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Chapter 1: The Sorcerer! Fight the Supernatural!

Tokyo, Japan [Shibuya District]

In a large video arcade, a young man about eighteen years old with shoulder-length raven black hair, crimson red eyes, pale skin, and an effeminate appearance, sat at a booth with a manga book in his hands as well as a notebook. He was lean and muscular while he stood at a good six feet. He wore a red t-shirt under a black leather vest that had three silver buckles running diagonally at the front, blue jean pants, red boots with three black straps on the sides, black fingerless gloves, and silver-rimmed goggles with red lens hanging around his neck.

The young man had a pencil in his unattended hand and was sketching a figure dressed in red armor like that of a medieval knight. In the figure's right hand was a beautiful crimson sword with a silver wolf-like handle while in his left was a black scabbard with a gun mechanism.

"Almost finished…" The teen muttered with a proud grin.

He was interrupted when a hand grasped his shoulder. "Oi, Ren-san, it's about time for you to go home." A female voice coming from behind him said.

The boy named Ren sighed. "Alright, I'm going already." He grumbled closing his manga book which turned out to be a Fate/stay night issue as well as his notebook and placed them both into a carry-on bag. He stood up from his seat and left the arcade, making his way home through the bright-lit nights of Shibuya.

The red-eyed teen sighed as he took out his manga and looked at the cover of Saber. "Man, I wish I could have my own Servant." He muttered dejectedly.

"Well, kid, your wish is about to come true." An elderly man's voice spoke from behind the boy, causing him to turn only to come face to face with the troll of the Nasuverse himself, Zelretch.

"Holy shit! It's you!" Ren exclaimed with enlarged eyes as he pointed his index finger at the Dead Apostle.

The old man grinned which seemed to send a shiver down the boy's spine. "Yes, me, the wielder of the Second Magic and all that biz…" He chuckled before leveling a serious look on the young man. "Tell me, child… What would you do to gain the power to summon Heroic Spirits?"

"Anything! I don't care what I have to do as long as I get my own Servant!" Ren exclaimed with a giddy grin.

Zelretch openly laughed before smirking at the ravenette. "Very well, I can see the determination in your eyes and you'll make a fine source of entertainment for me in the place I'm sending you." He raised his hand out to Ren. "Oh and before I forget, try not to die so quick into the game."

"Wait, what'd you say?" Ren questioned too late as he vanished on the spot.

The Dead Apostle grinned almost maniacally before looking up at the stars. "I wonder how the boy will take to his new environment?" He wondered aloud before disappearing.

Unknown Park

A pained groan escaped Ren's lips as his eyes fluttered open. He placed a hand on his forehead to stem the aching migraine coursing in his skull. "Damn that bloody vampire…" He cursed quietly.

"Ah, you've awakened, Master." A young masculine voice reached the boy's ears. He turned his crimson red eyes to the source only for them to widen when he came face to face with the very Servant he drew in his notebook.

The Servant had light golden brown hair that reached his neck, silver gray eyes, and light skin. He wore a red plate on his chest, silver shoulder guards, red gauntlets, a silver waist guard, red plate greaves, and silver plated steel boots. Under the armor, there was a black bodysuit with markings and archaic ruins scribbled along the surface.

"What the hell is this? How are you even real?" Ren questioned.

The Servant chuckled wholeheartedly as he shrugged in confirmation. "No idea, Master, I was just summoned here under the Savior-class." He said in all honesty as his hair blew against the wind. "You… are my Master, right?"

Ren was about to answer before he noticed a blood red glow coming from his left hand. It looked like a tattoo in the shape of dragon wings with a dragon's head in the center. The tattoo was actually Command Seals, spells that can issue the Absolute Command over a Heroic Spirit. "Looks like I am your Master." The red-eyed boy replied.

The young man smiled. "Excellent, now we can get started with our quest, Master."

Ren sighed. "Savior, don't call me 'Master', it makes me sound like a slaver. Call me by my name, Ren."

Savior nodded. "Very well, Mas-, I mean Ren." He corrected himself.

Ren stood up and dusted his clothes off before scanning the surrounding area. "So where are we?" He asked.

"Apparently, we appear to be in a park, Ren. I don't know where but from what the Throne has given me, it appears as though we are still in Japan." Savior answered.

"I understand that but where?" Ren questioned.

Before Savior could answer, a voice called out. "Oi, what the hell are you two doing here?"

The duo turned to face a middle-aged man with black hair, blue eyes, and a goatee. He seemed to be wearing a tuxedo as well. Behind the man were three women and four men, each dressed in tuxedos of a different color. The strangest fact was that the women also had rather large busts that Ren could barely keep his eyes off.

"I asked you a question, what are you doing here?" The man, who Ren thought was the leader, demanded. "Speak now or suffer the consequences."

Ren tried to think up an excuse before he heard his Servant whisper something to him. "Master, these people… They are not human." His silver eyes narrowed into a cold gaze as he glared at the strangers.

This got the boy thinking that maybe he was dealing with those Dead Apostles he read in the mangas of the Fate series. Ren's eyes glared hard at the man as he directed an accusing finger at them. "You're not human, are you?" He questioned.

