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My window beside my bed projected the night sky before me, flurries of snow free falling back to the cold earth. Right now, I recovered from the accidental nap I just took by sitting on the edge of my bed. I cautiously searched for my phone in complete darkness, finding under a pillow it illuminated to display the time and selfie of Nick and me.

Eight-thirty. I slept for two hours.

I stretched my arms into the air, noticing the boxes Nick stacked near my closet. I stood up and went over to my light switch, while the light went on I began to appreciate the sheer size of my room. Now with all this living space, it made my bed look even smaller.

I felt regret of how I handled the situation earlier, I should've stuck around to hear Nick explain himself. Instead, I ran to my room after I heard his ex-girlfriend lives around us. It was an overreaction, it happens. Now, all I wanted to do is talk to Nick.

So what is stopping me? At first, I did not understand why I'm feeling so nervous right now, I mean I've known Nick for about a year now.

His ex-girlfriend 'Farrah' or whatever really got under my fur earlier, I blame her for causing me to feel like this. After she left, I felt somewhat awkward about it which my first instinct was to flee to my room. A reoccurring question surfaced once again in my mind, "What was she doing here when I wasn't around?"

The way I'm feeling I could only assume the worst when two foxes of the opposite sex are alone. Now, right outside my door, I could hear the TV playing in the living room indicating that Nick is still awake. Good. I should really join him out there and talk about us, but I should change first.

"Confess my feelings, maybe?" a bold idea at first but quickly became reasonable, he deserves to know how I feel and vice versa. The vice-versa part is what I'm afraid of the most. I stood up and looked into my floor mirror leaning against my desk. Giving myself an internal pep talk to feed my self-confidence until an even bolder idea came to mind.

Walking over to the boxes, I began to unstack them carefully trying not to make too much noise. I came across my desired box tracing a single claw along the tape. Upon opening it I formed a smile.

"Eat your heart out, snow fox. Once Nick sees me in this, you'll become a distant memory for now on." I pulled out my designer nightgown from the package. This special outfit came with matching underwear and it is the nicest lingerie I own.

I eyed the clothes I'm wearing already; the undershirt I wore under my uniform came off over my ears and threw it onto my unmade bed. Exposing my strapless black sports bra, I watched as I took it off in the mirror. My chest is average size for a bunny my age, but the real prize is downstairs if 'you catch what I'm throwing.'

My work pants dropped to the floor with one swift pull off my belt, enjoying the feeling of allowing my legs to breathe. Motioning towards the mirror, I began to notice how toned my thighs are. I take great pride in physical training which in result made my body very fit. Turning around with my back to the mirror I began to notice my butt and tail, which would make guys snap their necks as I walk by. My bum is very taught and bubbly, with a firm squeeze of my right cheek to see how thick I've become. Afterward, no disappointment judging by my smile I still got it!

I began to strip bear, throwing my sports bra and work panties into the same box to clean later. As my lingerie is worn, I loved how the bright shade of blue complimented the color of my eyes quite nicely.

"Fits pretty nice, just like last time," I said to boost the ego.

I retrieved the see through gown to complete my outfit. Throwing it over my head to drape over my exposed fur. I gave the fabric a little twirl as I began to pose into the mirror eagerly.

"You still got it, Judy" I whispered. With one last check, I felt ready to present myself to Nick in the living room. I walked to my door until a knocking sound on the other side stopped me in my tracks.

"Judy?" Nick's voice traveled through the door, "I saw the light on and I wanted to know if you are feeling better?"

So he actually worried about how I felt, he could be so sweet to me Inhaling through my nose, I acquired a newfound feeling of impulse by swinging the door open, greeting him with a light smile.

I look up to see the wide-eyed red fox before me, he looks frozen almost breathless as if the very image of my body knocked the wind out of his system. He too had different clothes on, the basic gray sweatpants with a black wife beater. I admit this toned arms up close really popped not to mention my obsession with him in sweatpants is not helping me think clearly.

"Nice outfit," he said, "I see fitness has rewarded you well" My face grew hotter as my ears protruded to the ceiling at his flirtatious vibe. Got to play it cool, Jude.

"Yeah well don't get used to it," I replied, "I haven't got around to unpacking my pajamas so…" Trailing off I gave myself good credit for that cover I made on the spot.

"Well, you mind if I help you unpack?" he took the bait I gave him, agreeing to his request I motioned him to follow me inside. I hopped onto my bed to check my phone again to slowly rehearse what I should say next. Nick grabbed a box marked 'linens' setting on top of my desk and ripped it open.

