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After arranging his 'tools', Cain focuses on making sure each of the girls were well strung, so he had more room to carve. He grabs a small carving knife and walks up to the girls, thinking of which should become his next 'masterpiece'. The golden hair man grabs Jenny's leg and lets his hand caress around it before letting it come up. He feels around her inner thigh for moments smirking as he thought of using them more than examples. He hasn't known another's touch for a while and here he has three lovely toys waiting to be played with.

"They smell interesting," a smooth voice announce making Cain huff and turn around," What do you want beast?"

There stood a young teenager, around the same age as the captives. They give Cain a cruel grin and walks forward.

"Well i just wanted to tell you that their partners are making their way here soon...I got them heading towards the maze," they said. Cain grunts and turns back to petting their legs and cuts more of their clothes off.

"Then get the beast ready for transport. I want to leave by daybreak..."

Alex curses after slicing another machine in half and yells in aggravation. The girls been missing for three days and they still haven't made progress.

When he woke up and realize the girls weren't in their usual sleeping spots, he didn't worry at first, thinking that they must of patrol the area or went somewhere to sleep. That was his line of thinking until he felt a shift of magic that made his insides knot horribly.

The brunette quickly shot up from his spot and rushes to the hidden entrance just in time to see a dark shadowy figure smirk at them before disappearing suddenly. He turns around in time to see Zap and James rushing towards him, both looking sickly pale.

"What the hell was that?" Zap asks as the strange vibrations in the air made him feel clammy and ill.

"Something that doesn't belong to this realm..." Alex says looking around for any hint of the girls on being taken forcefully.

"Where's Torunn?" James quickly asks moments after looking terrified at the thought of leaving her out there with whatever woke them up and killed those people.

"I don't know where any of them are. They're scent...Angel's scent is just...gone," he says looking back to the outside with narrowed eyes. "She must of went to investigate and the others must of gone with her."

Alex sighs frustrated at how everything was turning out and looks at the others," We need to be careful the second we step out of this circle. I rather us have a place to come back and hide when we find the girls."

Zap and James stare at the brunette before following him out of the hide-out, cautious at the slightest movement.

Alex kept an eye out at everything around them before turning around noticing Zap move around all jittery.

"Something the matter Zap?" James asks noticing the bug boy jumpiness.

"Dark...something doesn't-" he was cut off as a harsh stench hit his nose and quickly covered his face, arching away in fear and aggression. He turns towards the stench with narrowed eyes and backs away from it, ignoring the stares from the other two. Part of him, his bug part was screaming to attack and fight while his human have wanted to scream and run away.

Get away! Get away! He wanted to scream when the stench appear from behind him and turns around with narrow eyes.

"What the fuck is that smell?" James growl now noticing the smell after watching Zap and Alex freak out slightly. He stare at the crate where the smell originated from before looking at the other two who were wearily growling or snapping.

James steel his nerves before getting close enough to the box to see the latches on the top and slowly lifts it. He quickly takes a step back, letting the lid drop with a clang, as the stench intensified.

He squeeze his eyes shut at the mental image of the rotting corpse and felt his stomach churn at how charred and mutilated it seem. It look like the body was cut up with a butcher knife and a cigarette burns on wherever part of their skin wasn't decayed.

¨Another dead body?¨ Zap groans covering his lower part of his face at the hideous stench. Alex look at the crates around them wondering how many others held nasty surprises before continuing his way towards what seem like a clearing.

Alex felt his fear build knowing the scent of death and this dark sensation would cause a riot out of Angel. He quickly shook his head, lecturing himself at doubting Angel's control and just hope that the other two ladies will be able to protect themselves.

''Alex...how do we know they're not in one of these crates?'' Zap suddenly asks glaring at the crates with a slight fear at the thought of losing Jenny here.

''I know they're not...Angel wouldn't let them go without a fight,'' Alex said biting the corner of his lips Not if she's hungry first... He shakes his head before tugging them along till they enter the clearing and noticed the busted up crates and slight blood trail in a few of the broken crates.

"Well whatever grab them, they sure as hell put up a fight," Zap said placing a hand on one of the broken pieces noticing some of Angel's feathers. He picks it up and sniffs it, easily catching Jenny and Torunn's scent on the feathers as well. "I...I think I can track them...but the scent may not last long if we keep coming across dead bodies."

Alex and James nodded as Zap took the lead and made his way through the broken crates before yelping as the ground and crates started to shake around them. The floor and walls start breaking apart and then reshaping to form a large tunnel with many turns.

