Chapter One: The Torture Begins

Hello everyone! Sorry for not updating this in like years but when I went over it. I was scarred by my writing (OMN the grammar and everything hurt me so much.) so I decided to do a full actual rewrite and have one of my rl friends read over it before posting it. I kind of forgot the point this story was going so I'm just gonna go at it and see what comes up. If all goes well, I would be able to update every Wednesday or Saturday since those are my days off. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new version! Also, here are the new warnings

WARNINGS- This fanfiction will have gruesome torture techniques, abuse, minor sexual contents, questioning/bi-curious themes, hallucinogens, and cursing.




"Kind of cutting it close there gorgeous," I heard Hawkeye say feeling my decent slow till my feet hit the ground. I give him a small chuckling" Better late than never," just as a felt a heated beam hit me in the center of the back.

"Torunn!" someone yelled just as the ground shook. I slowly open my eyes seeing my father. Confused for a second till I spotted his steel skin, cursing as it grabbed my throat. I wince wheezing as it slowly tightens its grip. Clawing at his hands as my vision slowly goes dark when I heard James yell my name one last time till everything went black.

"TORUNN!" Azari and I yell as Hawkeye began shooting at the machines around us. Azari quickly went to his side while I went to Torunn's aide when Iron America stop me. My eyes narrow throwing my shield at it in rage. I growl as the Iron Avenger threw it back catching it with a grunt when I spot Torunn get pick up in the corner of my eye.

I yelled her name when the Iron America suddenly picked me up by the collar of my shirt and punched me in the gut before throwing me into the wall. Groaning as I slowly rolled to my side to pick myself back up hearing the ground shake with heavy footsteps. I look up seeing it was Iron America when arrows pushed him back. Come on James! Shake it off! I thought forcing myself to stand and run to Torunn. I sigh in relief seeing her still breath and carefully picked her up as Hawkeye came to our side.

"Hey you two okay?" Hawkeye asked. I forced myself not yell at him for asking the stupid question but nodded when a burning sensation hit my back. I bite back a grunt as I kept my balance just as Hawkeye was blown backwards by one of the attacks. I straighten myself up to get ready to run when an Iron Avenger grab me by the back of my shirt when I became airborne. My grip tightens around Torunn as a pained gasped escaped me when we hit the wall. My eyes curling over my friend as another explosion sent debris into the air. I tried to move immediately regretting it as more rocks fell onto us.

"James! Torunn! Where are both of you?" Hawkeye muffled yell came through the rubble when sudden fresh air came to us. I sigh with relief before we were suddenly picked up. One arm wrap around both are waists as Iron America drag us somewhere. I look behind us spotting Pym glowing form as he followed. I shook my head as he got closer to the opening. I moved Torunn to one arm and threw my shield at Pym wincing at his muffled yelp. Sighing in relief as, the opening closed behind us keeping my brothers out.

I moved my arm back around Torunn to the best of my abilities as Iron America still carried us. Wonder where we're going? I wonder before feeling myself tense at the sudden hundreds of robots appearing around us when I felt my face heat up as Torunn wrap her arms around my neck. My shoulders relax as I look down at her with a small smile thinking to myself She's still beautiful even battle worn.

I was snapped out of my thoughts as Iron America drop us onto the ground. My breath was forced out of me as I kept Torunn on top of me to minimize any damage. I rolled us over before standing up ready to defend both of us as Ultron suddenly appeared before us.

"Looks like you are the first to fall as well," Ultron said as if you can hear the smugness in the monotone voice. I growl tensing up seeing the ultrabots raise their cannons when I heard Torunn awakening groan. I look over my shoulder watching her as she stands up on shaky legs.

"James?" she questions glancing around before spotting Ultron. Her body goes on high alert as she puts her back towards my own. Her eyes narrow watching the Iron Avengers and ultrabots get closer when I felt an iron hand wrap around my throat lifting me into the air. I struggle against its grip before it suddenly slams me into a table of some sorts. Metal bindings were strap to my arms and legs pull them away to leave my chest and stomach open for any attack. I wince at feeling my limbs being pulled apart when I heard Torunn scream. I lift my head enough to see her strap to the wall. My eyes widen seeing her bindings glow before they suddenly administer the shock. Smoke rose from her body as some of her armor caught fire when my head snap to the side. It took me a couple seconds to register the hard punch when I saw Iron Panther look down at me.

Steel gleam before I screamed as burning sensation formed on my stomach, a warm stickiness drip from the fresh new cuts. I struggle against the binds believing I heard Ultron's chuckle when Iron America grab my chin forcing me to look at it. My legs tug at their restraints when I heard a crack before Iron America suddenly kicked aside. My eyes widen trying to see through the darkness surrounding my vision, when I saw Torunn's slouching smoking form. She huffed before using the chains still strap to the wall pieces she broke. She swings her arms using them to push the Iron Avengers away before turning towards me with a small lifeless smile giving a chance to take in her appearance.