The black-haired man seemed surprised before he began to chuckle which turned to full-blown laughter then he stopped as he glared down at the Master and Servant. "You're quite perceptive, young man. A shame that I do not know if you possess a Sacred Gear or not, you would have made a fine addition to my Peerage." He stated.

"Yeah, sorry, but I'll pass if that's the style of clothing I have to wear twenty-four seven." Ren deadpanned.

The dark-haired man flinched before he growled at the boy. "Impudent human! How dare you mock my choice of fashion! For that, I will destroy you!" He shouted with a visible tick mark on his forehead as bat-like wings sprouted from his back along with the other men and women behind him.

Ren blinked at the group for a few seconds then he began to laugh uncontrollably, almost like a madman. When he caught his breath, the red-eyed teen glared coldly at the bat-winged individuals. "You have no idea who you are dealing with…" He said before raising his fingers up then snaps them. "Savior, kill them."

"As you wish, Master." The red-armored Servant responded as the katana blade Ren created for him, appeared in his hands in a flash of light. "Creatures of the Pit, prepare thyself for righteous retribution!" Savior declared as he dashed at the enemies with speed befitting a Lancer.

Two of the men brought out longswords and lunged at the Heroic Spirit with rivaled speed before Savior appeared behind the two, swiping his sword as blood flicked against the ground. In two seconds, the two men were bisected and fell to the earth in a bloody heap.

The black-haired man seemed shocked at the action. "I-Impossible… How can a human defeat my Knights?!"

Savior turned his piercing, silver eyes onto the man. "You foolish Devils… I'm a Heroic Spirit, nothing you do can hope to stop me." He taunted, stalking towards the remaining Devils with the intent of completely eviscerating them until there was nothing left.

As his Servant worked to shred his enemies, Ren had a dark grin that would make even Lucifer proud as he watched the carnage unfold followed by the screams of agonizing pain from the Devils.

Few Minutes Later

Savior swung his sword, riding the crimson blade of any excess blood from his victims. "Master, I've completed my task." He told the raven-haired boy, who advanced over to him.

Ren turned his crimson eyes down on the bisected Devils that threatened him. He frowned when he noticed that the leader was still alive. "Savior, get this fool on his knees." He ordered.

The red-armored Servant nodded and proceeded to bring the wounded Devil up, forcing him down to his knees with his Heroic Spirit strength.

The ravenette glared down at the man with cold crimson orbs bearing into the Devil's blue ones. "Now, I'm a little angry about you trying to kill me but I'll be lenient and let you live if you answer my questions."

"Why should I? You've killed my Peerage, you should just kill me now because I'd do the same thing to you, boy!" The Devil spat at Ren before he winced when Savior dug his gauntlets into the man's flesh.

"Why did you try to kill me anyways?" Ren questioned.

"Because you possessed a powerful Sacred Gear and I wanted that power for myself." The Devil answered albeit with both reluctance and a small growl.

"I see…" The young man looked to his Servant and nodded. Savior took his sword and with a quick swing, relieved the Devil of his head.

Ren watched as the severed head rolled a few inches towards him while the body clambered to the ground. The boy kicks the head away like a tin can before shoving his hands into his pockets. "Let's go, Savior, we're gonna have a little look around and procure ourselves a place of residence." He said to which the silver-eyed Heroic Spirit nodded in acknowledgement.

The Underworld - Gremory Household

Within the office of the current Lucifer, Sirzechs was going over a few reports and documents that needed to be signed which he disliked immensely. The redhead sighed in exhaustion. "Sometimes it sucks to be a Satan…" He muttered before he heard the door to his office open as his wife and Queen, Grayfia entered.

"Sirzechs-sama, you've just received this letter." The Queen in maid's clothing said, handing a black envelope to her husband.

The young Lucifer gratefully accepted the letter, tore it open, and read its contents. His eyes grew to the size of dinner plates. "What the… A Devil of the Visori Clan and his Peerage were reported killed by dismemberment? How could this have happened?" He wondered aloud in shock.

"Sirzechs-sama, the murders were reported in Rias-sama's territory of Kuoh." Grayfia added. That caught the Satan's attention as he stood up faster than a sword being drawn, a grave expression on his facial features.

"Inform my little sister of this development, she needs to be warned of whatever or whoever this threat is." Sirzechs ordered.

Grayfia bowed. "At once, Sirzechs-sama." The Queen of his Peerage turned around and left his office.

The red-haired Devil looked out the window of his office, his expression grave and worrisome. "Rias, please be careful." He quietly prayed in hopes of his sister being alright.

Kuoh Hotel Penthouse, Ren's Base of Operations

After he pilfered any valuables and money from the Devils' corpses, Ren pawned the jewels and precious metals at a shop and received a large amount of money that he used to buy a fully furnished penthouse, big enough for himself and his Servant.

Currently, the red-eyed Master sat on the couch with his new laptop as he procures funds he had withdrawn by hacking into multiple bank accounts from high-class society members. "Heh, like taking candy from a baby." Ren chuckled darkly.

