Yeah, I procrastinated on this because I had no idea how to end it

Chapter 4

I was extremely bored. So I idly opened my map to look around. Oh look, there's my house. Oh look, there's the Opera House I found the Phantomhives in. Oh look, there's the bakery that our family owns. Oh look, NPC requests... Nope

"Maaaa! I'm bored!" I whined out-loud.

Ma came into the room, hands on her hips like she was asking me what could she possibly do. But it seems like there was something, because she gestured me to follow her to the kitchen.

"I was meaning to give you this, but it seems like I forgot. Could you be a dear and hand this to Pa at the bakery?" She asked, handing me a basket.

[Little Red Riding Hood]

Ma had asked you to bring lunch to Pa at the bakery

Reward:20 relationship with Ma, 2 Lesser Healing Potion

20 relationship with Pa, 200 EXP

Failure: - 50 relationship with Ma

- 50 relationship with Pa

I guess with mothers, there are no such thing as a no option, I thought bemusedly as I saw the screen with an 'Ok' button only. I wanted to squeeze the life out of this annoying pop-up. Just because I am wearing Ruby Rose's clothes, made by yours truly, and it was based on Red Riding Hood's clothes, it doesn't mean that this quest should be called Little Red Riding Hood, like seriously? Clearing that thought away, I looked at Ma and smiled.

"Sure!" I chirped, taking the basket from her hand off of her hands. The quest was automatically accepted and closed itself as soon as I did that.

"Now, I know that you're quite mature for yourself, and know how to defend yourself thanks to Pa, but make sure to stay in the crowds, okay dear? Ma will come with you as she wants to go and tend the grapes in the fields" She commented, wiping her hands on the apron.

"Now, here's your snack if you get hungry." She handed me a sandwich wrapped in a sheet for me to keep, taking off her apron to hang in the closet nearby and we both left the house together. I held her hands all the way until the field was nearby, and kissed her cheeks goodbye.

After she was far enough, I stuffed the basket into the inventory tab and opened my map to make sure I got to the bakery without some hidden triggers or anything. Luckily, nothing did happen and reached the bakery safely.

I pulled out the basket from its place and opened the door, making the bell ring. Pa's eyes wandered towards the door and spotted me, his eyes immediately brightened up when he realized I was visiting him. He beamed at me, eyes crinkling and mustache shifting with how wide his smile is.

"Calla! Have you come to visit Pa?" He asked, picking me up as soon as I got round the counter to go towards him, setting the basket in my hand on top of the counter, and settled me on his hips. I nodded, burying my head into his chest.

"Yer girl, there?" A customer in front of the cash register asked, tilting his head towards me. Pa beamed and started to brag about me, making me feel flustered and embarrassed. Though I felt relieved. My hair has gotten me too much attention that I ever asked for. I mean, duh, it's pink.

I tugged Pa's apron, making him look at me. I pointed down. Pa understood my silent request and did what I asked him.

[Quest Completed!]

20 relationship with Ma 2 Lesser Healing Potion

20 relationship with Pa 200 EXP

The potions were automatically in my inventory, to my relief. Or else I would have to explain why a bottle or two suddenly magically.

"So, How'd you like your adventure?" He asked me, once the customer left with his wine. I beamed at Pa and started on exaggerating my adventures, saying that I saw a humongous beast that was on fire, plundering different villages, when in reality, I just saw a cat rob different stalls. He listened carefully to my story, adding a gasp and a wow in the middle.

[Imagination (Passive)]

LV 5 EXP: 28.4%

The ability to create stories in your mind and create a plausible and reasonable excuse.

I really love my Imagination. It was a passive skill I earned when telling a story at dinner time to Ma and Pa. It suddenly appeared, so I was startled and in shock at the notification at first, making Ma and Pa worried, but I faked it off as another gasp of the story, making another skill. Bluff. It's useful in trying to deflect people. The more I gain the passive skill of Imagination, the more story I can exaggerate and change. It's a nice change for once.

Then, the bell rang, making our heads turn towards the door. It was time for me to leave. So I tugged on Pa's apron, making him have to bend down. I kissed his cheeks and waved to him as I left the bakery, "Bye, Pa!". He smiled and waved towards me and proceeded to continue his job.

