The medics ran out to pick up the injured Suna-nin and took him to the infirmary, ignoring the fact that the match wasn't called yet. Getting over his shock at how the match ended, Hayate announced Megatron as the winner.

'Where did Naruto (3) learn to use that level of subtly in combat,' Kakashi, who just got back from sealing Sasuke's Curse Seal (4), Hiruzen and the genin from Team 8 thought to themselves as Megatron started to walk up the steps.

Even the Genin that saw him fight the Oto Team and an out-of-control Sasuke were shocked. When he fought those three, he just out right attacked them, never once was he so subtle in his attacks.

Temari was using every ounce of her willpower to not outright attack Megatron, her brother could be dead because of him. Baki wasn't much better, it was only due to his years of training and experience that he wasn't showing it, his student and the son of his Kazekage was in critical care right now because of that Konoha shinobi. Gaara on the other hand, he just didn't care, though Megatron's actions did intrigue him, maybe he'll be worthy of proving his existence after all.

After getting over their momentary shock, they decided to continue the matches immediately to get everyone's minds off of what just happened.

The next match was Sakura versus Ino and he had to say, he never saw a sadder fight then this. They only used the Academy Taijutsu style and the three Academy jutsu, with it ending with Ino using her family's Shintenshin no Jutsu to make Sakura forfeit the match, resulting in a victorious Ino and a dejected Sakura walking up the steps.

Next up was Temari vs Tenten, with that match tying with his own for the shortest match of the Chuuin Exams. It seems that his match between against her teammate has got her worried and in a very bad mood, since once the match started she instantly knocked Tenten out with a powerful wind jutsu before leaving for the infirmary to check on Kankuro.

Up next was Shikamaru vs Choji and that match might have been even sadder then Sakura and Ino's match. They both gave up before they even entered the Ring, stating that they didn't want to fight each other, with Shikamaru adding that it would be too troublesome to continue with the exams. If they were his subordinates, he would have seen to them being severely disciplined for their incompetence. To say the least, Megatron was disgusted by their laziness and lack of effort.

Everyone turned their attention back to the screen and after a few moments of shifting through names, it finally landed on Megatron and Kiba's name.

'This must be my lucky day, not only did I get my revenge on Kankuro, but now I'm going to put that mutt in his place,' Megatron thought to himself in glee at his luck.

"Woohoo Akamaru, we got ourselves an easy one," Kiba shouted out in glee at what he saw as an easy match, before he jumped down the railing.

Shaking his head, Megatron began walking down the steps until he heard Kiba's sensei, Kurenai, say, "Your student is doomed Kakashi, Naruto may have gotten lucky with how cocky that Suna-nin was, but Kiba won't make the same mistake he did. He might as well give up now and save himself the humiliation," in an arrogant tone.

Clenching his hand at her words, Megatron soon let a sadistic grin form on his face. That bitch was going to regret those words with her student paying the price for his sensei's actions.

"You might as well give up now dobe, I'm the alpha dog here," Kiba gloated arrogantly.

"You may be the alpha dog Kiba, but as your human master, it is my job to put you back in your place," Megatron replied, getting a look of rage from the Inuzuka heir.

"You're going to regret those words dobe," Kiba growled out.

Once, Hayate announced that the fight has begun, Kiba told Akamaru to stay and charged forward with his fist cocked back. Unfortunately for Kiba, while he was fast, he was nowhere near the level of speed Sasuke was at when he was using the curse seal and Megatron was able to track the Uchiha easily when he beat him. Catching the Inuzuka's fist, Megatron lifted his elbow up and brought it down onto Kiba's, snapping it in half.

Hearing his master's scream of agony, Akamaru ran to attack Megatron. Unfortunately, the blond shinobi didn't forget about the ninken, so when Akamaru was a few feet away from him, Megatron pushed Kiba away and sent a chakra enhanced punch at him, blasting the ninken's head from his shoulders.

"AKAMARU!" Kiba cried in anguish as everyone else looked at what happened with shock written all over their faces, unable to comprehend what just happened.

Enraged by his partner's death, Kiba charged forward and tried to beat Megatron with his good arm only for it to be caught just like the last one. With a sadistic grin, Megatron placed his other arm on Kiba's shoulder before dislocating both it and his arm with with a sickening snap, getting another scream of agony from Kiba.

Grabbing Kiba by his collar, Megatron let out a chuckle before saying, "You know Kiba, I was originally going to put you in your place and just walk away. But thanks to your sensei's words, I decided that I won't stop until I've crushed you, both physically and spiritually," while motioning his head towards Akamaru's corpse when he said spiritually.

Kurenai could only look on in shock, fear and sorrow when she heard this. This was all her fault and now thanks to her arrogance Kiba is going to pay the price. This also worked as a wake-up call for everyone else, at first they thought that the change of his name was just some kind of prank, but now they know that the Naruto they knew really was gone and now in his place was Megatron.

With his piece said, Megatron socked Kiba right in the gut before letting go of his collar and landing a right hook on his jaw. But Megatron wasn't done there, he grabbed Kiba by his head and smashed him straight into the wall before he began to continuously punch Kiba in the face, until his nose was broken, his right eye swollen shut, his lip split with a couple teeth missing and his cheeks bruised & swollen.

Grabbing Kiba by his collar once again, Megatron through him onto the ground before he jumped up into the air and dropped his knee onto Kiba's left leg, breaking it, getting another scream of pain from the young Inuzuka.

Iruka could only look on in shock and horror at what Naruto, no, Megatron was doing. Never in his life did ever thought he'd see him sadistically beat up his opponent, much less a fellow Konoha Shinobi.

"Hokage-sama what's going, why is Megatron doing this?!" Iruka asked his superior in shock.

