What a weird hiatus huh? Who does the author think he is ;). But seriously let's try to finish this story on Halloween! A better author's note and New Story Dates coming soon! -Afro October 2016

I found love and it is not your ordinary.

I woke up in Nick's bed to see the beginning of our new lives together, which started rather quickly than expected I might add. Being this close together as we spooned all morning felt very right to me. I guess that's just love! Although, I could tell that his desire for me burned as bright as my own due to the eagerness from our first 'encounter' last night.

As I lay in bed with him, the sun outside covered with clouds, the blanket of snow the storm left for the city last night last night reclaimed the land around us. All of this shown from Nick's bedroom window, I moved his arm from around my midsection to break the spoon. Planting a single kiss on his nose giving his resting subconscious subliminal messages saying, "I will return shortly my love."

I got up out of his bed and made my way into the kitchen to get the day started. Coffee is a must have for me, without it I could barely function right and the kind I get is the best also. I began to brew a pot of it in the kitchen until an unfamiliar tablet device caught my eye on the table. Turning it on I gave off a toothy grin to see a picture of Nick and me at the fair some time ago, I unlocked it to see that it only had a single application with a scorpion logo.

Scorpio Security is the name of our alarm system in the house so this must be the promotional tablet you get to watch the feed from the security cameras around the house. I turn it on to see different camera feeds appearing, I even saw myself in the kitchen as I playfully waved to the camera near the ceiling.

"I don't remember seeing that camera in my bedroom" surprised that there even is a camera in my bedroom I swiped left to see another camera in Nick's room who is still asleep in bed. "Hopefully we are the only ones monitoring ourselves" I mentioned to myself knowing that our lovemaking has now been documented.

As the coffee machine warmed up I began to think about some of the activities planned ahead for our one-week vacation, since we are in a relationship now we need to spend all the free time we have as much as we can. Things are going to be totally different now between us but I know whatever problems we may face we will face them, together.

Hot streams of coffee spurted into my mug, it is somewhat hypnotic to watch the steam rise and disappear while you wait for it to finish pouring. Giving a single blow on the burning brown liquid only to take one deep sip allowing my body to enjoy the inner warmth. Suddenly, I began to piece together a plan on how to spend the new day.

I pride myself on my outstanding organizational skills, my mind would often work like a checklist but if it was on paper it looked like: tasty soup for lunch, pasta for dinner, wine for the night, and condoms for desert. "Thank you so much coffee" I sarcastically said to my mug for waking me up.

Finishing my drink, I realized I'm still in my panties the night before so I ditched the mug into the sink to get ready for the shower. In the bathroom I stopped to check out how good I looked in lingerie, "Worked like a charm, Judy" I said to myself, "I wonder if we will go all the way tonight?" Looking at my bra I noticed Nick's… dry seed sprinkled all over the fabric. What an animal, I thought. Never would have guessed that Nick would be so prophetic when it came to pleasuring me. I mean he didn't fail to hit all the right spots in the most pleasurable experience my body ever witnessed. He made me feel so very female making hit my peak with vast lewd intentions. He made me so hungry for more.

Stripping bare, I hopped into the shower to have the warm water greet my fur.

After my shower, I began to freshen up as routine. I forgot to grab a towel before coming in here. Knowing Nick intimately now has allowed me to roam around my house as naked as I pleased. Walking pass Nick's opened bedroom door unlocked naughty thoughts in mind, like mounting him as he slept by attacking him with pleasure.

But no dice I needed to go to the supermarket up the street to get a few bottles of wine. I knew that if I hurried back I can have Nick all to myself again. So I returned to my room to towel off, where I put on a fresh pair of yellow undies followed by jeans, long sleeve tee, and my only thermal purple jacket.

Feeling ready to go, I rushed out the door with keys in hand, so I could hurry back and chill with Nick. The chilling but gentle breezes intruded my body from head to toe only to make me shiver walking to my patrol car. This weather is definitely not ideal for bunnies. I look at the black road top happy to see the city cleared all the roadways from dangerous ice, so now it is safe to drive.

I only drive my patrol car even when I'm off duty. Walking towards it, something began to grab my attention or someone next door. Farah is perched up against her front stoop with a phone in hand while smoking a cigarette, instinct kicked in as she began to watch me.

"Having a good morning, sweetie?" Farah called out to me which made me dramatically jump. I know it's just your average neighborly greeting, but I could sniff out her sheer pettiness in the tone she gave me. So I decided to play her game to tell her how my morning has been really going.

"Yeah, the best morning I ever had! Thanks!" I cheerfully replied.

"Glad to hear it," Farah said, "Is Nick around, I wanted to speak with him today?" I guess I should give her the memo that we are dating now, but I'll her read in between the lines, I giggled quietly.

"When I woke he was still sleeping in our bed, so not right now!" I said feeling mischievous watching Farah's face turn into utter shock, a very priceless display. I really didn't want to wait around for another reply so I climbed into my car turning the key into the ignition. Used my wipers to clear all the snow from my windshield. Knocked it in reverse until I reached the street then threw it in drive, speeding away for a short return and an awesome exit.

I got everything on my internal checklist when I left the store, Zootpian officers earn regal discounts to places I shop, they really know how to care for us and vice versa. I started a texting with my main fox who is now awake while I am driving back home.

Nick: Definitely! Thought you ran out on me on the first morning we shared a bed.

Judy: wouldn't dream of it babe, just had to get shopping out of the way so I devote my releasing affections toward you.

Nick: seemed like you had a devoted release last night ;)

Oh, Nick even when I'm just a mile away you throw me right back into my budded lewd thoughts.

Judy: Har Har! Don't forget who made you scream last night!

Nick: Oh trust me I'm still going through aftershock ^.^

Judy: I thought so :* make sure to meet me outside to help me carry the stuff

Nick: you got it carrots!

Nearing my house, still driving along my wavy styled street I see Nick conversing with…Farrah.

Parking in my driveway I got out to see that Farrah looks like she never left her porch while Nick hovered above her almost comforting her. I got out the car and confronted the two foxes.

"What's going- "Nick brought me away from Farah to talk to me, he managed to get dressed this morning but under dressed would be the word for it to see him in a robe with long pajama bottoms.

"Carrots, Farrah says her Power is out so she has nowhere to stay. I figured we let her stay one night until her friend picks her up tomorrow" Nick explained.

Well, this day turned sour very quick, having Nick's ex spend a night on the couch but I'm not exactly heartless. Well if she tries me, at least. My nod of approval was all he needed to give Farah one to allow her to go inside to get her stuff.

Just my Luck.