I hummed to myself as I started to wander around. I was taking the longer route home, and while it wasn't that quiet, it was safe and there are other people nearby. But I sometimes don't like the view. I looked at the sea and crinkle my nose. It was ugly. The water nearby was brown, ships sprouting smoke, and ew, men who hasn't taken a bath, a.k.a Sailors. Gosh, just because there's barely any time to take a bath, and it is an era where you don't have to take a bath often, it doesn't mean that people will take up your stinkiness.

I passed by more and more warehouses and frowned in thought when I thought I heard some noises. No, it's not a cat noise. No, it's not a bunch of sailors trying to catch the same cat for stealing their fishes. But it was more...

I peaked into the warehouse and inwardly groaned to myself. That guy can get trouble in a laundry...actually, I can imagine him trying to clean his own clothes and miserably failing.

[Save the Heir of the Phantomhive]

Vincent had been kidnapped by random goons who wanted him for ransom. Help rescue Vincent and gtfo.

Reward: 25 EXP, 10 relationship with the Phantomhive, Thief's Dagger

I sat to the side of the warehouse and started as soon as there were less 'bodyguards', I took action. And by action, I meant acting like a ninja. I ran behind the shadows and big boxes, thankful that my body is still small. Though most of the time, I exaggerated going from boxes to boxes by rolling there. My mind betrayed me by playing 'Mission Impossible' theme song.

I opened my inventory to take out the knife I snitched from Ma's kitchen and observed it

Kitchen Knife

Level: 3

Type: Dagger

ATK 10

Knife used to chop us ingredients and possibly limbs

I stared incredulously at the last sentence, scrunching my whole face. I closed the notification and prepared to run closer to the bounded up boy who was glaring at the back of the goons. But before that, I checked my clothes. It's too noticeable. So it was a good thing I brought extra, plain clothes because I didn't want to dirty Ruby's clothes even if it's a cosplay. I did create a hoodie with the help of Ma. I claimed that it was to keep me warm, and she instantly bought that.

So I brought the hoodie to my status and some pants so I wouldn't accidentally flash anyone. Both colors are black so I can blend in a lot better. Once I did that, I crawled my way to the glaring kid and shut his mouth, even though his mouth was already bounded, before dragging him to the back of the boxes where I was before.

I instantly turned him around to face me and put a finger on my lips. His eyes widened in recognition and nodded. I cut the ropes that were restricting him and took out his gag. I placed it in my inventory just in case and ushered him out. But unfortunately, I accidentally kicked a random wrench that had been lying there. We both winced and prepared for the anticipation.

"Hey! The brat's escaping!" Somebody yelled. Oh snap. I quickly grabbed his hand and we ran. I gave the knife over to Vincent for him to be able to defend himself and frantically tried to find a weapon. My eyes spotted a glint and we turned that way, able to narrowly dodge the goon who decided to jump to capture us. It was a broken pipe.

I palmed the weapon in my hand and got ready, just in case. Vincent was holding the Kitchen Knife close to his chest, breathing heavily as he was not used to a lot of exercise. I squawked in shock when a huge goon decided to burst from around the box. We ducked through the splinters and wood that exploded due to this guy's strength.

"Get ready." I informed him. He nodded silently. The guy stomped over to us, heavily and loudly. I used [Observe] on him.

Big Goon

Level 10

Health: 1000/1000

Holy Macaroni, that's a lot of health for a mob. He was not even a boss.

Big Goon started to swing his huge, meaty fists at us. My face contorted in disgust as his sweat from his palms landed on my face.

I wiped the germs off of my face and was really disgusted and angry.

With my tiny stature, it was easy enough to go to the slowpoke and stab him with the broken part of the pipe, making him howl in pain.

I looked over at Vincent who was panicking and swinging the knife wherever possible.

But to my mistake, the Big Goon's fists managed to backhand me, making me fly and crash into another box.


It was a good thing my body is a Gamer's Body, so I don't have to spit out unnecessary blood unless I have a {Bleeding} status. Vincent managed to injure some people, but that gave them the {Enraged} status goons are prone to have. I quickly grabbed Vincent by the wrist, away from his knife-swinging, and ran around. I didn't have the teleport option or anything, so there is no way am I ever going to get out unless I complete this mission or something.

I flinched when a nearby crate practically exploded when the Big Goon hulk-smashed his fist through it. I took the Kitchen Knife from Vincent and stabbed his meaty hands, causing him to shout in pain. I quickly took away the knife and began to run away again.