"Master, are you sure this is wise?" Savior asked, now wearing a simple white t-shirt, blue jean pants, and white sneakers.

Ren glanced at his Servant. "Savior, we need money to survive and since I'm in a town that doesn't even exist on the map, I'm going to need to strategize and plan my way through in case we have another run-in with some Devils."

The Servant thought it over and believed it made sense. He nodded in acceptance as he sat on a recliner chair with a cautious look on his features.

"Anyways, I found a local high school to enroll us in. We'll need to lay low if those Devils are tracking us." Ren said as he typed a few keys on his laptop. "We'll be signed in as relatives from another country. I'm sure you want to hide your true name from people, Savior, but consider this a title for you to bear for now."

"As you wish, Ren." Savior nodded.

The raven-haired Master closed his laptop then stood up, stretching his muscles. "Okay, I'm heading off to bed," He released a yawn. "The uniforms should arrive early morning so make sure you get them, Savior."

"I understand, Master." The silver-eyed Servant acknowledged the order as his Master left the living room and went into the master bedroom. (Pun not intended)

Savior, meanwhile, brought his sword out of its sheath, ready to combat anyone that would dare harm his Master.

As his Servant remained on guard, Ren had dressed himself in a white robe and laid on his bed, closing his eyes to sleep. He was unaware of the fact that glowing red markings appeared throughout his entire body and seven red summoning circles appeared outside in front of Savior, who looked upon the scene in confusion. "Oh boy, Ren is not gonna like this…" He muttered.

The Next Morning

Ren woke up to the sound of glass shattering outside of his room. "What the fuck?!" He exclaimed in surprise.

"Please, wait, that's not how you use that!" Savior's voice cried out in what seemed to be anxiety and exhaustion.

The young Master quickly got out of bed and ran to the door, but once he opened it, his eyes nearly bugged out of his skull. "What in the hell is going on here!?" He shouted quite loudly.

Savior grinned nervously at his Master. "Well, they just showed up out of nowhere." He said, gesturing to the seven Servants around him.

The first Servant was a girl, who wore a valiant red militarized dress with golden highlights with matching epaulets that matched her blonde hair, which was kept braided in a bun with an ahoge on her head. The girl was also petite. She also had a translucent white lower skirt that was showing… her long slender legs as well as her panties. She also had gold sabatons and greaves that seemed to give off a rich lifestyle. She also had a beautiful pair of jade green eyes that could twinkle in the sun on her youthful face.

The second Servant was a young woman with long royal purple hair that reached the back of her knees, blood red eyes, a slim but fit hourglass figure, pale skin, and a youthful face. She wore a purple and pale violet full bodysuit with black markings trailing all over that were fastened by lavender buttons and buckles, lavender-colored steel shoulder guards, and black armored high-heeled boots.

The third Servant was a girl with hair that was a combination of blonde, green, and white with her eyes colored a pale green. She also wore a green and black dress, dark metal gauntlets, and long black boots with green markings. She also seemed to have cat ears and a cat tail.

The fourth Servant was a woman that seemed to be in her early or mid-twenties. She had an hourglass figure that was perfectly proportioned. Long, toned legs that were encased in thigh-high black boots, trimmed with purple. A strapless one-piece dress that hugged her curvaceous hips and large bust gorgeously, a purple collar around her elegant neck; she had really long lavender hair that flowed down and around her in a perfectly straight river that reached down to her ankles. Her arms were slender but toned, wearing black sleeves that left her delicate fingers free and held in place by purple bangles just below her shoulders and at the wrists. Her eyes were hidden behind a purple half-mask. Two silver buckles sealed it over a visible seam in the center that seemed to resemble a single eye.

The fifth Servant was a girl wore some kind of erotic-styled kimono with black geta and long, slender legs with upper thigh high indigo socks on. The sleeves on her arms with parts that were supposed to cover the shoulders were missing, revealing elegant, white skin underneath. She had yellow eyes that had loyalty and energy in them, long pink hair in pigtails, and fox ears along with a tail.

The sixth Servant was a young girl with white hair and silver eyes wearing a short black button-up shirt, black panties that barely cover her lower modesty, black stockings, pink low-heeled shoes, and bandages wrapped around her arms. She also carried a bandoleer of intricate knives.

The seventh Servant was a woman with long blonde hair in a braid and violet eyes wearing a black dress with bits of armor, a long dark purple skirt, black stockings, silver gauntlets, black boots covered with silver armor, and what could be described as a tiara.

"Greetings, Praetor, Servant Saber at your service." The first girl bowed with a proud smile.

The woman with purple hair glanced at the boy and huffed. "So you're supposed to be the new Sorcerer? Well, you better at least be worthy of my attention. I'm Servant Lancer at your beck and call."

The cat-eared girl glanced at Ren with a look of disgust in her eyes. "Why'd it have to be a man…" She muttered before sighing. "I'm of the Archer-class, keep your hands to yourself if you wanna still have them." She growled.

'Great, I got one of those kind of Servants.' Ren sweatdropped.

