Well, I read some comments and thought "Hey, don't get down over some constructive criticism! You yourself said it was fine!" but proceeded to feel down anyway, well my morning stunk but the day grew on and I ended up having the best day of the week. Even got a date for sunday! ;D Anyway, I didn't want to be percieved as one of those stereotypical 14 year olds who can't handle criticism. So I thought, back track a little, edit chapter 7 and redo 8, take the advice. Use it.

I tried.. It didn't work. I then thought on how I am not cut out for this. I'm still learning it for GCSE! If I am going to do something long term. I need to be older. Like in the story, I like to rush into things. One day I realised that most things people acomplish happen when they are much older than I am. So this story will just become one of those that sit in 's database, gathering dust. A failed fic. I realised that I didn't really find much fun in it and it became a chore. One of those things. So I ask two final questions.

Should I delete it? Y/N

Was it good till Chap 7? Y/N