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"Oh my gosh, oh my gosshhhhh! My new wacky sack comes today! Its gonna have all those new pockets and it'll look really cool and everything! I wonder what the Gems will think? They will probably be falling over at how amazing my new backpack is!" Steven frantically shouted as he burst out the door and ran down the beach.
Jumping on a rock he began to sing to himself about the Mailman bringing him the mail. As if on cue, it happens! The Mailman turned around the corner looking confused and muttering if he had got the right address. Seeing Steven quickly assured him that people did indeed livethere.

"Hi Mr Mailman! Have you got my new wacky sack!" Steven blurted out before the guy could even open his mouth.
"Uh, I should do?" He said as he rummaged through his satchel. After pulling out various items, Steven said "I'm Steven!" The Mailman instantly looked relieved as he saw a large brown package with the words ADDRESS TO STEVEN UNIVERSE on the front.

"Aww yeah! This is gonna help me save the world!" He shouted after seeing the package.

"It is?" The mailman questioned with an unbelieving look on his face, Steven didn't seem to notice though.
"Yeah!" Steven then briefly explained how the wacky sack would help him on missions.
"You know how you can save my world?" The mailman queried.
Steven looked up at him with stars in his eyes "How?"
"Sign here please" the mailman laughed.
"Ok! Thank you for the wacky sack!" Steven told him as he signed his name. Steven saw the house flash and blurted "The Gems are back! Gotta go!" Steven then grabbed the package and left.

Jogging back to the temple, Steven noticed a lump on the beach in the distance. Curiosity won over excitement and he began to walk over to the thing. As he neared it, it began to become obvious that it was a boy. Steven began to walk a bit faster.
By the time he was by the boys side he could tell that he was around the same age as he was. The boy was about 5'5 in height and a medium build. He had thick bushy eyebrows and a average face. His hair was brown and it was all roughed up like the rest of him. He wore a torn plain red t-shirt and some khaki shorts, also torn. The boy had no shoes or socks on either.

Steven was shocked and instantly dropped his package and shouted "GARNET, AMETHYST, PEARL! COME HERE QUICK! ITS AN EMERGENCY!" At once, the three Gems bolted out of the house, Garnet in the lead, towards Steven and the boy. They were shocked to see the state the boy was in, even Garnet had her mouth slightly agape. Pearl hollered "OH MY GOSH STEVEN ARE YOU OKAY!?" Pearl was worried that something or someone had attacked Steven and this other kid.

"I'm fine Pearl, look at him." Steven calmy pointed out.
"What happened." Garner asked, stoic again after recovering.
"I don't know Garnet, I was just walking and saw him so I walked over to see if he was alright and then I called for you guys!" Steven blubbered.
"Thank you Steven. Gems, lets get this boy inside and comfy."

"Will he be okay?" Steven worriedly asked. Garnet was still for a moment, seemingly checking her future vision for answers.

"He should be fine Steven" Garnet replied.


"He will be fine" Garnet corrected. Garnet then proceeded to lay the boy on the sofa until Steven stopped her

"He can sleep in my bed!"

"You are too kind Steven" Garnet told him whilst letting loose a small smile. She then went upstairs and placed the boy in Stevens bed. "When he wakes, we will check if he is damaged too much, feed him, let him wash if he is able and then give him some new clothes. Is that good Steven?"

"Yeah, I hope he is okay..."

"Me too."

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