Chapter 1

I have reached the end of my shift on a rather dull day here in Zootopia. Feeling quite lonesome today without my trusted partner Nick Wilde by my side, he has the day off preparing our new home. My violet eyes opened wide realizing my shift ended five minutes ago. To my haste, clearing out my locker for the vacation awaiting me right outside the Police Academy exit.

Speaking of Nick, I should shoot him a quick text informing him of a fast return, I really could not wait to see how the place turns out. This is a special circumstance knowing that a gruesome snowstorm was about to hit. With some hustle in my step, I had to speed walk through the academy hoping to ignore all distractions. I made my way to the reception area, but out of habit, I waved goodbye to Clawhauser. From where I am standing it looks like he wanted to have a quick chat, so I complied by walking over to his desk.

"Judy," he said, "I know you don't come to work for the gossip, but it's time to face the facts. I've heard you're moving in with slick Nick today."

I rolled my eyes at Clawhauser using that dumb nickname for Nick.

"…while you both claim to be just 'best friends', he said using air quotes, "I mean the whole academy knows the chemistry brewing between you", Clawhauser threw his hands up like a drama queen. "And I know that you 'like-like' him!"

"The way you smile when you're around him and how you hide your blushing face every time you share a laugh with him. If I didn't know any better, I think you convinced him to move in with you to try to…well…you know…uhhh." Clawhauser stopped talking when noticed my face after I gave him quite a look, daring him to finish his ramble. He fell silent.

"Well, this was a very interesting chat Clawhauser and make sure my reports get filled, OK?" I sort of demanded while walking away.

"Will do Judy! Have fun on your vacation, but not too much fun!" he said.

Opening the door, I twisted around giving him a playful wink.

The air outside feels like ice, the sky above me matched my gray fur and all of it is due to an impending blizzard preparing to hit Zootopia.

I rushed to the parking lot making my way to my patrol car, climbing into it I began to reflect on the conversation about Nick. I mean I have to admit, I came up with the idea of moving in with each other. Nick's old place was sort of far from work, and not to mention my last place was a box.

So after a long conversation with Nick we had about a month ago, he agreed it would be best if we found a place together. The idea sounded amazing when it came from his mouth, which made me very persistent to find the best homes in town.

When I'm off duty, I would spend free time searching for the hottest apartments according to our specifications. Then, out of nowhere: love at first sight. An amazing Townhome located near the edge of the city. It is the very house I am driving to right now, where my partner Nick is moving all of my furniture into. I'm feeling so anxious mixed with a ton of nervousness, I mean I should be it's our first night living together. Nick has always respected me; he's like the first real friend in the city. Ever since he joined the force he's all I ever think about.

Then why do I feel nervous tonight?

I guess another reason I instigated him into moving in is to somewhat try to become closer to him, well he just really means a lot to me.

"I guess that's love" I whispered.

WAIT! Do I love Nick? As strange as the question boggled my mind it also made my heart flutter just thinking about my roommate. I guess somehow Nick found his way into my heart without even spending the night under a roof with me.

"Ughh…sly fox," I said with a straight face.

I really hope he uses his seductive powers for good, I thought trying to be funny, in some bizarre fantasy, maybe.

"Maybe, Nick would walk into my room late at night. Hovering above me, he would greet my sleeping lips. Rising out of my slumber extending my hand to grab his tie, pulling him into the sheets with an inviting smile. His hungry paws enveloping every inch of my slender b—"

Slamming on the breaks, I almost ran a red light.

I guess fantasizing about Nick may have been a slight distraction to me while driving. I let out a deep exhale while at the stop light. "Oh, Judy. You really have it bad for him" I said having to laugh nervously. My phone buzzed on the passenger seat.

Speak of the Devil. Nick sent me a text, he beat me to it.

Nick: Hey Carrots! Finished moving all of your junk into our on personal slice of heaven! Met some neighbors, much friendlier than my old ones, Make sure to hurry back before the storm comes. Plus, I have a surprise!

I've always pretended to hate that nickname because other cops at the academy would call me that making it utterly annoying. When he calls me carrots I always love it. Did he mention a surprise?


The blizzard is beginning to take over Zootopia, as it got harder to drive on the street. Thankfully, I made it in one piece to my new snow covered house. Anxious to see Nick I nearly fell flat on my face, slipping on a patch of black ice climbing out of my car. Not to mention the snow is already high enough for me to be knee deep in it.

I reached the front door and I'm already shivering out of my Spanx. I purged my pockets for my new house key, placing in the lock to unlock the door. The warm house air greeted my body, but something looked unfamiliar. Nick actually finished the arrangement of the furniture and it was very well done. His stuff arranged with my own made me proud to say: "I am home".

From the hallway leading to our bedrooms to the living room, I could tell Nick had a full plate today. I took off my work shoes at the door placing them right next to his. I look around to see no sign of Nick, but still I'm wearing a smile for the effort he put into the house. All of a sudden a noise came from the house speakers accompanied by a familiar voice.

