Angus returned from his trip abroad, disappointed that he hadn't been able to find Professor Abronsius, but he cheered up immediately when he saw that Herbert had caught the professor and kept him locked up in the dungeons as a ready meal.

Count Von Krolock returned from Rome and his interview with the Inquisitor had gone well. He had not been found guilty of any wrong-doing. He, too, was well pleased to see Professor Abronsius locked up far below the castle.

None of the vampires saw any need to upset Alfred by telling him what, exactly, had become of Professor Abronsius.

Alfred lived for many long, happy years as member of the family he'd always wanted. There were grand adventures and peaceful nights by the fire, there was laughter and tears. There was travel to distant lands where Alfred saw and did things he'd never imagined, but they always returned home to the castle in the mountains of Transylvania. Alfred learned to ride with Herbert and spent summer nights racing with him though the mountains. Angus taught him to fight himself and though Alfred never enjoyed it, he had been bursting with pride the first time he managed to land a blow on Angus. Alfred happily studied under the guidance of Count Von Krolock until he could read and write as well as the finest scholars.

But all things have their end. When Alfred's long years came to a peaceful end, his family laid him to rest on the grounds of the castle he'd grown to love so well under a simple headstone that read, "Our Alfred".

As for whether or not any romance ever developed between Alfred and Herbert… that's private.