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It has only been a week since the preliminaries and Megatron has already made good progress with his training. While he was working on his physical capabilities and Taijutsu, his Clones have been going to the Library gathering as well as learning from any scrolls and books that can help increase his jutsu arsenal, improve his chakra control and information on the Elemental Nations themselves.

Right now Megatron was standing in the middle of a training ground, cladded in a royal blue shirt that was under a black long-sleeved trench coat with the Decepticon symbol imprinted on the back, black long pants, black combat boots and a back kunai pouch on his right outer thigh, while carrying a piece of paper in his hand.

'According to the book one of my clones read, this piece of paper is called chakra paper, something I can use to find out what my Elemental affinity is,' Megatron thought to himself with interest as he channeled chakra into it.

To his surprise though, the paper split into six pieces with one going a blaze with white fire, another crumpling into a ball the size of a small pebble, the third piece literally turned into what instead of getting damp, the fourth piece turned into pure granite before crumbling, the sixth piece turned pitch black while giving off wisps of darkness and the last piece of a paper turned symmetrically black & white with the black side having a with dot on it while the white side had a white dot on it.

"Now this is interesting, not only do I have an extremely strong affinity for the five basic elements, but I also have an affinity for darkness and Yin-Yang. Could it be another side effect of me once wearing the Armor of Unicron in my past life?" Megatron muttered to himself in shock before he began chuckling which then grew into a full blown laughter at this turn of events.

This was perfect, not only does he have the potential use the five basic elements at a level that rivaled if not surpassed the Nidaime Hokage's own water affinity, but he also had an affinity to two of the most powerful and malleable elements in the entire universe, with one them being an element that the Rikudou Sennin himself, once used.

"Kage Bushin no Jutsu," Megatron called out once he regained his composure, soon enough a thousand shadow clones covered the training ground, "I want a eight hundred of you break into groups of hundred and train in our elemental affinities while the last two hundred split in half with one group working on chakra control while the other group continues studying at the library, I myself will work on my physical conditioning, Taijutsu and start training in Kenjutsu as well."

With their orders given to them the shadow clones went to work on their tasks, while Megatron left the training ground to get some training-weights and a bokken so he can start train in using Kenjutsu.

*Two Weeks Later*

It's has been three weeks into the month long break, it only took only a day to fully master his Elemental affinities thanks to his shadow clones and what his clones read about Elemental Manipulation training and by the end of the second week his chakra control has reached an acceptable level at the moment, though he will continue working on it once the exams are over, along with finishing his studies of the Elemental Nations. Now he had his clones working on elemental Ninjutsu, Fuinjutsu, which he found surprisingly easy, practicing Genjutsu with the Inton (2), training in Iryo-Ninjutsu with the Youton (3) and sparing with him in Kenjutsu & Taijutsu which were coming along just fine.

Currently Megatron was sparing with his clones while wielding two items from his past, the Skyboom Shield and the Star Saber, both of which he recreated quite easily with the Onmyoton along with the Requiem Blaster, thanks to his knowledge on the said weapons and how they work. Soon enough Naruto dispatched the last clone, before sealing away the two weapons in some storage scrolls on his body.

'Now there is only one last thing for me to do, then I'll spend the last ten days of the month relaxing so I won't be tired out for the finals,' Megatron thought to himself as he went through a series of hand seals before he bit his thumb and slammed his hand down on the ground.

Soon enough, Megatron was engulfed in a cloud of smoke before he disappeared without a trace.

-The Primordial Lands-

After appearing in a puff of smoke, Megatron took a moment to look around and saw that he was in some kind of jungle.

'Interesting, so this is where the Kuchiyose no Jutsu sent me,' Megatron thought to himself before he began walking around the jungle.

Soon enough, he found himself in the middle of a clearing. As soon as he stepped into the center of the area, the bushes surrounding the clearing began to shake and soon enough Megatron found himself surround by all sides by a group of bipedal reptiles that were the size of a fully grown human.

"What brings you to the Primordial Lands, human?" One of the creatures asked in a threatening tone.

"I was brought here through the use of the Kuchiyose no Jutsu," Megatron answered, as he brought his hands to the seal that held the Star Saber in case any of the creature tried to attack him, "May I ask just what the Primordial Lands are and what kind of creature you are?" Megatron asked with a cautious yet forceful tone.