Her once bright clear blue eyes were now a dull blue, tan skin now looking sickly pale with blood dripping down her shoulders and neck covering her destroyed armor. She reaches forward to grab at my chains when Iron Thor grabs her from the back of her neck. She struggles trying to lift the chains to throw it back when it slammed her into the ground. I struggle against my chains and the darkness that seems to consume me when I saw a flash of silver…hair? I shook my head believing I was going delusional when I heard a war cry as a strong wind covered the room. All machines were pulled into the forming tornado before hearing the familiar sound of electrocution.

"Lightning winds!" a girl yelled. Squinting seeing the familiar silver hair as they landed before us. Her gauntlets glowed as she threw the robots in another direction as a redhead ran toward us. As he got closer, I notice the similarities between us when a explosion occurred near them. I saw the worry in his eyes as the girl suddenly kneel pounding onto her chest.

"Angel!" he yelled worriedly as he went to her side before she shook him off. She motions towards me before releasing Torunn from her chains. He sighs before turning towards me frowning at my stomach injury. The strain on my arms and legs suddenly disappeared as he places a hand above my injury making me bite back a scream.

"Alex tunnel!" the girl yelled as more ultrabots appeared from the walls. Alex hands glowed suddenly as the ground rose creating a barrier between us and them. The wall rattled as projectiles slam against it hoping to bring it down.

The redhead turned back towards me as he pulled a small kit from his pockets. Hissing in pain as he rubs ointment into my cuts before suddenly shivering at the cold it brought. "Sorry," he said before helping me stand up," Can you move?"

I nod before turning towards Torunn and the other girl worried. "Don't worry about them, just minor burns and scratches. You on the other hand have more severe wounds," he said eyeing my stomach when the girl called for him. I move towards them slowly seeing Torunn's burned form.

Angel was in the state covering the burns in bandages covered in some substance causing the demi-goddess to shiver. My eyes subconsciously roam over her form, noting that even battered and covered in dirt and blood, she was still beautiful. Her breastplates were mostly destroyed making it cover her sports bra barely when I felt something fuzzy smack into the back of my head. I reach up rubbing the sore spot before meeting the girl's harsh glare making me take a step back. When I spot a fuzzy tail coming from her jeans making me bite back my retort.

"That'll teach you not to stare and if you do so again. It'll be somewhere where it really hurts Rogers," she growls before going back to tending to Torunn's wounds. She leans down picking Torunn up with ease (quite impressively since the girl look half of Torunn's height and weight) and begin walking towards the end.

"Don't mind Angel, she's been tense since we got in this hellhole," Alex said patting my shoulder before pushing me towards her. I stare at him confused but nodded slowly as the tunnel closed behind us.

"How do you know my name?" I question her but my gaze was towards Alex. He shrugs and gestures to Angel. The hybrid remained quiet before turning towards me with her sharp gaze. I suddenly notice the two fuzzy dog ears poking between her messy hair when I heard her cough to get my attention.

"Our parents were old war buddies…" she trailed off as the tunnel shook as if something was punching the outside. She stops when Torunn grunted and gently set her down on the ground. I heard them mumble something to her before helping Torunn up. I make my way to her side smiling in relief seeing the burns almost gone as I pull her into quick hug. Before suddenly blushing remembering she's half bare from the top, I quickly pull back looking away.

"Glad you're okay Torunn. I was worried for second when you stay unconscious," I mumbled keeping my gaze from her and continued walking. I turn to her expecting to say something about Asguardians are invincible or what not but she continued walking. Her eyes slightly foggy but she looks conscious enough.

Torunn shivers feeling her upper body loose warmth quicker than usually when she looks down. Biting back the urge to suddenly freak out when she felt a warmth presence in her mind.

"Hey easy…don't freak out. It's me Angel," a voice filled her mind. Torunn turns to the girl who was leading them with curious eyes. She heard a chuckle ring through her mind before Angel said, "Thanks for keeping a cool head. I was slightly worried you were gonna freak out." Torunn hum before asking, "Okay weird…Question?" Angel head tilted as her ears flickered, "Okay shoot."

"Where the hell is my armor?" Torunn mentally yelled. Torunn smirks with satisfaction at the teenagers suddenly flinching at the yell. She raises a brow seeing the hybrid slow enough to walk by her side. Her eyes narrow spotting Angel's tail (which reminded her of a fluffy wolf tail she seen in picture books when she was younger) raise and brush against her side causing her to shiver at the warmth radiating from it. Angel chuckles as she leans against the young demi-goddess.

"Your armor was in complete ruins and to clean most of the burns. I just peeled it off since it didn't look it was gonna last long," Angel answered as her hand brushes against some of the bandage burns. Torunn hisses at the slight pain at the touch and nodded as she looks at the burns covering her upper body.

"Angel!" the other teenager yelled out just as the tunnel surrounding them shattered.

