Thank you so much for reading and liking my first Cartoon Story. I had a really great time writing this and it was a lot of fun writing this. May the Looney Tunes live on forever and ever. But sad that the story has to end though.

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Bugs: Hmm... I wonder where Steve is.

Voice: I'm here!

*Steve soon arrives with Tom, Jerry, Butch and Muscles Mouse from Tom and Jerry.*

Sylvester *smiling*: Now he's here.

Junior *smiling*: Ah! Just in time.

Butch *sadly*: Oh Man. It sucks that we have to leave.

Muscles: Be positive Butch. We'll be back again.

Jerry: Did you call us for the photo taking?

*I nodded.*

Tom: Well then, who's gonna set up the camera?

Me: I'll set it up. You, Butch, Sylvester and Steve can stand at the back while Bugs, who can kneel down, Jerry, Junior and Muscles can be at the front.

Steve: Cool. *Begins to say happily and claps his hand* Let's do this!

Others *cheering happily*: Yeah!

*And so everyone got into their positions while I set up the camera.*

Me *smiling*: See you everybody within a week.

*After I set up the camera, I joined the others with me standing in the back.*

Me: Everybody say Cheese.

Others *cheering happily*: YEAH!

Me *smiling*: Never Mind.

*The camera waits for 5 seconds before it clicks.*