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Chapter XIII

Unknown location

Jake…no, Jyun sat in the middle of a trophy room. All alone with none of his friends, his wife, or any guards to keep an eye on him. He was brought in here what felt like forever. In actuality it was actually a few hours after he was treated for his injuries.

He opened his left eye since his right eye was gone. In its place is an eyepatch that he was given to wear. He got up from the floor and began looking around. Around this room that have trophies against the wall of different species.

Soon the memories of what happened began flashing back to him on how he ended up here. After they defeated the final Super Predator they were all captured by the Yautja. The regular ones that brought them to that world to be hunted down. Jyun was worried that they would kill them all on the spot, but instead a human woman named Machiko stepped forward to tell them they would not be harmed.

She was true to her word. They were all treated for their injuries, Padme was given treatment for herself and her children, and they brought with them the bodies of their comrades. To their surprise they found Obi Wan Kenobi alive. Just barely since he lost a lot of blood.

Turns out the Yautja were watching the whole conflict and after seeing the performance Kenobi showed they decided to let him live. However, it all depends on what happens when they speak with Jyun. Jyun decided to listen to them to hear what they have in store for them all. Maybe even end this before things get worse.

He walks over to find some more trophies. One of them he stopped when he found a lightsaber. A very old looking one with a guard on its side. He took the lightsaber and activates it.

Showing a green blade with two green blades appearing on its side. Jyun has never seen this sort of lightsaber before. It was a strange design. Much different from the ones the Jedi used.

He turns it off when he felt the presence of someone else in the room. "I doubt you've been with these guys for a long time. Otherwise you wouldn't be speaking like a normal human would."

The person turns out to me Machiko in her Yautja armor and her helmet in her arm. "No, but then again you aren't a normal human yourself."

Jyun turns towards her and nods. "You know who I am. The Yautja know who I am. I take it that's why we were brought here. Because we knew too much about their kind and they wanted to silence us?"

Machiko nods in response. "We've known for some time actually. A human clone that was mixed in with Yautja blood. Using those skills as a hunter to the test and using your technology to defeat powerful foes. If you lived with the Yautja you would have become an elder by now."

"Well, I'm happy that I wasn't raised by them then like you," said Jyun who despite being half-Yautja doesn't mean he is happy to be one.

"I wasn't' raised like you were. I chose those path when I got older and after I killed a Xenomorph Queen," Machiko explained as she tells the boy her story.

How she was born of a father who was a famous businessman and a mother who was very loving. However, neither spend much time with her and lived her life in isolation. Her father took his own life when he got fired and brought dishonor to his family. Her mother remarried and the two remained apart.

She grew up to become a successful businesswoman. Even was placed in charge of a colony until it was attacked by Xenomorphs and Yautja who came by to hunt them. She befriended a Yautja clan leader and helped kill the Xenomorph Queen. She became a part of his clan and was trained the same way the Yautja was trained.

"I left my clan, but came back when they told me about you and how they planned to kill you all," said Machiko as she finished telling her story. "However, I convinced them to give you all a chance to live. To have you be kidnapped by the Super Predators and see if you all deserved to live."

"So all of this…almost being killed by these bastards…that was all you?" Jyun wasn't sure if he should be pissed for her endangering the lives of his friends and family or be grateful she convinced them to spare them. "You are a bitch you know that?"

Machiko nods in response. "So I've been told. Anyways, I came here because the elders of the clans were impressed with what you all did. But more impressed with you and being able to defeat the strongest of the Super Yautja. Despite some assistance from the human, Dutch you still impressed them. As a result you and your friends will be spared."

Jyun was glad to hear that and that they won't have to fight through all the Yautja to live. "So, are we free to go then or is there something else we have to do?"

Machiko nods as she goes over the terms of the agreement. "First, you and your friends must never speak of what happened here. The Yautja will be keeping their eyes on you all for a few years to make sure not a word is spoken. If they find out you said anything they will kill you. You understand?"