Angel eyes widen and quickly shove Torunn out of the way of the rumble just as rocks landed where she once stood. The young hybrid duck as red beams flew through the debris trying to knock them down when she spotted a body on the ground. She crouches making her way to them just as she felt a shift the in air. Her ears twitch alerting her just as a metal hand grabs her by her shoulder yanking her back. She yowls in pain at feeling her shoulder dislocate when someone knocks the robot of its feet. Angel bites back another scream feeling her dislocated shoulder hit the ground when she spotted Iron Widow through the debris.

Her eyes widen as all instincts tell her to get up and run seeing the four handguns. She was back on her feet just as she heard the first shots ring out. Tensing at the incoming pain as she forces herself to run when she heard the bullet hit soft flesh. She looks behind her spotting Alex taking the shots. She screams for him to duck as she bent down grabbing a huge boulder. She smiles as her partner ducks even with all the blood pouring from his wounds as she threw the rock. Smirking seeing Widow pinned under the boulder, she runs to Alex worriedly at the amount of blood he was losing.

"Alex!" she yells gently shaking his shoulder as she scans the rest of his injuries taking note of the worst. Bullet wounds in left thigh, right shoulder, and a graze of one on his side were the ones that needed treatment soon unless she risks infection to occur. She tenses throwing a punch as a hand grabs her dislocated shoulder when she spotted Torunn and James. James had his shield extended over them blocking most of the attacks as Torunn pull back.

She was about to say something just as an arrow landed between the four teens making Angel and Torunn tense as the arrowhead blinked before exploding launching the teens away. Angel groans feeling the burning sensation of pain throughout her left side as she pushes the rubble off and crawls to the closet person to her. She sighs in relief spotting it was Alex and gently moved him behind a destroyed column just as his eyes open. The bright sky-blue eyes now look like a cloudy gray as he tried to gain perspective of what's happening.

"How you feeling big guy?" Angel asks as she rips her shirt and uses it as makeshift bandages. She hears his pained hisses as she tightens the shirt around his injuries just as Torunn and James made it to them. Her ears flicker hearing the heavy panting and rapid heartbeats with the sound of explosions against the shield.

"What's the plan?" Alex groggily asks as he shifts to stand up ignoring Angel's warning glare. James and Angel look around the room ignoring the flying debris and dust in the air when James spots an opening behind Iron Giant man. He gestures it to them making Angel hum at the idea.

"Too risky…we'll be out in the open and even if we can distract them. Giant would be on us then minutes," Angel said.

"Minutes are all we need. There's an exit past these walls and I'm betting with all the lasers, there must be a big enough hole for us to leave in," James explain wincing at the sudden pain in his arm at keeping his shield up against strong projectiles. Angel looks uncertain before glancing at Alex's paling form and nods. She looks up at them with a determine look.

"One shot, on my signal you run like hell understood?!" she growled as her eye flickers to the Iron Avengers looking for them in the debris thanking that the cold rocks and technology hide their body heat enough. Both young Avengers nodded as they turn to the exit with tense forms. Angel nodded and gets ready to create a distraction when Alex pulls her back.

"Run!" he yelled at them before sprinting across the open area in the opposite direction. Angel curses at her friend's bravery and pushes James and Torunn towards the exits as they haven't began running.

"Run damn it!" she roars as they suddenly began sprinting towards the opening after Iron Giant went after Alex with the rest of the Iron Avengers. The young hybrid forces herself not glance back knowing it could spell doom for her and her newfound friends when she felt a arrow attach to her back. She screams as electric currents run through her body causing her to collapse. She hears both of them run back towards her and yells," GO! LEAVE US!" Just as the currents became too strong for her weaken body to handle forcing her unconscious.

Torunn's eyes widen seeing Angel's body convulse with electricity. Her body subconsciously turns ready to run to her rescuer when she was tackled to the ground by Iron Panther. She screams in pain as claws dig into her shoulder making blood spill around her. Eyes flickering as she watches James hold his own against the robotic versions of his parents when the Panther slam its paw against her head knocking her unconscious.

James feels dread build in him watching Torunn and Angel's unconscious forms carried away by Iron Panther and Iron Thor when he felt a bullet zoom pass his ear reminding him to stay focus. The young Avenger gave a war cry as he rushes at Iron America launching his shield against his skull knocking it off balance. He slides under the machine, rolling back onto his feet just as an arrow landed between Iron America legs. James smirks seeing the familiar blinking before it exploded launching Iron America and Widow away from him for a moment when he spotted Alex dodging Iron Giant's stomps. He looks around for Torunn when he spots Iron Thor and Panther heading towards the opposite direction of the opening they were trying to run to. He dashes after the two hoping for the best when an arrow landed in the center of his back. Tensing waiting for the explosion when purple smoke expelled from the tip, cursing as drowsiness filled his mind before collapsing. He weakly reaches towards them when he felt Alex slam into his side causing both boys to groan.

"Sorry about that…" Alex grunted as he tries to stand up with his arms before his arms gave out under him going unconscious.

James watches Ultron walk near them as darkness surrounded his vision. The machine reaches for him just as everything went black.

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