Impressed by the human's bravery and willingness to stand his ground the lead creature decided to answer him, "The Primordial Lands is the home of the Saurian Tribe, as for what we are, we are velociraptors, the scouts and Assassins of the Saurians," the now identified velociraptor answered.

"I see," Megatron said with interest since normally Summoning Contracts are composed of a single clan of animals, but from what this velociraptor said, it sounds like the Saurians are made up of multiple different clans of animals.

"Anyways, my name is Talon, now since you were brought hear via Kuchiyose no Jutsu, we'll take you to the tribe leader to see if you are worthy of being our Summoner, but be warned if you fail, you'll be our leader's next meal," the now named Talon said as he and his brethren lead Naruto to the tribe leader's location.

As they walked through the jungle the velociraptors lead Megatron to a cave, "Stay here," Talon said as he walked into the cave to talk to who the tribe leader.

"So you are our potential summoner," A Loud deep voice said as Megatron felt the ground he was standing on shaking, though once it stopped, Megatron found himself standing in front of a gigantic bipedal Saurian that was easily the size of a bijuu.

"I am Grimlock (1), a Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Leader of the Saurian Contract, may ask who you are human?" The now named Grimlock asked.

"My name is Megatron, a Shinobi of Konoha and the leader of the soon to be formed Decepticons," Megatron replied without a tinge of fear.

"So you aren't planning on staying loyal to your village then?" Grimlock asked while slightly impressed by the boy's lack of fear before saying, "Oh well it doesn't matter, the Saurians aren't loyal to any of the Hidden Villages so it is of no consequence to use if you decide to defect from your village or not, now onto your test."

Soon enough, Grimlock let out a full blown roar right at Megatron who didn't even as much as flinch, instead he unsealed the Star Saber and pointed it at the Tyrannosaurus, shocking the tribe leader.

"I have to say, never has anyone ever passed this test, you have shown that you have the courage and willpower to summon the Saurians, here is the summoning contract," Grimlock said as lead Megatron into the cave where a large scroll resides, "Open the scroll and sign your name on a blank space in blood then place your finger prints by your name."

Megatron did just that, with the contract signed, Grimlock told him that he was now their Summoner and he is free to call upon them when he need them, before Megatron disappeared in a puff of smoke and returned to the training ground he was just in.

*The Day of the Chuunin Exams*

It was the day of the Chuunin Exams, Megatron has just finished getting dressed and walked out of his bedroom and into his living room/kitchen area where he was greeted by his roommate, Tsuchi Kin.

A couple days after the preliminaries, Megatron decided to take Kin as a spoils of war and make her his first recruit for the Deceptions. The process of making her a spoils was actually quite easy since he killed her team along with the fact that she admitted that her village was going to invade Konoha.

"Good morning Megatron-sama, heading to the Chuunin Exam stadium today I take it," Kin stated since there wasn't really anywhere else that her master had any plans to go to today.

"Yes Kin, now remember to stay in the Apartment at all times, since we don't want to risk you getting attacked by anyone from Otogakure. The security and barrier seals will be activated to ensure that no other but you and I can enter or leave the apartment," Megatron told her as he walked towards the door.

"Alright, but I want to have some fun to night when the exams and the invasion is over, okay," Kin whispered into his ear seductively as she wrapped her arms around his neck, causing a smirk to form on Megatron's lips.

Thanks to his reincarnation, Megatron has been introduced to a lot of enjoyable things that he couldn't do in his past life, with one of those things being sex. It wasn't a secret that most, if not all Kunoichi are attracted to power and Kin was no exception, heck she probably has even higher attraction to it than most others since Otogakure was a place that revolved around having power. The only reason why Kin was so fearful of when they first met, was because she was in a position where if she made one wrong move, he would kill her without hesitation and there would be nothing she could do to prevent that.

"It will be my pleasure," Megatron replied, before he walked out of the door and activated the security and barrier seals around the apartment once the door was closed.

With everything said and done, Megatron disappeared in a swirl of leaves, heading straight for the area where the Chuunin Exam Finals are taking place.

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(1) As you can tell with the Leader of the Saurian Tribes name, the Saurian Contract is indeed inspired by the Dinobots. While I haven't watch G1, I have watched Transformers Animated and I think that the Saurian Contract was a good homage to them what do you think.

(2) Yin Release

(3) Yang Release

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