Axton groaned, holding his badly-bandaged hand over his bruised eye, resting his head on the cold steel of the car, with each bump his head shook, causing him pain.

He shifted his head as he leaned into his seat, sinking lower. "You didn't have to punch me that hard y'know," He started, looking over to the siren who had her eyes glued to the dark, dirt road, the thin narrow beam of dim light slicing through the black.

"You didn't have to turn around," She shot back, her face becoming slightly red as she thought back to the moment. "Besides, I didn't punch you that hard."

Axton grimaced as he put a hand over his wounds, remembering the sensation of the hot steel as it shot through him.

"I broke through a metal door." He bluntly put, sending over a small glance.

The siren silently groaned, furrowing her brow. She felt guilty, simply put. She stared over to the man. Only seeing his back, she couldn't see all the scratches and bruises he had on his front side, but she knew they were there, which tore at her heart. His hair blew gently in the soft breeze of the desert, periodically whipping about when the wind picked up. His eyes were shut, an attempt to fall asleep on this bumpy road. A sleep that wasn't going to happen for a while.

She rappped her thumbs on the leather steering wheel, preparing herself for the swallowing of pride that was about to happen.

"You're right, you're right, it was sorta hard. I'm- I'm sorry."

Axton was about to nod triumphantly before she started again,

"But still, you saw me naked, and only my mom has ever seen me naked, so I think the reaction was a little justifiable."

Her cheeks began to feel warm. Even just thinking about his piercing hazel eyes staring at her, piercing her soul and utter being made her heart beat soar and make her feel embarrassed and timid. She wasn't used to feeling this way, so she did as she did with something unknown, she shoved it deep down into her thoughts. Which was proving to be quite difficult.

Axton cheeks flushed as well. The image was still vivid in his mind. He has seen countless of women nude, but she was incomparable to them, she was on a whole different level. Her skin was smooth, silky and a warm pale. Her tattoos ran all over her body, as he has just now realized, and they had such beautiful designs, splitting off into trees and flowers as they depicted a garden of Eden, a sign of her natural powers. Even if it was for a second, he enjoyed ever moment of it. Until the punch that is. He unconsciously rubbed his cheek, feeling slight jabs of pain as he came nearer to the bruise. Still, worth it.

"Yeah, s-sorry." He rubbed his head, sitting up straight as he gazed over to the siren.

He was thinking about saying something risky, which he wouldn't have said before, but having almost died yet another time, he decided why not.

"Hey, Maya..." He softly called out, a voice not even he knew he had.

The Goddess send him a side glance, smiling at the fact he wasn't leaning over again and that she could actually see his face again.

"Yeah, Axton?"

There was a brief pause, Axton taking several gulped and wondering if he should do this. After a while, he hesitantly decided to go for it. He took a deep breath, looking over to the siren.

"You're the most beautiful person I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Everything about you is perfect, even the corny things you make." He gave her his signature boyish smirk, a healthy blush on his face.

The siren's mouth was agape, her mind blanking for a moment before she realized what he had said. Then it hit her.

Her heart beat raced off into the distance, leaving her breath quick and ragged as her face was ablaze, her arms shaking as her knees wobbled. She was left staring into the smiling Axton's face, convinced she had contracted some unknown illness because she had never felt this way. She felt as though a million of trains had smashed into her at once, and yet, it felt... Pleasing, in some weird ass way.

She made a mental note to look up this strange illness once they get back.

"O-Oh, um, thank you Axton." She had a timid joyful smile, she was happy that he called her beautiful!

"Don't mention it!" If only he knew how many shivers run through her with just that smile.

Once they had finally made it back, it had been midday.

The sky was a bright blue, some clouds in the sky swirled as the wind made them dance. The glaring sun sat atop the world, looking down onto the people. The birds, if you could call them that, flew in the sky like cars on a road, always another pack right behind.

Axton jumped out, shutting the door as Maya did the same. They walked up to the guards, giving him a small wave as they walked in.

"Axton!" The smal girl jumped onto Axton, making him stumble back as he looked down, her small face burying itself in his chest leaving only her red hair and goggles to be seen.

She gazed up, her emerald eyes showing concern.

"Hey, Gaige-"

"Axton what happened?! You're all bandaged and bruised an-"

The soldier held up his hands through the small space that was allowed due to the hug, "I'm fine, I'm fine. Just some scratches and what not."

He gave her his traditional smirk, making the siren's stomach twist and twirl, her tattoos glowing as she felt annoyed.

Gaige, on the other hand, replaced her concerned gaze with a joyful one. "You're right, nothing can stop you! But we should still get that looked at. I don't want anything happening to you."

Her smile was big and sincere, getting off as she grabbed Axton's arm, pulling him away from the siren. He mouthed a sorry! As he was dragged off to HQ.

The siren was left alone, the silence helping her realize that her teeth were clenched. She quickly shook her head, remembering to search up her illness.

She marched off to the only doctor in down, Dr. Zed. He may not be an actual Doctor, but he was smart, and also well versed when it came to everything science and biology.

She walked into the small, smelly "hospital", searching for the doctor.

"Oh, Maya!" The doctor walked out of his office, his mask still on (Does it ever come off?). Any ways, he walked over, giving her a quick hug before holding her at arms length, "How's my favorite siren? You still feeling fatigued?"

Maya gave him an awkward smile, due to the contact. "No, I'm doing fine actually. Well... No, I take that back. I have a problem doc."

Doctor Zed gave off a hearty laugh, "Don't we all?"

He let go of her, walking off, "Come to my office, we can discuss it in there."

The siren, despite him not being able to see it, nodded, following the doctor into his even smaller office.

Once she walked through his "doors", a strong oder hit her, one consisting of booze and blood.

"Take a seat." He circled around his desk to sit down in his large black chair, leaning back into it comfortable as he put his hands together. "So, what seems to be the problem?"

The siren sighed, looking up to the doctor. "Well doc, that's the thing, I don't know."

"Well describe it to me," he leaned forward, his hands still together.

"Well..." She darted her eyes, it was embarrassing to talk about, "Whenever I'm with this one person, my heart beat gets quicker. My breath hitches and I have a difficulty of breathing. Not only that, but I can't seem to think whenever I'm around them, and it's even worse when they talk to me! So tell me, what's wrong with me?"

The doctor began to chuckle for it turned into a uproarious laughter. "It's so obvious!"

The siren had a clueless look upon her, her eyebrow delicately rasing.

"Oh wow, you really don't know..."

She shook her head, "So what is it?"

"Techinally: it's a chemical reaction in your brain that makes you feel an intense feeling of affection for someone, or more commonly known as, love. You love this man."

4 simple words made her world freeze. Her brain couldn't process it. She loves Axton. She repeated this to herself many times, but it just made her more... Alert. More aware to these feelings. As well a opening a dam of feelings, it also raised many questions. One in particular stuck out: why did she like the sound of it so much, it's just words, right?


Regardless of her confusion, she thanked the doctor, a smile on her face that she couldn't control. She nearly skipped out, forgetting all the terrible smells of the hospital as she walked out, sun bathing her face as it practically sparkled. She was finally beginning to accept it, understand it.

She was in love.


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