Jyun knew after what happened none of them will be telling a soul what happened. "You have my word on that. The others I'm sure will also keep their word. What else?"

"The second condition is should you die one day Jyun or your children and their children then the bodies must be destroyed," Machiko explained the Yautja cannot risk their blood falling in the wrong hands, especially after what they saw Jyun can do. "We know your children possess your blood and if they pass it down to the next generation then upon their deaths you must destroy every trace of the Yautja genes from the bodies."

Jyun knew Ahsoka will not like this, but not much she can do about it. They planned to burn their bodies anyways when they pass away. Something Ahsoka seemed used to from her times in the Jedi Order.

"Anything else?" Jyun asked wondering what else is there.

Machiko nods in response before she approached him. "Jyun the demon must never return. You must never again become the demon, use anymore of the Yautja weapons, and wear the suit. You said earlier on the planet you are retired then stay retired for good. Are we clear?"

Jyun had no complaints about that. He nods in response and agrees to the terms of the deal. "Once the others agree then we are free to go?"

Machiko nods in response as the door opened. "They have been told and now await for you. Get going now."

Jyun nods in response and begins to leave before he stopped at the door. "Machiko, why did you spare us?" he asked getting a confused look on her face. "You said you convinced the elders to spare our lives. To put us through all of this. But why? Why did you do it?"

Machiko looks down on the ground and then to her mask before turning to Jyun. "I suppose I did it because I thought it would be dishonorable to kill you all without going down fighting. It is more honorable to die fighting than to die without knowing it happened."

Jyun couldn't agree more on that. "Thank you then and let's hope our paths never cross again once we leave here."

"Believe me if that ever happens I will not hesitate to kill you," said Machiko as she has a small smile.

Jyun also has a small smile himself and turns to Machiko. "Sounds like a challenge…if that ever happens then I will be looking forward to it."

Despite giving up fighting all together there is a small part of him who didn't mind the thrill of a fight. The opportunity to fight someone who can be a challenge for him. If that day ever happens he will be looking forward to it. Provided when his wife and kids aren't in danger.


The others were in the locked room where Sherri, Obi Wan, and Padme are in bed. Recovering from what happened. Obi Wan was still unconscious, while Padme is sleeping in bed with the kids in her arms. Anakin sat in the middle of the two beds of Padme and Obi Wan. Like a hawk keeping an eye on his former master and his family.

Ahsoka is seen pacing back and forth in front of the door waiting for Jake to return. Boba is sitting in the corner waiting to find out what is going to happen to them.

Honestly they would have just killed you all without having to put any of you through all of this. Lex is sitting next to Sherri keeping an eye on her after what she went through. She had her arm cut off by the Titan Predator and suffered multiple injuries. Yet she is still alive.

She is glad for that as she looks over at Dutch who is sitting on a chair holding a cigar. Dutch looks over to see Lex looking at him as he began to smile.

"Mike and I were supposed to smoke this once we got out," he replied as he shows the cigar. "I had hoped we would have made it out together, but…I guess not."

Lex looks down and sighed knowing Mike did what he had to do to save them all. It didn't feel good, but she knew it was his choice.

"He reminded me a lot of my friend, Dylan. Yet another friend I couldn't save," said Dutch as he looks up at the ceiling and sighed.

Ahsoka stops in her track and turns towards Dutch. She walks over to him and placed her hand on his shoulder. "You saved Jake's life and our lives. I think if Mike was here he would think that's all that matters."

Lex couldn't help but smile and nod in agreement. "And then tell you to stop acting like a whiny bitch and just smoke the damn cigar."

Dutch turns towards the two women and laughs. "Both sound exactly what he would say," he looks down at the cigar and puts it away. "I think I'll smoke it once we're off on a nice quiet planet where we can live peacefully."

"Sounds like a plan," said Lex who is hoping they will make it out of here.

