A shovel is forcefully shoved into the ground filled with the bones and remains of some of the bodies that had fallen on Pandora. At the end of the shovel's handle was a small yellow robot thinking out loud, as usual.

"Oh great, more dead vault hunters. Handsome jack must've been busy."

The robots loud, ear piercing voice was enough to stir the snow covered man laying on the ground, unnoticed by the robot. The man then opened one eye angrily, trying to find where that horrible noise was coming from.

He laid his eyes upon the robot, it finally noticing the injured man.

"Oh wait, you're not dead!" He shrieked, much to the man's dismay, as he raised a robotic hand into the air proudly, almost like a child when they ride their first bike.

"Finally, Claptrap, your metaphorical ship has finally arrived!" The robot spun around in a circle, his wheels making a whir as he did so.

The man had enough of this annoying robot's voice, personality, and everything. Talk about a bad first impression.

The snow covered man tried to get himself up, but only managed to slowly, and painfully, move his hand slightly forward. Oh, how much he hated his body for being weak right now. Explosions do have that effect on you, they are pretty deadly after all. But then again, so was he.

Set with determination, the man mangaged to forcefully pull himself up, reawakening all the pain he had forgotten about in his slumber. He really didn't miss this part of the job.

He mustered up enough energy to smile grimly at the robot as it continued talking about belly buttons or something. He reached for his lucky hachet, only to turn his smile into a angry frown when he realized that it was gone! He couldn't kill the robot with his hands, well he could, but he had no energy for that right now. He started to quickly dart his head around his surrounding, analyzing it as to find a possible dig site. Once he saw that he was in the middle of a graveyard, it seemed, he nodded quickly before crouching down at the first pile of bones nearest to him and began to dig as fast as he could right now, which, unsurprisingly, wasn't really fast at all.

"Hey, what'cha looking for, vault hunter?" The robot stopped his rant on Handsome Jack and looked at his new friend, trying to at least look like he was worried.

The man, not wanting to talk right now, just grunted and continued to search in another pile of bones.

"Oh, I got it! You're looking for an ECHO device!" The robot "snapped" his "fingers", "I think I saw one in that pile right next to you!"

The man realized that a sentence had appeared at the top right of his vision, and it read, "Search in the pile of bones".

The man, having no idea what that means, just scratched his head and did what it said. He walked over the big pile he had made that rested by a big rock, and stared at the specific bone pile, wondering if an ECHO device would actually be in there. He hadn't seen done in a long time; probably 4 months now, actually. After a couple seconds, he began to dig, adding more to the already big pile of snow. After throwing out somerib cages and skulls, he found a black box.

It had the name, ECHO device, sprawled on the side with a black, blocky text font, something most of these people probably never even seen. It's structure was surprisingly simple for something so advanced: it was a rectangular prism, with a dip at the middle part for the screen, with a small roof-like structure to cover it. It had many buttons under the screen, all different sized and different colors, but only 4 of them were actually useful.

"This is fitted with-" The robot kept going on about whatever, the man couldn't care less about him and just threw a skull at him, earning him a robotic grunt, and attached the ECHO device to his belt, right next to where his hatchet would be.

After the small boot-up, a blue screen appeared, stating that the ECHO needed new software updates- a 12.3 update to be exact. Right underneath it had a number: 30.

The man groaned as he safely concluded that it meant 30 minutes and layed down on the snow covered ground, thinking up of ways he could kill time. Finally settling on relaxing in an attempt to get rid of his soreness, he wrapped his hands around his head, groaning as his muscles stretched, and closed his eyes, trying to think about other things. You can only imagine how hard it is to relax with a robot screaming about how he should respect his elders and the feeling of being watched looming over the man.

Pandora's weather is great, as always.

A woman thought grimly, a small, sarcastic half-smile etching on her face.

She was a blue haired girl, wearing a tight yellow body suit with the sleeve for her left arm cut off, exposing tattoos matching her hair. They seemed to be symbols of sorts, maybe from a lost civilization. They ran down her left arm, and if common sense was correct, it went a lot further than just her arm. She was walking through the frozen tundra, holding her arms together across her chest as to trap some heat as the snow sank underneath her combat boots. She felt weak. With every step, her body just wanted to shut down and rest for awhile, but she didn't want to stop until she found the other people she was riding with on that train ride that was abruptly ended.

"DON'T WORRY, THE RED BAR FILLS WITH THE BLOOD OF YOUR ENEMIES." The muscular man walking beside the woman shouted, swinging his blood covered buzz axe dangerously close to the woman's face.

The blue haired lady just smirked, bemused as she kept on walking in the snow, the soft crunching relaxing her fried nerves after that big explosion. She was determined on finding those other people. After all, they could help her.

After the last system update downloaded, a digitalized ding was heard that brought the man out of his daydream. The man yawned and opened one eye to see that the system was initializing all the important stuff. Stuff like his health bar, which was dangerously low, and his map. Strangely enough, not counting his arrow, 5 arrows were displayed on the blue-tinted map. Upon closer inspection, the man also saw that a hatchet symbol was also on the map, and it was nearby!

The man quickly stood up, before he clenched his arms and legs, a wince audibly escaping his dry, chopped lips. He forgot he was still sore.

The man, still with a hand clamped onto his sore muscles, looked at the robot and mustered up enough energy to get out what he was about to say to the mechanical pain in his butt. "Finally, some f*cking good news." He muttered under his breath, "Hey robot!"

He called to the robot, efficiently stopping another one of his small digressions.

"Any last words before I forcibly make your hacked up body fit inside of a tuna can?"

"Hold on, you're gonna kill me?!" The robot shouted, again, hurting the man's ears.

"Pretty much. Just thought you'd like to know so you could get a running start." He started to calmly walk towards the hatchet symbol.

"B-But, I thought you were sore!?"

"Never stopped me before."

"A-Aren't we friends?"

He cringed.

"You might wanna start running now. 1..."

The robot yelped, as he quickly turned around and starting to wheel his way across, moving his hands up and down as he went. As he was going, however, he was looking back the whole time, causing him to crash into the snow-pile the man had made previously.

He let out a small ooph, as he crashed into the pile, before slowly gazing up. Being a sentient being with a short stature had man disadvantages: not being able to see over the counter, not being able to go on ride, oh, and the possibility of being buried by a pile of snow, too. He watched in horror as the pile leaned over, losing some chunks as it did so, but still retaining it's menacing form.

"Oh, boy." He simply stated as the pile engulfed him, effectively trapping him.

The man smirked, the idiot ran right into the snow he had shoveled out.


Something appeared on the man's ECHO. It was a lady? A lady?! In his ECHO?

The man rubbed his eyes, only to see that he could still the lady even with his eyes closed. He forgot how weird these ECHO devices were.

"You'll need the help of that funny robot to take you to Sanctuary, the last strong hold of the resistance, and defeat Jack." The lady continued as she was moving in various poses in front of a fan it seemed, not that he was complaining. Seeing such a beautiful woman is a rare sight on Pandora.

Axton, finally having a name, scratched his head as he reached for his trusty hatchet stuck in a decomposing bandits face, a sick popping sound emitted from the skull when the hatchet was removed as the bandit's head slumped down into its chest, and replied with a simple "Ok." As he walked towards, the still-buried robot, the bloody hatchet in his right hand and a determined look on his face.