The woman with the blindfold went next. "I am of the Rider-class, I shall protect you until you have no further use of me, Master." She said in a sultry, yet stoic tone.

The girl with fox ears eagerly greeted the young man. "Greetings, hubby, I'm Caster! I hope you accept our marriage graciously." She bowed in a traditional Japanese form of politeness.

The small girl looked upon Ren with a somewhat innocent look in her eyes. "Mother?" She asked although how she said it seemed like a cross between it and 'Master'.

The red-eyed teen blinked. "Uh, no, I'm a dude."

"Mother." The small girl pouted rather cutely.

Sighing, Ren saw no way out of it. "Alright, fine, I'm your 'Mother' and who are you?"

"Assassin." The girl answered with a giddy grin as she hugged her 'mother', reveling in his warmth. This caused the other female Servants to squeal at the amount of cuteness that Assassin was showing.

The blonde-haired woman looked at the Ren with friendly grin. "Greetings, Sorcerer, I am Ruler."

"Wait," Ren blinked. "Did you call me 'Sorcerer'?" He wondered aloud.

Ruler nodded. "Yes, you have the very aura of the one who possesses the Third True Magic." She answered.

"Son of a bitch! That damn vampire actually gave me a kickass power!" Ren exclaimed with a big grin. "Hell yeah! I'm a freaking god!"

"Uh, Master, you can still pretty much die like any other human." Savior diminished the boy's mood.

"Buzzkill…" Ren muttered.

"Oh, by the way, husband, I made you breakfast~" Caster said in a sing-song voice. She presented her Master with a large array of food ranging from Eastern Asian to European delicacies. "I hope you like it."

"Oh," The red-eyed teen glanced at Savior. "Then what the hell were you shouting for?"

Savior casted a wayward glance at Archer, who had a small blush of embarrassment. "Archer-san, decided to use the oven as a makeshift fire pit to cook meat." He answered.

Ren's eyebrow twitched before glaring at the cat-eared girl. "First off, I don't know what the hell you were thinking doing that but I better not see or hear about it ever again. Second, if you wanted to eat then you should've waited for someone to cook you food."

Archer's embarrassment increased as her face took on the same shade of red as a tomato. She folded her arms and huffed. "W-well, you should have woken up earlier then." She stuttered a bit, acting like a typical tsundere.

The young man sighed as he sat down to eat his breakfast while Savior tried to get the seven women under control. It took a few minutes but Ren managed to finish off the food in front of him before clapping his hands together. "Thank you for the food!" He praised Kami before standing up, going back to his room, and got dressed in the Kuoh Academy male's school uniform.

Once he came back out, Ren found that Savior was already in the school uniform as well while Caster, Archer, and Ruler were gushing over Assassin's adorable features. Sighing, the new Sorcerer grabbed a school bag he bought with the money he 'liberated' from snobby, rich folks and snapped his fingers at Savior. "Come on, it's time to get going, Savior."

"Yes, Master." The Servant nodded as he stood up and followed after Ren.

The red-eyed teen looked at his female Servants. "We'll be back in the afternoon. Don't try to kill each other while I'm gone." He said in a commanding voice before he and Savior left the penthouse.

Saber blinked before she gave a curious glance to her fellow Heroic Spirits. "What are we supposed to do?" She asked.

The other Servants glanced at each other before Caster clapped her hands, a large grin on her face. "I know, let's go shopping!" She squealed in excitement which drew the interest of the other females, except Assassin who gave them a blank expression.

Kuoh Academy

It was a mild and slightly cloudy day over Kuoh Academy; the Academy was a prestigious one which was also the only one in the small town of Kuoh. Rumor has it that the school had an abundant number of beautiful females and also a lack of proper sense of decency. Several of the more capable teachers and students who could think properly often wondered why the faculty made the girls' uniform so short, or why the cheerleaders of the school enjoyed flashing their underwear to anyone willing to look because of their poor excuse for a skirt.

Of course the percentage that thought about these things were miniscule, it was considered unimportant. This was mostly because most of the male (and some of the female) staff and students were more than overjoyed to get their lust and perverted urges satisfied from the free and enjoyable eye-candy.

But in a classroom marked as Class 3-A, a teacher was getting her students situated while at the same time an excited smile graced her lips.

Among many of her students was a young man around seventeen years old of average height with short brown hair and light brown eyes while wearing the Kuoh Academy boys' school uniform. This was Issei Hyoudou; a member of the Academy's supposed Perverted Trio.

He sat at his desk, bored out of his mind while also thinking up of the many parts of the female body especially their breasts. Outside of his thoughts, he had a goofy perverted grin plastered on his face that caused many of the girls in the room to scowl at him distastefully.

"Ugh, the pervert is at it again."

"I know when will he just disappear already?"

"What a lecherous scumbag."

Issei was completely unaware of these comments before he returned to the real world when the teacher decided to interrupt his thoughts. "Alright, settle down, everyone. We have two new transfer students here with us, today. So I expect each of you to be on your best behavior."

The teacher turned to the door with a warm smile before saying, "You can come in now."