"Judging by that enormous grin you're wearing, I'd say I've done a pretty good job," Nick said via intercom. He even had the house systems up and running including the house cameras and alarm system. I noticed the front door camera focusing on my face knowing Nick has me on display, so I decided to play along with him looking deep into the camera.

"Why yes, you have Nick Wilde, How about we continue this conversation face to face so I can give you a proper thank you," I said playfully.

"In due time Judy Hopps, why don't you park your fluffy butt at the kitchen table for me." He said. Might sound demanding to some, but I know it's all just an act.

I have to admit he's full of surprises.

Walking towards the kitchen, my eyes lit up. The kitchen table was set so beautifully from the cloth to the candles. To my surprise have not even Notice Nick standing in the kitchen behind me which completely threw me off guard. There he is, wearing his signature grin on his face and if you know long enough you would know that my cheeks are crimson red.

"Carrots!" he exclaimed walking towards me. He embraced me with the warmest hug I ever got, causing me to almost melt against him. The faint dreamy scent of his musk gave me euphoric feelings. With my ears folded on his chest to listen to every skip off his heartbeat.

Pure Bliss.

"Geez, carrots you are a shivering mess" Nick whispered.

"Yeah well you are a very warm blooded fox, and it is helping me a lot," I said. Breaking the hug we still managed to cling onto each other, "You know you really have an eye for interior decorating."

"Oh stop, I know you would've done better, I just had to clean up before you got here," Nick replied.

"I love it. Let's keep it the way it is." I said.

Suddenly, Nick's face lit up looking right at me. I caught his gaze the looked away giving off a deeper blush. "Thanks, Carrots. I'm glad you love it." Nick gave my midsection a tight squeeze, I giggled under him.

"Now, about that surprise," I said cheerfully.

Nick guided me back over to the kitchen table which had a to-go box from our favorite restaurant. We would always go there on work days he even got my favorite zucchini salad today, so we both sat down. I grabbed my fork and began to dig in; I can tell that Nick already ate because he was sipping on an almost empty iced tea.

He looked lost deep thought when he stared at me and I was too busy forking my delicious salad down.

I wonder what he's thinking about.

Suddenly, our doorbell went off. This caused Nick to almost lose his balance climbing out of his seat. Wiping my mouth with my napkin, my curiosity peaked.

"Who could that be," I said.

"Just keep eating, I got it" he replied speed walking to the front door.

"Uhhh…okay" I said to myself, I think he's trying to hide something. I left the kitchen to sneak a peak of Nick to see him fixing his hair at the mirror near the door. He turned around to meet my gaze then gave off a slight exhale. He looked away to open the door.

A fox

A female fox with white fur wearing a mint blouse and tan pants. She's smiling at Nick awfully hard, telling by the clothes she was wearing the climate didn't really affect her. I couldn't make out the words being exchanged and it didn't help my concerns on why she's here.

Nick allowed her to step inside. That's when I entered the living room to see what was up. She went over to the coat rack to retrieve a sweater I have never seen before. She sees me on the opposite end of the room.

"Oh, hello you must be Nick's partner Judy. I was here earlier and forgot my sweater," she said.

Was she in my house while I was at work?

Nick walked in, "Judy this is Farrah Fox, our next door neighbor. Farrah this is my best friend Judy Hopps"

We stared at each other for about ten awkward seconds without exchanging a word. I had on a straight face the whole time, but the grin she gave me made me deeply disturbed. I extended my paw for a friendly shake; she took it into her own and proudly shook it.

"Please to meet you, Nicky told me all about you," Farrah said.

"…Nicky?" I said.

I look at Nick who is still standing near the front door giving off a stunned expression. I think these foxes have some sort of history with each other, due to that unfamiliar 'nickyname' she gave him.

"It's an old nickname I gave him," she said with a mischievous wink.

If it isn't obvious enough I'd say this fox is toying with me. When she winked it honestly rubbed me the wrong way, made my ears fall from attention.

"Well I'd love to stay and chat but by the looks of this storm outside it's only going to get way worst. Nice meeting you Judy." She folded her sweater and made her way to the door. My face went red when she walked to Nick, as she traced under his chin with a single claw saying, "and always a pleasure seeing you again, Nicky." She walked outside and Nick shut the door.

He gave off an exhale like he has been secretly begging her to leave. He turned around to where I was starting, we shared some silence for a while until he finally spoke up.


"Nick?" I said sternly, "How well do you know our new neighbor?" He placed a paw behind his head; he looked to the ground hoping to choose his words wisely.

"Well, I knew her before…we used to date." He said.

"Hmm. Weird, well I'm gonna turn in. Long day a-at work" My gut told me to go to my room, because I felt like crying. So I did, I closed my bedroom door and locked it. Collapsing onto my unmade bed, feelings of anger and sadness got the best of me.