The door opened and the group look over to see Jyun…no Jake walk into the room. Ahsoka rushes over and gives him a hard hug. All while kissing him on the cheek. Happy to see her husband.

Boba got up from the ground and approached the happy couple. "How did it go? We going to live or what?"

Jake breaks the hug and turns to the others who are all waiting to hear what happens next. "We will live, but there are conditions."

Jake explains what the conditions are and hopes the others will be okay with this. Ahsoka didn't like how they will spy on them and will want them to burn their bodies. But, after Jake calmed her down she agreed to the terms. Boba was quick to agree to them all since he doubts anyone will believe him on what happened.

Anakin agreed to the terms for himself, Padme, and Obi Wan knowing they would agree to the deal if they were awake. Dutch and Lex were fine with the agreement provided they finally be left alone.

Jake let's out a sigh of relief. "I'm glad to hear that. I just hope when Sherri wakes up that…"

"That I will agree to the deal?" the others turn around and see Sherri opening her eye since the other is still bruised. "I think we both know I was going to agree to this deal before you even asked me."

Jake walks over to Sherri and held her hand. "How are you feeling?" he then sighed when she turns to face him and sees her injuries. "Stupid question, sorry. But I just wanted to ask since…"

Sherri grasps his hand tightly and smiled. "I'll live. How are you feeling though? I overheard you got hit badly and…" she then gasped when she saw his missing eye. She moved her hand up to where he lost it and nearly choked up a little. "I'm sorry for being such a burden to you. If I hadn't let the bastard capture me then you wouldn't have lost your eye and…"

Jake held her hand and shook his head in response. "I'll live," he replied repeating her response. "I'm sorry for what you went through. I wish you didn't get hurt because of me…" he then turns to the others. "None of you. I wish none of you got hurt because of me. If I had just stayed away from you all from the beginning then none of you would have gotten hurt. None of you would have been hunted down and almost be killed."

Ahsoka shook her head as she approached Jake and held his hand. "Don't blame yourself for what happened. We all knew the risks when you came into our lives and learned your secret. I'm glad you came back since if you didn't then I wouldn't have fallen in love with such an amazing man and have a family with you."

Anakin nods in agreement. "If it hadn't been for you then we would never have found out Palpatine was the Sith Lord and his evil plan whatever it was would have gone through. Without you I don't know if Padme and I would have had our kids."

Lex approached the group and expressed her gratitude. "Had it not been for you Dutch, myself, and even though he is gone I'm sure Mike is happy to know you got us off that planet. To help us get freed and find peace."

Dutch agrees with his friend and walks over before slapping him in the back. "Don't worry so much on what happened or could have happened. It's all in the past and just accept the fact we are all thankful you saved us all. Oh and sorry forgot you got hit in the back."

Jake did all he could not to keel over after being slapped hard in the back where he got stabbed. He turns to Dutch and just grunted before Ahsoka took his hand. She leans in and kisses him on the lips. The kiss lasted for half a minute before she broke it and smiles at him.

"Never think that way again. I have no regrets being with you and I'm sure none of us have any regrets," she said as she held her husband close.

Jake smiled at his wife and held her back. Happy that none of them blame him for what happened. Yes, things didn't go exactly as he thought it would when he killed Kane and was freed to make his own choices. But he is glad things did turn out the way they did and that he found his peace.

"Thank you, my love," said Jake as they continued to hug.

Unbeknownst to the group they are being watched by the elder Yautja and Machiko. The elder Yautja clan leaders were still not sure about letting them go. Feeling they might share their knowledge of how they hunt to the other planets, which could result in their prey capturing them. Stealing their technology and using them against them.

However, Machiko wasn't worried. Sure, they know some of their technology, but maybe what the Super Predators were thinking was not a bad idea. It is time for them to adapt and improve on their hunting style. Maybe even consider learning new hunting styles to become better hunters. If this Halfling can learn to adapt and defeat one of their own then they can do the same thing to remain the top hunters in the galaxy.