The door slid open as everyone noticed the new transfer students walk in and took a step next to the teacher. "Everybody, this is the new transfer student from Tokyo and the foreign exchange student from Europe."

The transfer students turned out to be two teenage boys about eighteen years old, possibly seniors, with the first having raven black hair that reached his shoulders, crimson red eyes, and pale skin. He wore the Kuoh Academy boys' uniform. He had a blank expression on his features. The second had a boyish face with golden brown hair which reached his neck, silver eyes, light skin, and a friendly grin that was almost radiant.

"Greetings, I'm Ren Sanada, I hope we can get along." Ren said as he bowed.

"Hello, I'm Elliot Draco, it's nice to meet you." Savior introduced, using his fake name.

They heard a couple of students whisper to each other.

"That's the new students?" One guy said.

"They're so cute." One girl whispered.

"I hope they aren't perverts." A blonde girl added.

"They seem kind of nice."

"Alright that's enough. Ren-san, Elliot-san, I'm assigning you to a seat next to Gremory-san and one behind her." The teacher ordered. At hearing her command, the boys' whispers to each other in class became more audible.

"First day here and the transfers get to sit next to Gremory-san. I'm jealous!"

"Oh man, why can't I sit next to her?"

"They better not do anything to her!"

Even Issei was angry that the transfer students got to sit next to one of the Great Onee-samas but kept it in his thoughts. 'Great, more of those fucking pretty boys and they get to sit next to Rias-senpai.'

Ignoring the whispers, Ren and Savior looked around to find their desk only to see two empty ones that were near the window next to a rather beautiful redhead with blue-green eyes that almost sparkled in the sunlight and a body that many men would kill to touch. They took notice of the girl's features and believed she was foreign but they felt a sort of dark aura around the girl.

Sitting down next to the girl while Savior sat behind him, Ren looked out the window lost in thought while Rias looked at him with a warm smile but frowned when she noticed he didn't return the gesture, merely looking outside with an off distant look.

"Alright, class, let's begin the lesson." The teacher announced as classes began.


Ren and Savior sat at a lone table, eating lunch while practically all the girls gazed at the two in adoration and the boys glared at the two with furious eyes.

'How annoying…' Ren thought, munching on some takiyaki.

"It seems we've drawn quite a crowd, Master." The Servant whispered as he sipped through a straw on his strawberry milk. "Is it because of our looks?"

"Yes, the dangers of a hormonal teenage girl rivals even that of a boy." Ren answered, drinking his water before he felt the dark energy of a Devil behind him. He glanced back to see Rias giving him a friendly grin while the rest of the students looked on, wondering what the Great Onee-sama wanted from the new students.

"Hello, we weren't properly introduced but my name is Rias Gremory." The redhead introduced herself with a charming grin as her bountiful breasts bounced a bit when she moved her upper body, trying to excite the raven-haired teen.

The Sorcerer merely gave her a neutral expression before saying the two words that forced everyone in the vicinities jaws to drop. "Piss off." He said before going back to his meal.

"Excuse me?" Rias questioned, a miffed expression on her face. " What was that?"

"I said 'Piss off' do I have to repeat myself?" Ren asked, glancing at the redhead with an expression crossed between boredom and annoyance.

The rest of the students could practically feel the tension in the air as Rias and Ren glared at one another.

"Oh man, is that guy insane?" One student whispered.

"How dare that bastard say something like that to Rias-sama." A male student growled as he glared at the raven-haired teen.

"What's your problem?" The Gremory heiress demanded with a visible tick mark on her forehead.

"My problem is that I don't like you. Plain and simple." Ren stated, standing from his seat along with Savior as they walked out of the cafeteria.

Rias looked stunned at the young man's declaration before her best friend, Akeno Himejima, the second Great Onee-sama besides her, came up to the redhead with a sly grin. "Ara, ara, seems Ren-senpai is quite the sourpuss." She said with a giggle.

The redhead narrowed her eyes for a brief moment. 'That guy… Why do I feel a strange energy coming from him and that Elliot kid?' She thought in suspicion.

Kuoh Academy Front Gates

After classes ended, the Master and Servant pair were passing by many other students, occasionally getting shy glances from female students and squeals of admiration from the more boisterous ones. There were also deathly glares from most of the male students.

"Bunch of idiots…" Ren muttered with an irritated expression.

Savior looked at the young Sorcerer with a small grin as he followed behind him. "I actually enjoyed myself, Ren. This place is quite lively." He responded with a proud smile.

The red-eyed teen sulked. "Don't remind me…" He muttered. When he checked his locker, he had already gotten a few dozen letters from some of the female students and quite possibly a male admirer or two. And by a dozen, he got a whole bloody locker full of envelops.

The duo were about to leave the gates when a certain red-haired girl, followed by a rather beautiful yet sexy girl with black hair held in a ponytail, stood in front of them.

"The hell you want, Gremory." Ren deadpanned with narrowed eyes.

Rias glared at the raven-haired teen. "I just wanted to know why you hated me." She stated with a hint of aggravation in her tone.