"I missed you at dinner today," he told me while pulling my favorite pillow out the box. He dusted it off carrying the box to Judy onto the bed. I guess he moved closer to get a good look at me and I found that to be adorable.

"Boring day at work, without you." I said returning focus to my phone, "felt tired."

"Well, now we have the whole week off, together. Even if this storm takes up three days, I'm looking forward to spending them with you." Nick proclaimed this while removing a fitted sheet from the box. He felt sort of hushed like he had a million things on his mind.

"The snow is the least of my worries, Nick" I dropped the hint while laying on my back.

"Then do you mind telling me what's on your mind, Carrots?" Nick asked as if he didn't already know, so I need to be blunt.

"What's the deal with you and Farrah," I said attempting not to dance around the matter before me. Nick exhaled with the sheet still in his grasp, "Get up" he said and I got onto the floor. He hooked the sheet to one corner of the mattress to the next.

"Well what do you want to know, the full story?" he asked while he walked to the unmade corners of the bed.

"Obviously, Nick", I asked, "Beginning to end."

After Nick made up the bed, Nick gave Judy's small bed for a test drive. He sulked onto her mattress and all she did was watch him fumble around attempting comfortability. His paw patted the extra space next to him. I visibly rolled my eyes but felt like squealing in delight as we shared my bed, climbing on next to him. I didn't lay down, only sat Indian style with my face looking at his.

"Okay brace yourself, you look really nice by the way," Nick said.

We shared a laugh because I couldn't hold in my nervous giggling in front of him like his charm is too much for me.

"Okay be serious tell me how it started," I demanded. Nick and I regained composure and he cleared his throat as if it's a long story.

"So about a year before I joined the force, I was somewhat in a serious relationship with Farrah. I met her at a bar downtown and we hit it off right away. It began with texting which turned into a few dates without a title for a while, so pretty basic so far." Nick explained his story the best way he could and I'm glad he didn't get mad when I brought her name up, so I continued to listen.

"Then things got… weird when we started seeing each other more often. I noticed he struggled to say that.

I crossed my arms in protest (only to make my breast standout), "Weird How Nick?" I asked.

His arms were under his head and said, "She started to become possessive, well more like obsessive."

"How so?"

"She would come to my apartment unannounced, sometimes she would break into it. She made me cut off ties to some friends I had as well as family. He stated.

"That's normal girlfriend behavior," I said with a chuckle, he smiled at my joke with his low eyes watching me, "but yeah that does sound a little crazy.

"That's not even the half of it, "I had to check her into the hospital because she made suicidal threats when I broke up with her." My eyes widened to hear this news, I didn't like the sound of this she-fox at all, she seemed mental. So another question felt important to ask.

"Why did you end it?" I said, it made him stare at the ceiling.

"I just felt like being in that kind of relationship wasn't healthy for the both of us. After I checked her into the hospital I never saw her again, well until today." Nick said turning his head to Judy.

"So what did you guys talk about?"

"I walk outside to see the snow and I look to my left to see her getting out of her car. The very sight of her living right next door made me feel uneasy. As I said hi, she felt very cool about it almost seemed different telling me no hard feelings. I invited her for coffee in the kitchen and we caught up, nothing major." Nick explained.

It felt like a huge load has been lifted off my chest to hear him say that. Nothing happened between them in this house, I can completely trust Nick. There was still one last question to be told.

"Do you still have feelings for her?" I asked mildly eagerly, just hope he didn't pick up on it. What am I saying? Of course, he noticed.

"I still feel kind of bad for checking her into that hospital against her will, but it was for her own good. But yeah, I have no romantic feelings for Farrah what so ever" Nick said with a grin.

His smile was infectious as I caught myself grinning alongside him, I find him a very hot fox and I mean who wouldn't.

"Pretty funny, huh?" He asked I looked puzzled for a second.

"What is?" I asked.

"How I have an ex I never mentioned before, and now we moved in right next to her without me knowing." He sounded like he was joking, but yeah I agreed he was just making light of a situation.

"Yeah Nick I never really pegged you for being a committed fox," I said.

"Well you know me carrots," He places a paw over my own which made me catch my breath, "I'm always up for trying New Things.", he whispered. Is this happening? Is he making the first move? I froze as he looked deep into my eyes, he fumbled with the tips of my paw interlocking them with his own. My breath became more rampant but thankfully went unnoticed.

"You know what we haven't done in a while, Judy?" I loved how he would say my name when being completely serious.

Playing along I said, "What's that Nick?"

"Movie Night!" he got up from the mattress and to my delight, he lifted me up with both arms. His paw occupied my rear and gave a giggle as he did. He carried me out of my room into the Living Room.

Good Chat.