"What the actual fuck?" James curses as he started to rise while Alex and Zap seem to lower into the ground. Zap grabs Alex and quickly lifts him as the ground disappeared and turn into one making him curse. The older teen look into the abyss with narrowed eyes before startled at a shadowy face staring back with a smirk. He snarls and tries to lunge at the shadow but it disappeared before he was able to.

Zap grunts tightening his hold on Alex, trying to keep his grip tight," Calm down Al! I almost drop you." The redhead snarls feeling fear and anger drive his movements and continue struggling till he was able to push himself off of Zap. He rushes towards the next shadow he saw, punching the wall with incredible force causing it to dent. Cerulean blue eyes seem to darken with rage and fear as he could almost hear the mocking laughter of the shadow being.

"Fucking chill out!" James curses as he wraps his arms around Alex to keep him from hurting himself. It took the younger redhead all his strength to keep a firm hold on the raging teen who was still snarling at their shadows. Zap kept an eye on Alex; ready to jump in if the older teen went at it again.

It wasn't until moments later until that the teen relax enough to stop struggling in the redhead's hold although he still look a bit nervous as he now look at every corner.

"We have to get out of here..." he says suddenly as James let him go and began making his way back to the direction they came from.

"Not till you tell us what the hell happen with you just now," James said grabbing him by the shoulder to stop him from walking any farther.

"I can't fully explain what it was but in my time, they are known as Grimm...shadow creatures that carry omens of bad things to come," he explain while looking around. His gaze seem to clear up as he came to but Alex still look nervous at how everything seem to change.

"Can we just get going?" he says looking around at the sudden maze they were in. Zap and James look at each other knowing they didn't want to meet whatever set Alex off and quickly follows him through the maze.

Along the way, the three males found that the maze had many surprises for them which caused them all to be on edge especially after two of their surprises turn out to be bombs with shrapnel which luckily Alex's shield protected them from.

Alex became more tense with every second as they came upon more traps that seem to get even more dangerous by the second. They all curse and quickly jump back as another ball roll before them but as they did. A second ball appear behind them. Alex tries to warn them but as one open, spewing out black smoke making all the teens cough.

They try to stop themselves from breathing in the dark fumes but each felt the effects immediately and start moving faster to where their hide out was before someone let out a shout of fear and surprise as the floor gave out.

Alex immediately grip the ledge and tighten his grip as he felt James and Zap grab his legs. He tried to speak and tell Zap to fly up but the smoke burn his throat and lungs making the action even harder then before. Alex tries to tighten his grip as the slickness of his hands slide across the cool metal. He took a deep breathe as thin wings slice through the toxic air and tries to heave them up when the manic laughter filled his senses. He looks up noticing the shadow creature giving him a large grin before grabbing his wrists. The teen cries out at it's touch, trying to keep his grip even as his arms started to burn before suddenly feeling weightless as they fell.

Zap tried to flap his wings as they fell but the burning fear from whatever he just saw held them shut. He squeeze his eyes shut trying to think of ways to surpass his fear when they hit the ground. His lungs wheezing for air at the impact. He let out a weak growl and tries to shift onto his back when he heard something growl hungrily. The bug boy rolls over slowly, wincing as his muscles protested before spotting the other two boys not far from him.

"Did you two hear that as well?" James weakly groans as he shakily sits up. His gaze haze with pain from the impact. "It sounds like it's hungry," he mumbles before tensing when he heard the creature start to make its way towards them. Everyone froze when a sudden bright flame appear from it's mouth making them look away.

Who are you? a voice echo in their heads. Alex slowly look up to meet the creatures eyes and was surprise by the three pair of eyes.

"What is that?" Zap ask as he glances at the goat and lion head.

We were once known as the Great Chimera... the voice said as the lion looks to the three.

And you will be our lunch the snake hiss as it gets closer to them, opening its mouth as it quickly tries to snap at Alex.

The older teen forces his muscles move from the snapping jaws of death before shouting as a paw slam him into the wall. His vision blurred from the impact as he slid to the ground. He heard the shouts of his friends and the angry roars of the chimera. He tries to get up but his heavy muscles kept him down.

Oh don't think we've forgotten about you medjai...you reek of death just as we do. Were these boys going to be the meal of fate?

Alex tries to move when the snake wrap around him and slowly pick him up, squeezing as they pull him towards the lion's open maw...