It was tiring trying to run away with somebody with me, because I did not have enough stamina. I had to dodge, nick and stab some other people while protecting Vincent, who obviously hadn't trained enough. Because as a Phantomhive, I would have thought that he would train a lot because he's going to be in a hell lot of danger.

"Hands up! You're under arrest" I sighed in relief at the same time Vincent did. The Yards plus the big boss was here, but we didn't stop running as the goons were still at our heels. Once a warning shot was fired, they cowered, putting their hands up in fear of the bullet going through them.

We ended up beside Phantomhive Senior, and I wasted no time shoving his junior towards his side. Stopping so I can rest and stop panting like a dog.

"You did a great job." PS ruffled my hair before taking my hands and his son's hand out while the Yards take care of the mess, on your way to the carriage parked there.

Inwardly, I had to stop screaming when a notification came.

[Quest Completed]

"As it is late, I had asked one of the Yards to inform your parents so you could stay over at the Phantomhive Estate so you could rest up." I could barely hear him, having to stop trying to go to sleep as my head kept on nodding off to sleep. I was still 4 and a kids body easily tires. I was burned out from all that fiasco, so my eyelids were heavy and I had to stop myself from conking out. But he patted my head and shifted it so I was leaning on him.

"Sleep, I will wake you up when we arrive." But I never did. I woke up abruptly and tried to find a clock. When I did, it was only 6 pm. I sighed in relief, only an hour of sleep as I wanted to eat. Food is love, food is life, so I was happy I didn't miss a meal.

I got out just in time to find a blonde girl walking outside of the room I slept in. We both were startled at each other's presence before she looked at me in disgust. I first thought that she thought that it was because I was third-class, as I was dressed pretty third-class-y. But she started shouting about not being clean and dragged me towards a bathroom.

"The maids will bring you a towel and a change of clothes. Dinner starts at 7." She said before closing the door on me. It happened all too fast that I became confused, but I looked towards the bath to find it full of water, as well as another basin of water. This was the first time I've ever seen anyone this hygienic. Nobles just usually dip themselves in hot water with scented oil and step out of it after sponging themselves, but they have soap here.

But I didn't like the soap they have, so I searched in the inventory for the soap I had created with Ma and Pa's help. It was made out of herbs, so it smells better than this plain old bar soap. I still missed 21st century bar soap. They had that baby powder type of smell, and I missed it as it was a better perfume than anything here. This century's perfume was so strong, it made me feel nauseous as well as make my nose hurt.

I heard a knock on the door, making me turn to it. A maid had entered and left a towel as well as a change of clothes. I thanked her before continuing what I was doing. Once I was done, I stepped out, wringing my wet hair before heading for the location where the maid kept it. Drying myself off, I found that it was still relatively dry, so I used it to make a hair towel turban as best as I can as I never learnt how to make it. It was going to make the clothes wet, so it was better than nothing.

I stepped out once I changed, finding the same blonde girl who once again passed by. She looked at me horrified. I was confused, what else does she want. "That is not a proper decorum for a lady!" She harrumphed, stomping on the floor. I raised an eyebrow. "Thanks for your help, but stomping on the floor is ladylike neither." I said, making her heavily blush.

"Young Mistress, it's time for dinner." And just in time. The blonde girl started dragging me again to the dining hall, I think.

When we reached the room, I was met with a bewildered and a shocked look. Was I that unladylike? But I could see Vincent not caring at all as he knew me, eyyyy. He just continued talking his father's and mother's head off, talking about what had transpired during our time in the warehouse.

"Oh, Calla dear. Vincent had told us how you got injured." She said, fretting. The blonde girl had let go of my hand to stare at me, bewildered. What's up with these people?

"Don't worry. I heal fast. Ma'am." I shrugged. She gave me a shock look. Whether it was because I shrugged as it was unladylike, or the fact that I had a naturally supernatural healing rate, I don't know...maybe it's the former one.

"Francis! You've heard about Calla, haven't you?" She turned to the blonde girl. "Did you introduce yourself?" It made the blonde girl blanch, as it was considered rude, but the girl shook it off and curtsied. "I apologize for not introducing myself. I am Francis Phantomhive, older sister to Vincent. Thank you for helping him once more." She said.

"I was just conveniently there and couldn't stand by watching." I said, trying my best to wave it off. She shook her head, opening her mouth to say something when a huge grumble was heard from my stomach.