"Sakura did say that Orochimaru struck Megatron's seal when they encountered him. If I had to guess, I would have to say that it might have caused some of the Kyuubi's personality to mix with Naruto's," Hiruzen answered calmly, though on the inside he was as shocked as everyone else, never in his life did he ever think that he would see Megatron do something like this.

After taking to lift his fist up, Megatron brought it down on Kiba's other leg, getting another scream from him, before he got up and stomped his foot down on the Inuzuka's chest and began grinding his heel into it, getting more screams of pain from Kiba along with a few whimpers and groans as well.

"Stop it Megatron, please stop it! You've made your point, I'm sorry, I'm sorry that I've insulted you, just please, please stop hurting my student!" Kurenai cried out in tears at the sight of Akamaru's corpse and Kiba's broken body.

Satisfied with his work in not only breaking his opponent, but also bringing the bitch that dared to insult him to tears, Megatron removed his foot from Kiba's chest before turned towards Hayate and said "Call the match, I'm satisfied with my work."

Snapping out of his shock, Hayate immediately named Megatron the winner, before the medics came running in and picked up Kiba's broken body along with the dead ninken's body.

As he walked up the steps and catwalk, everyone backed away from Megatron in fear, as if they were staring at Orochimaru or Uchiha Madara themselves. Soon Megatron felt an arm on his should causing him to look at an angry Kakashi, a disappointed Gai and Asuma, who was comforting a bawling Kurenai.

"Megatron, I don't know what you were thinking, but while it's outside of the Hokage's power to punish you, I won't be letting you get off lightly for this. You've not only nearly beaten a fellow Konoha Shinobi to death, but you've also traumatized a well-respected jounin of the same village. This is not how you treat your comrades, Megatron," Kakashi said in a scolding tone.

Brushing the jounin's hand from his shoulder, Megatron sneered before he replied by saying, "Comrades, what comrades? I don't view any of you as my comrades Hatake. All my life, I've been shunned, insulted and even attacked by citizens of this village, both civilian and shinobi. Also I don't view you as my sensei, all you've taught us was teamwork exercises while doing nothing to help us with our individual skills, you didn't even teach us a chakra control exercise until we were on a C-Rank Mission that was upgraded to an A-Rank Mission, plus I know you've been giving that Uchiha private lessons ever since he got his Sharingan."

This caused Kakashi to flinch, both at the coldness in his students tone and the cold-hard truth of this words.

'How did he know about that?!' Kakashi thought to himself, when Megatron mentioned his private lessons to Sasuke.

"When I was unconscious in the Forest of Death, my entire life flashed before my eyes," Megatron said, it wasn't even a lie, when he merged with Galvatron he did see all of his memories as Naruto and Galvatron flash before him, "I'm no longer this villages punching bag nor am I it's doormat anymore, if anyone even thinks of attacking me, I won't hesitate to strike back, understand."

With that said and done, Megatron turned away to focus his attention on the upcoming matches, ignoring the shocked look on Kakashi's face.

'If Megatron's life flashed before his eyes, does that mean that he knows who his parents are,' Hiruzen thought to himself, as he heard Megatron and Kakashi's conversation via channeling chakra in his ears.

Hinata and Neji's match wasn't that interesting, it was completely one-sided (5), though it also showed that Neji was a very weak-willed individual with how he kept going on about how fate ruled over everything, seriously what's with the prodigies in this village?

Though Gaara and Rock Lee's match was probably the most interesting, with Gaara's Sand-based jutsu along with Lee's Taijutsu and the Eight Gates, it showed Megatron the level of strength he needed to reach if he ever ended up facing one of them in battle. Unfortunately though, Gaara won the match when Lee tired himself out from using five of the eight gates, with the medics saying that even if Lee recovers, he will never be a Shinobi again. A shame too, since there's no doubt that Lee would have one day become a worthy adversary when the time Megatron defects from this village ever comes.

"All genin that passed won their matches, please come down to the arena immediately," Hayate announced.

Once the Genin were at the arena Hiruzen told them to draw numbers to decide their places for the finals.

The following matches consisted as so:

1. Megatron vs Neji

2. Sasuke vs Gaara

3. Shino vs Temari

4. Ino vs the winner of Round 3

"You have a month to prepare for the finals, dismissed," Hiruzen announced, before disappearing in a shunshin.

Megatron couldn't help but smirk at this, a whole free month to train and increase his strength, this was perfect and with his Kage Bushin no Jutsu he'll be able to get a lot done during that month.

'This just keeps getting better and better,' Megatron thought to himself, before he left the arena and headed straight for the village. First things first though, he had to get new clothes and equipment along with checking out the library for any scroll that's help him with his training.

There we go, the second chapter is now done.

1: As I said last chapter, Megatron not only killed Dosu and Zaku, but also the Ame Team that attacked Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kabuto in the Canon.

2: There have been times in the Unicron Trilogy where Megatron showed to care for his comrades and the decepticons as a whole, thought this seemed to happen more in Armada then in the rest of the Unicron Trilogy.

3. The reason why Kakashi referred to Megatron as Naruto is because he thought that him changing his name was some kind of prank as it was explained later in the chapter.

4. Kakashi wasn't able to seal Sasuke's curse seal before the preliminaries, the damage that Naruto landed on him was worse than it appeared.

5. The reason why Neji and Hinata's fight was so one-sided was because of the combined factor of Megatron not cheering her on, along with the emotional trauma of her crush killing Akamaru and brutally beating up Kiba.

I hope you liked the chapter, especially the Kiba vs Megatron fight (Though it was more like a one-sided slaughter if anything). I think I've really captured Megatron in that scene.