"Ara, ara, Sanada-kun is quite scary when he glares." Akeno said with a seductive grin, licking her lips which sent a shiver down the Master and Servant pair's spines.

The red-eyed Master relaxed and turned a cold stare at the Gremory Heiress. "You wanna know why I don't like you, that bad?" He asked.

The Ruin Princess nodded, eager to hear the boy's answer and quite afraid of it as well.

Ren walked up to Rias, his steps slow but agonizingly anxious. The Gremory Heiress gulped a bit loudly as the dark-haired Master leaned next to her head and whispered into her ear, the words which would greatly terrify her. "It's because I don't like Devils… and if you come after me then I will slowly but painfully kill you and any associated with you. Just ask the poor fools who killed themselves by facing me." His voice was calm but it held the threat which even furthered the terror gripping her heart.

With that, Ren gestured for Savior. "Let's go, we're going home." He ordered.

"Right away." Savior nodded with a grin before waving at Rias and Akeno. "Bye-bye, have a nice day." He replied in a cheerful tone.

Akeno watched as the two males walked away. "Ara, ara, how interesting to hear that from Sanada-kun." She said while licking the top of her lips then glanced at her best friend but noticed Rias looking to the ground, her crimson hairbangs shadowing her eyes. "Is something wrong, Buchou?"

Rias tightened her fists in both frustration and fright. "Akeno… I'm going back to the clubroom." She said before walking away from the Queen of her Peerage.

Ren's Apartment - Two Hours Later

Yawning, Ren entered his penthouse with Savior trailing behind, carrying stacks of pizza. "I'm home." He called out to the rest of his summoned Servants.

"Welcome back, Sorcerer." Ruler greeted the young man with a bright smile; she wore casual clothing in the form of a white blouse and a black skirt that reached her finely toned thighs.

The red-eyed Master blinked. "Where… did you get those clothes?" He asked.

Ruler blinked with a confused tilt of her head that made her look innocent and adorable at the same time. "The others and I bought them." She answered.

"With what?!" Ren shouted with a twitching brow.

"Money, of course." Caster said, appearing in a black tank top and light blue short shorts. She had a rather happy smile on her face while in her hands were a bunch of bags from clothing stores.

"How much did you buy?" Savior asked.

"Enough," Saber answered in a blunt tone, wearing a red summer dress and black stockings. "We even got clothes for you, Savior."

"Oh, thank you." The male Servant thanked before noticing the angry scowl on Ren's face.

The Master turned his scowl back on Caster, who flinched. "I'm going to my room." He said, walking past the kitsune after depositing the stack of pizzas on the table while grumbling about 'annoying redheads' and 'disobedient Servants' then entered his bedroom before closing the door.

"Praetor seems to be rather… frustrated." Saber said, a look of worry on her delicate features.

Savior chuckled nervously. "Let's just say that he's had a rough day."

Meanwhile, the raven-haired Master laid on his bed, arms behind his head. "Damn that Gremory witch…" He growled under his breath. "She thinks she is so high and mighty like every other Devil but I won't be tricked or bullied into those monsters' ranks."

"Well, kid, maybe you should try being your own king instead." A familiar troll's voice entered the young man's ears.

"Zelretch!" Ren jumped in surprise before glaring at the Dead Apostle. "What the fuck is going on here, you old coot?!"

"Calm down, I'll explain as best I can." Zelretch raised his hands in mock surrender, a grin plastered on his face. "To explain, you're now caught in a three-way standoff between the Angels, Fallen Angels, and Devils. The very same ones from the Bible."

"So? Is that supposed to mean something?" The raven-haired boy questioned.

"Actually, in this world, God is dead, Satan is dead, and the three Factions are in a fragile peace with one another. The Devils suffered the worst since their numbers dwindled during the Great War and have sought out humans to replenish their numbers, turning them into Devils themselves." The Dead Apostle explained. "Fallen Angels became a bit more hostile to humans because the stupid idiots couldn't keep it in their pants. Angels aren't any better since they are copying the Devils' Evil Piece system in order to grow their own numbers since their 'father' was killed and couldn't make any more of them. The Archangel, Michael, leads that Faction. The Four Satans, Devils who rose high into the ranks, are the leaders of the Devils. The one leading the Fallen Angels is Azazel, a bit of a pervert who has an extremely disgusting mind. Watch out for that one."

"So why am I here?" Ren asked, crossing his arms in boredom.

"Well, before he died, God created the Sacred Gears, powerful artifacts that are sealed within human beings. Once the Factions learned of them, they sought out to take the Sacred Gears for themselves. That's where you come in. You're gonna become a new Faction, the Grail Faction. I've given you the power to not only wield the Heaven's Feel but to also use the Noble Phantasms of any Heroic Spirit of your choosing as well as their Class Skills."

"For real? Awesome!" Ren pumped his arms in excitement with a large grin on his face.

"But, you won't be the only one wielding a True Magic. Three others will come as well along with the three new Servant classes that I managed to add in. Destroyer, Healer, and Forger. These three Masters and their Servants will be your lieutenants in the Grail Faction so be mindful of how you approach the other three Factions." The vampire stated before patting Ren on the back. "Oh, before I forget, try not to piss off that Gremory girl and her Pawn; it'll be the last thing you will ever regret."