"Let's just go and eat now." Phantomhive mum ushered the both of us to a seat. I was beside Vincent who was beside his father, who sat at the head of the table. On Phantomhive Senior's right, sat Phantomhive Mum, and next to her was Francis, who seemed puzzled.

"Why am I seated here?" She asked her mother who replied that as I was in a stranger's house, I would have more comfort beside Vincent. We soon began eating. But I had a problem choosing which spoon and fork to use. I know that the tiny spoon and fork was for the dessert, and the scoopy spoon was the soup spoon. But other than that, I had no clue. So I chose the only spoon that wasn't the one that I mentioned.

Appetizer came first. I enjoyed eating it, but it seemed so little. I finished it off without any pause. But I seem to have to wait for the others to finish theirs as they weren't allowed to bring out the next set until everybody's finished. I twitched in place, uncomfortable with the others watching. So I played with my [Observe].


Used to wipe mouth or even blood

Soup Spoon

LVL: 1


Used to scoop soup and possibly eyeballs.

I gave out a 'wtf' look but I wanted to bash my head in. But, as this was the only thing I could play with, I continued on. Bad luck for me.

Salad Fork

LVL: 1


Used for eating salad or possibly stab some meat. Possibly

What do you mean by possibly!? I just wanted to groan and bash my head in, wanting to go home because if I do that here, I'll be regarded as crazy. But if I do it at home, they'll just walk by without any glance because they're used to me already.

I wanted to sink into the chair, eat without any care, and shovel food into my mouth. The bed might be fluffy, and the baths might be warm, but the fact that reputation and appearance were everything in the nobility, it's a wonder how nobody went insane.

Soup came out next. The amount was pitiful, but delicious. The plate might be big but that small amount it had was pitiful. It was like the amount of pudding container I used to eat out of. As usual, I finished fast.

Asparagus Soup

+15 HP

Good food

My observation skills went another level. So I decided to [Observe] the Asparagus Soup again.

Asparagus Soup

+15 HP

Cream of asparagus soup is a soup prepared with asparagus, stock and milk or cream as primary ingredients. GOOD FOOD

Wow, it really emphasizes it. Good food. Was it really that good? So much that it made the status like that or is it every food?

After soup came the main course. I looked at the pitiful amount of it, wanting to sigh at it. I didn't notice how the Phantomhives observe my every move, bewildered that an uneducated girl like me knows which spoon I should use. Well, I don't but some of them seems so obvious even without [Observe]. They watched each expression I made.

I looked up, noticing a feeling of somebody staring at me. When I looked up, they went back to eating. I scrunch my nose, confused because I really felt those stares, but decided to stop playing around with my [Observe] and decided to organize my inventory.

I had a rock in there so I could throw it at people. I had herbal soaps stuffed in there, a bunch of herbs, fruits, alcohol that I don't know why I put it in when I don't like the taste of it, my sewing kit, change of clothes, baking soda, books, mock toothpaste and a nettle. How I got a nettle there, it was a mystery. I didn't notice it was a nettle at first, but I took it just in case.

I looked up when the next course came; Salad. It was very fresh, so I liked it. Thankfully, they finished it rather quickly as the mouth-watering desert would come next; Dessert.

I ate the dackouise, as it was pronounced. I know I got it wrong, but to me, it sounded like that. I only had a slice, as the cake was quickly taken away. I looked at it, wanting it to come back, but alas, it never will. I wanted to cry.

"How was the food, Calla?" PS started after we finished eating. I told them it was delicious, making him look a bit proud, much to my bafflement, wondering why does he need to look proud when he wasn't the one who cooked?

I left the dinner table, thanking them for the food, and went to the bathroom so I could brush my teeth with my mock toothpaste that consisted of crushed mint, baking powder, and water, brushing my teeth with my fingers.

The bed was fluffy, and the food was delicious, but it was not worth it. I was so much out of my comfort zone. Me, having lived 2 lives as a peasant, of course I would consider this as a nuisance. The company was nice, but the atmosphere was not.

I did not want to do this again.


Dackouise is actually Dacquoise or something. A French cake. And seriously, the atmosphere would be too uncomfortable for a commoner like most of us. I'm more suited to eating in a stall rather than fancy restaurants. I eat with my leg up on the chair. Lol

When I was writing this, I suddenly remembered my experience with a butler cafe in Tokyo (Those of you who went, my sympathies), the meals were just like that. But somehow, it made me full with a 'just enough'. Not too much, not too little. It was a shame tho, the soup was pretty good.