One Week later

Jake is seen walking by the river with his wife and their two children. After returning home they told their friends what happened. How they were captured by Maul's men and were taken on an unknown planet. However, they managed to escape and killed Maul in the process. It appeared his plan was to use Padme and her children against Anakin to force him to the Dark Side.

However, this plan failed and Anakin with help of Jake was able to defeat Maul. The Jedi knew there was more to this story, but Master Yoda decided not to press this any further. Maul was gone, the war was over, and peace can return to the galaxy. Hell even the Republic didn't care how Maul died as long as he was gone they didn't care what kind of story they made up.

Once that was done Anakin retired from the Jedi Order. He soon moved to Naboo with his wife after she retired as well. Obi Wan also retired and left the Jedi Order to live on Mandalore with Satine who left being Duchess. Feeling what happened to her world was her own fault and felt it would be in better hands with her sister.

Boba left the others and returned to being a bounty hunter. However, he took up a job to work for Sherri. She helped him give up hunting innocent people and hired him to help her hunt down dangerous criminals. Even upgrades his equipment in exchange for him to help her out.

It was a nice little partnership between the two. Boba didn't mind as long as he got to keep the money for the bounties, which Sherri didn't mind either.

Lex and Dutch moved to a nice quiet planet that the group decided not to know where it was. All except Sherri who picked it out for them. The two didn't mind and even got a chance to honor their fallen friend. Both smoking the cigar had saved for them before Lex stopped smoking the cigar after three puffs.

Jake and his family arrive to a part of the lake where it is across from where they live. Jake took out a bag that he was carrying and pulled out his old bio-mask. He stares at it and looks over it before closing his eyes. Ahsoka approached her husband and pokes his elbow with her own.

"You sure you want to do this? They said you can't use them anymore it doesn't mean you can't keep them," said Ahsoka who knew how much Jake cared for his old equipment.

Jake turns to his wife and shook his head. "I know, but I don't want to anymore. Not since I am no longer the demon. I'm just Jake. A normal human who has a beautiful wife and two amazing daughters."

Ahsoka smiles at him and leans up to kiss him on the lips. Jake returns the kiss before he tosses the mask into the lake. The mask sinks beneath the water before it disappeared into the darkness. Jake continued kissing his wife as their kids being fussing a little.

Both parents look down at their kids and begin laughing. "Sounds like they are tired. Time to go home."

Jake nods in agreement and took his daughter Saya in his arms. "Let's get these little rascals to sleep and then spend a nice quiet night together. Without worrying about anymore fighting."

Ahsoka and Jake held hands as they head back to their home. All as the sun begins to set.

However, in a nearby tree Machiko can be seen watching the couple walk away. She then looks back at the lake where the mask disappeared and then back to the couple. "Goodbye Jake, let us hope the next time we meet it is not in combat but as allies," she said before putting on her bio-mask and then disappears into the forest as a familiar crackling noise can be heard echoing the forest.

The End

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53 years later

Deep beneath the lake in Varykino there lies an old looking mask. A mask that is covered in mud, surrounded by tiny fish, and crawled on by a small crab. Suddenly a loud splashing noise is heard as the fish swim away. The crab also escapes as a figure is seen grabbing the mask.

The figure and the mask emerged from the lake as the figure wipes away the mud from the mask before looking at it. A clicking crackling noise can be heard echoing around the figure as the figure puts on the mask. The figure soon stood up wearing the mask and is seen standing by two other masked figures weapon a similar mask as the figure is wearing. They look up as a star fighter flew by them.

Soon large starships emerged as well. All appeared to look like a Republic ship, except these were white and also are seen attacking the city of Naboo. The three figures look at each other before they nod in response to one another. All three soon ignited three colored lightsabers as they all let out a familiar roar before they run towards the fighting as they disappeared into the forest.

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