"Uh, okay…" The red-eyed teen replied, a bit confused and slightly afraid of what he meant.

"Well, time for me to head back. Got more people to troll." Zelretch said, giving the boy the peace sign then vanishing before his eyes.

Ren didn't know what to think about his current situation but then he realized that this could actually prove to be quite entertaining for him. He focused within his mind a certain sword, wielded by the King of Knights, then in the blink of an eye, the Sword of Promised Victory, Excalibur, was gripped tightly in his palm. "Sugoi…" His grin turned maddening as his eyes glinted with glee. "Now those disgusting creatures will never stop me."

Occult Research Club

Rias Gremory was confused…

Actually, terrified would have been a better word. She had heard the threat in Ren Sanada's voice when he whispered those words into her ear. She had asked her brother, Sirzechs for any information on the raven-haired boy as well as his cousin, Elliot.

"I'm sorry, little sis, but there's no information on either of them. It's like they just appeared out of thin air." The current Lucifer admitted. "What's so special about these two anyways?"

Rias looked down, a grim expression on her face. "He knows what I truly am." She answered.

Sirzechs's eyes widened a fraction before they narrowed. "Rias, tell me right now. Did you sense something from this boy?"

The Ruin Princess nodded. "Yes, I felt a sort of magic that was beyond anything I've ever felt. I couldn't tell if it was a Sacred Gear or if it was Ren's own power." Rias looked away. "But that other one, Elliot Draco. He wasn't human at all, it was like his body was completely made of magic."

"Hmm," The Great Satan hummed in thought before giving his little sister a serious expression. "Rias, do not confront them. This is an order from me as the current Lucifer."

Rias wanted to argue with her brother but knew she had to follow his wishes. "Fine…" With that said, she disconnected from Sirzechs and slouched in her seat, sighing in frustration.

"Ara, ara, how will you plan this out, Buchou?" Akeno asked, her grin present.

"Well, Sanada-senpai's only human so he shouldn't be much of a problem but Elliot-kun is a whole other matter." Rias said, forming a plan against the Master and Servant pair, unaware of Assassin watching them from the shadows.

The Next Morning

Ren along with Savior walked through the gates of Kuoh Academy, the Master releasing a yawn as a few of the girls gave him passing glances.

"So sleepy…" Ren mumbled.

"Maybe you shouldn't have stayed up all night, Ren." The Servant in disguise reprimanded with a grin.

"Shut up." The red-eyed teen deadpanned.

Savior raised his hands in mock surrender. "Alright, no need to be upset."

"Hey, Sanada!" A rowdy voice called out, forcing Ren's eyes to glance at a couple of students that were also Third Years but they were dressed to look like punk street thugs. "We've got a bone to pick with you."

"Piss off." Ren said calmly with a bored expression as he pushes past them.

"Hold it!" One of the thugs grabbed Ren's shoulder only to be met with the raven-haired boy's elbow instead, sending him to the ground with a bloody nose. "Ah! Damn it, you broke my nose!"

"Elliot?" Ren called out, getting his Servant's attention. "Deal with this trash." He ordered, walking to the school.

"As you wish." Savior nodded before cracking his knuckles while grinning at the thugs. "Sorry, but I'm gonna hurt you right now." In the span of a few seconds, the Servant was dusting his hands while lying on the ground was the bloodied forms of the thugs, groaning in agony.

Meanwhile, Rias's Rook, Koneko Toujou, had watched the short fight with a neutral expression on the outside but inside she was considerably worried when she felt Savior's sudden increase in power. 'I must inform Buchou.' She thought before quickly leaving the tree that she was hiding behind.

After School

Ren and Savior had just finished afternoon classes and were walking back to their penthouse suite. So far, the students who tried to fight them were quickly left in bloody messes courtesy of the Savior.

"Yatta, it feels great to be out of school." Savior said with a grin as he stretched his arms.

The red-eyed Master blinked at the Servant before shaking his head at Savior's carefree nature. As the two passed an alleyway, Ren heard a faint mewl of pain coming from the shadows.

"Eh? What's that sound?" Savior asked.

The raven-haired Sorcerer walked down the alley only to find a wounded black cat. His eyes widened for the briefest moment as he was by the injured animal's side in seconds.

"Are you alright, little one?" Ren asked in a tender voice. He lightly scratched behind the cat's ears to get its attention.

The black-furred feline glanced up at the red-eyed teen. Its golden eyes staring straight into the boy's own. It mewed at him, despite the pain the cat was in.

"Okay, I'm gonna lift you up now. Are you ready?" The Sorcerer placed a hand on the cat's head.

The black feline mewled in response which Ren took as a yes. With gentle hands, he easily lifted the wounded animal into his arms and quickly sprinted off to his penthouse with Savior following close behind.

Ren's Penthouse - Hours Later

After arriving home and bypassing the gushing Servants of the Sorcerer, Ren had quickly entered his bedroom and began to perform a quick medical procedure for the black feline.

When the last dressing was comfortably wrapped, Ren grinned down at his handiwork. "There we go. You'll be good as new in a few days."

The cat mewled at the Sorcerer then gave him a happy lick. The action caused Ren to chuckle a little as he pets his feline friend.

"I'm glad I can be of help, little one." Ren grinned.

The feline purred in content as it closed its eyes and began to sleep. The young Master couldn't help but smile widely at the sight. "Hmm, you need a name if I'm gonna be keeping you so I'll call you Kuro for now." He whispered before draping a small blanket over the cat's body.

The red-eyed teen stood up from the bed and left his room, only to be greeted by the several curious faces of his Servants.

"What's with the cat, Master?" Lancer asked, wearing a tight-fitting t-shirt that hugged her generous curves and her breasts, a thigh-high skirt, and black stockings.

"If you must know, Savior and I found the poor thing wounded in an alley. So until then, I'm keeping it and nursing it back to health." Ren explained.

"Very well, Master, but I don't like it." Caster complained with a serious face that only made her seem more adorable.

"Relax, Caster, it is quite friendly and you'll even come to like it." Ren stated.

"Fine." Caster pouted before sitting on the couch as the other Servants watch a movie.

Sighing, Ren walked back into his room and climbed into bed, wanting to sleep for the rest of the night. The black feline noticed its new master on the bed and trudges over to him, curling up for warmth against the young man's side.

The Next Day - Kuoh Academy

In fourth period, Ren had to go through an English lecture that bored the utter crap out of him. His classmates were the Perverted Trio, who tried to become friends with him especially the loser known as Issei Hyoudou until he shot them down, the Gremory witch, her bimbo Queen, some punk named Kiba Yuuto, and countless other no named students that the Sorcerer didn't bother caring about.

He tried to tune out the incessant whispering of the annoying pervert, who just would not shut the fuck about women's breasts. Issei had absolutely no shame in explaining to Ren every explicit detail on what he'd do to them and every time he spoke tempted the young Master to strangle the life out of him.

"Hey, Ren-senpai, what do you like about breasts?" Issei asked, quite loudly which drew a crowd of annoyed teenage girls as well as the English teacher.

Growling, Ren decided to raise his hand. "Sensei, can I please be excused from class before I do something that'll warrant harm to Hyoudou-san?"

The teacher nodded. "Yes, you may but please make sure you come back." He replied in understanding since he also wanted to knock the living daylights out of Issei himself but couldn't if he wanted to risk his job.

After leaving the classroom, Ren decided to walk around the school grounds then noticed the building that sat comfortably away from school. The Occult Research Club's building.

Since that was the most likely spot for a Devil and its thrall, Ren used the Heaven's Feel to grant him the abilities of an Assassin-class Servant then used the Presence Concealment skill to hide himself among the trees and quickly entered the building.

After his incursion inside, he felt what could be a Bounded Field set up at the door to the clubroom and effectively dispelled it by using the Crimson Rose, Gae Dearg, to sever the magical flow of circuits within and entered.

The entire room seemed normal if not for the high concentrated particles of magic that was left behind. There were also parchments of paper with the magic circles of the Gremory family and like any Magus, Ren decided to rid himself of any competition as well as future Devils. He was quite disappointed in the humans who would sell their souls to Devils and if he came across any, he'd end their lives regardless if they're innocent or malevolent.

He pulled out a lighter he kept on his person and burned the papers then summoned Medea to help him place in a sensory Bounded Field so he could spy on Rias and her Peerage. Once finished, he thanked the Princess of Colchis and sent her back to the Throne with a grateful smile.

Pulling out his cellphone, he made a quick call to his home as the receiver picked up. "Hello?" It was Savior and he sounded a bit tired.

"Savior, I've found the Devils' den and I've reason to believe that Gremory and her Peerage are not the only ones who are denizens from Hell." Ren responded.

"Master, isn't that a bit dangerous?" Savior questioned.

The Sorcerer hummed. "It is but what's life without a little danger? Just calm down, Savior, I won't do anything rash."

"If you say so, Master." The Servant sighed.

"Anyways, why do you sound so winded?" Ren asked in general curiosity.

"Well, I wanted to try out cooking and the others got a bit hungry so I had to cook enough food to feed a small army. It was quite taxing." Savior replied and Ren could guess he had a tired grin on his face.

Ren winced. "Damn, I feel bad for you. Besides that, I've set up an untraceable Bounded Field that will provide us with information on the Devils so this will be an advantage to us."

"Understood, I'll inform the others." Savior responded.

"See that you do." The young Master stated before disconnecting the call and quickly fleeing the building by leaping out the window.

It also seemed that fortune was smiling upon him because the Presence Concealment kept him hidden the entire time especially when he left the school. Before he had sent Medea back to the Throne, she informed him that a powerful bounded field encased the entirety of the academy almost as if to issue a warning to the summoner.

He had no doubts that the Devils enacted the boundary long before he came along. It made no difference, his Faction will have its moment to act but for now they would work in the shadows.

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